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State Laws Metal detecting, collecting or digging on 34 state properties requires a permit, and 16 states do not allow recreational metal detecting on state property. The 34 states that allow metal detecting on state property have additional limitations within state park boundaries. Always check with the park ranger and obtain a permit MDHTALK - Metal Detecting Hobby Talk is a website dedicated to the hobby of metal detecting. This website is design to be a repository for metal detecting information and data. The website offers information on: laws, national resources, state resources, metal detecting clubs, local requirements, legislation, events calendar, metal detecting articles, various training classes, and many other. For example, in Maryland a permit is granted to metal detect, but point lookout and cliffs are off limits. You must stick to permissible lands or seek permission by the landowner to metal detect in that area even though the laws state you can metal detect at the beach. Hunting in Counties & Cities Municipalities have different ordinances too Metal Detecting in State Parks The reasonable use of metal detectors is permitted in many state parks. However, metal detecting is not permitted where this activity would conflict with a facility in use, nor is it permitted within fenced areas of swimming pool complexes

Metal detecting. Metal detecting is allowed in designated parks when it is conducted in ways that do not damage the resources or violate state laws. Any items found must be reviewed by park staff and may be retained for further investigation. Parks with designated metal detecting areas (click park name for map Metal detecting is permitted at more than 30 state parks throughout Washington. Users of metal detectors must register first with Washington State Parks and comply with posted regulations

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Laws Metal detecting in California is regulated by the Archaeological Resources Protection Act (ARPA). Under the ARPA, an object cannot be extracted from public land if it's more than 100 years old and of human origin. The ARPA is not applicable on private land You Should Know The Law Metal detecting in Connecticut has it's laws. The ARPA (Archeological Resources Preservation Act), and The National Historical Preservation Act, are the two to be aware of. The laws to pay attention to are the ones that deal with state and federal lands As far as we know, Connecticut is still pretty lenient as far as metal detecting laws. We don't need a permit yet anyway. Most town property and town beaches are open, city parks and such, but when they start going in for Spring cleanup, you have to ask permission if you see them working Rules for Metal Detecting in City Parks: 1. Metal Detecting is only allowed during normal park hours which are typically dawn to dusk unless otherwise posted. 2 Metal detecting in West Virginia follows the Antiquities Act of 1906. President Teddy Roosevelt sign this act into law to protect Indian artifacts that were being looted in the western states. However, throughout the years this law has been used to violate the rights of Americans

State Property - To surface collect, metal detect, or dig on any state property, you must have a permit from the Department of Natural Resources Metal Detecting in NEW YORK (Laws, Spots, Gold, Clubs &More) New York State, the most notorious state of the US & known for its rich history, is also a decent place for those who are looking to swing their detection machines to come up with some solid finds! However, skipping the regulating laws would definitely be a mistake Florida State Parks are glorious, encompassing vast beaches, forests and natural areas -- and using metal detectors in them is allowed, at least in certain designated areas. At coastal parks, you can hunt between the waterline and toe of the dune, as determined by park managers. The exception is at archaeological sites

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Metal detecting without a permit is allowed in specific areas of Oregon State Parks and the ocean shores. The list below identifies those sites. The list may change and we encourage you to check this webpage before you head out. Areas with a permit Metal detecting in Florida is governed by the State Laws of Antiquities, established by the Federal Archaeological Resource Preservation Act of 1979

Archaeological Laws & Ethics Regarding Metal Detecting on private property, State property, and Federal property. Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979. City of Omaha Metal Dector Permits For use in Omaha parks and public lands. History Nebraska Archaeology Division state-owned aquatic lands for prospecting, mining and metal detecting. This guideline shall be used in conjunction with the laws and rules enforced by the Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology), Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW), and other state, local, and federal governments, which have regulatory authority ove Metal detecting is permitted in Oregon State Parks and on the state's ocean shores. There are a few exceptions, but you're unlikely to encounter them. The official state website actually features an extensive list of locations where you are free to use a metal detector without a permit At the best of knowledge, Metal detecting is generally allowed in the state parks of Rhode Island, but it is better if you find out from the park superintendent about any specific rules that need to be followed and also about whether you actually need written permission to use your machine there Washington Metal Detecting Laws . As with all states, the laws relating to metal detecting will vary considerably depending on where you are. For example, on the laws about where you can dig on Federal Lands can be different than for State managed lands. Some of the best places to go metal detecting are on private lands

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(1) The use of metal detectors is permitted only within specified portions of approved state parks as posted for public reference. Metal detecting may be allowed in an approved campsite occupied by the registered metal detector user and in unoccupied campsites within approved campgrounds Here is link for laws by state found on Metal Detecting Hobby Talk Website. MDHTALK - Home: Metal Detecting Hobby Talk. Thanx T_H'r. When the fellow put that site together several years back, he asked me to add an alternative view. As it pertains to the often dire sounding things that you can read with such a site as that Metal Detecting Policy. The restrictions to metal detecting on public lands are to protect historical remains. The Code of Federal Regulations, (36 CFR 261.9) states, The following are prohibited: (g) Digging in, excavating, disturbing, injuring, destroying, or in any way damaging any prehistoric, historic, or archaeological resources, structure, site, artifact, or property Res 7301.19 Metal Detectors. (b) Metal detectors shall be permitted along the shoreline of beaches and at athletic fields, playgrounds, and within a 25 foot radius from picnic tables and pavilions, unless otherwise posted. (c) Metal detectors shall not be permitted at state historic sites and natural areas listed in Res 101.06, or Odiorne Point. In some states, you can't detect at state parks without specific credentials. Others allow it, but only in certain areas and with a few restrictions. In Michigan, for instance, metal detecting is allowed in every part of five of the state parks, but only in certain areas of other state parks. But in a long list of other parks in that state.

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Some state parks allow metal detecting in defined beach areas; those parks require that you apply for a permit directly from them. Here is the information from the Virginia State Parks website: Metal detectors may be used only on designated manmade beaches and only with a DCR [Department of Conservation and Recreation] special use permit Metal Detecting Laws in WA - A Simplified Chart. Metal Detecting Laws and Gold Prospecting Regulations in WA are pretty much the same thing. It can be a little confusing when you relate to different land types, such as private land, Crown land, Native Title Land and then the different types of Mining Tenements in WA such a mining leases, prospecting leases and exploration permits Is Metal Detecting allowed in New York State parks: YES, each park requires a permit. You can find the permits for parks by searching the state park site HERE:. FMDAC Disclaimer: FMDAC assumes no responsibility for any person who knowingly or accidentally violates any state park regulation. Although FMDAC will try to keep this information current we cannot anticipate how each regulation will.

Metal Detecting is permitted on designated Corps of Engineers property as stated in Title 36 — Parks, Forests, and Public Property, Chapter III — U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Part 327 — Rules and Regulations Governing Public Use of Water Resources Development Projects Administered by the Chief of Engineers Gold and silver may be prospected for with hand tools including pans and metal detectors. Minerals such as gold, silver and opals found on mining claims belong to the claim holder. state and federal wildlife law, and other laws may be punishable by fines, imprisonment, and forfeiture of equipment and vehicles used in commission of the crime Metal detecting at new Corp lakes and lands must be approved by the District Office of the Army Corp of Engineers. Each area of the state has a district office. CITY OR COUNTY PARKLAND - Most are open to metal detecting unless notice is given by a sign or city ordinance Metal detecting is permitted with conditions: Only in areas previously disturbed by park development (constructed beaches, roads, parking lots, campsites, etc.) Other areas must first be approved by the Commissioner of Forests and Parks, in consultation with the Division for Historic Preservation. Must report to Park Staff before metal detecting

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  1. Metal Detecting Law in South Carolina This is a follow up to a reply I made in another thread about detecting on Duke Energy land. I searched through threads in this forum, but did not find many specific to state law
  2. State law permits alcohol use only in private areas (inside a cabin or camping unit) or in areas designated on permits issued by the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. Smoking is prohibited in all public buildings and within 25 feet of their entrances. It is also prohibited in all cabins, lodges and meeting facilities
  3. g beaches operated by the Maryland Park Service, with the exception of Point Lookout State Park and Calvert Cliffs State Park, and all adjacent waters controlled by the Service

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  1. Metal Detecting. For those seeking to discover a hidden treasure, metal detecting is allowed in certain areas in 11 state parks; however, registration is required. The activity is allowed only on specific sand beaches at these state parks. Registration is required and allows the user to operate a metal detector on the beaches at the listed parks
  2. The Austin, Texas, Metal Detecting Club's very first entry in its code of ethics is I will always check federal, state, county and local laws before searching. Considering the absolute nature of some Texas laws regarding metal detecting, it comes as no surprise the club puts such an emphasis on knowing the law
  3. g a renowned hobby among the Americans. With the picture of complex metal detecting equipment, many people all finished United States, take up metal detecting as a hobby what's more Florida is no exception. The things individuals detect with their metal detectors differ from person to person. But the fact stays that
  4. From the Alabama State Parks website: (4) It shall be unlawful for any person to use any metal detection device in any State Park without permission from the Park manager. To me, that means you can ask for permission from Mr Ranger and, if he/she says yes, then knock yourself out. I have seen metal detecting going on at State Park beach in GS/OB
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Metal detecting fans should join a club or local association to learn about the best detecting spots, in addition to brushing up on state regulations regarding metal detecting and removing. However, there are restrictions on metal detecting in some areas of the state. Metal detectors are not allowed in any state park area except to locate lost personal property and must have a Special Use Permit issued by the Park Superintendent or designee. Local ordinances may govern the use of metal detectors on beaches that are not state parks Complete List of State Parks Rules and Regulations. Title 17 is all of the rules and regulations of Pennsylvania state parks and are designed to insure visitor's safety and pleasure. Title 17 Rules and Regulations (PDF) Pets in Parks. Metal Detecting Grand Haven State Park also happens to be one of the 5 total state parks in Michigan that allow metal detecting on all portions of the park as long as it is conducted in a way that doesn't damage the resources of violate any state laws The good news about metal detecting in North Carolina is that no permit is required as long as you're at one of the OBX beaches (listed above) where metal detecting is allowed, saving you the time and effort of a permitting process. The only exception to this is in state parks. You'll recall, metal detecting is prohibited in State Parks

Metal detecting in California state parks is not expressly forbidden, according to the California Code of Regulations. However, four sections of the law found in title XIV, section 1, prohibit disturbing any plant, animal, geological feature, or archaeological artifact. As a result, people using metal detectors are not allowed to dig up objects. 14 years ago. Save. Yes, they are allowed. Mostly, I see people in the evening when the beach is less crowded looking for the treasures left by the daytime crowd. Report inappropriate content. Baked_again. Cary, North Carolina. Level Contributor. 1,674 posts purposes. Any act with a metal detector that violates the proscriptions of the Archaeological Resources Protection Act (ARPA) or any other law is prosecutable.Normally, developed campgrounds, swimming beaches, and other developed recreation sites are open to metal detecting unless there are heritage resources present

Metal Detecting Laws Outer Banks: Explore The Beach Legally Photo credit: John W. via Flickr CC2.0 The beaches in the Outer Banks are often filled with early-morning walkers wearing earphones and sweeping a metal detector back and forth to find coins, jewelry, and other things left behind by ancient travelers and current vacationers alike Help support my channel by purchasing the products I use here - - - - https://www.amazon.com/shop/mowerdog or save and use this link for all your other.. Metal detector laws vary from state to state, and a person should determine if he has authorization to use a metal detector before using it in a public place.. Metal detecting and magnet fishing activities are allowed on designated beaches in certain Missouri state parks, within the constraints shown below. This registration must be completed each calendar year. Metal Detecting Locations and Hours Metal detecting and magnet fishing activities can ONLY take place on designated beaches in the following state parks and during the hour Metal detecting in Oklahoma is regulated by the Archaeological Resources Protection Act and the Antiquities Act of 1906. You must obtain a permit from the state park in which you choose to metal detect in. Likely, the permit will cost you $25, in some cases. If you violate metal detecting laws

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West Virginia State Law. None of the following West Virginia state laws actually state that metal detecting is illegal. However, there are laws protecting any artifacts that may have been located with the use of a metal detector. West Virginia Code §29- 1- 8b protects historic and prehistoric sites. It forbids the demolition or disruption of. Metal Detecting Laws For The Beaches. As a word of warning, when metal detecting on the beach do not rush and buy the cheapest metal detector available as there are different metal detects designed for different purposes.. As for consent, the entire offshore in the UK is owned by someone and therefore you need permission from the landowner to detect as metal detecting is not a public right Metal Detecting Etiquette. Metal detecting etiquette are the unwritten rules of metal detecting, that we all must follow to ensure the continuation of the hobby. Mainly, this set of rules is basic common sense. Fill ALL holes - Beach, bush or park. Take ALL items with you - whether is trash, coins or gold A spokeswoman for RIDEM noted the law regarding metal detecting in state parks and management areas mandates that metal detectors or other location devices be restricted to designated areas. While the early days of metal detecting are likened to the old west, with open ranges and few laws, the hobby today is controlled by a hodgepodge of federal, state, city and county rules

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  1. Metal detecting is permitted in selected City parks by permit only. To the right, you will find the list of parks and the rules governing this activity. To request a permit, please print the form and submit the completed application by mail, fax or email to molly.lendman@sanantonio.gov
  2. Know the Local Metal Detecting Laws. Your best course of action when nailing down a site to dig is to always inquire before you start. If you are considering private property, the metal detecting laws are pretty simple - you can usually hunt if you have the permission of the property owner
  3. Street Address City State ZIP Code . 1. Metal detectors may be used on Department of Natural Resources land or waters only for locating specific lost personal items, which must be described in the permit application. 2. A metal detector permit is issued only to a specific individual or their designee for the recovery of said personal items. 3

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  1. erals, stones from walls, or other objects is strictly prohibited
  2. The law governing possession of firearms inside a national park changed on February 22, 2010. Visitors may possess firearms within a national park unit provided they comply with federal, state, and local laws. The role of the responsible gun owner is to know and obey the federal, state, and local laws appropriate to the park they are visiting
  3. Metal detecting to get rich may prove to be a disappointing venture, especially if you're looking to recoup your travel expenses and accommodation costs with your finds. Most archeological, historic, and significant finds belong to the state, government, museums, and the like, and as such, they are not yours to claim
  4. e whether to retain title and possession of.
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  6. Update 4/13/2009 - Metal Detecting is now allowed in Prospect Park two days a week -- Saturdey and Sunday only. If anyone receives any information from the NYC Parks Dept relative to this please let us know. A must read website about NY State laws. Metal Detecting Permit Information . It's cold, the wind is howling, and the ground is frozen..

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Metal detecting permits are only approved for searches for specific items lost during a park visit or event, where reasonable searches have exhausted allother reasonable means of locating the state and local laws and regulations, and with all applicable City policies, rules and procedures. Digging/staking is prohibited due to irrigation. During the Isanti City Council meeting Feb. 2, the council approved a metal detecting policy and waiver for those who wish to metal detect on city-owned property. A waiver and release must be signed and given to city staff before anyone can metal detect on city-owned property. As part of the city policy, the person doing the metal detecting. PERMIT FOR USE OF METAL DETECTORS . Arkabutla Lake, Sardis Lake, Enid Lake & Grenada Lake The Permittee shall comply with all Federal laws and regulations and with all laws, ordinances, and regulations of the . state, county and municipality wherein the said premises are located. See enclosed Rules and Regulations pertaining to

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In the United States, federal parks and monuments forbid metal detectors; at state parks, detectorists may require special permission. Otherwise, metal detectorists are bound largely by etiquette Join a Local Club. There are local metal detecting clubs you can join, such as the Michigan Treasure Hunters Club, located all over the state and there is probably a club within an hour of your home town.An online search can help locate one nearest to you in your state or county Metal Detecting. Metal detectors are authorized for use with valid Permit on the seaward side of the primary dunes and vegetated areas of the following county parks only: No disturbance of any upland areas, historic sites or environmental sensitive areas or bird nesting sites allowed. No flora is to be disrupted or damaged in any way Another big mistake is a misunderstanding or failing to research the state laws surrounding metal detecting where you live. Most states have a 'finders keepers' law when it comes to any treasure that you have found, but it is important to note that certain areas require you to hand in metal-detected items that are worth over $100 to the police

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  1. Q: Is it illegal to metal detect in a cemetery? A: Metal detecting in a cemetery is not a good idea. In some areas, it is legal to metal detect, but illegal to dig or disturb the ground. Either way, regardless of what the law in your state says about metal detecting in cemeteries, you should be respectful and avoid metal detecting in such a place
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  6. Alaska Metal Detecting Laws & Regulations. Alaska State Laws, City Regulations, & Federal Agency Oversight for Metal Detecting (source: mdhtalk.org) Alaska State Park Metal Detecting Rule & Regulation Detail: (source: dnr.alaska.gov) Q. Can I use a metal detector in state parks? A: No, you may not use a metal detector in a state park
  7. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of South Carolina: SECTION 1. This act must be known and may be cited as the Metal Detectors in Public Schools Act. SECTION 2. Article 5, Chapter 1, Title 59 of the 1976 Code is amended by adding: Section 59-1-485. (A)(1) Beginning with the 2020-2021 School Year, walk-through metal detectors.

Possession of Metal Detectors No person shall possess a metal detector or other geophysical discovery device, or use a . metal detector or other geophysical discovery techniques to locate or recover subsurface . objects or features with in the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area. Exemptions to this . order are as follows: 1 Here is a guide to state parks and county parks that allow for metal detecting, but be sure to obtain a permit and follow the detecting rules for your area: The following state parks allow metal. Find local metal detecting clubs near you. Search the complete listing of metal detector clubs by state or province in the United States or Canada This document is a result of inputs from the law enforcement and corrections (LEC) community regarding the contents for a users' guide for hand-held and walk-through detectors for use as metal weapon detectors. In particular, the following local and State LEC agencies have provided inputs that were used in writing the guide

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ALERT ! GEORGIANS NEED TO TAKE A STAND OR DETECTING WILL BE ILLEGAL! Posted By: Rick Phillips Date: Monday, 12 March 2001, at 4:40 a.m. Attention Georgians, (and others...this could happen to you if our state enacts this), You probably don't know that some sneaky representative, (Burkhalter of the 41st) has a bill going to the Georgia General Assembly THIS WEEK that will enact a law where you. PERMIT FOR USE OF METAL DETECTORS . Lake Ouachita, DeGray Lake, & Lake Greeson The Permittee shall comply with all Federal laws and regulations and with all laws, ordinances, and regulations of the . state, county and municipality wherein the said premises are located. See enclosed Rules and Regulations pertaining to Metal detecting in Minnesota is a far cry from digging up Old Roman Coins,but there is still the enjoyment when one learns how to use a metal detector,that the treasure dug up don't matter.Metal detecting MN does have its challenges.Lets discuss the best places to detect,to locations where the best detector stores are.We all know where to buy metal.It's time we buy a metal detector to find it The Irish Metal Detecting Society have in the region of 2700 members with new members joining each day. All our members agree we need to move our hobby forward within the law and to this end we seek your help. Our main issues are access to state lands such as beaches, parks, waterways, forests and other state lands where many other groups. A technological jump to wireless metal detecting ! The XP DEUS uses three high performance wireless elements: Wireless search coil Wireless remote control with LCD display Wireless audio headphones These three elements communicate with each. Minelab CTX 3030 Metal Detector Top Rated Minelab CTX 3030 Metal Detector 1.5khz - 100khz.

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Home / Archaeology / Artifact Collecting & Metal Detecting Notify the State Archaeologist before you dig Notifying the State Archaeologist is required by law (OCGA 12-3-621 ) when the surface of any archaeological site is disturbed for the purpose of investigating the site or discovering artifacts The Metal Detecting Association of Washington was started to promote, protect and preserve recreational metal detecting here, in the State of Washington. Some of the concerns related to detecting in this state are unique to the Pacific Northwest. As a group we strive to work with hobbyists, in clubs or not, who want to enjoy metal detecting. A search for metal detecting on this website will provide a current list of parks that do allow metal detecting. Park rules prohibit metal detecting, disturbing the soil, and removing archaeological material from the park. Historical and archaeological material at the park are also protected by state and federal antiquity laws Coin Beach In Delaware Is One Of The Best Places To Go Metal Detecting In The U.S. Are you looking for a new way to spend your time in the First State? One of the nation's top places to go metal detecting is right here in Slower Lower Delaware. Read all about why Coin Beach is a great place to go treasure hunting below A hardy few such as Deutzman make a living finding discarded treasure. It's a daily crapshoot made all the more difficult by a mess of state, federal, and local scavenger laws that baffle detectors

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State and city laws vary. In some areas, it's fine to metal detect on public land as long as you return it to the state in which you found it after digging any holes. In other areas, you may have. OCSD's metal detector search team comprises part of the search and rescue reserve unit (SRRU), one of many units in the reserve bureau. Except for the lieutenant and sergeant, the reserve bureau consists of a mix of reserve deputies—sworn law enforcement officers—and nonsworn professional service responders (PSRs)

Hampton Roads Laws. Metal Detecting Laws pertaining to the Hampton Roads area. 5: 11: Smithfield Laws by GabrielJew Nov 17, 2020 1:19:39 GMT -5: Northern Virginia. Metal Detecting Laws pertaining to Northern Virginia. 1: 2: Planned arthritis, beyond psychotherapeutic young, anti-insulin taken. by BettyKat Sept 26, 2020 3:32:24 GMT -5: Western. We asked metal detector experts from the United States and Europe about the best tools for everyone from total beginners to seasoned detectorists including Garrett Ace 250, Minelab VANQUISH 440.

LAWS AND REGULATIONS DETECTING SUPPLIES FORUMS RESEARCH SITES. LAWS AND REGULATIONS 2019. NATIONAL LAWS T he 1906 and 1997 Acts have an impact on the National Park System, National Monuments, National Sea Shore Beaches, Civil & Revolutionary War Battlefields, and to some extent on Native American lands. These acts make metal detecting illegal in any of these places Metal Detecting Illinois Metal Detecting in Illinois Illinois has a rich and captivating history and the members of IVHRRA are on a mission to discover that history. Whether it is detecting the neighbor's back yard or an old Native American territory, there are endless opportunities for excitement and discover Is a Gold Prospecting, and Metal Detecting Club centrally located and member friendly in Casper, Wyoming. Our chapter is a local branch of the Gold Prospectors Association of America. (GPAA). The GPAA club is used by members to exchange information, and assist each other in their pursuit of metal detecting and gold prospecting

Metal Detecting. Use of metal detectors is a hobby for many, and can be a benefit to a park in that finding and removing metal objects from beaches, parking areas, and campsites helps prevent injury and/or damage to vehicles and equipment There's also a provincial law called the Special Places Protection Act, designed to protect Nova Scotia's historic places and artifacts. The fine for breaking the law is a fine of up to $10,000. The Special Places Protection Act doesn't specifically mention metal detecting, but states anyone who intends to excavate historic objects must. IN BUSINESS. (360) 830-4709. 195 W Pinehurst Way. Bremerton, WA 98312. Sponsored Links. We found 4 results for Metal Detecting Equipment in or near Seattle, WA. They also appear in other related business categories including Aluminum, Antiques, and Brass. The businesses listed also serve surrounding cities and neighborhoods including Bremerton. Low Country Treasure Hunters of the Carolinas, Virginia, Georgia, and the Florida Coastline joined together over 30 years ago founding the Group LMS Metal Detecting. We are located in Murrells Inlet, SC and travel all over the eastern U.S. All of our members share a high standard of ethics to save and preserve the history that was lost, hidden, or just left behind Algonac State Park CIA IR RIVER ALGONAC ROBERTS LEGEND LAKE PLAIN PRAIRIETRAL Designated areas open to metal detectors. All other a s closed! Trap Range BLAZING STAR Archery Rsnge OAK TRAIL ROAC) GRAVEL ROAD FOOT TRAIL STATE LAND PARK HEADQUARTERS CONTACT STATION MOO ERN CAMPGROUN

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