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An average temperatures could help you figure out when is the best time to travel to Muzaffarabad. The day and night temperatures in Muzaffarabad (Pakistan) which are presented below are the average temperatures and they can vary somewhat around these values. Book the best hotels in Muzaffarabad - in partnership with booking.co Best time to visit Neelum Valley: Mid of March to End of October. What to wear: Casual clothing + warm uppers,shawls and jackets for nights and early morning. Cautions: Be careful of sliding areas when it rains. Hoteling areas: Muzaffarabad, Kutton,Keran, Sharda, Kel. Reservation Procedure: Atleast one week before you visit Neelum valley, and. Muzaffarabad has various points for leisure. Wherever you go, you will find natural beauty waiting for you. Tremendous weather, wandering clouds, and cool bree What is the best time of year to go to Muzaffarabad? If you're watching your pennies, September is an excellent month to visit, whereas April is the priciest time of the year. August, July, June is generally regarded as high season. If you'd prefer to avoid big crowds, October, February, November tend to be quieter.. If your definition of best means when you'll land the best deals, pack your bags and head for Muzaffarabad in. In contrast, is the most expensive month to take a break here. Peak season falls in and is an exciting time to visit — if you don't mind rubbing elbows with the crowds. is usually a much quieter time of the year

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Basically, its a shrine which is located at the top of mountain. Which is 30 km in the east ascending of Muzaffarabad. Best time to visit: Whole the year. How to reach Pir Chinasi from Lahore Islamabad: By Public Transport: You can get the buses from Pir wadayi adda from Islamabad to Muzaffarabad. Then local car or jeep hire for the top of Pir. Travel Time: 2 hrs 20 minutes from Sharda. Best Time to Visit: March to December. Kel is a very famous town in Neelum Valley, small huts, waterfalls, and Neelum River are the major tourist attraction. Kel is also the route to Shounter and Chitta Katha Lake. Astore to Kel tunnel is under consideration under CPEC

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  1. to go Kel, go to Muzaffarabad and 7 hours to Kel by bus. regular transport services from Muzaffarabad. winter not good to visit there only summer is the best time there
  2. The next one on the list is Dhani Waterfall, about 30 kilometres from the provincial capital Muzaffarabad. Dhani's pure crystal-clear water is one of the most stunning waterfalls in the area, attracting thousands of tourists. March to mid-June is the best time to visit Dhani waterfall is from
  3. Best Time to Visit Azad Kashmir ; Most part of Azad Kashmir is on the Line of Control between Pakistan and India but it's heavenly beautiful, lakes, waterfalls, water streams, and glaciers. The best time to Visit Azad Kashmir is in Summers from May - September. Best time to Visit Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KP
  4. Weather in Muzaffarabad in March 2021. Travel guide and advices. Read an overview of the climate. Weather phenomena recorded in previous years in Muzaffarabad ☃ Water Temperature in localities in Muzaffarabad ☀ Weather forecast for Muzaffarabad in March ☔. Temperature of water and air, precipitation, amount of days with rain and advice on the best time to visit Muzaffarabad
  5. Suitcase packed — check! Itinerary loaded with free things to do in or near Muzaffarabad — you know it! Our list below will make sure your time away is as gentle as possible on your bank balance. Budget-conscious history addicts simply must add Black Fort and Red Fort to their hit lists. These time-honored sites also provide terrific photo ops
  6. Best time to visit Muzaffarabad: Autumn season is the best time to visit Muzaffarabad. Accommodation Options near Muzaffarabad: The middle range hotels at Muzaffarabad cost Rs 2500-5000 per night with cable TV, hot water and fitness centre. The major hotels in Muzaffarabad are as follows: Sangam Hotel
  7. Best time to visit Neelum Valley - Azad Kashmir. Do you want to know the safest and most appropriate time to fly to the Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir? If so, then look at the specifics and get your comment here. Neelum Valley stays open to Keran for 12 months a year
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Writing 18 Best Places to visit in Neelam valley Azad Kashmir.So, When we talk about tourist destination in Pakistan then only one most beautiful place come into our mind and that is Neelam valley in Muzaffarabad -Azad Kashmir.In the Pakistani language, it is also known as Wadi-E-Neelam. Furthermore, Neelam valley is one of the top greenish valleys in Azad Kashmir Pakistan The best times to visit Islamabad for ideal weather are. February 19th to May 20th. or. October 15th to December 9th. based on average temperature and humidity from NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). Read below for more weather and travel details Neelum Valley: About 240 kilometers long the picturesque Neelum Valley is situated to the North & North East of Muzaffarabad. Running parallel to the Kaghan Valley, it is separated from it by snow covered peaks, some over 4000 meters above sea level. Excellent scenic beauty, panoramic view, towering hills on both sides of the noisy Neelum River. The road is smooth to Kahuta and in good condition to travel. But onwards, you may come across rough and hard pathways. Therefore, it is recommended to travel in a well-maintained vehicle so that you don't have to face any difficulty. Best time to Visit Rawalakot. The best time to exploring this tourist destination is from May to Oct Best Time to Visit Nathia Gali Join Our Team! Nathia Gali is the famous hill station of Pakistan located in the Abbottabad district of the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Nathia Gali is fairly loved by the people of Pakistan and tourists coming from anywhere else in the world, the reason why is the fact that it provides you with escapism at.

Tag: best time to visit neelum valley. 24. Jan. 2018. 7 Days Honeymoon Tour Package to Neelum Valley. Posted By : admin / 199 0. Neelum valley is situated 200km away from Islamabad. It takes 7 hours of drive from Islamabad via Murree-Kohala-Muzaffarabad_Kutton. Kutton is the first spot to be visited in this itinerary when it comes to Neelum. Famous Places To Visit During Winter In Neelum Valley . This is the time of a year when you see different hues wherever you look at and notice people sipping coffee. What most people do during winters is crawl into their warm blanket and fall asleep without knowing that they are missing out on so many beautiful things

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During winter it is very harsh here so the best time to visit is mid-summer. Pir Chinasi. For trek lovers and camping, Pir Chinasi is an ideal and most favorite place in the valley. It is only 30 kilometers from Muzaffarabad. The panoramic views of lush green lands surrounded by mountains are the reason for its popularity Visiting local bars in Muzaffarabad is more fun when you know what the weather holds. These rainfall averages and temperatures can help you choose the best time for bar hopping. The hottest months are usually June and May with an average temp of 82°F, while the coldest months are January and February with an average of 55°F Find the best deals on flights from Ercan (ECN) to Muzaffarabad (MFG). Compare prices from hundreds of major travel agents and airlines, all in one search. COVID-19 travel info. Navigate travel entry restrictions and quarantine requirements for any destination with our live map. And get updates when things change

Find great deals on top all-inclusive vacations when you book on Expedia. Find great deals on vacation packages in destinations across the world on Expedia Kundle Shahi: Situated a little ahead of Muzaffarabad, Kundle Shahi is a stream that joins Neelum River - nestled in Neelum Valley, also deemed one of the best weekend getaways from Islamabad. The abundance of trout fish is the most magnetic thing about this place that attracts travellers to visit the spot at least once in their life Most people visit this place to take a view of Muzaffarabad city and rural areas. This place is too cold in summer, and people have to carry warm clothes in May and June to see this fantastic place. This place is included in one of the top and most visiting tourists places in Pakistan Tourist attractions places in Kutton Water Fall, Kundal Shahi and Kutton Jagran Resort. While passing from Chalyana the first main tourist attraction place on way to Neelum valley is kundal shahi. It will take you almost 3 hours drive time to reach kundal shahi from Muzaffarabad

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If you are visiting Azad Kashmir, you must visit upper Neelum valley situated Alongside Neelum river. Places like Kutton, Sharda and Kel/Arangkel must be seen. If you like adventure and natural beauty at its best, then go far Taobat, a true heaven on earth. But be warned that roads are in pretty bad shape so hire a local jeep The timings to visit Patriyata Chairlift are 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM in summer, and 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM in winter. Things to do in Patriyata region are horse riding, kids entertainment, chair lift and cable car riding, trekking pathways, restaurants, shopping areas and much more. Neelam River Muzaffarabad On average March is the 3rd wettest month of the year in Muzaffarābād with around 136mm 5.4 inches of rain making it a wet time to visit. This rainfall is typically spread over 11 days, although this may vary considerably Hi Folks Well, i am in the middle of orchestrating a few days trip to Neelam Valley from Islamabad as follows: Day 1: Islamabad to Karen (night stay at Karen) with an evening visit to Upper Neelam Day 2: Karen - Taobat (night stay at Taobat) Day 3: Hike to Upper Taobat / Gagai & Return to Kel in the 2nd half of the day (night stay at Kel) Day 4: Hike to Arang Kel during 1st half of the day. Kashmir Family Tours and Packages for Neelum Valley are the best option to spend good time. Further more, Neelum Valley Vacation Package is connected from Muzaffarabad by Neelam road, which leads up to Kel. NAC are the best tour travel operators in Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir

Here is brief intro of place covered in our 3 days Neelam Valley tour packages: Neelam Valley (وادیِ نیلم) is also known as the blue gem of Pakistan.Neelam Valley is one of the most visited areas among northern areas of Pakistan. Neelam is the district of Azad Kashmir situated almost 90km away from its Capital. Neelam is almost 180km away from Islamabad and it takes 7 hours of drive. The cheapest way to get from Hyderabad to Muzaffarabad costs only $243, and the quickest way takes just 12¼ hours. Find the travel option that best suits you You also have an option to visit Pearl Continental Muzaffarabad for a quality hi-tea. The best part is you can enjoy your evening tea and snacks while marvelling at the view of the city. You can also travel towards the spectacular Neelum Valley to further explore the beauty of Kashmir. Islamabad to Hunza Valle

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  1. 12 Best Places To Visit In Azad Kashmir 1. Neelam Valley. Neelam Valley is situated at the northmost of the Azad Kashmir and is a vast area. This valley contains many worth visiting places within itself. To visit this valley, you will have to bear a ride of 100 km from Muzaffarabad. Winters are for the snowy mountain and summer is for the green.
  2. The first location of our Azad Kashmir tour package is Muzaffarabad. Known as the capital of Azad Kashmir. A short visit of Pir chinasi, a jeep ride of the Ratti Gali lake, a visit to the Sharda temple, what does it take to make a honeymoon special: however, there is a lot more yet to explore. To explore more we will take you to Taobut
  3. Day 1. Islamabad to Keran. Departure from Islamabad to Muzaffarabad via Express Way Murree sightseeing of Kohala, Muzaffarabad City, Dhanni Waterfall, Neelam Jehlum Dam, LOC Chilana & Kundal Shah! Waterfall Night Stay at Keran. Day 2. Keran to Arrang Kel. Leave from Keran to Arang Kel sightseeing of LOC Keran (Occupied Kashmir), Nagdar, Lawat.
  4. vacation destination rankings. U.S. News Travel's Best Vacations rankings identify the top destinations by region and vacation type. The categories below make it easy to find the list that suits.
  5. Make the most of your once-in-a-lifetime vacation to Bali by knowing the best time and best places to visit. From temples to beaches, you'll always have something to do
  6. Muzaffarabad. Situated in a valley formed by the confluence of the Neelam and Jhelum rivers, Muzaffarabad is the provincial capital. Needless to say, this isn't a typical regional capital with important landmarks and monuments. But the nature surrounding the city is absolutely mesmerizing. What's the best time to visit Pakistan
  7. Best time to visit: July till September 3. Lulusar Lake. Location: 48 kilometers from Naran towards Babusar.KPK province, Northern Pakistan. Coordinates: Google Maps link Altitude: 11,188 feet - 3410 meters Accessibility: Paved road, accessible by any car. 288 kilometers from Islamabad via Muzaffarabad.Travel time: Approximately 8 hours

The ideal time to visit the city is during the autumn season when the skies are clear and the weather condition excellent. Muzaffarabad is full of idyllic areas which add to the charm of the place. The Neelum river plays a dominant role in the microclimate of Muzaffarabad which joins Jehlum River near Domail It is a beautiful waterfall. The best time to visit Dhani Noseri waterfall is March to June. Dhani Waterfall is the famous and highest waterfall in Neelum Valley. You feel soothe and calm when you look up the Dhani Noseri waterfall and loss in his noise. The water of Dhani waterfall is very crystal clear and clean Neelum valley marks its beginning from Muzaffarabad and goes along the river Neelum. It is a 144 km long bow-shaped narrow region. Due to the Indo-Pak ceasefire, this place was not open for tourism. But fortunately, now tourism is picking up and numerous tour packages are offered to visit this lovely and delightful valley

1. Naltar valley Naltar is famous for its colourful lakes, it is situated at a drive of 2.5 hours from Gilgit. World's tastiest potatoes are cultivated here. Covered with pine trees, this valley doesn't seem to be a part of this world. If you real.. There is a heavy rainfall in both summer and winter season. Hence, the rivers of Jhelum and Neelum are a victim of floods in summer season due to extreme rains and snow melting. In summer, tourists love to spend some quality time in Kashmir valley. Places to visit in Kashmir Valley Muzaffarabad. Muzaffarabad is the capital of Azad Kashmir Neelum valley is a beautiful valley in Azad Kashmir. Neelum valley is the best place to visit for low budget travelers. the best 15 places to visit in neelum valley are rattigali, taobut, kel, keran, baboon top, arrangkel, kutton waterfal It is located about 98 Kilometers from Muzaffarabad. Famous for its views, weather, locations, and resorts. One can visit Kutton by Neelum Road from Muzaffarabad. There are many rest houses and hotels to stay in in Kutton Village. It is located at an elevation of 4,800 feet. Urdu is the most spoken language in Kutton, Pakistan

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  1. When is the best time to book flights from Ercan to Muzaffarabad? The best times to book flights are typically on Tuesday or Wednesday. Avoid booking flights from Ercan to Muzaffarabad on Fridays and Saturdays, as flight prices tend to fluctuate during those days. You can read more about the best time to book in our dedicated Best Time to Book.
  2. Azad Kashmir is the best place for people who are looking for the best places to visit in 2021. This region is located in Pakistan and has a lot to offer. Visitors are always amazed by the natural surroundings and beautiful landscapes. The more you explore this place, the more you will fall in love
  3. The best time to visit this lake is in the spring season when the wildflowers bloom and gives you the stunning and sightly view that one forgets the hustle and bustle of the outer world. The lake is 130 feet deep surrounded by beautiful snow-covered mountains
  4. The Weather is pleasant in summer like 20C but very cold in winter because of heavy snowfall about 3 to 11 feet and temperature fall down almost -4 to -10 C. The best time to visit the place is in spring and summer. Kumrat Valley, no doubt the fact that it is a beautiful and unexplored valley in Upper Dir, Pakistan
  5. The best way to get from Delhi to Muzaffarabad costs only $269 and takes just 6 hours. Find the travel options that best suit you
  6. d and heal your soul with happiness. Capturing every moment and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of nature that's waiting for you
  7. Top and Best Lakes in Pakistan to Visit all time. By: Malik Adnan. Let me tell you that Pakistan is bestowed with every beauty attraction that is lacking in many countries. It has valleys, rivers, big mountains, lakes, waterfalls, deserts, plateau, and sea. This is the reason Pakistan ranks in the top priority of tourists to visit
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If your definition of best means when you'll land the best deals, pack your bags and head for Muzaffarabad in September. In contrast, April is the most expensive month to take a break here. Peak season falls in August, July, June and is an exciting time to visit — if you don't mind rubbing elbows with the crowds The best time to visit the place is summer where you can enjoy its charming beauty. Number Ten Redford Azad Kashmir is an amazing place for archaeologists and travel enthusiasts to see. Wanted which is also called for Muzaffarabad This is a model which is a famous place in Azad Kashmir We compare hundreds of flights from all major airlines and travel agents so that you get the best deal for your needs when you travel to Muzaffarabad. Top tips for finding cheap flights to Muzaffarabad. Use our 'Best Time to Book' tool, to make sure you're getting the best price for your flight tickets to Muzaffarabad. Track the price of. Entry restrictions and flight schedule changes and cancellations are frequently updated and subject to change. If you plan to travel to Muzaffarabad, please obtain the most updated information from the airline you plan to book your travels with. You can also refer to COVID19 Country/Region Entry Restrictions for more information

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The best time to visit this wonderful destination is in the summer season because when the summer passes, the temperature drops down, and the lake starts freezing. The water becomes solid in the winters. Arang Kel; It is one of the most wonderful valleys of Azad Kashmir, filled with nature's divine beauty The Best Attractions In Azad Kashmir. 1. Banjosa Lake Rawalakot Banjosa Lake is an artificial lake and a tourist resort 18 kilometers from the city of Rawalakot in Poonch District of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It is located at an altitude of 1,981 meters .The lake is surrounded by dense pine forest and mountains, which make it charming and. One of the best spots to visit in Astore Valley is Rama Meadows, near the city of Astore. At an elevation of 3,300 metres, these pristine meadows are famous for their lush green plains, babbling brooks and pretty views. Trekking up from the Meadows is a must too, where you can visit the stunning Rama Lake

Find the best time to book from Oslo to Muzaffarabad by checking our best time to book tool. Track the price of your plane tickets to Muzaffarabad by signing up to Skyscanner Price Alerts . If you're flexible on when to travel, use Skyscanner's 'whole month' search tool to find the cheapest day to travel 0333-4231311. raza_jatt2002 (raza_jatt2002) 2018-09-05 05:49:09 +0500 #17. Since the post is very old, but i want to tell so it will help people who need to travel from LHR - MZF directly. Yes there is a direct bus service from Lahore to Muzaffarabad Below is the list of Best Camping Sites in Pakistan. Feel free to add your personal favorite camping sites in the comments below. Best Camping Sites in Pakistan Best Camping Sites in Azad Kashmir Pir Chanasi — Ibrahim Dar. Location: 30 Kilometers from Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir. Coordinates: 34.387662, 73.559461; Elevation: 2752.4 m or 9030.3. Find the best time to book from Karachi to Muzaffarabad by checking our best time to book tool. Track the price of your plane tickets to Muzaffarabad by signing up to Skyscanner Price Alerts . If you're flexible on when to travel, use Skyscanner's 'whole month' search tool to find the cheapest day to travel

You can drive in your own car, van or bus to Bagh (166 km. from Rawalpinid, 100 km from Muzaffarabad via kohalla, and 46 km from Rawalakot). Bagh Azad Kashmir is also linked with Muzaffarabad via Sudhan Gali with the distance of 86 km. 1) Bagh - Tain Dhalkot - Kotli Sattian Road At the end of the post I had promised to write a brief guide on how to travel within Muzaffarabad, what places to see and what stuff to do, so without further delay, here we go. Reaching Muzaffarabad. You can easily reach Muzaffarabad from Islamabad by car. The roads are pretty amazing, except for a few patches here and there which are bumpy

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  1. I came in Muzaffarabad from Islamabad in the last month, I stayed in Sangam Hotel Muzaffarabad. May be the rent of this hotel was expensive but I really enjoyed the spend my good time in this place. By: nasir, From: khi, Sangam Hotel Muzaffarabad , on 3/28/201
  2. The best time to book your Neelum Valley Tour is from April to September. It snows heavily in winters, so the connecting roads are blocked due to snowfall, a routine in winters. The tour to Neelum valley starts from Islamabad, with a drive through on Murree Expressway towards Muzaffarabad
  3. Pir Chinasi is one of the best tourist place in Azad Kashmir. Muzaffarabad to Pir Chinasi is just a day trip activity and is only one hour drive away from Muzaffarabad and road is carpeted. Vaadi Travels offers best family tour packages, honeymoon tour packages, students tour packages, rent a car services and hotel booking services for Pir Chinasi
  4. Mixed Culture of Muzaffarabad. Muzaffarabad is the capital of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, comprising of hilly area, located at the bank of Neelum and Jhelum rivers. It offers breathtaking views of the Tarai Mountains the foothills of Himalaya and also has the 5 star hotel pearl continental. Striking scenic beauty and pollution free atmosphere.

Kohala Bridge. , Muzaffarabad. The Kohala Bridge across the Jhelum River, a tributary of the Indus River, forms part of one of the land routes from the Azad Kashmir to Pakistan. The bridge is located at the town of Kohala, 38 kilometres (24 mi) north of Murree and 35 km south of Muzaffarabad. A suspension bridge was constructed in 1877 and. Azad Kashmir is also blessed with a varied mountainous landscape ranging from low hills to high mountains (2000 to 6000 metres) most suitable for adventure sports like climbing, trekking, mountaineering, summer camping and hiking. Blessed with river and streams, it offers great potential for water sports, especially rafting, canoeing and kayaking Well, I m from Pakistan and now I m gonna show u some beautiful places in Pakistan that is the best tourist site and which an Indian should must visit. 1. Naltar valley Naltar is famous for its colourful lakes, it is situated at a drive of 2.5 hou.. Best time to Visit Skardu. The best time to visit Skardu is from March to May. As these seasons are preferring to explore the beauty of Skardu. During these months and summers, the hotel prices get double, and availability also becomes low. In winters or snowing days, the prices become stable as tourists slow down. But if you're a snow lover. Whether you have the urge for a 1 day trip to Murree or 4 days trip to Murree, Muzaffarabad, and Islamabad, we make everything ready for you so you can get the best at a low price. We make you travel the splendid places including the luxury cinemas, hotels and restaurants Our well-trained staff look for your every need

The first stop, MUZAFFARABAD, a busy city and the capital of Azad Kashmir is one of its kind, with mountains on all sides, covered with snow in winters and with comparatively larger population than other areas in this region is a market hub and a must visit palce. The infrastructure is also quite developed, with bridges over the Neelum and. When is the best time to book from Tymbou to Muzaffarabad? If you are flexible with your travel dates, you can use our month view tool to find the cheapest days to travel; If you have a fixed travel date, use the above bar chart or sign up for price aler

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Muzaffarabad is Capital of State Of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, almost 135km away from Islamabad. It takes 4 hours of drive from Islamabad. iMusafir.pk offers 10% off on all tour packages to Muzaffarabad and surroundings, this is limted time offer, grab the deal now!!!. Muzaffarabad is very rich when it comes to sight seeing options Naran Shogran Muzaffarabad Ajk Kashmir TOUR. Day 1. Islamabad to Naran. Islamabad to via motorway sightseeing mansehra balakot kiwai waterfall Kaghan Valley night stay Naran. Day 2. Naran to Babu Sar Top. Naran to visit Batakundi, Barwai, Jalkhad Pyala Lake, Lulu Sar Lake, Besal, Gittidas, Babu Sar top night stay Naran. Day 3 Moreover, a huge number of travellers visit these mesmerizing destinations of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan during winter's time to enjoy the best snowfall in the region. Especially the Neelum Valley is the most famous tourist destination for the travellers coming from all over the country The official guide to Los Angeles. Find great deals, new attractions, free things to do and more. Start planning your perfect Southern California vacation today March 26, 2021. We are offering the best Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir Tour Packages. Lets explore the beauty of Neelum Valley, explore the natural beauty. Places of interest: 1. Visit Nosehri Dam 50 Kilometers from Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir. 2. Visit Kutton village and waterfall, 98 km from Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir. 3


When is the best time to book a hotel in Muzaffarabad? Hotels in Muzaffarabad are usually cheapest during the month of March, you can expect a price decrease of around 55% during this period. Which day is cheapest to stay in Muzaffarabad? Saturday is the day where you will typically find the lowest price for your hotel room in Muzaffarabad Murree and Nathiagali TourBest destination to visit in short time. People from Islamabad and Rawalpindi can visit in 3 HoursGPO Mall Road24/7 Busy road, where you can do shopping and also find delicious local and famous foodKashmir PointYou can enjoy a beautiful Panoramic View from up thereClick Here Previous Nex Here are the top destinations for travel in Pakistan and some of the activities that you can indulge in while there. 1. Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir. Named after the Neelum River which runs through it, the Neelum (or Blue Gem) Valley can be found in Azad Kashmir, to the north-east of Muzaffarabad Muzaffarabad is one of the main or major cities in Pakistan and also include in the list of most beautiful places in Pakistan. Muzaffrabad is one of the hilly regions and consists of wonderful clifs. It has beautiful gardens, valleys, forests, rivers and mountains. In Pakistan this city is the popular holiday spot and also is in list of.

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Ramadan 2021 Muzaffarabad Timing or Muzaffarabad Sehr o Iftar Timings Sehr Time 03:18 AM and Muzaffarabad Iftar Time 07:26 PM. We tried our best to bring you the authentic Muzaffarabad Ramadan timings for 2021, but you should keep in mind that there is a 01 minutes preventive difference in the sehr time as well as in the aftar time Kotli city in Azad Kashmir Pakistan has several super travel places to enjoy if you appreciate heritage like Forts and Hindu Temples, natural beauty, engineering marvels, and lakes. It is also a photographer's paradise judging from the pictures I have. Just as a reminder, Kotli Sattian, Kotli Loharan are i

Best time to visit. Hotels. Q&A. Photos of Patiya. Trip Ideas. Distances. About Patiya. The Pakistani occupation armed force slaughtered in excess of 300 Hindus in Muzaffarabad town on May 3, 1971 in a joint effort with the Razakars. It has 70,218 family units and an aggregate region of 316.47 km². Budbudir Chora is one of them having. On average, 3-star hotels in Muzaffarabad cost £17 per night, and 4-star hotels in Muzaffarabad are £36 per night. If you're looking for something really special, a 5-star hotel in Muzaffarabad can on average be found for £77 per night (based on Booking.com prices) [Muzaffarabad] Even though you can state the health facility. costs together with your medical insurance, you can imagine browsing them as a result of top quality remedies offered at reasonable prices. People searching to find the best health centre. in Azad Kashmir, Muzaffarabad, Pakistan have various choices to look into in the nearby location If Yes, then see the details here and get your answer. Neelum Valley remains open 12 months a year up to Keran. If you want to explore Neelum Valley, then the Best time to visit Neelum Valley is between April and October. For hiking, the Best Time to Travel starts from mid-July to mid of September List of Cities to Visit in Pakistan. 1. Lahore. Lahore. Lahore is a wondrous blend of heritage, aesthetic and cultural-filled attractions that brag the inheritances of the British Raj and Mughal Empire, scrumptious food, majestic mosques, forts, parks, and the enchanting gardens. Several days at Lahore may not get the job done to investigate.

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Places to Visit in Bushehr, Iran, Asia Bushehr also called as Buschir is the capital city of Bushehr Province in Iran, about 1280 kms south of national capital Tehran. After Bandar Abbas port, Bushehr's port is the 2 nd major naval port of Iran If your travel dates to Muzaffarabad are flexible, we can show you the cheapest days in the month to fly to Muzaffarabad, just choose the whole month in the date selection, our graphs show you the best time to book Muzaffarabad flight ticket Find the cruise deal that's right for you. Take advantage of exclusive savings, limited-time offers, and deals on popular destinations including cruises to the Caribbean, The Bahamas, or Mexico! Save on your next vacation and book your cruise online with Carnival Cruise Line

Neelum River. , Muzaffarabad. Visit Neelum River to enjoy the scenic landscapes and have a picnic by the river. You can see a variety of different fish in the 245 km (152 mi) long river, including brown trout, rainbow trout, and snow trout. Pack a picnic basket and enjoy a pleasant meal as you appreciate the lush greenery Murree, an amazing hill station and tourists all over the world explore Murree when they visit Islamabad. Muzaffarabad, the capital of Azad Kashmir. The striking scenic beauty of Muzaffarabad enchants the tourists. From Muzaffarabad, in 3 hours you can reach to Abbottabad. Abbottabad, the city of pines and surrounded by lush green trees that. From wild mountain passes and unreal lakes to beautifully decorated mosques and ancient fortresses, Below are the 101 of the most beautiful places to visit in Pakistan in 2021. P.S : This list isn't ranked from worst to best. 101. Faisal Masjid Credits : Saqib Ali. Faisal Mosque is one of Islamabad's most popular places to visit

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• Travel to Muzaffarabad. • Breakfast at Muzaffarabad. • Visit Dhani waterfall. • Arrival at Keran at 03:00PM. • Visit Keran River view site • Night Stay at keran. Day 02 • Early morning travel to Sharda. • Visit Sharda • Travel to Kel, visit Arung kel. • Travel Back To Keran till 6:00PM • Night stay at Keran. Day 0 Its not actually Neelum Vally river which is there in Azad Kashmir and as a matter of fact that is awsome. as far as this place is concerned, its also a worth going place. here u find (chaar payi) beds in thhe river so that u can sit in the water and can enjoy the delicious fish available here. a good place for going with both friends and family Get the monthly weather forecast for Muzaffarabad, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead

Oslo to Muzaffarabad: Flight information The things to know before you go. Time difference between Oslo and Muzaffarabad +3 hrs (GMT +5) Explore Muzaffarabad. Places to stay Find the distance from Islamabad to Muzaffarabad, the estimated travel time with the impact of road traffic in real time, as well as the cost of your journey (toll charges and fuel costs). And, to ensure you are well prepared for your stay in Muzaffarabad, you can search the MICHELIN tourist site and restaurant selections (for all covered. One of our top picks in Muzaffarabad. Facing the beachfront, La Orilla Hotel & Restaurant offers 3-star accommodation in Muzaffarabad and has a restaurant, shared lounge and garden. All rooms boast a flat-screen TV with satellite channels and a private bathroom. Free private parking is available and the hotel also offers car hire for guests who. A deadly quake killed Tandon's two brothers soon after a long-awaited reunion. Tandon was critically injured. For him the visit to Muzaffarabad after 58-years had brought joy, but a short lived one. Tragedy struck soon after. Now Tandon has again applied to visit Muzaffarabad. He says that this time he does not know the purpose of his visit

Tolipeer. Toli Pir is the highest mountainous location in Pakistan, being situated in the Poonch District of Azad Kashmir, in Tehsil Rawalakot. It is a hilltop station situated at a height of around 8800 feet above sea level and presents a 45 minute drive from Rawalakot to Azad Kashmir, allowing travelers to view Abbaspur, Bagh and the Poonch River on their way Book cheap flights from Muzaffarabad to Dubai. Compare flight tickets from thousands of top airlines to book the best flights for your tri If you're looking for summer vibes, the best time to travel to Muzaffarabad is in June, May and July, when the average temperature reaches 26.11 °C, while June, September and October are the 3 sunniest months of the year, with an average of 180.22 hours The best time to visit the falls is between May and October. That means this is the perfect time to grab your tickets and fly to this beautiful and awe-inspiring zone. Bagrote Valley. Pakistan's Northern areas are famous for natural beauty. They are the main tourist attraction points

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