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Adapting an iPhone for Astrophotography Global smartphone sales topped 1.5 billion last year. Many of those phones came equipped with impressive cameras, yet as far as I know, a smartphone image has never shown up on NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day website On iPhone 11 and 12 series, use the Night mode. Avoid using flash, HDR, and the digital zoom on your camera, and use an astrophotography app such as NightCap Astrophotography with an iPhone 11 Pro, Pixel 4 XL and other smartphones. By Jamie Carter 30 July 2020. How to take photos of the night sky using the latest camera phones A comet captured using a Huawei P40 Pro on 'night mode. Astrophotography, the photography of astronomy, typically requires complicated camera setups to proficiently capture the nighttime's dark sky. The integration of the ability into the iPhone is expected to be seamless, with the leak claiming the iPhone will automatically switch to the mode when it registers a user pointing to the sky Andrew Symes. Andrew Symes has been observing and photographing the night sky from Ottawa, Canada, for nearly 20 years. A pioneer in smartphone astrophotography, Andrew has been using his iPhone to capture close up views of the sun, moon, planets, and brightest deep sky objects through his telescopes since 2011

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To recall, the astrophotography feature enables Pixel devices to capture clear photos of the night sky, stars and even the moon. The tipster notes that on pointing the iPhone up at the sky, it will.. Looks like iPhone Astrophotography is really taking off! It looks like the Orion SteadyPix Universal Smartphone Adapter has been discontinued. However, there are a few other adapter options out there This. Long shutter isn't new, but how Apple is using software and machine learning to optimize the image to give you some of the best results. That's where its impressive. 51. level 2. Merman123. 1 year ago. And a big thank you to pixel for making this night mode push. I'm glad Apple followed

level 1. Sheazer. · 7m iPhone 12 Pro. That is one thing I'm jealous of on Pixel is their awesome astrophotography mode. Not that I take enough pictures of the stars for it to matter. 6. level 2. lordhamster1977. · 7m iPhone 12 Pro Max Additional features like 4K time-lapse, ISO boost, long exposure mode, noise reduction mode, 8x Zoom control, and more, allows you to explore and experiment with your captures. The best part of the app is its four dedicated astrophotography modes. A Stars Mode that is designed to capture starry sky or Northern/Southern Lights NightCap Long Exposure Mode for iPhone - posted in Beginning Deep Sky Imaging: NightCap Camera App in Long Exposure Mode for Phonetography Ray Taylor While I've used NightCap Camera application over the last 2.5 years with my night vision (NV) device (NVD), Mod 3C as the eyepiece in various telescopes, I have made discoveries and formed some opinions There are two ways of using the iPhone 12 Pro for astrophotography; via Apple's built-in Camera app, and using third-party apps. Let's first consider Apple's Camera app. Astrophotography on a DSLR or mirrorless camera is a manually operated dance between shutter speed, aperture and ISO Testing iPhone 11 Pro Max's Night Mode in Pitch-Black Darkness. If you like this video, please share it. It helps A LOT! Also watch my iPhone 11 In-Depth Rev..

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After seeing what the iPhone 5s with the iOS app NightCap Pro (now known as NightCap Camera) could do, I decided to create this iPhone Astrophotography page to showcase some of my iPhone images. There are many other iPhone images on my other Photo album pages. In October 2019 I began doing iPhone 11 Pro Max imaging of the Messier Catalog. The new Apple iPhone 11 Pro has a new night mode that lets you do long exposure. I wanted to see how it would compare to a mirrorless camera like the Sony A.. There are 4 dedicated astrophotography camera modes. Stars Mode is ideal for a starry sky or Northern / Southern Lights (Aurora), or leave your device capturing in Star Trails Mode and watch the stars paint circles in the sky! There are also modes for easy photography of the International Space Station (ISS) and meteors (shooting stars)

NightCap Camera for iPhone and iPad (£2) A well thought of app for low light and night photos, NightCap Camera is one of the few focused on astrophotography. There are presets for Stars, Meteors, the International Space Station and even a Star-trails mode The iPhone 13 might get a better astrophotography mode. Currently, you can mount the iPhone on a tripod and, in the darkest conditions, extend the night mode capture to up to 30 seconds

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The iPhone 7 debuted depth-of-field portraiture photography as the first iPhone with dual rear cameras. And now, the iPhone 13 is said to extend Portrait mode to video for the first time. And secondly, the new astrophotography mode will let you take better night sky shots by optimizing the computational photography features The iPhone 11 Pro can take a 30-second exposure and while it doesn't have a dedicated astrophotography mode, it does a fairly good job of capturing the stars in the sky. Taken with a 30-second.

NightCap Camera iPhone Astronomy Gallery. Astrophotography on an iPhone is not only possible, it's easier than you might think! Check our iPhone night sky photography tutorial to learn how to take photos like these. Quadrantids meteor by Luke Pearson. Settings: Meteor Mode When shooting with Night Sight activated, the Pixel phone will automatically engage Astrophotography mode if the phone is mounted on a tripod or other steady surface. In this mode, the camera will.. Night mode for everyone. While Apple really seems to have knocked it out of the park with Night mode on the new iPhone 11 lineup, that doesn't mean that older phones have to miss out on the fun. These apps will help you get some good low-light shots with your iPhone 6 up to your iPhone XS, and definitely cost less than a new phone According to Max Weinbach, the iPhone 13 models will be able to take astrophotography via a special mode that will activate when you point the camera at the night sky

Camera and display settings for current PVT model of 6.7 iPhone 12 Pro Max. As you can see from the description in the settings, Enhanced Night Mode will allow the phone to capture even. For example, when PC World tested the Pixel 4XL vs the iPhone 11 Pro, they found that Pixel's astrophotography mode gave it an advantage over the iPhone. This feature makes it super-easy to take pictures of the sky because it automatically engages long-exposure images to be taken iPhone 13's Rumored Astrophotography Camera Puts Pressure On VCM Makers. By Leah Yecla @leah_n12y The mode will enable the device's camera to adjust its exposure accordingly and detect the. iPhone 13 leaks: 120Hz Always-on display, astrophotography, video portrait mode. It is time for a new set of iPhone 13 leaks shared by well-known YouTuber EverythingApplePro. He has collaborated with reliable tipster Max Weinbach for the information and has also included leaks from Jon Prosser. The video reveals that Apple has a number of. 12 Best iPhone Astronomy and Astrophotography Apps You'll Use Constantly I use Slow Shutter Cam to take photos of the International Space Station streaking overhead , to turn campfire sparks into trails of light , to capture lightning strikes , falling snow , make light paintings , and photograph fireflies

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Pixel 4 Astrophotography Compared To iPhone 11 Pro Night Mode Capturing The Milky Way. Right now we have two big phones that have fancy new camera abilities. Apple's iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro both have a new Night Mode ability that is the first time iPhones have been to take great photos in low light. The Pixel 4 is specifically being. 1907 MST: handheld iPhone 11 Pro Max photo of Orion and the Meade 12 LX600 telescope taken with the iOS Camera app (Night Mode, 30 seconds, 1X lens). 1912 MST: StarLock ON. I then did some tests of iPhone astrophotography of the Orion Nebula without and with the Explore Scientific 2 UHC Filter

Night mode in the iPhone 11 Camera app allows you to take better low light photos than ever before. In the example below, look at the color and detail that Night mode has captured in the sky. Night mode uses in-camera software to create sharp, grain-free photos with amazing color and detail And the astrophotography is rumored to be seamless in the iPhone 13: the mode will automatically engage and select the best camera settings when a user simply points their iPhone 13 towards the. Astrophotography mode is now only available on the phones' primary camera. When both the Pixel 5 and 4a were released, Google's Astrophotography mode was available for use on both the phone. By default, the Night mode on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro will automatically select the best exposure time depending on the scene. If you wish to, you can increase (or decrease) the exposure time to tweak the final image output. Also, don't be envious of the Astrophotography mode found on the Google Pixel 4

New astrophotography features: point your iPhone up at the sky and it will switch to astrophotography mode when it detects stars or the moon Longer exposure times, more internal processin iPhone 11 Pro can take a thirty-second exposure and keeping in mind that it doesn't have a committed astrophotography mode, it does a genuinely great job of capturing the stars in the sky. Taken with a thirty-second exposure on a tripod. Generally, both, these phones do a great job when it comes to low-light astrophotography

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While it's tempting to try astrophotography without having to invest in any gear, iPhone astrophotography will still require a telescope and some technical adjustments. As a beginner, it probably makes more sense to buy or borrow an astrophotography camera rather than investing in a fancy telescope just so that you can use your phone to take. Star Stacker, an astrophotography app available for iOS, allows users to create star trail images and timelapses on their phone, computer or tablet.Michael Webb, the developer, posted about his latest creation on Reddit's r/LandscapeAstro community. To demonstrate a final result from using the app, Webb posted the image, seen above, and explained how he achieved it in the post's comments section Finally, Apple has reportedly developed new astrophotography features for the iPhone camera. This will come in the form of a new astrophotography mode that allows your iPhone camera to.

This year's iPhone 13 lineup will include an always-on display with a 120Hz refresh rate, improved camera capabilities for astrophotography, stronger MagSafe magnets, and a finer matte finish on. 3. To make use of Astrophotography mode, simply switch to Night Sight and the device shall automatically prompt you to enable Astrophotography Mode. In case the Astrophotography Mode doesn't pop up, you might have to enable some flags. For that, swipe down on the viewfinder and tap on the Settings icon. From there, head over to About. I'm really hoping that Apple will introduce some astrophotography mode at the iPhone 12 event, because it's another long overdue feature. From what it looks like with the Pixel 4, the Astrophotography mode is built-in to the Night Sight mode (like Night mode on iPhones ) and uses a combination of long exposures, HDR+, and Semantic Segmentation. It's the first iPhone camera I've been excited about in a long time and has quite a powerful night mode. It was the best choice for shooting alongside the Pixel 4 at the moment Various rumors point toward the new iPhone coming in the same four sizes as the iPhone 12: a 5.4-inch iPhone 13 mini, a 6.1-inch iPhone 13, a 6.1-inch iPhone 13 Pro and a 6.7-inch iPhone 13 Pro Max

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PIXEL 4 is Google's latest smartphone that boasts a souped-up camera so powerful it can pick out individual stars in the sky. Here's how to use the Google Pixel 4's astrophotography mode From Normal mode (camera icon), swipe to the right and look for Slow Shutter Mode (aperture icon). Once you tap it, you'll find the shutter speed, ISO and even the white balance at the bottom of the screen. If your iPhone has night mode, you can check this post for added benefits. How to Stabilise Your Phone to Avoid Camera Shake. Bring a tripod

Vs. iPhone XS. We tested the iPhone 11 Night Mode vs. the iPhone XS, which has no Night Mode to begin with. As you can see below, the XS image is far darker, with more noise and less detail than the iPhone 11. This is no surprise, but it's informative to see the difference between the two cameras Yes, if you own a Pixel 5 or a Pixel 4a 5G, you can no longer click long-exposure shots of the night sky with the astrophotography mode using the ultra-wide angle camera.On Pixel 4a (5G) and.

The iPhone 13 might get better at astrophotography. The last rumor I want to highlight is another camera feature. The iPhone 13 might get a better astrophotography mode. Currently, you can mount the iPhone on a tripod and, in the darkest conditions, extend the night mode capture to up to 30 seconds Google's astrophotography mode for the recently launched Pixel 4 phone helps you take potentially stunning shots of the night sky. In a blog post this week, those who built the powerful software. While this mode can also be enabled for the Pixel 2/2 XL and the original Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. As we know, with the astrophotography mode, the Pixel users can capture good photos of the.

APT - Astro Photography Tool. v3.88. (released on 2021/05/06) (next version in July 2021) APT stands for AstroPhotography Tool and it is like Swiss army knife for your astro imaging sessions. No matter what you are imaging with - Canon EOS, Nikon, CCD or CMOS astro camera, APT has the right tool for planning, collimating, aligning, focusing. Right now we have two big phones that have fancy new camera abilities. Apple's iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro both have a new Night Mode ability that is the first time iPhones have been to take great photos in low light. The Pixel 4 is specifically being pushed by Google for its astrophotography prowess One rumor claims the new ‌iPhone‌ models will also be able to take Portrait Mode videos. In addition, there are also claims that the ‌iPhone 13‌ models will have astrophotography camera.

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A very interesting feature that Apple is said to be working on is a new night mode for the camera which would be similar to the Pixel's Astrophotography mode. Once the camera is pointed at the. An early leak indicated an automated astrophotography mode to be turned on if stars or other space objects are detected by the camera in the sky. All iPhone 13 models include an enhanced ultra-wide-angle sensor. Finally, it couldn't be the big update, the iPhone 13 series. A prototype of the rumored iPhone 13 was found without a notch

Important: On Pixel 4a (5G) and Pixel 5, astrophotography only works on zoom settings equal to or greater than 1x. To take a photo: Go to a dark area. Open your Google Camera app . Learn how. Tap Night Sight. Prop your phone on a steady surface, like a rock or tripod. Don't use your hand. Wait a few seconds Xiaomi will bring to MIUI 12 an astrophotography mode similar to that of the Google Pixel. 1. Xiaomi seems determined to take a big step forward with its proprietary layer's camera app. The Chinese manufacturer continues to improve the MIUI version version by version, and the latest rumors point to reforms in the photographic section. And. In this stellar mode, the Pixel 4 can take pictures of stars. Hint: Use a tripod and the less light around you coming from Earth the better. See a comparison of Astrophotography between the Pixel. Snapseed is a complete and professional photo editor developed by Google. • 29 Tools and Filters, including: Healing, Brush, Structure, HDR, Perspective (see list below) • Tutorial cards with tips and tricks about Snapseed and general photography. • RAW Develop - open and tweak native camera files; save non-destructively or export as JPGs Google Pixel phones could soon be getting an astrophotography timelapse mode. Being able to take shots of the moon and the stars is one of the best tricks that recent Google Pixel phones can pull.

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In the course of developing and testing Night Sight astrophotography we gained some experience taking outdoor nighttime pictures with Pixel phones, and we'd like to share a list of tips and tricks that have worked for us. You can find it here. Acknowledgements Night Sight is an ongoing collaboration between several teams at Google The default camera app on Xiaomi devices may soon get the much-vaunted 'Astrophotography Mode' first seen on the Pixel 4. According to XDA senior member, kacskrz, and @deiki, Xiaomi is working on a 'long exposure mode' in the MIUI 12 Camera app.The feature will allow users to capture the starry night skies in all their glory. It will also allow users to capture trails of moving objects. IPHONE 12 PRO MAX: https://geni.us/0dyPlS SONY A6400 BUNDLE WITH TWO KIT description below for that app. So, basically, now, we're gonna go into the settings of the camera so you're in that mode. So, as far as the camera settings, what we're gonna be doing is focusing on the iso and we're gonna do shutter speed and we are going to, I guess. In this video we will unbox the iPhone 12 Pro Max Blue and review the camera in night mode. We will but the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera to the test in astrophotography. So if you want to learn how to take photos of the stars with your iPhone, this video is for you. You will learn how to plan for astrophotography as well as what equipment you will.

In a DSLR camera, the automatic mode gives control to the camera. It figures out the amount of exposure for you. On the other hand, the manual mode lets you control everything—from the ISO to the shutter speed. On your iPhone's native camera app, you can tinker with its built-in features, such as the AE/AF lock, exposure slider, and photo. Astrophotography, the photography of astronomy, typically requires complicated camera setups to proficiently capture the nighttime's dark sky. The integration of the ability into the ‌iPhone‌ is expected to be seamless, with the leak claiming the ‌iPhone‌ will automatically switch to the mode when it registers a user pointing to the sky Blood Moon lunar eclipse. Our latest ProCamera spotlight is on the iphone astrophotography of Matt Schwartz. Incredibly, Matt shoots stunning photographs of the night sky, stars and moon equipped with only a telescope, iPhone and ProCamera 7.. Matt kindly agreed to talk to us to share his process and how to get started in this fledgling and fascinating field of photography Apple might also bring an astrophotography feature, which will take clear photos of the night sky, including stars and the moon. The addition of Portrait Mode video recording has been mentioned by leakers too. After recording an iPhone Portrait Mode video, users will reportedly be able to change the video's depth of field to their liking Wide-field astrophotography is not typically a strength of smartphone cameras, but things are changing. As well as having more sensitive sensors, phones like the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 and.

2. On the iPhone SE (or any recent iPhone or iPod Touch), the best app I've found is Night Cap. Worth spending a few bucks on. The developer's website has great tutorials on using it to take different types of night sky photographs. There are settings for capturing the International Space Station, the stars, meteors, etc hi friends! i'm an astrophotographer from boston. made the trip up to maine for the last milky way shoot of the year and thought i'd give my new phone a whirl. it's not the milky way but wow! more of my work can be found here hoping clear skies continue tonight so i can try a shot of the.. The iPhone 13 might get better at astrophotography. Currently, you can mount the iPhone on a tripod and, in the darkest conditions, extend the night mode capture to up to 30 seconds to capture a decent image of the starry sky When it comes to still photos, the new LiDAR CA mode would allow the iPhone 12 Pro Max to use lasers to deliver speedier and sharper auto-focus, while the Enhanced Night mode appears to be a step.

This also includes Apple's latest iPhone 11 Pro devices. If you think Google has stopped here, then you are mistaken. The upcoming Pixel 4 will also feature Astrophotography mode. So download the latest Google camera 7.0 with Astrophotography feature and how to activate it Read on to start shooting sharp, high-quality iPhone photos at night. 1. Use iPhone 11 Night Mode To Capture Incredible Color & Detail. Do you have the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max? If so, you'll be able to take better iPhone night photos than ever before! The iPhone 11 Camera app has an amazing new feature called Night mode iPhone 13 may debut Portrait mode video along with astrophotography mode Christian Zibreg / February 15, 2021 Aside from an always-on display with limited customizability, the iPhone 13 should debut new photography features like Portrait mode improvements and an all-new astrophotography mode Right now we have two big phones that have fancy new camera abilities. Apple's iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro both have a new Night Mode ability that is the first time iPhones have been to take great photos in low light. The Pixel 4 is specifically being pushed by Google for its astrophotography prowess To add to the fervor, a leaked promo video suggests that a dedicated astrophotography mode will be incorporated. The video was uploaded by ProAndroid and shows off what might be some of the phone.

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Other details from the video point to a stronger array of magnets for the MagSafe technology on the iPhone 13, along with new astrophotography features where users could point the iPhone up at the sky, switching to astrophotography mode where it could detect moon or the stars Review: Unistellar eVscope eQuinox is the easy-to-use telescope for iPhone and Android. In 2017, Unistellar released the original eVscope as part of a Kickstarter. Now, Unistellar is releasing its next product, the eVscope eQuinox. If you'd like to, you can skip straight to the specs, but I learned a lot through my experience with the eVscope. Reportedly, simply pointing your iPhone up to the sky will automatically activate the astrophotography mode with longer exposure times and additional internal processing

This is something that previous leaks surrounding the iPhone 13 series have also claimed stating that Apple will be using a wide f/1.8 aperture lens for the ultra-wide angle camera. Additionally, Apple is also planning on adding an astrophotography mode and Portrait mode for video on the iPhone 13 series Astrophotography mode? Currently there aren't many rumours surrounding the cameras iPhone 13 models, but we suspect Apple will stick with offering a better camera setup on the iPhone 13 Pro models. However, in the Google Camera support page, it has revealed that the Astrography mode will work on Zoom greater than 1X. On Pixel 4a (5G) and Pixel 5, astrophotography only works on zoom settings. Course Description. iPhone Photography is a comprehensive course with more than 40 lessons and 5 hours of video tutorials to teach you how to use your iPhone with iOS 13 or newer to take better photos.. The course starts by looking at how to use all of the iPhone's Camera app controls and settings. You'll learn how to use all of the different modes like panoramic, portrait, night mode, live.

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The Google Pixel 4 has had an astrophotography mode in it for some time, producing some pretty amazing results. Although they can take a while to process. On the iPhone 12 Pro Max 30 second exposures had been merged and made into an editable ProRAW photo in around a second after the capture had been completed. The significance of LiDAR in iOS. The big three leaked additions for the iPhone 13 we've heard about this week are all Android stalwarts - 120Hz screens, always-on displays and an astrophotography mode that lets you take. While the fact that the Pixel 4 XL features a dedicated astrophotography mode does give it a significant leg up over Apple's iPhone 11 Pro on that specific front, it's hard to deny the clearer and more color-accurate results we encountered when it came to more mundane night shots. Credit: Fergus Hallida The Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphones cram in more features than the competition. That means your new phone does a lot of cool things, but good luck finding it all. Here are 10 things to do with your. Have the camera on manual mode on a sturdy tripod. Turn off image stabilization. Have a wide angle lens between 14mm to 24mm to get a good view of the Milky Way in the frame along with foreground. Set the aperture to the widest - at least f2.8, but if you have only the kit lens, use it at 18mm / f3.5

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The app is NOT a 1 click solution for pretty pictures without any work. This app helps astronomers and astrophotographers to take the images. You need knowledge about astrophotography and for some images you need a telescope. The phone must support RAW mode and must support manual settings With astrophotography settings, you want the camera to do as little as possible. Manual mode will give you the most amount of control and will stop your camera trying to work out what to do on its own. Choosing the Best In-Camera Settings. Manual mode is a must, and that goes with your focusing too. You need to do it all yourself 38. 3. Oct 28, 2019 at 2:07 PM. #1. Hello everyone, I'm here to ask you if you have had experience with astrophotography and S10, more specifically capturing pictures of night sky, or even Milky Way. My first experience of astrophotography and smartphone was with Galaxy S7, I could take nice photos of stars (Milky way was impossible to shoot) While the iPhone shot is impressive for a smartphone, it was taken it complete darkness, and the difference between it and the Pixel 4's dedicated astrophotography mode is like night and day. The stars may look a little bigger in the iPhone shot, but the Pixel 4 photo is clearer, sharper, and more detailed The iPhone also changes camera lenses when shooting in portrait mode, leading to an odd perspective when shooting close up to objects. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Apple iPhone 12 Pro Ma

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  1. Scott Kelby's The iPhone Photography Book is a very different book from his many Photoshop/Lightroom and lighting texts. Generally writing for enthusiasts and pros, Kelby abandons the goal of providing a cerebral book and instead inspires the love of technical-free photography by embracing the iPhone's simplicity, ease of use and AI, functions that enthusiasts and pros might scorn
  2. Apple iPhone cameras are known as the best smartphone cameras that closely compete with DSLR quality images, especially its latest iPhone 12 Pro Max but it doesn't have an astrophotography mode yet and Google could still move up ahead and makes it space in the smartphone camera industry with this stellar upgrade
  3. The iPhone SE (left) doesn't have a dedicated night mode like the iPhone 11 Pro Max (right) but it's low-light capabilities are alright. iPhone SE Selfies Left: iPhone SE, Right: iPhone 11 Pro Ma
  4. We also head into the Sydney harbour to test out the night sight capabilities of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. I test out taking some long exposure photos with landscapes and portraits as well as some astrophotography. Watch the video below to see the image quality with 100% zoomed in and unedited photos from the iPhone camera
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  6. Now, only iPhone 11 series and iPhone 12 series support Night mode. By the way, the Night mode could not be enabled automatically, you have to activate the Night mode so as to obtain the new function. If this is your first time to use Night mode, you can refer to how to use Night mode on iPhone 11. Part 2: 6 Best iPhone Night Mode Camera App

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  1. There are also rumours of an astrophotography mode for night sky photography. Key specifications Google Pixel 4 will reportedly launch with a 5.7-inch 90Hz full HD+ OLED display whereas the bigger Pixel 4 XL will have a 6.3-inch 90Hz QHD 1440p+ OLED screen
  2. The iPhone also offers a Deep Fusion mode for more detailed shots, and the Camera app makes it easy to switch between camera sensors. The Pixel 4 XL has some super smart camera features too
  3. 9 Best Stargazing Apps For iPhone - Universavvy. Posted: (3 days ago) This app has been developed by Starmap Media. it is ideal for those who are looking for superior graphics and user experience. COST: $16.99. One of the best stargazing app for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 is Star Tracker
  4. Caught the GRS and Callisto transiting Jupiter at the same time. Celestron Astromaster 130 eq Celestron Xcel 3x Barlow Zwo Asi 120mcs Sharpcap to capture 60fps exposure 20ms gain at auto 50 (90 second avi file in rgb 24 640x480) Used Pipp to center the image then Autostakkert to stack getting 25% of 3600 frames
I attempted some astrophotography using my iPhone 11 ProHow to Take Great Night Sky Photos With the iPhonePictures Taken by iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro | Page 18iPhone 13 RUMORED FEATURES AT A GLANCE — PULEN