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  1. Tattoo artist Pavel Angel from Russia uses Cheyenne SOL Luna HAWK PEN Safety Cartridges for his black & grey and biomech tattoos
  2. Biomech sleeve In these collections: sleeve upper arm biomechanical detail biomech black and grey. x Send e-mail message to Toby Gehrlich * Name * Email * Message. Cancel Toby Gehrlich TATTOO ARTIST View Portfolio Send Message www.tobygehrlich.com. Revival Art Collective. 335 W McDowell Rd Phoenix ARIZONA 85003 United State
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  4. g bird tattoo flower. ancient alien tattoo glowing pyramid. tattoo black and gray bride of Frankenstein. deer skull thing biomech black and gray tattoo. bio organic biotech foot alien mech tattoo. frankensteins monster horror tattoo. chest tattoo dark art bio bioorganic biomech dark art

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26/05/2016 | Best Tattoo, Biomech Tattoo, Black & Grey Tattoo, Colour Tattoo, Step By Step | 5 Minutes. This client contacted me in 2014 asking for a black and grey biomechanical tattoo on his right arm. He was particularly impressed with my Beauty and the Beast piece so it was clear, as he later specified, that he was interested in. High-quality temporary tattoos that can be worn every day or in every event that you have to attend to. You can replace your tattoo every 3-5 days if you want to. Bluff your friends and relatives in a very artistic way! VERY COOL! :) It looks like real tattoos. Water-transfer tattoos. Washable / Replaceable. Last 4-10 Style — Bob Jones enjoys tattooing a wide variety of styles: Biomech (please DO NOT inquire about gears or steampunk, skin tear outs, and skin cheese), neotraditional, illustrative, geometric, and realism. Color and black and grey are Bob Jones' favorites. He mostly takes on large scale tattoos like full sleeves, backs, torso, sides, torso, legs etc The beauty of black and gray tattoo depends on the density and spacing used to create alluring depth and layers in the design. Let's take a look at the pros that you can get with black and gray tattoos: 1-They Take Less Time. Since there is less ink required to create a black and gray tattoo, it is a little bit faster than colored tattoos Well known for his elaborate geometric tattoo sleeves and back pieces, Delaine Neo Gilma creates biomech tattoos in a similar style. His art is inspired by sci-fi, graffiti and comics, which is visible in his work through his heavy use of black ink, saturated colors and 3D shapes. Neo is based in Switzerland and showcases his work here

Henry Wyatt is a well versatile artist that can do it all. His amazing style has no limits. His skill ranges from Portraits, Black and Grey, Color, Polynesian Filipino Tribal, Japanese, Biomech, Traditional, Neo Traditional, Mandalas and the list goes on Biomech; Horror; Money makers; To category Books Books. Neo.Traditional; Traditional; Japanese; Patterns & Dotwork; Tattoo Flash - Black and Grey Black and Grey. Aaron Bell Black and Grey £37.50 * Al Pachanka Angels £55.00 * Bill Canales Asian £45.00 Mark is a tattoo artist in the Western MA / CT area. He loves doing bold illustrative color pieces, from New School to Biomech and more. He enjoys taking influences from nature and throwing his own twisted spin on it. His goal is to bring your ideas to life and tell a story with each piece. Tattoo style: New School, Biomech, Illustrative, Realism A great black and grey tattoo can ground your more colorful pieces, bringing out the best in both of them. Simple and Small Tattoos Pop With Black and Grey. Black and grey tattoos are an especially great choice when you are looking for something small. A small tattoo can be striking when the color scheme is kept simple

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Being a diverse tattoo artist is crucial in today's tattoo world and Josh is proficient in all tattoo genres. Fine Line black and grey, Realism, Surrealism, Celtic, Tribal, BioMech, Floral, and Portraits. Whatever style of tattoo you are looking for, any client can be confident that Josh has you covered Mondo Arroyo. Mondo is a published and award winning artist who has tattooed all over the country as well as in Europe, Canada and Australia. He is very versatile and is an easy-going, friendly artist to work with. Realism, Traditional, New school, Illustrative, Biomech, Organic/nature, and Portraits are all available in color or black and grey Top 80 Best BioMechanical Tattoos for Men. A lot of men prefer to have meaningful tattoos in order to symbolize something deep or personal. This includes rose tattoos for men, which represent love and happiness, and wolf tattoos, which symbolize loyalty, courage, and kinship. Having a meaningful reason to get a tattoo is one of the most.

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  1. Last, but not least, we have Mike Cole, a.k.a Mechmaster Mike, residing in Alhambra, CA! As you can tell, Mike makes some seriously rad biomech/geometric tattoos. He also happens to be Roman Abrego's old mentor (if the research I did was correct), which definitely makes sense as to why Roman is amazing at creating bioorganic/biomech tattoos, too
  2. Detail of Jason's black and gray biomech sleeve in progress. The top had an old color piece I started 15+ years ago and I'm starting to rework/cover it up now. Artist: Paco Dietz. Studio: Graven Image Tattoo, Santa Clara CA
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Apocalypse Tattoo Co. is at Apocalypse Tattoo Co. April 1 · Atlanta, GA ·. We're so excited to welcome @thekillingmoon as a new resident artist and member of our crew! . Killian mostly focuses on black and grey, however he also enjoys doing color for biomech and abstract pieces. For inquiries please visit his website, www.KillianMoon.com Tattoo Profile: Henry Wyatt the kind of artist that can nail most any style or tattoo you can think of. His style has a flair that is hard to find and has no limits. While his skills range in many directions, he specializes in Black & Grey, Portraits, Tribal, Filipino, Color, Traditional, Biomech, Neotraditional and Japanese Pat is only accepting private clients with approved designs at this time. He will consider select Japanese, Black and Grey Biomech/Skull, Totemic Dharmic designs, or some Traditional American work. Preference will be given to larger work emphasizing body shape. Email concept ideas to roptattoosk@gmail.com for consideration Traditional old school black and grey tattoo. I can do this style of work all day every day if asked. Feel free to ask. A traditional Manx saying. Geometric Bear tattoo. Pictured is a tattoo of a bear in black and grey, it is placed on the shoulder and is roaring, part of the face is made up of geometric shapes 30 Tremendous Black and Grey Tattoos. November 7, 2012. 8. 426. Bright colorful tattoos are attention grabbers. But sometimes the use of just black and grey can have a superb effect too. The beauty of the intricate art and lovely shading itself becomes something worth copying. These are some black and grey tattoos that will invoke just such.

Black and grey tattoo work revolves around diluting black ink to achieve different shades; with a 'wash', of sorts. Mixing black ink with white ink to get more solid grey tones is also very common. The level of shading in black and grey tattooing is very important, as without them, the tattoos will fade, look blotchy and not hold up well in. Chicano Black and Gray Tattoos. The Chicano tattoo style is characterized by smooth shading, fine lines, and an almost complete lack of color. It is believed that the Chicano tattoo tradition has it s roots in the prisons of the United States and the lack of availability of color ink gave rise to this monochromatic approach We specialize in every style of tattoo , traditional, black and grey, fine line, lettering, neo traditional, color, realism, japanese, bio mechanical, etc. All of our artist have over 7 years of professional tattoo experience, and are all bloodborne pathogen certified. We are a 100. All of the artists at VST are versed in many styles of tattoos.... color tattoo, black and gray tattoo, Asian tattoo, American traditional tattoo, portrait tattoo, realistic tattoo, neotraditional tattoo, new school tattoo, biomechanical or biomech tattoo, custom tattoo and the list goes on. We're here to suit 'All' of your tattoo needs Black and grey tattoos are just like the tag line says, they age like fine wine...as time goes by, they settle in and become a part of your skin that looks natural, while also standing out. They age better than anything else you can imagine...color will never age as well as black and grey tattoos, it's just a fact. Although, we do have to.

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There are different ways to approach a black and gray tattoo. As Solomon explains to Byrdie, First is blackwork, which is only black ink and skin tone, with no gradation. The second is black and gray, which uses black ink mixed with water to create lighter and darker tones. Lastly is 'opaque gray' tattoos, which use black ink mixed with. Realistic Black and Grey Tattoo Artists You Should Follow. With black and grey tattoos having so many up-sides, it will be easy for you to find an artist who likes working in this style. Check out some of our favorites on Instagram to help plan your next tattoo adventure! Inal Bersekov - Toronto, CANADA. Juande Gambin - Molina de Segura, SPAIN Black and grey tattoos are known for smooth soft shading and fine line details along with a full range of black, skin, and many shades of grays. Classic subject matters range from portraits and realism to religious, geometric, horror, and more. Our artists are all skilled in the art of black and grey tattooing. EXAMPLES OF OUR WORK Aug 12, 2017 - Explore Tattoomaze's board Black And Grey Animal Tattoos, followed by 9854 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about animal tattoos, tattoos, black and grey Black and grey biomech tattoo http://www.straycattattoo.com Awesome artist, his name is Robert Black out of Manhattan, Kansas. This tattoo is about 10 years old as of.

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  1. The black and grey tattoos drawn on a leg are usually broad designs that look fantastic on such a wide area of your body. For instance, you can choose to have the perfect drawing with masculine symbols, like a tiger-tattoo. Women can opt for a mandala ink drawing that would look amazing on this area of their body
  2. A black & grey tattoo artist is a special breed of artist that have superb attention to detail and are masters of creating contrast and details from the most difficult colors to use: black & grey. These two colors do not give the artist a lot of flexibility and therefore he must rely on the skills and experience that have been accrued over the.
  3. 7. This biomechanical tattoo seems to be inspired from the Xenomorph from the Alien movie series. 8. Here is a more animated version of a biomechanical tattoo design. The color choice is perfect and the wearer took the right decision to have the biomechanical tattoo on the calf
  4. Black and grey as an art medium has been around for centuries, and in the tattoo world we are in the midst of the biggest movement of black and grey tattoos we have ever seen. Single needle black and grey is no longer only for inmates and gangsters. It has evolved into a beautiful artform that is one of the tattoo styles that took 2014 by storm
  5. Black and Grey. Tattoo. Style. tattoo artist Dani Ginzburg. 3 months ago. tattoo artist Dani Ginzburg. 3 months ago. tattoo artist Ben Tats. 3 months ago
  6. Tattooing black and grey rose. The rest is healed.Artist: Martin PalinskiFollow me onFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/MeineArtDuelmen/Instagram: https://w..
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Joe Riley excels at large scale tattoos and has several full sleeves and full back pieces in progress. He enjoys both black and grey as well as color biomech tattoos. Each new piece he creates builds upon the previous one, whether it's a new flow, a new color scheme - Joe always has a new trick up his sleeve Things like teeny finger tattoos, small scripts, and delicate designs can all be executed beautifully in black and gray. Tighter, more detailed work tends to work better in black and gray, says Nick. With black and gray, the most important consideration is value. Light vs. dark tones. This lends itself to readability, even on a small scale Here's a Few tips on how I tattoo all of my black and grey portraits: 1- First Things First-use a good reference and make a good stencil, the stencil is like the framing to a house, make sure to build a strong foundation if you want to do an exceptional portrait

Tattoos By Cesar Perez Hourly Rate for Tattoos: $250 - Hourly Rate for Tattoo Design Time: $120 an Hour. Owner of Creative Ink Tattoo Studio, Cesar Perez, is believed to be one of the best Black And Grey Tattoo Artists in the state of New Hampshire 7.Floral Variations Full Sleeve Tattoo. You are free to settle for floral full sleeve black and grey tattoos if you can carry it! Fewer people like it but these are cool! Get a black and grey rose tattoo if you want. The black and grey rose tattoo is popular as it looks great when it comes to floral tattoos. Floral Variations Full Sleeve Tattoo Emily Danesi is a professional tattooer that has been tattooing full time since 2012. She recently relocated down to Myrtle Beach from the Cleveland area and now splits time between both our Hero Tattoo locations. She enjoys tattooing in both color and black & gray Aug 14, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Mark Hartenberger. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Black And Grey / Color Realism Tattoos Work done by Cesar Perez. Owner of Creative Ink Tattoo Studio, Cesar Perez, is believed to be one of the best Black And Grey Tattoo Artists in the state of New Hampshire. His work was recently shared by Inked Magazine for his excellent Black and Grey scale. Cesar has been a professional Tattoo Artist since.

John Hansen is interested in all tattoo styles, but he mainly focuses his studies to Realistic, Biomech/organic, Blackwork, and Neo-traditional styles. John has been interested and naturally inclined with any art form he's experienced even since kindergarten. He attended every art elective course available through middle school and high. Keron's Black and Grey Tattoo. 485 likes · 39 talking about this. black and gray tattoo Aric is a tattooer who works privately out of apple valley, CA. Aric is a versitile artist who tattoos in both color realism and black and gray realism. Check out his instagram here. To book a tattoo with Aric at our next pop-up, click here. Glenn Violencia. Glenn is a tattooer based out of Bloomington, CA Chente Rios at Under the Gun Tattoo Company. Realistic black-and-gray tattooing was born and raised in Southern California (more on that in a bit). In recent years, artists like Chente Rios have. The tattoo in photo #8 is insane! You can't go wrong with a collection of back pieces crafted in American traditional style. In this gallery, you will find tiger tattoos, snake tattoos, and sexy mermaid tattoos. Also featured are tattoos of ships, black-and-grey tattoos, and even tattoos of Jesus Christ

Best Black and Grey Tattoo Artist Nearby Fayetteville NC. If you been Searching for Realistic Black and Gray Tattoo Artists Near Fayetteville, NC?We specialize in custom realism gray tattoos with over 20 years of experience combined, from working at some of the best shops and around some of the best tattoo artists nationally. Joan is one of the Top Black and Gray Ink Artist in Fayetteville, NC I did this black and gray biomech piece on Isaiah from New Zealand last week. (the top tattoo is not mine) Artist: Paco Dietz Studio: Graven Image Tattoo, Santa Clara C Many people get portrait tattoos as a way of showing their respect for another person. These can attain a stunning level of photorealism, provided the tattoo artist has enough skill. You have the option of getting these portraits in color, or in having a black and gray tattoo. Others might prefer something that is both meaningful and abstract Male Skin Black and Grey Heavy Tattoos w Nose Ring for Skater XL. Released Apr 20th, 2021 (updated 70d ago). Ranked 1,367 of 13,311 with 635 (1 today) downloads. Published by EST83Gaming (mod ID: 869612 Beth Kennedy's portfolio featuring many styles of traditional tattoo art, black & grey, vintage botanical, animals, abstract watercolor, and pin up girls. Suffer For Your Vanity. The Velvet Claws of Beth Kennedy, Lady Tattoo Artist. CALL ME: 410-857-234

BLACK & GREY TATTOO explores a monochrome art form through a kaleidoscope of the most widely diverse interpretations and craftsmanly techniques, performed by tattoo artists from all parts of the world. This tattoo tome explores the origins of black & grey tattooing -- from the prisons and streets of LA to its contemporary resonance on Hollywood. Black and Grey Tattoos. Black and Grey is a style of tattooing that utilizations just black ink in fluctuating shades and regularly utilizes a solitary needle. This tattooing style is thought to have started from jails in the 1970s and 1980s and was later promoted in tattoo parlors. Black and Grey is some of the time alluded to as jailhouse. Black and grey tattoo work focus on diluting water down dark ink to accomplish various shades, with a 'wash' of sorts. Blending dark ink with white ink and water to get more strong or fewer grey tones is too typical. The shading level in dark and grey tattooing is essential to create more shades

Hero Tattoo Conway is the original location providing the strongest tattooing since 2006. Best walk in tattoo shop in Conway, South Carolina. Specializing in traditional, American, Japanese, coverups, portrait tattoos. Hero centers itself in tradition while still pushing the boundaries with latest equipment and techniques Black is the new black... and it will forever be. No colour: only the potency of black, subtle nuances of grey, luminous touches of white. Everything falls under its spell. The continuous development of techniques and tools mean that Black and Grey is constantly evolving, retaining its allure and appearing in any and every genre Choose items to buy together. This item: Black & Grey Volume 4: Tattoo Design Collection. by Daniel Martino Paperback. $54.00. Only 13 left in stock (more on the way). Ships from and sold by Amazon.com Black/grey tattoos. Black and grey tattoos have been existence since the art of tattooing. This is because many natural ingredients used tattooing, for example, plant sap makes the skin pigmentation black. These tattoos rely on spacing and density to create depth in a design.. Hidden Hand Tattoo is a world-renowned tattoo shop in Seattle, WA with many of Seattle's best award-winning tattoo artists of every style. Call now! Large Black and Grey Tree on Torso . Raven done in Holland 2013 Raven done in Holland 2013. Raven done in Holland 2013

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Would you like to get a Colour Tattoo or a Black and Grey Tattoo? Black and Grey. Colour. Spot Colour. Colour. Spot Colour. Undecided. What style would you like to get for your tattoo? Select one of the images below. Realism. Asian. Micro Tattoo. Fine Line. Illustrative. Script. Blackwork. Blackwork Floral About Ink Master Season 13. Twenty of the nation's top tattoo artists from the East, West, South and Midwest come together to rep their region and compete for the Ink Master title, a $100,000 cash prize and an editorial feature in Inked magazine Pioneering black-and-gray tattoo artist Freddy Negrete was twelve years old and confined in the holding cell of a Los Angeles juvenile facility when an older teenager entered—covered in tattoos. Freddy was in awe, not just of the art, but of what it symbolized, and he wanted what this kid had: the potent sense of empowerment and belonging that came from joining a gang

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  1. 4.0m members in the tattoos community. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Log In Sign Up. User account menu. 7. Second tattoo, black & grey biomech by Mike Hallmark @ Cattoos in Dunkirk, NY. Close. 7. Posted by 4 years ago. Archived. Second tattoo, black & grey biomech by Mike.
  2. GUEST ARTISTS OCTOBER . October 2020 Apocalypse Tattoo has two very special guest artists. Robert Hernández from 23-26 October, and Victor Portugal 28 October-1 November. While the world slows down and tattoo conventions are limited, we are happy to offer you the opportunity to get tattooed by two of the world's best black and grey tattoo artists right here in our studio in Berlin.
  3. Black and Gray tattoos are one of the most popular and distinguishable choices in the industry. Rather than having their own exclusive style, Black and Gray is a system of shading and an absence of colour, qualities that can be incorporated into any style from realism to traditional
  4. Black and Grey Tattoos. Black & Grey tattooing is considered to be one of the most recognizable styles of tattooing in the industry. It is simply not limited to one simple style but a gamut of variations ranging from realism, black & grey portrait tattoos and even Japanese Irezumi to name a few
  5. Black and Grey tattoos began to evolve in the mid 1970's from east LA's chicano culture. The realism style started in prison as machines were made to work with single needles and black ink which resulted in finer lines and subtle shading, rather than thick black outlines and bright colors of traditional-style tattoos

We offer bright and bold tattoos in a clean and friendly environment. We have five resident tattoo artists who specialize in various styles to include American Traditional, Neo-Traditional, Watercolor, Black and Grey and Realism style tattoos, but our AWARD WINNING Artists can transform any piece of art for your custom tattoo Black And Grey Lily Tattoo On Left Foot For Girls. Black And Grey Lily Tattoo On Inner Bicep. Black And Grey Lily Tattoo On Hip For Girls. Black And Grey Lily Tattoo On Man Right Shoulder. Black And Grey Lily Tattoo On Right Arm. Black And Grey Lily Tattoo On Right Half Sleeve. Black And Grey Lily Tattoo On Right Leg Tattoos Suzanna specializes in custom tattoos, photorealistic tattoos, portraits, black and grey tattoos, and imagery that is organic and that flows well with the body. View the stunning tattoos by Suzanna Fisher, a leading tattoo artist and owner of Bellwether Tattoos in Seattle, WA Skull with smoke Tattoo Done by Ryan Burke at Necropolis Tattoo. Portland Oregon. Ryan is a horror, anime, comic, video game, sci fi, pop culture enthusiast and loves to tattoo anything like that. One of the Best Portrait Artists, winning multiple awards, featured in magazines. BlackanGreySleeve123213w.jpg

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Glenn's Tattoo Service. Body Art; Glenn's Tattoo Service is a tattoo and body piercing shop serving clients in Wilmington. The studio is home to professional artists who specialize in a wide range of styles, such as custom work, Japanese-inspired themes, cover-ups, portraits, black and gray work, and traditional designs Recommended Artists for Black and Grey Tattoos: Andy, Paul. As the name suggests a black and grey work is a type of shading using only black and grey ink. It's believed that the style originated from prisons sometime in the 1970's but was later popularized by tattoo shops who added to the technique and made it much more sanitary for the client However, instead of scarring over it or leaving it all black like many do, he had Roman tattoo a bold biomech piece over the solid black, with no laser removal or other preparation in advance. Here is how it looked right after they tattooed it. And here it is healed, a month later The most successful black and grey tattoos look like pencil renderings, like a well done drawing. To achieve a successful black and grey tattoo we need clear reference, a good photo ( photos) to work from . I like to suggest a consultation where we plan your tattoo. Call or text 904-392-5861 with any questions or ideas

Apr 3, 2017 - Black And Grey Tattoos done at Adrenaline Vancity Artists. See more ideas about black and grey tattoos, tattoos, black and grey. biomech sleeve tattoo by Adrenaline Vancity Tattoo Artist Bill Gaspari Identity Tattoo Parlor offers full custom tattoo services in Columbus. It is home to trained artists who specialize in a wide array of tattoo styles, such as illustrative, black and gray realism, neo-traditional, new school, and traditional. The shop maintains a retail space where pieces of art can be purchased

specializes in custom script / black and grey tattoos . tattoo portfolio. topher wood. location: west colfax. specializes in free hand stencils / black and grey realism / full color realism / and is a jack of all trades . tattoo portfolio. john myers. location: west colfax. specializes in black and grey tattoos Sleeve tattoos for men can be beautiful, artistic, and masculine when done right. While finding the best tattoo sleeve ideas can be challenging due to the sheer number of cool designs available online, we thought we'd make your life easier by showcasing the most awesome and unique men's sleeve tattoos with the highest-quality artwork Find Tattoo Designs, Photos, Tattoo Discussion Forum, Tattoo Shows and Conventions, Studio Directory, Artist Interviews, Events, Images, Video, Articles and advice tattoo-factory-chicago-matthew-briones-black-and-grey-eagle-rib

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Chicano Tattoos and 3 Free Chicano Tattoo Designs Chicano tattoos with their iconic fine line black and grey, realistic look and rich history in the imagery are among the best tattoos out there. They can represent many different elements from family, neighborhood, culture, emotions and memories. Characteristics of the chicano tattoos are black and grey. Black and Grey Tattoo Features. The name of the style suggests and it is obvious that its main feature is a usage of black and grey inks, as white ink originally was not used. There is an opinion that black and grey tattoos came from prisoners, who used to make tattoos with inks made of cigarette ashes A feather dematerializes into bird silhouettes in this black and gray tattoo rendered on the wearer's torso. Anchor and Flock of Birds. An anchor is attached to a perforated line that leads to a flock of flying birds in this black and gray chest tattoo. Red and Blue Bird Outlines 12. Black And Grey Greek Tattoo Design On Chest: As the name suggests, these Greek chest tattoos are drawn in black and grey colors. These tattoos generally are not done with vibrant colors such as red or blue. These tattoos have images of Greek people or gods with expressions of emotions of courage, anger, loss or escapism Small shading and colour packing. Black and grey. Colour realism. Japanese. Traditional and neo-traditional. Tribal. Samoan. Geometric. Tattoo needle sizes explained. Now you know all about different needle groupings or types, it's time to look at needle diameters, also known as gauges. The gauge of a tattoo needle is directly linked to ink flow

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Providence Tattoo is a custom tattoo studio in Providence, RI. The studio has experienced tattooists to provide a unique tattoo experience. Their talented tattooists create unique and different types of custom tattoos to meet their customer's needs and expectations. Dennis M Del Prete specializes in designing cover-ups, black and grey tattoos Japanese Sleeve Black and Grey. This little gallery dedicated to Japanese Sleeve Black and Grey Style. All These Japanese Tattoos are done in different time and places - For the past 30 years I had a chance to work at a lot of great Tattoo Shops and Tattoo Conventions, little by little collecting experience and portfolio

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The Best Blackwork Tattoos In Sydney. Born on the streets and prisons of East Los Angeles, black and grey tattooing has a rich history and is one of the most popular styles of tattooing. The style originated in prisons, where inmates had limited access to materials and were forced to create their own inks and needles. Inks were made by using. Awesome Black Religious Om Tattoo Design. Black And Grey 3D Religious Cross With Flying Wings And Banner Tattoo On Man Upper Back. Black And Grey 3D Religious Rosary Cross On Praying Hand With Rose Tattoo On Man Chest. Black And Grey Religious 3D Angel With Banner Tattoo On Man Full Back Silver Bones Tattoo now resides on 3463 Main Street Vancouver, BC, V5V 3M9. There is no limit to what Nestor Acevedo can do - from detailed and colorful body art tattoos to a black and grey tattoo. Silver Bones Tattoo proudly serves our neighbors in Vancouver, BC. Come visit us today. 3463 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3M9, Canada. +1 604-559-7708 Black & Greywash. From solid black tattoo ink to multiple shades of gray wash tattoo inks, Tommy's Supplies carries top brands in the industry today. Whether it is big and bold tribal to soft subtle gray tones of a portrait, we will have the tattoo ink you are looking for. With brands such as StarBrite Colors, Eternal, SilverBack, Talon's, and. If you're looking for a great black-and-gray tattoo, Kevin Yang of Blackfish Tattoo can help. His shop's Instagram feed is filled with examples of the large-scale work — sleeves,.