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Exchange restored - outlook not working on one user. Archived Forums > Since this is happening for only one user then it might be possible their is corruption in the mailbox. First try this steps to rename the SMTP queue ,Stop the SMTP service and then Remane the mailroot folder. Then restart the SMTP and then do the test for one user. On my computer regardless of the need to be updated it is working so it is not a matter of this. My computer is the same as the affected users computer. On a new profile the outlook works on the users computer suggesting it could be an issue with that particular profile. Not the 'outlook profile' the profile to access the computer One of my user is not able to access OWA at all. he is able to access Exchange server through Outlook 2000 without any problems. I checked the Active Directory Users and Computers under users profile, I checked the Exchange features - OWA has been enabled Outlook Search is not working Only for one of the attached shared mailbox in outlook 2016 with Current Folder & Current Mailbox Option in Outlook (Cache Mode) Outlook search does not work with No Matches Found erro If the publicly-trusted certificate is not trusted by the server this error will occur. What is interesting is this one computer is the only one having the issue. There are 6 other computers that are able to connect to the exchange server via RPC over HTTPS just fine

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  1. If you are running Windows XP, select Start, and then select Run. Type Outlook.exe /safe, and then select OK. If the problem is resolved, select Options on the File menu, and then select Add-Ins. Select COM Add-ins, and then select Go
  2. Outlook connection still not working? Run Windows Update to make sure you have the latest updates for Outlook and other desktop apps for Microsoft 365. Download and run the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant
  3. Outlook may not be working because you've encountered a bug that requires an update, or similarly an update may have errored and you need to have it fixed. The simplest fix could be your settings, which we'll walk you through checking as well, along with all the previously mentioned issues. How To Use This Guid
  4. On one occasion, when I launch the Outlook and it not responding and the prompt shows me that Microsoft Outlook has stopped working. Then I found there are four workarounds on how to fix Microsoft Outlook has stopped working. Walk through the steps below to address the issue. Way 1: Fix Microsoft Outlook has stopped working in safe mod
  5. In many cases, the improper inbox filter and sort settings are responsible for not receiving emails in Outlook. You can fix the issue by resetting the inbox settings. Step 1. Open your Outlook service, and then go to the Filter tab and select Sort by from the drop-down menu
  6. Restart Outlook. Now create a new Outlook meeting and type the problematic user's full email address (you can also use the Check Names button to have it check against GAL) and then click on the Scheduling Assistant to check if you can view free/busy schedule. If not, then clearing the complete cache of autocomplete may solve the problem
  7. For Outlook you could indeed be facing issues with Windows Search and the index on the local computer, this is mostly the case with Outlook search related issues. But also when using Exchange online mode and not cached it could still be related to Exchange Online

As of 16th July 2020 when Outlook started to crash after an update, this version was the most stable one available. officec2rclient.exe /update user updatetoversion=16..12827.2047; Reverting Outlook to a previous version. Make sure to restart your computer completely before opening Outlook again Close Outlook. Launch Outlook in safe mode by choosing one of the following options. In Windows 10, choose Start, type Outlook.exe /safe, and press Enter. In Windows 7, choose Start, and in the Search programs and files box, type Outlook /safe, and then press Enter Click the Home tab at the top in Outlook and select Junk. Click on Junk E-mail Options from the newly opened menu. Select the tab that says Blocked Senders to view the list of people that you've blocked in Outlook. If the person you're expecting an email from is in the list, click on their name and select Remove Microsoft Outlook is down, leaving users unable to read or send emails through the service. This is the second major Outlook outage of the week, with the service having also malfunctioned on Monday

We recently turned on modern authentication for Outlook desktop users for our tenant and one of our users let us know that he's now unable to authenticate in Outlook 2016 for Windows. I was able to look at the issue first-hand, and it appears that when he adds the account in Outlook 2016, it tries to authenticate and then the Work or school. Go to the Outlook application in the application menu, right-click it, and select the option 'Test Email AutoConfiguration.' Input the user credentials, check the option of 'User Autodiscover,' and click the Test button. The system will check the connection and provide a 'succeeded' message on a clean connection Outlook search not working may be caused by an outdated program, an indexing error, of some other problem. Updating or tweaking index locations and features may fix it when Outlook search isn't working. Outlook also has a built-in repair tool that might help solve the issue However, as crucial as MS Outlook is to manage your work life, some errors can crop up out of nowhere to put a halt, albeit a temporary one, to the regular flow of your daily activities. Some of these common problems with Outlook include freezing, start-up issues, sluggish working, problems with profile handling, etc Open your Microsoft Outlook application. Go to the rightmost side of the desktop at the bottom, over Outlook application icon at the system tray, press Ctrl key and then right-click on Outlook icon together. A list of features will get open. Click on Test E-mail AutoConfiguration option from the list

MS Outlook is not opening? If your Microsoft Outlook will not open, there could a few reasons why. Outlook has a tendency to leave multiple processes running in the background, most of which are invisible to a computer user. If one of these processes is already running, attempting to open Outlook again will not display anything. Outlook is. Instructions in this article apply to Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, and Outlook for Microsoft 365. Causes for Outlook Rules Not Working Several different and unrelated problems prevent Outlook rules from running automatically or even disabling rules altogether Many users complain about the Outlook app's notifications not working on their Windows 10 computer. If this happens to you often, our solutions will help you fix the Outlook app's notification. Open Outlook Select File > Info > Account Settings. An Account Settings window will open, if does not say Microsoft Exchange (under Type), use the home email account portion of this article. Prepare Outlook to run without Cached Exchange Mode

If your Outlook search function is not working, there may be different causes for it. What may cause one user to no longer be able to see search results, may cause another user to only see half the available e-mails in their search. Typical problems with the search function include: The user does not receive any search result Granted, Microsoft should be looking for a solution to this issue alongside the M365 fixes, but until then, one affected user seems to have found a workaround. Apparently, getting an older version of the Microsoft Intune Company Portal app should be enough to address the issue where the app isn't working I had an issue with Autodiscover for one user, it works perfectly well for others. Autodiscover is not working for one or more users in Exchange 2010. 16 Friday Aug 2013. Posted by imkottees in Exchange, Exchange 2010. Outlook (1) Powershell (9) Tips and Tricks (2) Tools (2) Windows Server 2008 (2) Archives Outlook Anywhere not working on one pc, others work fine. Archived Forums > you mentioned I tried it on my computer to test it and using the users credentials it would not work either to verify on a working computer you tried setting up the profile or connect via outlook anywhere with this problem user and it doesn't work? Also you.

One of my email users accounts is not working, I have reset the passwords but I think the account may be blocked or locked somehow... I can log into it with webmail but cannot send to it from another address or get it to work in outlook, etc. I have users in Office 365 and I assigned a Author permission to a meeting room for one user. The user can create, edit and delete meetings in OWA in the meeting room but not in Outlook. I assigned Auditor permission on the meeting rooms calendar. The users and meeting room are synchronized with Active Directory with Azure AD sync

Microsoft Outlook is down, leaving users unable to read or send emails through the service. This is the second major Outlook outage of the week, with the service having also malfunctioned on Monday Hi, I have a Exchange 2007 Sp1 Ru9 setup working perfectly fine with segregated roles on different servers. Recently we have enabled IMAP protocol on CAS servers and started using it corporate wide. All users are able to connect using IMAP4 from any client without any problem but one user having problem connecting via any source Re: Outlook not updating inbox. Hi try to turn off Cached Exchange Mode, please perform the following steps: 1. Click File > Account Settings > Account Settings. 2. Click the Office 365 account, and then click Change. 3. Under Offline Settings, uncheck Use Cached Exchange Mode. 4

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Outlook profiles can sometimes get corrupted or have another setting change the way they work. One quick way to get around Outlook profile issues is to discard the old profile and use a new one. This only requires re-configuring your email account and shouldn't take more than a few minutes I have one user whose out of office is not working. He has set it up in Outlook with no issues. What I have tried so far. 1. Setting up the OOF in OWA as well. 2. Setting up OOF with and without date ranges. 3. Moved the users mailbox to different mailbox database It is important to consider these points in order to make delegate access work. 1. In case, the user is capable of seeing data mailbox but can not act on the delegated mailbox on behalf of the user then do this: Give full access permission to the mailbox of the user. For this, use Windows PowerShell in link with O365. Enter this command in. To fix the Outlook 2007/2010/2016 not receiving emails, just go to your Outlook's inbox filters and remove any unwanted option here. Also, go to Filter > Sort by and choose to sort it by date. In this way, you can see all the recent emails that could have been blocked by the filter. 6. Check the Blocked Users List

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  1. To change Outlook to work online, select Send/Receive > Preferences > Work Offline. Check offline settings. If you have issues on a Mac and have disabled Work Offline, you may need to sign in to your email account and change your settings. Check other Outlook folders for messages. If you don't see new emails in the Inbox, those messages may be.
  2. Outlook 2007: Click Tools > Options > Delegates. Click Add. Choose the mailbox from the Address Book. If you need the user to have partial access to your mailbox, you can specify the access level on the next screen. If you only need to give Send On Behalf permissions to the user, choose None for each folder. Click OK. Outlook for Mac
  3. Re: Send email with outlook on behalf of using shared mailbox - not working. If you have both Send As and Send on behalf of permissions granted, the former takes precedence when sending. You can work around it by adding the shared mailbox as an additional account (via File -> Add Account) and using the send using dropdown menu when.
  4. If Auto-Complete is enabled and still not working correctly, there may be a problem with a file in your RoamCache folder. Rename the folder to reset AutoComplete. To do this, follow these steps: Warning. You will lose all addresses stored in AutoComplete. Open Outlook. Select File > Info > Account Settings
  5. If you have the Reading Pane on, select the email in your Junk Email folder. Alternatively, double-click to open the email. At the top, in the Outlook Mail toolbar, select the dropdown labeled Not junk, then select Block . If you opened the email, select Block at the top of the email. Select OK to confirm blocking emails from the sender

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  1. ders might not be Working. There have been instances when the re
  2. Spent ages with this one as part of an Azure AD cloud only to Azure AD / AD hybrid setup. Disabling ADAL wasn't an option as we use MFA. We found it wasn't just Outlook broken - none of the Office 365 apps could sign in either. Ultimately I found the issue: there's a token that needs resetting in the user profile directory
  3. There is one limitation that gets many users: when you use auto-resolution, Outlook searches the address books in order and when it finds a match in one address book, it stops looking in the other address books. Autoresolution or Automatic name checking. All versions of Outlook support Autoresolve
  4. If a rule is not working in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, or other version, it's possible that the rule is client-based and Outlook is not running when emails are received. If you want the rules to work even when the Outlook isn't running, log in to your account via web-based access, i.e. OWA, and recreate the rules there
  5. g mail not working' etc
  6. ders are not being managed by Group Policy, follow these steps to re-enable re

Quick Acces to Outlook Not Responding Fix. If Outlook stops responding at a screen that says Processing, you can close Outlook, start it in safe mode, then close it and open it normally to fix the problem.. 1. Close Outlook.; 2. Launch Outlook in safe mode by choosing one of the following options.; In Windows 10, choose Start, type Outlook.exe /safe, and press Enter Get Outlook plus all the Office apps and 1TB cloud storage with Microsoft 365, from $6.99/month. For up to 6 users. For 1 user. Outlook. Overview Requirements. $139.99. Buy now

Now you may restart Outlook and check if the search not working in outlook problem is resolved. Alternatively, you can use a PST repair tool such as Stellar Repair for Outlook to fix a corrupt PST file. The software can also fix oversized, encrypted, or severely corrupt PST Outlook data file The calendar owner only allows users to access the secondary or sub folders of the calendar but not the main folders, i.e. primary folder or main file of the calendar. Solution. For fixing such issues, the calendar owner must share their files with users, i.e. both the primary and secondary folders must be shared with users of Office 365 Normal. They require TNEF / RTF formatting, which is not supported in other mail clients. Outlook users would see them if the message format was RTF, but Outlook will generally drop to HTML for internet addresses. Plus the exchange server can make the conversion, if outlook doesn't. See Using Voting Buttons in Emai Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Microsoft Outlook 2010, Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, Outlook for Office 365; In this article. Original KB number: 2958272. Symptoms. After you send an email using Microsoft Outlook 2007 or later versions, a copy of the email message is not saved to the Sent Items folder. Caus

Automatic Replies only replies once per address. Once you've enabled Automatic Replies, it will only reply once per address. To have it send the message to all addresses again, you must turn off Automatic Replies and then turn it back on. If you want to reply to each message that you receive, no matter how often that person has emailed you. Fix Outlook issues not responding, stopped working, hangs or freeze try this easy troubleshoot,Click here for more detail..http://www.bsocialshine.com/2016/.. Publishing it to www.company.com will not work. Most website hosting company's treat requests for with or without the www part in the same way so this usually isn't a problem. It does not matter whether it is published on a http or https website. As long as the root domain matches your email domain, Outlook will query the URL There are one of two fixes for this: Add the domain.com to your Public Facing Website's certificate. That way, Outlook makes a successful connection to https://domain.com, determines it's not Exchange, and will fallback to attempting autodiscover via https://autodiscover.domain.com . (Preferred Option for obvious secure reason) Disable SSL. Microsoft Outlook is a popular messaging application used by millions of users across the world. When you work with dozens, if not hundreds, of folders in Outlook, you want a simple way to customize them to your liking. One way to easily customize the folders is by applying custom views. You can then apply your [

To enable the old-style autocomplete list, add the DisableAutoCompleteUpdate to this key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\Options DWORD: DisableAutoCompleteUpdate Value: 1. You'll need to restart Outlook after setting the registry key. If you don't want to edit the registry yourself, I have this ready-to-use registry key Important: Outlook 2011 and 2016 Mac users must be granted Reviewer access to another person's calendar to be able open that calendar and view details. If a user sets permission levels only to allow free/busy or free/busy limited details, an Outlook Mac user will not be able to see any details of the shared calendar Not all Outlook search issues are made equal. If your Outlook search function is not working, there may be different causes for it. What may cause one user to no longer be able to see search results, may cause another user to only see half the available e-mails in their search Blank fields are appearing in some users' contact details. You will no doubt be using your Microsoft 365 Directory or Azure AD to populate every user's signature. However, it's important to note that not all users may have the same contact details. Some may have mobile phone numbers while others don't

Add-in not working (Windows, Outlook web) Issue: Outlook add-in is not working correctly. Suggestion: Turn on script debugging in Internet Explorer. Open Internet Explorer. Make sure the browser is not in private mode. Click the gear icon then click Internet options. Click the Advanced tab AOL does not synced with Outlook successfully. 3. AOL mail user changed the password. These are few reasons now, lets move forward to understand how to fix this issue manually. In the upcoming segment, we will the same. Let's get a look: Resolve - AOL Email not Working in Outlook Issue Manually. Here, we will describe the manual solution to.

I have been working on this code for Outlook VSTO. I have couple of buttons on the ribbon to control some stuff. One of them is to add a text to the email. The issue is that catch is not working for handling errors. For example, if I click the button anywhere other than email body, the app crashes

One Massachusetts-based user posted a video on Twitter showing how pressing enter to send text would cause the entire body of an email to disappear when using Outlook desktop Verified the Unified Messaging Service and Email id in Unified Messaging Account for the User and made the Test and it's successful. Single Box is enabled. And also SMTP proxy address that matches the user's Exchange mail address. Still the one user not able to receive the Voice mail in outlook but he is able to check the voice mail in Desk Phone The file C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\user.ost is not an Outlook file (.ost).) is zero in size while doing a clean install of Outlook 2016. Using a Win 10 laptop remotely. The .ost file is being created for the first time (I've uninstalled and removed all traces of Outlook 2016 or Office 2016, for that matter, several times)

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  1. 7: Run in safe mode. As I mentioned before, running outlook in safe mode is a good way to troubleshoot. The one caveat is that a number of features will not work. This obviously means that running.
  2. Assigned users can access these shared mailboxes in their Outlook application. However, some users face issues while accessing a shared mailbox is MS Outlook application. Therefore, in this blog, we will be presenting the solutions for the common issue faced by many uses, that is Office 365 Shared Mailbox not showing in Outlook application.
  3. Outlook not working, keeps asking for password, but then won't let me input the password and ask for a work or school email. Not impressed Osborne Teres

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  1. Outlook emails are not working tonight for some (Image: MICROSOFT) Microsoft Outlook users were hit by a very strange issue last night which saw them unable to access messages and text.
  2. In Exchange 2010 Management Console the user is no different than the others. Exchange ActiveSync is set as Enable in Mailbox Features. EDIT: Alternatively, if there is some easy way to create a new useraccount/mailbox and copy all of the contents of the old one over, I bet it would work, and that would be fine as well
  3. Close Outlook and any other open Office applications. Open the Control panel or Settings. Find Add or Remove Programs. Select the Office installation (or Outlook, if using standalone Outlook) Click the Modify, Change or Repair button. Select the desired repair option and complete the wizard. For the steps and screenshots specific to older.
  4. The One Outlook client is based on the web version of Outlook and looks instantly familiar, though it should better integrate with the OS than the progressive web app that users can already.
  5. Creating a new Outlook profile is very simple: #1 - On the Outlook program, click on File > Account Settings > Manage Profiles.. #2 - Next, go ahead and click Show Profiles and press the Add button. #3 - Enter a profile name, and once you press Ok, enter your email account details
  6. Posts: 2 Joined: 4.Nov.2008 Status: offline thanks for the quick reply. no strange characters. on one user I even made a secondary smtp address which also did not work from scanner or telnet but did work from normal email. also deleted the users from the scanner and readded

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Some Outlook users are reporting that the above steps do not work for them, but were able to use the officec2rclient.exe /update user updatetoversion=16..12527.20880 command instead to resolve. Workarounds for previous versions of Outlook. When you are using a previous version of Outlook, then the above Registry key will not work. To still prevent you from sending the mail with the wrong account by accident, you can use one of the workarounds below. The add-in solutions also give you greater flexibility One caveat with that: You need to make sure to use the enrollment status page (and not disable it for the user) so that Intune has time to get the user policy applied before the user launches Outlook. It doesn't take long for Intune to do that, but some people could manage to launch Outlook faster 3. You should see a similar information message when indexing is completed Outlook has finished indexing all your items. Additional help.-If Outlook Search still does not work, then try the following: 1. Start Outlook without Add-ins (in Outlook Safe Mode) and perform a search. If the search is working, disable all Outlook Add-Ins

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Click on he Rules button in the bottom left of the Automatic Reply dialog. Click on the button: Add Rule. Click on the From button and select all the (external) people that you want to send a reply to. Select the Reply with option. Click on the Template button. Compose the message that you want to be sent as a reply Office can work for multiple separate users on the one computer. Most commonly, there are separate Windows or Mac s for the computer with each user/ having their own folders for documents etc. Windows 10 for Microsoft Office users has a chapter devoted to multi-user setup and use including making a 'Guest' account (which Microsoft. For Outlook 2010 and outlook 2013, accessing account setting may vary a little. To learn to harness the power of Outlook 2010, you could sign up to Learn Microsoft Outlook 2010 today from udemy. For outlook 2007, under your account settings you will see a list of email addresses. Choose the one that keeps asking for a username and password Click COM Add-ins, and then click Go. Step 10. Unmark all the checkboxes, and then click OK. Step 11. Restart Outlook, if it works fine, go to the next step. Step 12. Go back to COM Add-Ins mark the checkboxes on after the other to know which one is causing the problem

The Add calendar option does not work in local Outlook clients. When users attempt to subscribe to the calendar, the button either does not respond or the Outlook client will crash. The issues listed below apply to one or more desktop version of Outlook. If a version is not specified, the issues applies to multiple versions of Outlook Sometimes, the ScanPST or the Inbox Repair Tool doesn't work and other ways also cannot fully solve the issue and user fails in repairing Outlook's PST file or files. In such scenarios, one can make use of some useful third-party software, to Outlook Not Responding when sending an email with attachments One issue which arises after the migration is that some users do not view the Shared mailbox in Outlook. A shared mailbox is an extremely useful secondary mailbox which facilitates the user to access the shared data. The standard accounts like sales@companydomain, contact@companydomain, and inform@companydomain are some typical example of the.

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Outlook companion app is installed on my watch. On the phone I have an Outlook personal profile, used with more e-mail accounts and I have a work profile with my one company mail account. All the calendar and mail notifications from personal profile are appearing on the watch, but none from the work profile Restart Outlook. Hopefully this will fix the auto Send/Receive problem. If not, try the next solution. Solution #3: Disable Add-Ins. Most users can fix the auto Send/Receive problem by disabling the problematic add-in. Usually it is a third-party add-in that causes problems in Outlook

Way 3. Fix Outlook Not Working on iPhone without Data Loss . Most users prefer to choose a professional tool to fix this issue. iMyFone Fixppo can fix the Outlook not working on iPhone problem within a few seconds and without any loss of data. All iPhone, iPad and iPad touch are supported, as well as the iOS versions like iOS 13/12/11/10/9/8/7 The work around relies on the 'Web mail' option under preferences rather than the 'Outlook' option. This is a 'User based' work around, so you will have to set-it-up for each user that uses any computer where QuickBooks is installed and also for each QuickBooks Company file from which they email forms If you do not see the Schedule a meeting icon in the menu ribbon, open your Outlook options. Select Disabled Items. Choose the Zoom Outlook plug-in ; Select Enable. Select the Com Add-ins ; Check the Zoom Outlook plugin box. Scheduling meetings for others. If you want to schedule on behalf of another Zoom user, see the article about scheduling. Click on the Add icon for adding user whom you want to enable with 'Send As' permission in Office 365 4. Either type the username in a search box or pick the user from the displayed list. Click on OK and then Save to fix 'sent items not showing in Office 365' problem. Scenario # 2: Permission is Not Working in MS Outlook Open Outlook. Go to File>Options>Add-in. Go through the list of add-ins and you should see one named Microsoft Teams Meetings. If you do not see this add-in, click the 'Go' button at the very bottom. In the window that opens, check if the add-in is listed. If it's listed, select it, and click Enable

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My clients are NOT receiving my calendar invitations unless I go into the invitation, change something and resend out the invite. This is CRAZY! I am not certain that it's only people using Outlook 365, but I assume most of my clients use MS products, so this might be related This is a weird one, and I've been Googling for days without any luck. I have a client who runs Exchange/Outlook 2016. Jane Doe is in the Marketing department, and her AA (John Smith), and a few others in that department (We'll call them Jimmy, Sally, and Bob) cannot see her Free/Busy status (the entire row is grayed out) when in the Scheduling Assistant in Outlook Remove the user that you just added. Relaunch Outlook and check if it has started to work without any problem. 4. Open Outlook in Safe Mode and Disable Outlook Add-ins. Outlook Add-ins help you in getting things done right from the inbox. But sometimes poorly written or outdated Add-ins start interfering with the genuine operation of Outlook - I have more than one Comcast email account set up in my Outlook app. Currently, one is working, one is not. Which one is not working varies. - I am using IMAP. Yes, the settings are correct! - I am an IT professional and this isn't (shouldn't) be rocket science. Yet, here I am. - No, I am not going to wipe my phone and start from scratch Outlook: Go to your Accounts, click Advanced Leave a copy of messages on the server. Apple Mail: On the Advanced tab, uncheck the box next to Remove copy from server after retrieving a message, if available. Thunderbird: On the Server Settings tab, check the box next to Leave messages on server

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Microsoft allows its users to open Teams in Outlook to access the e-mail client. Doing this makes the work more efficient and sophisticated. Also, it adds the convenience of all the things together in one place. So if you're unable to link Team in Outlook, follow this guide thoroughly and you will be able to do so quickly. So let's get started 1. Check the Internet Connection. If the internet connection is broken, poor, or unstable, you may not receive Outlook emails. If you see a Working Offline, Disconnected, or Trying to connect status in the Outlook status bar, it indicates that there is a problem with your internet connection.In such a case, switch to a better network connection and see if Outlook receives the missing emails So for the possible benefit of other's here is what I did. 1. Ran a repair on MS office - (This solved the issue with not being able to select / deselect certain indexing locations) 2. Ran Scanpst. 3. Outlook > Search tools > Search options > Indexing options > Modify. 4. Deselect all selected options Hi, I'm recently have the problem with the Out of Office, when an user turn on the Out of Office in his Outlook or by OWA, this don't work. We can see it on but when we send internal or external emails with don't received the auto reply message that the person is out of office Restart your computer. Open Outlook and check whether the earlier blocked email attachment can be opened/saved or not. As seen from the snippet below, one can see that the earlier blocked attachment with a .exe extension can now be saved on the disk drive. Method #6: Kernel for Attachment Management

Issue 3: Microsoft Outlook Contacts are not matching incoming calls. Perform the following steps: 1. Check whether the number to match is not entered in the Business Fax field for the contact. Business Fax numbers are not considered for a match. 2. Make sure that you have re-indexed the contacts after updating the contact information Restart Outlook This will make sure that Outlook will try to re-establish all server connections again. When you also work via a VPN connection (for instance for working from home), starting Outlook after making the VPN connection is recommended even when the VPN connection isn't needed for Outlook itself. Restart your compute If not, sign into mail.google.com using a desktop browser, then go to Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Enable IMAP there and check that the options are set according to your preferences. These instructions are written for Outlook, but apply to any email software