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Tested to work with DMR using STM32-DVM v3 RPi hat. From the radio, must set radio to use EXT. DATA SPEED = 9600 bps and use 6-pin Mini DIN cable as specified by RepeaterBuilder.org (pin 4 PR9 is audio output before discriminator). From MMDVM set TXInvert=0 and RXInvert=1 The STM32-DVM-MTR2K is an integrated MMDVM modem and Host designed to plug into either of the MTR2000 Option Board slots (J1, J2) in the MTR2000 card cage. The STM32-DVM-MTR2K is an all-in-one solution for adding MMDVM capabilities to the MTR2000, no additional hardware or software is necessary

  1. iature simplex repeater. PNW Repeater Diagram. PNW MMDVM Diagram. PNW System Diagram. PNW DMR Network-WA. MMDVM Servers vs Repeaters •MMDVM Servers are similar to repeater
  2. Figure: hardware wiring diagram Step 2 Network Configuration There are 3 methods to make MMDVM hotspot connect to internet 1, Wire LAN Not support, unless you have USB Wire LAN adapter, detail see Duplex hotspot User's Manua
  3. The RB_STM32_DVM is yet another Multi-Mode Digital Voice Modem that gives new life to analog repeaters by allowing them to become digital capable. The STM32 has an on-board microcomputer, so there is no need for a separate Arduino or other processor board. This board, plus a platform running MMDVMHost is all that is required

MMDVM_HS_Dual_Hat. Duplex variant of MMDVM_HS_Hat DB9MAT DF2ET DO7EN. This PCB uses the MMDVM_HS by Andy CA6JAU. It has two ADF7021 onboard and allows for duplex operation with two time slots on DMR. Revisions Revision 1.0. Initial release. Revision 1.1. LEDs D4 and D5 interchanged to align with scan order. Solder jumper JP1 was added Version 1 (Green Board) Schematic & Board Layout Version 2 (Red Board) Schematic & Board Layout Version 3 (Blue Board) Schematic & Board Layout Version 4 (Black Board) Schematic & Board Layout; Connection Diagrams / Write-ups: Generic; DVM to generic 6-pin Mini-DIN cable connections Go back into your Pi-Star configuration page and you will see the MMDVM Display Type, select Nextion from the Drop down and click the modem setting from drop down, if you have hard wired the screen to the board or DEV/TTY/USB0 if you have it connected via the TTL converter. Nextion layout is ON7DS. Phew

MMDVM :: Open Source - Multi-Mode Digital Voice Modem. The HAT is an add on (Hardware Attached on Top). This is called the MMDVM HS HAT (Hardware Attached on Top). This project provides a Raspberry Pi Hat for the MMDVM_HS Hotspot. It was designed for the Raspberry Pi Zero, but should work on any other Pi with the Hat interface MMDVM instruction step-by-step. This is a short manual for setting up MMDVM hotspot or repeater using Kavkaz SD card image created by Igor UA6HJQ. STEP 1. HARDWARE. You need to purchase next components: - Shield for Arduino DUE, for example designed and assembled by ES1BIS. All components availible on Ebay.com. STEP 2 MMDVM-Pi rev. 1.0 board The MMDVM-Pi hardware radio interface is part of the Multi-Mode Digital Voice Modem open source project. It combines the power of an ARM processor and analog radio interface to create a modem to handle all amateur digital voice modes 1 Plug out Repeater Hat from Raspberry Pi , 2 Short the BOOTO/3.3V (the upgrade control pin), 3 Connect MicroUSB port to Raspberry Pi, you will enter the RECOVER MODE (Flash Mode), Note: the follow LED long light: PWR, ACT, COS, DMR, POC. 4 Run the flash command: sudo ~/stm32flashV5 -v -w ~/mmdvm_f4.hex -v /dev/ttyUSB0 Other MMDVM radio interface modems. by g7kbr » Wed Oct 21, 2020 9:18 pm. 3 Replies. 1422 Views. Last post by KE7FNS. Thu Oct 22, 2020 8:21 pm. Analog FM mode working on MMDVM Repeater. by kb2mxv » Sun May 31, 2020 5:21 pm. 9 Replies

The instructions and diagram in this document will take you through the steps of not only creating an interface for the STM32_DVM DMR modem/controller board, but will STM32_DVM running on Raspberry Pi2 with optional case installed, connected to my custom interfacing cable for the Yaesu Fusion DR-1 and DR-1X repeater Attached is a mmdvm schematic and photo. FYI: Both of my hotspots recently quit working due to failed SD cards. Both were backed up. Recommend that mmdvm hotspot SD cards be replaced on a yearly basis. This applies any RPi appliance. Jeff - KD8TH Voilà une bonne nouvelle ! On aura donc appris que la version Nucleo STM32F401RE ne fonctionne pas en tant que modem MMDVM. Merci Jean-Paul, et bons réglages ! (Translation) Hello, That's good news! It will be learned that the Nucleo STM32F401RE version does not work as a MMDVM modem. Thank you Jean-Paul, and good MMDVM tuning

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Installation is fairly easy: Refer to the S75NAN V2 schematic and the MMDVM POG schematic. Install two pieces of stripped wire-wrap wire into the holes for pins 38 and 40 of the Pi GPIO header. Fit the 2×3 breakaway header into the holes too, and plug the board into the Raspberry Pi. Cut the stripped lengths of the wire back so they are at the. Zumspot & MMDVM Hotspot page. 2021-02-27 The Pi-Star Hotspot software continues to evolve with a number of minor tweaks and upgrades. The current version is: Pi-Star:4.1.4 / Dashboard: 20210224 I highly recommend upgrading to v4.14. A very good source for info is the Amateur Radio Notes website by Toshen, KE0FHS

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Get a MMDVM modem for your 1 or 2 analog radios and use G4KLX MMDVMHost and related software For a short -range Hotspot Get a ZUMspot (MMDVM board with radio on a PiZeroW) running either KB5RAB image or Pi -Star image Or a DVMega Pi board connected to a Pi running either image above Or a DVMega Pi board and a BlueStack, and use BlueD main@MMDVM-HS-Hat.groups.io. This group is a Special Interest Group and as so it is intended to inform members with the latest news and support regarding the Amateur HAM Radio MMDVM Hotspots, the use for HAM-Radio solutions It is a group by HAM operators for (candidate) HAM operators and members are encouraged to share there experience and. WiFi settings for MMDVM / Pi-star Simplex Hotspot WiFi Settings Quick Start Guide. 1. Plug in the power supply, requires 5V 2A 2. Set up the network for your Pi-star. First method: LAN interface (recommended) Insert the RJ45 cable into the LAN DMR Hotspot port, the other end connects to your router

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  1. The MMDVM board is connected to the Raspberry Pi first 2×5 GPIO pins. Can you please share where should I connect OLED SSD1306 screen? 73 de VU2UUU (Traduction) J'utilise cette carte modem open-source MMDVM. Quelqu'un utilise la même platine ? La carte MMDVM est connectée aux premières broches 2×5 GPIO de Raspberry Pi
  2. MMDVM BUYERS Although the MMDVM Dual (full-duplex with separate transmit and receive radios) is an open-source hardware design board, locating a board with the full-duplex open-source implementation, and especially a full-duplex implementation that is endorsed by the MMDVM developers, can be difficult. Despite an extensive search (prior to August 2018), a proper source was not discovered until.
  3. However, for our repeater we will be using two surplus analogue PMR radios, together with Multi-Mode Digital Voice Modem (MMDVM). Multiple standard and hardware platform support MMDVM is an open source software project licensed under GPL v2, but with a note to say that it is intended for amateur and educational use only, with commercial use.
  4. MMDVM HS Hat hotspot Firmware Installation. This utility includes firmwares binaries and USB drivers for Windows 7/8/10. If you have problems with the installer, you can download ZUMspotFW.zip for a manual installation. For specific details about the firmware installation, check these instructions

This page is about homebrewing an (almost) easy to build MMDVM HotSpot module for Raspberry Pi - type B. After successfully finishing three boards of those wonderfull miniature HS hats for Rasbberry Pi-zeroW, designed by Mathis, DB9MAT and Florian, DF2ET , I decided to draw a simmilar, however bigger HS hat board, that would fit a normal sized (type B) Raspberry Pi mini computer Tuning modem: Inexpensive tools Tuning of the modem is covered in page 5 of F5UII's guide. An oscilloscope and spectrum analyser are used. However, many people don't have access to this equipment. However, there may be simpler and/or free ways to do this. The RX input to the modem is modulated audio MODEM Selection: The most common question I get is which modem do I select from inside of Pi-Star. You should pick... LoneStar -MMDVM_HS_HAT for Pi (GPIO) Using a FULL SIZE PI. Instead of a PiZero. Yes! This will work. No issues at all. Even works on a Pi4. Case: I worked closely with C4Labs to help them produce one of their excellent cases the beginning of a Hotspot family the first will be a full sized MMDVM_HS Raspberry Pi Hat made in North America it will be cost competitive, this will be followed by what we consider the logical extension to Hotspot's. Second product family will be a range of AMBE3000 Based USB keys from 1 Channel to 6 channels on a single USB key Unlike Hotspots, the STM32 MMDVM Radio modem can scan mutliple modes very quickly and lock on the RF mode it hears. My other repeater scans for D-Star, DMR, and Fusion and decodes very quickly and reliably. Here is an image of my latest MMDVM repeater build, using the RB STM32-MMDVM modem and two FC-301D data radios

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MMDVM JumboSPOT board: Mods you may need. This is the JumboSPOT board that was/is sold on ebay and other online places. This board along with a Rasberry Pi Zero and a SD card loaded with PiStar makes up a Digital Radio Hotspot. Depending on when you purchased your board and for what price, you may need certain modifications Shenzhen Fengzhiya Culture Media Co., Ltd. ›. MMDVM. An FCC ID is the product ID assigned by the FCC to identify wireless products in the market. The FCC chooses 3 or 5 character Grantee codes to identify the business that created the product. For example, the grantee code for FCC ID: 2AY6M-MMDVM is 2AY6M. The remaining characters of the. Flash the downloaded firmware: sudo pistar-mmdvmhshatflash-custom modem_fw.bin. again, where modem_fw.bin is the bin file that matches your board. Reboot. After rebooting, you optionally can clean up by removing the bin file: Log into Pi-Star via SSH. Enable read-write mode: rpi-rw. Remove the bin file Connect the OLED display wires to your MMDVM modem card like this: Red to 5vO or 3vO (5 or 3.3 volts Out) Black to GND (ground) Purple to SCL Orange to SDA. Only these four connections are necessary. MMDVM Modem Board's OLED Connector. Solder a 4-pin header to the OLED solder pads and connect the display. Only these four connections are necessary 73. $56.99. Hima MMDVM Hotspot Spot Radio Station+ Antenna+OLED+ Black Case with Screen Support P25 DMR YSF D-Star UHF Expansion Board WiFi Digital Voice Modem Suitable for Raspberry Pi-Zero W, Pi 3, Pi 3B+. 4.3 out of 5 stars. 105

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Here below the very simple schematic diagram: Here below prototype picture: Note: in the picture some 3-way screw terminal are present, despite of 2-way terminal of schematic diagram. I simply brought the 5V on the third terminal, if a powered sensor is used (e.g. the current sensor board must be externally powered with a 5V) Next I'll go through the setup for DMR as that's all I use on my hotspot, but it's not hard to figure out the other modes. First select MMDVMHost and Simplex Node then enable the modes you're going to use. Change display type to whatever display your going to use. The port doesn't matter for OLED and I believe it's Modem for Nextion displays change Modem_Type to MMDVM_HS_NPi Hat (VR2VYE) for Nano Pi(GPIO) *For old version HAT, *If not successful,some old nano HAT need do more operation,connect the upgrade GPIO jumper, detail see here

Got my first DV modem in 2010 and I've been through many others over the years. Dave's design is first class. And I'm glad I'm not experiencing the problems I read about the knock-off boards built by cutting corners. For the quality, the N5BOC MMDVM Duplex board is not expensive and well worth the price MMDVM, C4FM and Motorola GM350: history of a difficult (but not impossible) coexistence 25 October 2017 iz7boj Dear OMs and passionates, I'm going to write something about my last month of experiments with MMDVM in C4FM. I spent a lot of time to fix the problems, and I wish that this article could be useful to the MMDVM community - By September 2015 Jonathan Naylor G4KLX, had the MMDVM project underway. It's a Multi-Mode Digital Voice Modem - a combined hardware and software development of a modem to handle all amateur digital voice modes. This allows folks to interface to analog rigs to create higher power retro fitted repeaters capable of multi mode digital voice MMDVM - Open Source Multi-Protocol Digital Voice Modem ZUMSpot - Radio Module Board (UHF Transceiver) For Pi Hat Raspberry Pi - Credit-Card-Sized Computer (Pi3B+, P2, Pi3, Pi-ZeroW) Pi-Star - Custom Software Image For Pi (Raspbian + MMDVM) Page - 4 HotSpots: Software + Hardware + Op Radi pass is raspberry,then to SET your CALLSIN,ID,FREQ,and Modem,like the picture: Step1: MMDVMHost Configuration . Only Select DMR to Test radio freq . Step5: Radio / Mode Type: Select STM32-DVM / MMDVM_SH - Raspberry PI Hat(GPIO) Step6: Apply Changes . Technical support www.MMDVMHost.sdr.kim . HOTSPOT is DMR,YSF,P25,D-STAR Multi Mode IP.

How to build a MMDVM repeater using a Motorola GM300 and PI-STA The bad news is that MMDVM, in C4FM, gives the warning DAC has overflow if the TXlevel is greater than 60% (whic is a 120% in C4FM, effectiverly), although the TX trimpot is at maximum level. In order to avoid the ADC overflow, you should reach the Bessel Null within the 60% of output level To start this week, I updated the firmware on the duplex MMDVM hot spot board. Follow the steps below to do that. From where I left off previously, I still needed to select the board/modem in the configuration first. Selecting the Board. Login to the Pi-Star dashboard and click on the configuration page 9 MMDVM. 9.1 MMDVM Digital Repeater Block Diagram; 9.2 G4KLX/P25Clients for MMDVM; 9.3 MMDVM with processor on board by Wojciech Krutnik 9.4 INADDVM from INAD Communications by Kevin Custer W3KKC; 9.5 MMDVM P25 Hosts; 10 Micro-Node International TEENSY Multi-Mode Digital Voice Modem. 10.1 TEENSY MMDVM Product Page; 10.2 TEENSY MMDVM User's Manua

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[General] Callsign=N0CALL Id=1234567 Timeout=180 Duplex=0 [Info] RXFrequency=222340000 TXFrequency=224940000 Power=1 Latitude=41.7333 Longitude=-50.3999 Height=0. Motorola GM300 and DMR repeater. I have done this quick video how to connect motorola GM300 to MMDVM modem for dmr use. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer MTR2000 + MMDVM. Cort Buffington, N0MJS. 12/17/19 #175647. Folks, I will try to keep this short and not a sales pitch. I am only posting this here b/c I've received a number of questions from folks who's names I recognize from the Repeater-Builder list, and this is a much more efficient way to communicate voice modem filter and reference board for use in amateur radio systems. of hams have been working on the development the INADVM. Mike N4IRR, Steve N4IRS and I have been working on a line of MMDVM (like) audio boards called INADVM. The schematic and board layout is available from the INADVM website The DVMEGA RPI radio is a modem that fits direct onto the Raspberry PI GPIO connector. The combination RPI en DVMEGA RPI radio is a complete stand-alone D-Star compatible hotspot with an output power of 10 mW. The DVMEGA RPI radio is pre-loaded with the latest firmware and is ready for use. The module is equipped with a single band UHF radio

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How to Build a MMDVM DMR Pi-Star Hotspot on Raspberry Pi 3 - TheSmokinApeJust a quick video where I show how to build a MMDVM Digital Radio Hotspot using a;. CD-45II METERED ROTATOR W/FRICTION BRAKE 8.5 SF MT N TOWER. October 31, 2015 No comments. The CD-45II handles 8.5 sq. feet mounted inside a tower, or 5 sq. ft. with mast adapter. Low temperature grease good to -30 F degrees MMDVM. November 10, 2020 ·. I have been adding M17 support to the MMDVM. It's still a moving target, but I will do my best to track the changes as they are made to the specification. It is integrated into the modem firmware, and I have an experimental version of the hotspot code that supports it too. AD8DP of Dudestar fame is going to try. MMDVM Hotspot Spot Radio Station WiFi Digital Voice Modem Supports Digital Radio Only NXDN POCSAG P25 YSF DSTAR C4FM DMR 4.4 out of 5 stars 339 $108.73 $ 108 . 7 Updates to the Transcoding Reflector. Back in March, the build and configuration of the XLX330 reflector was discussed in depth. Since then, to keep costs down (i.e. more AMBE dongles), we've made some small adjustments. We decided to add transcoding with Brandmeister DMR due to the surge in interest in the Wooster area in DMR

Star*Board D-Star GMSK Node Adapter from Matrix Circuits for D-Star Hotspots to work with D-Star radios to extend the D-Star network to your Amateur Radio QTH -- the Star*Board GMSK Node Adapter or GMSK modem is inexpensive and works with your spare analog FM transceiver. Star*DV AMBE3000 with codec works with StarDV software plus BlueDV-AMBE, WinDV and other software expecting AMBE3000 device An open source project, the Multimode Digital Voice Modem (MMDVM), allows you to use multiple modes with one set of hardware. There are some kits available, but [flo_0_] couldn't wait for his.

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An open source project, the Multimode Digital Voice Modem (MMDVM), allows you to use multiple modes with one set of hardware. There are some kits available, but [flo_0_] couldn't wait for his order to arrive. So he built his own version without using a PCB. Since it is a relatively complex circuit for perf board, [flo_0_] used Blackboard to. Why HotSpots - System Diagram/Use Page - 2 modem or node adapter directly on the Raspberry PI. The combination RPI and DVMEGA radio is a complete D-Star and DMR compatible hotspot with an output power of 10mW. Jumbo Spot/China Spot/MMDVM_HS_HA

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Mmdvm Hotspot Setup Recognizing the pretentiousness ways to acquire this ebook mmdvm hotspot setup is additionally useful. You have remained in right site to start getting this info. get the mmdvm hotspot setup link that we have the funds for here and check out the link. You could purchase lead mmdvm hotspot setup or acquire it as soon as feasible The ZUM AMBE board is the most flexible AMBE3000 board ever! Connection types. - WiFi ( 2.4Ghz B/G/N ) - Serial ( 460800 baud ) - Ethernet ( 100Mbit/full duplex ) AMBE. The ZUM AMBE board is using an original DVSI AMBE chip! Software. The board can be used with the following software Modem Warning Pop-Up: 27 Once this first reset cycle completes, you will probably be greeted with a message asking you to re-select your modem from the drop-down list. If so, select ZUMspot - Raspberry Pi Hat (GPIO) again. After re-entering the Modem Type, click Apply Changes once again and let it reset

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It will have you reset the modem then you can add it) Add your Simplex Frequency Lat/Long/Altitude is optional but nice to add. Hit auto for URL and it will add your callsign Use the Radio/Modem type I have selected Set Time Zone Set your BrandMeister server. I use 3102 most of the time Nextion Display for Pi Star MMDVM DMR Hotspot - TheSmokinApeLinks to products in the video: https://www.amazon.com/shop/TheSmokinApe As an Amazon Associate I.. Within the simplex category of DMR hotspot, there are quite a few variations and manufacturers to choose from. The price range goes from sub-$100 to several hundred depending on whether it is a kit, prebuilt, built & configuredthe list goes on. You have Jumbospot, ZUMspot, DVMega, several by SharkRF, DV4mini and Nano-DV just name name a few Rick N9UMJ was so kind as to send me a Tait 8105 VHF mobile radio with an Advanced Digital Modem attached for experimentation purposes. It could serve as a MMDVM high power hot spot. But as HamRadio in Friedrichshafen is due I decided to make it an APRS tracker with a homebrew SVX_Hat board mounted on a Raspberry Pi It is integrated into the modem firmware, and I have an experimental version of the hotspot code that supports it too. AD8DP of Dudestar fame is going to try and get an M17 MMDVM and an M17 hotspot to talk to each other any day now. For those who don't known, M17 is an open source DV mode based on Codec2 rather than DVSI's AMBE and IMBE


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The 'modem' package is made up of an Arduino Due micro with a ZUM MMDVM modem board as the front end, and a Raspberry Pi-3 running the MMDVM Host software. The software is written by KB5RAB. This system was recommended by John Anderson, MI0AAZ, who has been instrumental in setting up many Repeaters and Gateway systems in Northern Ireland MMDVM Hotspot Spot Radio Station Wifi Digital Voice Modem P25 DMR Hotspot Support YSF Raspberry Pie OLED Antenna; SainSmart MMDVM Hotspot WiFi Digital Voice Modem Kit with Raspberry Pi Zero W and 3.2 inch LCD; TYT MD-UV390 Dual Band 136-174MHz/400-480MHz DMR W/GPS Waterproof Dustproof IP6 Dec 3, 2017 - Installing MMDVM on an STM32F4 NUCLEO board and assembling an interface shield. Dec 3, 2017 - Installing MMDVM on an STM32F4 NUCLEO board and assembling an interface shield. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch. Hi Just to update the group, I managed to get this working perfectly using a MMDVM duplex hotspot (UHF) with a Orange Pi zero and a MMDVM modem pcb attached to a GM360 VHF and Raspberry Pi 2. I also installed P25 Reflector on a seperate Raspberry Pi 2. Following the instructions Mike gave above, aside from the issue I had with Raspbian on the Orange Pi Zero (above), everything went fine when I.

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Open the HMI file include in mmdvm sources ( MMDVM.HMI in \Nextion ) Compile - and press upload and select the comport of usb2ttl . 2. Micro-SDCARD upload . In \Nextion dir from sources ( github ) copy MMDVM.TFT to Micro-SD Card Put microSD in LCD and powercycle ( remove 5V ) Updating will start and the MMDVM logo will apear from now on.. 9 months ago. Log into Pi-Star then click Configuration, once you are on the Configuration screen click on the Expert link, click on the MMDVMHost link. Scroll down about 3/4 of the way until you find OLED. Make sure the Scroll is set to 1 then click the Apply Changes button. If that doesn't work type changing the OLED Type to either 3 or 6. Handcrafted MMDVM Adapter - Notizbl0g. During experiments with digital voice mode in hamradio I discovered a nice project describing an adapter for D-Star, DMR and other digital modes Saved by mike bisho THE MEGALINK SITE DIAGRAM Doylestown Akron Alliance Rittman Watertower Rittman N8CD based on MMDVM •Network support for D-STAR, DMR, YSF, P25, and NXDN •Easy-to-use system that's easy PI-STAR https://pistar.uk. W8WKY 442.275 TKR-850 TX Radio TKR-850 RX Radio STM32-DVM Modem Rx Audio PTT Tx Audio Raspberry Pi running PI-STAR Note. Allow the use of the COS line to lockout the modem #define For the original Arduino Due pin layout #define Arduino Due (Programming Port) auf /dev/cu.usbmodem1421 MMDVM - 27 // *define EXTERNAL_OSC 144ØØØØØ // For 19.2 9 // *define EXTERNAL_OSC 192øØØØØ Arduina 1-6,8 v 31 // Allow the use of the COS line to lockout the modem 2 // #defin Building an MMDVM based Quad Mode Digital and and SVXlink Analog Repeater using a Kenwood TKR-850. Due to the lack of Digital Mode repeaters around my home QTH, I had been running MMDVM hotspots built around Philips / Simoco PRM80s on 2mx and Philips FM92's on 70cm for around a year, with G4KLX based DSTAR hotspots using soundcards or DV-RPTR boards for several years prior to that