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Looking for a fun & inexpensive homemade gift? These DIY Glitter Coasters are perfect! More party ideas & inspiration on www.PartiesforPennies.com Tutorial on learning how to make your own resin / epoxy glitter coasters step by step! Watch this behind the scenes video on how I make my beautiful coasters.. These DIY glitter resin coasters make for the perfect house warming gift! You can add any type of glitter to the coaster and even confetti. Each coaster will be unique and perfect in their own way! Silicon Coaster Mold. For this project, you can use any shape of coaster mold you desire. I am using a simple round coaster mold with a shiny surface

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DIY Glitter Coasters. 6:42 PM By Kirea Leave a Comment. Tia from Farm Girl Fabulousness loves both all things Kate Spade and all things glitter, so she went crazy when Kate Spade came out with glitter coasters! Unfortunately, $35 for a set of coasters is a little steep, so Tia set out to DIY her own. Since Tia was creating these coasters for. (Affiliate links Below ) Hope you enjoy this super easy DIY on creating a glitter coaster using resin! **IF YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW TO MIX THE RESIN*I have crea..

DIY Glitter Coasters. Supplies needed: Cork coasters (mine are from IKEA) Patterning Tape; Mod Podge Sparkle; Glitter (any kind will do, although Martha Stewart Glitter is my favorite) Paintbrush; Paper to catch the glitter; Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe; Steps. 1. Use the patterning tape to create a pattern on your coasters. I used three widths of. So two cups {1 cup resin + 1 cup hardener} of mix total, per coaster, for these specific coasters with this specific measuring cup. You can also test measuring it out before hand with water. If you want to combine the glitter for all three coaster shapes at once, {one big mix} it will just be 3 cups resin to 3 cups hardener Acrylic Glitter Coaster DIY. Crafts, D.I.Y. Project, DIY Gifts, Home Decor, Homemade Gifts. By Laura Gummerman. If you've seen glitter acrylic coasters before online, then you may have had the same thought I did of, yes, please! I'm a big fan of the look of acrylic accents on things, so it's fun to do some small projects with resin. Learn how to turn a plain 4.25 x 4.25 tile from Lowe's to a gorgeous glitter coaster.***Supplies***-Tile-Cork back (I used the self adhesive cork sheets fr..

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Make these DIY glitter coasters to help your guests or family members keep their drinks straight - no more guessing whose drink is whose. Get the Tutorial 9 Scrabble Tile Coasters in Minutes Making Scrabble tile coasters is easy! You can do this project in just a few minutes - it makes a great gift idea or budget home decor Please like, comment, and subscribe!Follow me on social media:Facebook: Sassy Butterfly CreationsFacebook Group: Sassy Butterfly Crafts And TutorialsInstagra.. DIY Glitter coasters. While I was making the DIY Instagram coasters last week, I felt the need to get sparkly. I also wanted to do something different but stick with the DIY coaster theme. My Mother In Law. Article by Smart Savvy Living. 93

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  1. While I was making the DIY Instagram coasters last week, I felt the need to get sparkly. I also wanted to do something different but stick with the DIY coaster theme. My Mother In Law is in love with the color purple and I had some glitter on hand from a rogue trip to Hobby Lobby
  2. DIY coasters is a fun arts and crafts project for the kids. It's also a great thing to do if you're feeling really bored on a rainy weekend. Now that you know some of the materials you can use, it's time to start putting it all together. Glitter. Do you want to create a cool shimmery effect? Sprinkle some glitter on your coasters! It.
  3. Learn how to make DIY resin coasters in four easy steps! Choose the additives of your choice to make beautiful coasters that last. You'll find ways to make a variety of coasters including glitter and rainbow. So pretty for home decor and gifts
  4. Apply two layers of glitter paint to the side of the coaster that matches its color. Use a paintbrush or palette knife to apply the paint. Allow 24 hours for the paint to dry and set before using your coaster. If you enjoyed this blog post, be sure to hit the like button below and share it on social media
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DIY coasters. 1. Take glass candleholders. 2. Fill with resin and glitter. 3. Add rubber feet to the back. 4. Impress everyone Use colorful resin mixtures using dyes, pigments, and glitter to create an eye-catching set of DIY Galaxy Coasters that are out of this world! Use colorful resin mixtures using dyes, pigments, and glitter to create an eye-catching set of DIY Galaxy Coasters that are out of this world! I tried this step using glitter, and it just didn't. These confetti, glitter, and white concrete coasters make a perfect hostess gift or New Year's Eve decoration! Pour glitter/confetti into molds. I wanted a sort of swoopy, crescent design in each coaster, so I poured the glitter/confetti to one side of each coaster mold and spread it out Mix the resin according to package instructions. Pour 1/4 of the resin into a separate cup. In that cup, mix in 1 tablespoon of gold glitter. In the the cup with the larger amount of resin, mix in 2 drops of black Mod Podge Alcohol Ink. Poor a thin layer of black resin inside the tape on the wood slice (s)

The third attempt can be found at DIY Glam Glitter Resin Geode Coasters - I used some funky colors for these! Incase you don't have the time to make the coasters, you can pick up some real geode coasters or other fun geode stuff! I'm going to answer some Frequently Asked Questions about resin coasters:. Glam Glitter Geode Coasters DIY ~ Craft Klatch Another Coaster Friday. I did another geode coaster experiment. This one was specifically to create a geode look that also had more pronounced color stripes. It worked and they came out with a glam funky flair! *This blog uses affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases 2 Pack BARMI Glitter Coasters, Sakura Coaster Glitter Quicksand Coaster for Drink, Sakura Cup Coaster Cute Sakura Coaster Pink Sakura Coaster (Pink) ORNOOU 4 Pieces Drink Coasters with Holder Resin Mold Round Coaster Set Silicone Mould DIY Tabletop Protection Ornament. 4.1 out of 5 stars 26. $8.99 $ 8. 99. Get it as soon as Tue, Jun 15 Sntieecr 90 Pieces Coaster Silicone Casting Molds Full Kit with 8 PCS Irregular Coaster Molds, Glitter Powder and Epoxy Tools for DIY Coaster, Bowl Mat, Jewelry Holders and Home Decors. 4.6 out of 5 stars 65. $15.99 $ 15. 99. Get it as soon as Thu, Jul 15. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon

Acrylic Glitter Coaster DIY. Acrylic Glitter Coaster DIY. Wooden Ball Photo Holder DIY (Only Takes 5 Minutes To Make!) Wooden Ball Photo Holder DIY (Only Takes 5 Minutes To Make!) 8 Comments Katie October 30, 2020 . I'm obsessed. How many coasters were you able to make with that particular resin kit? I'd like to make a few batches for. counter culture diy: your online home for professional art supplies. learn about culture cash. new products here! last chance sale . ccdiy apparel. artist resin. casting resins. fast set epoxy. uv resin. casting silicone. acrylic pouring. alcohol ink. primers. panels + geodes. designer panels. glitter, mica, pigment, chrome flakes, man glitter.

1Pcs Sakura Glitter Coaster, Quicksand Coaster for Drink, Cute Sakura Cup Coaster, Silicone Non-Slip Insulation Cup Pad, Glitter Cup Mat Gift for Home Decor 4.5 out of 5 stars 346 £10.99 £ 10 . 99 £12.99 £12.9 Make something that really shines with these fun projects this week DIY Glitter Coasters! Supplies: Scissors Pencil Cork Coasters Glitter Vinyl (or another patterned vinylthere's so many fun options)** Mod Podge Paint Brush **Find this at your local craft store, over in the foam sheet section.** Each coaster costs about $1. So if you give a gift of 4 coasters, that's a fun gift under $5 DIY Glitter Coasters I have this little area in my room that I like to sit at each morning. Usually, I roll out of bed, throw my hair in some sort of ponytail, put on my old glasses from highschool, and stumble over to this desk

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1. DIY Coasters Made from Maps | The Heathered Nest. This is the project I mentioned above. These are made using old, 4×4 tiles that we didn't need. Tile coasters are very inexpensive to makeeven if you don't have any extra tile lying around the house, tiles cost less than $1 each at Home Depot 22. Put a drink on a glitter coaster. lookwhatmelissamade.com. Get the DIY here. 23. Glue glitter and rhinestones to a camera strap. virginiescinema.blogspot.com. More info and pictures here. 24 DIY Confetti Glitter White Concrete Coasters - Ugly Duckling House I experimented with glitter and confetti to make some DIY concrete coasters. Perfect as a hostess gift this Christmas, or as New Years Eve decor.

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DIY Resin Coasters For Beginners that are surprisingly easy to make with pretty Damask Chipboard.. Today is our first Int'l Bloggers Club challenge of 2021 and the theme is I Love Resin.Which I do and have been admiring resin art on Pinterest for years Micro glitter, chunky glitter, holographic glitter, nail glitter, makeup glitter, and super fine glitter. You can vary the glitter and size, by color, by thickness, by combination, and by placement. Let's go over the best glitter for resin together. NOTE: Always do a test before going ahead with your resin pours Ocean and beach coaster: You can make coasters with the effect of the sea and the beach. Use blue pigments to create a clear blue ocean color, then set this alongside beach sand mixed into the resin. Galaxy coasters: With the right combination of colors and glitter, resin coasters can be made to achieve a galaxy effect Making colorful craft resin coasters is fun! While some of you might be a fan of making geode resin coasters or, agate arts with glitters, some others like to play around with dried pressed flowers, leaves, petals, and other sorts of creative craft ideas. Whatever the idea you have in mind, just ensure you pick How to Make Epoxy Resin Coasters (Step by Step DIY Guide) Read More DIY Lace Coasters. Because Mod Podge dries clear, it's perfect for decoupaging lace! 12. Glittered Clutch Purse DIY Glitter Bowl. I don't know how practical it is but this DIY glitter bowl is pretty and easy to make. 20. Matte Travel Shadowbox. The key to a classic, clean look is a matte finish

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  1. Tall rim, clear resin coasters with mermaid color bling. The rims make these also become a little trinket dish. Order 4 and get $10.00 off your order - use CODE1
  2. Now it's time to add our glitter! I'm using Ballerina Brust from Counter Culture DIY. Pour the glitter directly into your epoxy mixture and still well. Pro Tip: The more glitter you add to the epoxy, the more opaque your final coaster will be. you'd like it to be a bit more transparent, just add less glitter. Step 3: Pour Mixture into Mol
  3. This special Valentine's Day themed DIY is an extension of my DIY Glitter Heart Pillow from last year. Everyone loved the bursting glitter effect (i.e. the heart bursting with love effect) so I decided to use the same imagery on another item that we can never have enough of either in the house — coasters
  4. Supplies Needed: Cricut Machine- Any Cricut machine will do for this project; Slate Coasters- I found this 8 pack of slate coasters on Amazon. I only made 4 and will save the other 4 for another project; Armour Etch Cream- You can pick this up at the craft store or get this 10 oz bottle of Armour Etch Cream from Amazon and you'll be set for awhile
  5. Roll the coaster edges in gold glitter (I used Martha's Yellow Gold) until they are coated all the way around. Let the Mod Podge dry, then spray with clear sealant. Stack the coasters and tie them up with a pretty ribbon. Package them with a bottle of wine, and you have a lovely gift that many people would be delighted to get this holiday season

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  1. utes. Pour the resin into a clean mixing cup and stir for another
  2. And here are the DIY Epoxy Resin Coasters steps. Step 1. Protect workspace and gather materials. The first step is obvious but super important. Make sure you protect your workspace as resin is very messy. The dye powders can easily get on things, too! I use a thick kraft paper and tape to protect my workspace and have paper towels handy
  3. How cute are these popsicle stick coasters!? We love how creative you can get with this DIY craft: you can customize the design, color-scheme, and even shape of your coasters. This is a wonderful craft to do with all ages (supervision required for all the glitter and glue)! Be sure to check out our other DIY popsicle stick crafts! Materials
  4. 2Pcs Large Resin Coaster Molds DIY Silicone Tray with Glitter Home Decoration 2Pcs Silicone Tray Handle Resin Casting Molds for Fruit Cup Home Decoration Enjoy DIY These silicone resin molds are compatible with most resins or other casting materials such as epoxy resin, polyester resins, polymer clay etc. You can add some resin pigment, and.
  5. g Gift DIY Clay Pot Scarecrow To Decorate Your Fall Space Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkins With Flannel or Fat Quarters. 1 0. twitter facebook gplus tumblr mail. 0. Leave a Reply
  6. Glitter Car Coasters, Set Of 2, Made To Order, Car Accessories For Women, Cute Car Coasters, Glitter Accessories, Cup Holder. ResinArtObsessed. 4.5 out of 5 stars. (1,395) $10.00. Bestseller. Add to Favorites. More colors. Set of 2 Car Coasters - lots of glitter to choose from

DIY Resin Coffee Bean Coaster. Create a set of 4 and gift them to a friend! If you create a resin coffee bean coaster, please leave a comment below or tag me on Instagram @handmadewithashley or Twitter @handmadewithash. I'd love to see your pictures 1.) The little white square has circle felt stickies for the bottom of the coasters. 2.) hot glue gun. 3.) or gorilla glue (or both like I used) 4.) wood stain. 5.) Popsicle sticks (already stained in this picture) 6.) paint brush or rag to apply stain. 7.) and a knife to cut the rounded edges off Faux Grey Marbled Agate Golden Glitter Black Stone Stone Coaster. $10.50. 15% Off with code DREAMDETAILS. . Blush Pink Gold Glitz Glitter Sparkle Paper Coaster. $1.40. 15% Off with code DREAMDETAILS

CC DIY Artist Meg Epps of Lyndly Grove shows us how she uses our Stick Tight for her glitter tumblers. Snag some here:... CC DIY Artist Meg Epps of Lyndly Grove shows us how she uses our Stick Tight for her glitter tumblers. Ready to try it for yourself?! coasters. Counter Culture DIY. 397 views · June 9. 1:06. Lace Geode. Counter. DIY Map Tile Coasters. Photo Credit: modpodgerocksblog.com. One of the most fun and easy Mod Podge craft ideas is DIY tile coasters. These ceramic coasters are great for home décor, wedding favors, or a unique gift! Get the Tutorial. 3 Four inch resin coasters with various pills - real OTC medications and hand-filled glitter and sprinkle capsules. Listing is for a SET OF TWO coasters. Pill selection and placement will vary as each one is unique and made by hand. Perfect gift for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, nurses, NPs

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DIY Geode Coasters. 5 materials. $5. 1 Day. Easy. These beauties may look intricate and complicated to make, but it's all a lie! Read on to see just how easy it is! And if you prefer to follow a video, see my YouTube link below! I also have a new Etsy Shop that I recently opened so please take a look you get a chance Check out this RAD tumbler by Crystal Normal of Glitter&Shine llc -- what would you name this design?! coasters. Counter Culture DIY. 405 views · June 9. 1:06. Lace Geode. Counter Culture DIY. 545 1:33. DIY Wood Geode Halo. Counter Culture DIY. 683 views · May 24. 0:56. DIY Beach Keychain with UV Resin. Counter Culture DIY. 1K views.

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  1. Look at this gorgeous project by CC DIY Artist Karen Horvath! She is showing us how she made her own crystal silicone molds and then made GORGEOUS..
  2. Start by using another coaster to trace an outline. Cut it out. With a paintbrush, start covering one side of the coaster with mod podge. Continue to cover the entire area. Just pour the glitter on & it will stick to the coaster. Once you're finished, let this dry completely (overnight or for at least a few hours)
  3. d for your parties!
  4. These DIY coasters contain gold flakes, but you could add sequins, dried flowers, glitter, beads -- just about anything you can imagine! It takes a little patience to let the resin set, but once you do you have a cool, modern creation that people will think you got from a chic boutique
  5. DIY Glitter Fairy Jar With Opal Vinyl Decals Pin This For Later Filed Under: Craft , Primary Menu , Vinyl Craft Tagged With: coasters , craft , decor , viny
  6. DIY: Homemade Leaf Coaster Craft. Home Art DIY: Homemade Leaf Coaster Craft. August 2013 Monthly Meal Plan Recipes. We used a glitter Mod Podge for ours, but I don't think I like the glitter look with the leaves, so for this craft I would suggest a clear glossy Mod Podge. Although I do think the glitter one would be great for use on.

Pick up the coaster and start to tilt it from side to side so that the paint runs and starts to blend as it covers the entire surface. Step 9: Take a pinch of the DecoArt Glamour Dust and sprinkle it on the paint. You can follow specific lines and curves of the paint design or just randomly sprinkle glitter all over the coaster. Step 10 DIY marble coasters using nail polishes (via https:) This is a great glam idea, and it also fits New Year decor, which is always about some glitter and glam. DIY gilded porcelain tile coasters using markers (via boxwoodavenue.com) 14 December, 2016. Kate You may also like. 9 Bright And Cheerful DIY Summer Coasters And her coaster caddy is absolutely stunning! We can't wait for you to check it out. Making a Resin Coaster Holder. Coasters are some of our favorite resin creations. If you like working with molds, chances are you have made coasters at some point in your resin journey too. Coasters are small canvases waiting to be awakened by our artistic. I added a bit of extra fine glitter and topped the coaster off with a black layer to give it a fun base color. Step Four: Unmolding and sanding When you are satisfied with the amount of epoxy layers and they have cured completely, gently peel the mold off of your resin coaster The Beauty of Nature Coaster DIY: I've made a few coasters in my day, but I think I created my most favorite coaster yet! Incorporating nature into the resin, along with pigment powder and glitter, I was able to create a very different coaster!I don't even think the picture even do

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DIY Glitter Resin Coasters. I will show you how to create these beautiful and sparkly DIY glitter resin coasters. These make for the perfect housewarming gift! Diy Tumblers Custom Tumblers Glitter Tumblers Personalized Tumblers Silhouette School Blog Silhouette Projects Silhouette Cameo Diy Resin Crafts Glitter Crafts Step 1. Paint the top of the CD black. Step 1. Paint the top of the CD black. Step 2. Trace the CD onto the back of your adhesive craft foam. Draw a smaller circle on the inside using something around the house, or just wing it! Step 2. Trace the CD onto the back of your adhesive craft foam I'm happy to say these DIY Coasters are still looking lovely and holding up well! In fact, I've made a few more with some glitter and other patterns thrown in! The DIY coasters would make lovely housewarming gifts, and I even think a paint-your-own party would be fun! What You Need: White ceramic tiles of your choice. (I love the hexagon look

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Allow coasters to dry for 1 hour. Using sharp scissors or an X-acto knife, carefully trim excess cork from square. Place tiles on paper bag or newspaper. Follow directions on spray bottle of polyurethane to coat tiles. I coated mine with one layer, let dry for 10 minutes and then coated again Making a resin coaster holder is a fabulous way to display your coasters when they aren't in use! And, it's a piece of beautiful art in its own right. You can either make your coaster holder match a specific set of coasters or you can use more generic colors so that it can display any set Set of 4 Crushed Crystal Coasters, £3.99 from The Range - buy here Tracey told Fabulous that she hasn't yet glued them all in place but will most likely use gorilla glue, as recommended by many. Jun 24, 2021 - These resin coasters are the perfect choice for a party! Follow our simple guide to learn how to make classic coasters using crystal resin. Jun 24, 2021 - These resin coasters are the perfect choice for a party! How to Make Glitter Resin Coasters. Resin is a big trend right now and these coasters are a great way to try out.

If you are feeling crafty and looking for some awesome new DIY ideas, think no further than resin crafts. You may or may not have seen these DIY crafts before, or at least you certainly may not have known you could actually make these cool looking creations at home yourself. I've long admired the look of resin jewelry and tables but had no idea this was something a novice DIYer could pull off I love these DIY coasters I spotted on Parties for Pennies blog. The ombre glitter effect reminds me of a mermaid's tail! Not to mention that this DIY is incredibly easy and quick to put together. Keep reading for the play by play What you'll need: cork. mod podge. large glitter. Steps: 1| Start by using another coaster to trace an outline Glitter Geek Designs. September 3, 2020 ·. Y'all! Our Fall Coaster set will release tomorrow at 9am!!! JUST.IN.TIME. FOR OUR 4 DAY 25% off SALE which ends September 7th! Happy shopping!! #Fall #coasterset #florals #mustard #messybun #gold #holographic. 33 Gold leaf takes any DIY to the next level, so don't skimp on it when pouring your resin coasters. This glitzy set will bring a fancy accent to even the simplest coffee table. Pro tip: cover your work surface with newspaper completely before pouring your resin; while spills can be cleaned up with rubbing alcohol, you'll want to avoid that. The agate coasters just come to life! Such a small detail, but it makes all the difference. So fancy! Step 6. Attach adhesive-backed bumpers to the underside of the coasters and you're done! You have your very own set of faux DIY agate coasters! Enjoy your favorite beverage on your new fancy coasters

DIY Coasters In my effort to make more cute custom stuff for our house (we are moving back this weekend, hurray!), I made some coasters! I found some regular old white ceramic tiles at Home Depot (16 cents eac Hey y'all! It has been awhile since I last posted. I have been busy learning some new crafts, raising grand babies, and even started school again! So, I made some of these last year, and really wanted to do more. So, I bought some ornaments (clear glass or plastic), grabbed some polycrylic, some glitter, and got busy. Here we go, step one. Take the top off your ornament. You can do this.

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Donut worry, be crafty! Create & decorate a-dough-rable DIY coasters as part of this easy donut craft DIY a resin coaster with this silicone mold. Customize the resin coaster by adding glitter, powders, dyes and more! Details: 12.8 x 10.9 x 0.6 (32.5cm x 27.68cm x 1.5cm) package size. 9 (22.9 cm) diameter. Ideal for resin projects. Make sure mold is clean and dry before using DIY Coasters. Make a set of DIY coasters from washi tape and reclaimed tile, then sit back and enjoy a tall, cool drink - all without staining furniture. These DIY coasters are an easy-peasy, crafting-101 activity for small hands to manage, and a good way to get ready for summer, when cold drinks abound These marbled coasters are made from oven bake clay and are super easy to make! There are many tutorials out there and to me, this is the best one that I modified. The marbling process is much more manageable if done making one coaster at a time versus trying to make a large sheet of clay, so the directions below will make one coaster Now flip your coasters over so the bottoms are facing UP and the infusible ink transfer sheet is flat against the white cardstock. Place your butcher paper on top of your coasters. Gently lay your pre-heated EasyPress 2 on top of your covered coasters with no added pressure for 240 seconds

Set of four blue foam rubber coasters featuring blue glitter on the top. Coaster measures 3.9 in diameter. Includes 4 coasters. $ { {amount}} Add Accessories. Blue glitter isn't something you'd expect to see on coasters, but Kate Aspen knew this unexpected decor touch would really set these practical coasters apart Glitter on the Gulf sales top quality polyester glitter at affordable prices. Also available round & square shakers, UV Powder, glow in the dark powder, mica & tumblers. Come check us out. Over 500 different products available to choose from. Many different custom mixes only found at Glitter on the Gulf good and cheap alternative to Mod podge if you have patience for the. fevicol to dry).. It takes 2 -3 days for fevicol to dry which also adds. glossy look to the coasters. Once dry add some foam sheets. on the behind to provide a flat base to the coasters.. I have used. glitter foams as I had them handy . Four inch resin coasters with various pills - real OTC medications and hand-filled glitter and sprinkle capsules. Listing is for a SET OF TWO coasters. Pill selection and placement will vary as each one is unique and made by hand. Perfect gift for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, nurses, NPs Jul 18, 2020 - Coasters made of high-quality epoxyplast and epoxyplast pigments. Colours : opal green, white, gold copper glitter 10 cm long round Suitable for glasses and cups Attention: heat resistant to 70 degrees, not suitable for hot drinks Care: Drain under cold water and dry or wipe with 70% alcohol ️ coasters are made to or

Jun 30, 2020 - With Valentine's Day approaching I want to share with you all how you can make beautiful coasters for the upcoming holiday! When I think of Valentine's Day I think of hearts and pink and red colors. Keeping that in mind lets create some coasters! Here is what you need.. 3. Sprinkle glitter over the wet gloss. While the gloss is still wet, sprinkle glitter onto the wood. You can use as much, or as little, glitter as you'd like. Feel free to add a second layer of gloss over the glitter. This acts as a sealant and helps to prevent prevents glitter from falling off Making a glitter tumbler is actually really easy and the results are amazing. Whether you are making them for yourself or to sell, I am here with all of the tips and tricks you need to be successful when making your own tumblers.I am also joining with another blogger to bring you an idea for making a resin tumbler keychain craft that will be a great addition to your tumbler crafts so be sure.

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