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The kitten being advertised is often a popular breed and the asking price is lower than the market value. The scammers at Ragdoll-kitty.com come up with various explanations as to why they are selling the kitten; often a tragic story such which requires a fast sale, such as the owner having died or being too ill to look after the animals Read 4 More Customer Reviews. Business Details. Location of This Business. 2306 Ellingham, Wichita Falls, TX 76308-2038. BBB File Opened: 8/25/2015. Alternate Business Name. Elegant Rags. We Love. I found this Breeder on line for Ragdoll kittens. Website seemed legit, there were references and photos. Once I decided on a kitten then they sent additional photos and a contract for me to sign guaranteeing the care of the kitten as well as a health guarantee We adopted our little ragdoll kitten very recently. My boyfriend and I just moved out to the Phoenix area and knew we wanted to adopt a ragdoll kitten as soon as possible. I googled ragdoll kitten breeders in the Phoenix area and Kathleen Nickeson immediately had a fantastic website, great information, and a good feeling overall I'm Jenny Dean, and I am pictured here with my two Ragdoll cats, Charlie and Trigg. I met my first Ragdoll when I was 3 years old. Then for Christmas 1989, my parents gifted my brothers and me, two Ragdoll kittens - Rags and Cosby

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  1. 3 reviews of Texas Ragdoll Kittens Beware of this seller. She goes by two names, Joni Preston and Joan Cox. This breeder is very nice and helpful when she is selling you a kitten. I bought my first Ragdoll from her. When I was contemplating purchasing my second kitten from her she was still very helpful and friendly (I actually thought we had become friends.
  2. If you live in Washington and you're trying to adopt a Ragdoll kitten or cat, your best choice is to go to a Ragdoll cat breeder. These are people who specialize in the breed and really understand their personality traits and how to care for them. Finding a Ragdoll cat breeder in Washington can be difficult, but we've done all of the hard work for you
  3. These kittens are not 8 weeks old. These kittens are between 4 to 5 weeks old. These are no ragdolls, which I have proof of. These are normal kittens. I paid R12000.00 to the owner. Contacted her on several occasions n made arrangements to meet up n return the kitten to which she agreed to. Now this lady ignored all my calls, emails n texts
  4. 3 reviews of Ragdoll Kittens Cattery Scam company- I asked for references, and to see a copy of the sales contract before I signed it and I got a horrible response back from them! Another gal lost 1,000 - they gave her a fake tracking number! They sent me three different pictures of 3 kittens and they called every one of them Cindy. Look at the noses, they are different
  5. Ragdolls Reviews | Ragmeister Ragdoll Cats and kittens. I got my blue Bi-color Ragdoll from Gary in 2009 and I couldn't be happier! Before picking up my Sadie I emailed and called Gary with many questions and he was very patient and always answered in a timely manner. The day I drove down to SD I decided to take my kids to the zoo first and.

If you would like to contact us Please Call 570-418-5200 or E-mail info@milkywayragdolls.com . Our kittens are all guaranteed to be free from PKD, HCM, FIV, and FelV. Kittens are health certified by our Veterinarian before leaving our home, they come fully vaccinated, dewormed, spayed or neutered, and are ready to go home between 12-16 weeks old Texas Ragdoll Kittens, Justin, Texas. 1.3K likes. Pure bred, TICA registered Ragdoll kittens. The cutest in Texas! Loved and raised at home

We have Ragdoll Kittens for Sale a few times a year. Our sweet kittens are raised with small children. Our Ragdolls are DNA tested negative for the Ragdoll HCM gene and are free of FELV/FiV. Our Ragdoll kittens and cats are completely healthy and free of any diseases. We are a CFA & TiCA Registered Cattery and members of RFCi and RFW With positive reinforcement, Ragdoll cats learn quickly and can pick up tricks as well as good behaviors such as using a scratching post. The Ragdoll cat is an all-around best buddy to just about everyone. They love their human families-even children-and will get along with other pets fairly well. Docile, sweet, and happy to relax for a good cuddle session, the loving Ragdoll will even. Read Our Full Brand Review. Ragdoll cats can benefit from a moisture-rich diet. This Honest Kitchen Grain-Free Turkey recipe is a dehydrated cat food, so it shouldn't be fed as-is but, once rehydrated, it is a great source of moisture for cats. It is also packed with real animal protein from fresh turkey Gorgeous ragdoll kittens for sale - Golden Ragdolls Home - United States Gorgeous ragdoll kittens for sale - Golden Ragdolls Puppy Scammer List 0 shares 277 views Riverside Rags ® is a TICA ® and CFA ® registered cattery. The International Cat Association ® is the world's largest genetic registry of pedigreed cats and the largest registry of household cats and kittens. CFA ® or the Cat Fanciers' Association is a non-profit cat registry focused on the well-being of all cats.. Purebred Ragdolls are known for their loyal and loving nature as well.

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We are located in Saint Cloud, Florida, about 20 minutes from Orlando, 2 hours from Tampa and 30 minutes from Melbourne. We breed traditional and Mink Ragdoll cats and kittens in the following colors and markings: Traditional: Bicolors or Points in Seal and Blue. Markings: Lynx or mitted. Minks: could be bi-colors or Points in Seal or Blue and. Kitten Pick up will be done at our door. Our Ragdoll kittens are bred from the traditional lines of Ragdolls in the traditional colors and coat designs. They are each given individual care relative to nutrition, socialization and veterinarian care. Every Ragdoll litter is born in the privacy and quiet of its own room and never caged The Ragdoll is a well-balanced cat with no extreme features. They are a medium to large, moderately longhaired, blue-eyed pointed cats. The point markings may be covered by a range of white overlay patterns. Ragdolls are slow maturing, reaching full coat and color at about three years of age. The Ragdoll is an affectionate and intelligent cat

After about three months of researching Ragdoll Kittens and stumbling across so many negative reviews, I finally found ThunderingPaws and Kameo/Steve. Their excellent reviews and Kameo's excellent communication via Facebook made me comfortable enough to put a deposit down on a kitten, even though I'm all the way in San Francisco I have been researching more Ragdoll Breeders and Canada and wanted to know what you all think of this site/cattery: ADEN RAGDOLLS - Ragdoll Cats Breeder in Ontario Canada Their name is Aden Ragdolls and I saw they were on the TICA website which is a good sign, but I just wanted second opinions BUYER BEWARE!!! The kittens sold from Lovely Ragdolls, Elegant Ragdolls, Jessica Perry are testing positive for Corona Virus which is the cause for FIP! FIP is a death sentence for these kittens. These kittens (from Lovely Ragdolls) also have ringworm and they are still selling the kittens. Ringworm is highly contagious to people and pets Scammer's phone 9152294085Scammer's website nancysragdollkittens.comScammer's address Avoids answering questions on location.Scammer's email [email protected]Country United StatesType of a scam Online PurchaseInitial means of contact Email Literally the exact same scam as Aniyahs Ragdoll Kittens. Same photos, same story of having cats in Libya, they use the same website creater just. HOME OF RAGDOLL KITTEN CATTERY. We offer purebred ragdoll kittens in many colors and patterns: Seal, blue, chocolate, sepia, lilac, flame, cream, chocolate, bicolor, color point, mitted, tortie, torbie, lynx, and mink. Our ragdoll kittens are ready for homes at 11-12 weeks of age. All our ragdoll kittens are litter trained, dewormed, socialized.

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Browse Ragdoll kittens for sale & cats for adoption. The Ragdoll is a moderately active cat. They are not overly demanding or hyper but they do enjoy attention and affection from their companions. They enjoy a good cuddle and they also enjoy a game that challenges their mind Our happy, healthy Ragdoll Kittens can go home with you at 9-12 weeks of age. Call today for more information on our precious Ragdoll Kittens

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Welcome to Ragdoll Blues Beautiful pic Susan! Thank you! Lyndal G thank you for such a beautiful update! My kittens are blessed to have you for their mommie!!! Ragdoll kittens love their buddies!! They are TERRIFIED of Collars! Please get them a friend and do not use a collar. Use [ Ragdolls are beautiful cats who get their names from a cute quirk. When they are picked up, their muscles go. Keeping your Ragdoll cat's coat tangle-free is easy. We've reviewed and rated the 10 best brushes in 2021 just for you. The Review Best Brush for Ragdoll Cats . 4.9 Score

The ragdoll cat breed was developed by American breeder Ann Baker in the 1960s. They are large and muscular cats with semi-long hair, with a characteristic silky and soft coat. These cats are famous for their placid temperament and are docile and affectionate. Their name was coined due to their distinctive attribute of going limp when they are. our kittens will melt your heart! Wisconsin's Premier Ragdoll Cattery. Welcome to Beyond the Valleyragdolls where our ragdoll kittens and cats are bred for Excellence! We breed and raise high quality ragdoll cats and kittens. All our kittens are born, babied, and loved underfoot in our home. Our ragdoll cattery adheres to strict standards this is an exciting time for a ragdoll to love. the colors and patterns possible are: seal, blue, tortie, bi-color, lilac, lynx, sepia, mink and solid i have been breeding ragdolls for all most 11 years and have placed all most 400 amazing beautiful kittens in precious families homes Over 14 Years Expirience Breeding TICA Registered Ragdoll Kittens. Bred, Raised, and Loved Underfoot. They are usually Ready to leave Their Very Attentive Mothers between 8 - 10 weeks of age. We have found that each Kitten exhibits a Bonding Behavior when they are 'Ready' for You

Ragdoll cats are one of the most unique and loving breeds for any pet owner. With their soft fur and good temperament, they make for a great pet that your whole family will enjoy. If you're looking to bring home a new feline friend, purchasing your kitten from a reputable breeder / cattery is the best way to go Ace - Seal Bicolor Male Ragdoll Kitten. Ace - Seal Bicolor Male Ragdoll Kitten. $127.78. On Sale. Zoey - Seal Bicolor Female Ragdoll Kitten. Zoey - Seal Bicolor Female Ragdoll Kitten. $127.78. On Sale. Magic - Seal Bicolor Mink Male Ragdoll Kitten

Reviews. Just wanted to let you know that Charlie is a delight; we love him dearly and he has acclimated well. He's learning all the basics and has had very few accidents in the house. He is sound asleep beneath my desk right now. He has already been on 5 plane rides! He is now enjoying our gorgeous fall weather in Northwest Ohio Written on: 16/07/2004 by Chinablue (4 reviews written) The Ragdoll is a semi longhaired giant of a cat. Be prepared for a male neuter when mature to be in the region of 15-22lbs, female n usually around 13-15lb. Breeding girls and stud boys usually weigh less than the n

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Available Ragdoll Kittens (enlarge Ragdoll Daisy picture) Ragdoll kitten Daisy Breed: Ragdoll Category: ragdoll kittens Ragdoll Color and Markings: Black Mitted Gender: Female Ragdoll kitten for sale: $2000 to pet families (enlarge Ragdoll Daisy picture ABOUT US. Here at East Coast Ragdolls, we breed both Ragdoll cats and Golden Retrievers. We strive to breed our animals true to the standards of their respective governing bodies. More than that, we breed true life long companions selected for their friendly temperaments. We are located in Amelia Court House, VA (23002) and raise our kittens in. Ragdoll Cats Rescue in West Palm Beach on YP.com. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Animal Shelters in West Palm Beach, FL

Radiant Rags, located in Massachusetts, is a small, caring Ragdoll Cattery which takes pride in its Radiant Ragdoll cats. Check out the pictures of our ragdoll kitten litters today! Nancy Severino Malden, Massachusetts: Cell: Text: 339-224-0417 If no answer please leave a message or a txt Hi, My name is Lynn Milstead and I own a small in home cattery called Jollytime Ragdolls, located in Salisbury, North Carolina. (40 minutes North of Charlotte). Kittens are raised in the home with lots of love and attention, as they deserve it. All my cats are true to the breed, sweet, calm and LOVING!! Kittens are bred from Champion & Supreme Grand Champion lines Browse Ragdoll kittens for sale & cats for adoption

Welcome to Appleton Ragdolls, we are a small hobby breeder located in Woodstock, Connecticut. We only have a few litters of quality kittens per year. Early reservations are recommended. Our Ragdoll kittens are raised underfoot with love, have wonderful personalities and nice temperaments. We strive to breed cats to the standard of the Ragdoll cat breed Available. $3300. Riverside Rags raises purebred, Champion lines Ragdoll kittens. Our kittens are extremely well socialized (as well as litter-box trained) by the time they leave our home. All of our breeding cats have tested negative for HCM, PKD, FeLV as well as a variety of other diseases included in a URD panel Ragdoll kittens for sale in Florida by Divine Ragdolls. Specializing in suburban home family raised Genuine Ragdoll TICA & CFA parented kittens with multiple Supreme Grand Champion bloodlines and at least five generation certified pedigrees raised with my family of five children. Always a home hobby breeder, never a pet store or farm business. Ragdoll Cats Rescue in Chandler on YP.com. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Animal Shelters in Chandler, AZ

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I owned cats all my life and my first ragdoll kitten was purchased from Beyond the Valleyragdolls in the summer of 2007. I did a lot of research before deciding on a ragdoll. I chose Beyond the Valleyragdolls because Sue was very personable, and the kittens and cats are in a wonderful loving home environment Simpsons Ragdoll Kittens . 10/11/2020 . Sold . 10/11/2020 . Sold . 10/11/2020 . Available . 10/11/2020 . I have a Bi Lynx available. Will try and post pictures tomorrow. 09/23/2020 . Both sold . 09/14/2020 . So many good reviews. I have been being told about this product for many years. So glad we are able to get them for our feline . I have had cats for 60+ years. My cats had ALL been adopted from the Humane Society. It has been 40+ years since I have had kittens. My last cat, was 12, when I adopted her from the Humane Society, was a Ragdoll cat. I fell in love with this breed, because they ARE the sweetest cats. Jenny Dean's book about Ragdoll Kitten Care is VERY informative Our Ragdoll Cat Breeders give top care and love to every Ragdoll Kitten. We often have retired Ragdoll Breeder Cats and discounted Ragdoll Kittens We DNA test our breeding cats with UC Davis to confirm coat color. Our Ragdolls at Fancicat Farms are all spoiled members of our family, and live in our 4,000+ sq. ft. home with us. All of our kittens are very well socialized, and raised underfoot with lots of love, attention, and excellent care from our entire family

Beyond the Valleyragdolls raising gentle TICA affectionate ragdoll kittens and cats of excellence! Home-raised with health guarantee, vaccinated, and socialized. Variety of colors and patterns, offering year round kittens every month, and seasonal retired adults. Inquires always welcome, and always a fast response. 651-323-788 FREE KITTENS THAT ARE 16 WEEKS OLD. (Beach and University blvd area) pic. hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post. Jul 2

Ragdoll kittens Cattery is a small Ragdoll cattery located in Helena, MT. They only breed blue-eyed Ragdoll kittens. Their Ragdolls are from Supreme Champion Lines. They focus on making sure that their cats have good behaviors and are well socialized. All cats are tested negative for HCM, FeLV, and FIV before breeding The Ragdoll breed dates back to the 1960's and was developed by an American breeder by the name of Ann Baker. Ragdolls are a pointed breed with stunning, beautiful blue eyes. They have soft, silky, semi-longhaired coats. (Mostly described as having a plush bunny like texture) The Ragdoll breed is a large breed with females averaging 10-15 lbs. Luton | 4th Jul 2021 (1 day ago) | Cats For Sale by Simmone Crooks. 3 female ragdoll x kittens chocolate black very cute loving kittens 2 long haired and 1 shorter haired ready to go to their new homes litter trained .mum is a seal point ragdoll .there eyes look blue in the pictures but they have changed to more of a green .they love sitting on laps good with kids and dog If there are purebred Ragdoll kittens pics below it means they are ready now or will be ready soon and each carry a 3 year genetic health guarantee, unheard of with purebred kittens! All our breeder cats have been tested negative for HCM. Click the blue link below or call 619-889-1148 to reserve your Ragdoll kitten today July 9, 2008. Our kitten is doing so beautifully, bonding with each member of the family, adored by and adoring the eleven year-old border collie-lab. The indoor-outdoor four year old male cat is falling in love with her (she will be indoor only). She is healthy and clear, just received second set of inoculations from a great cat only vet

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Ragdolls were developed by an American breeder named Ann Baker in the 1960s, and they have one extremely distinctive trait: the tendency to go completely limp in your arms when picked up — you know, like a ragdoll. Like Ragamuffins, buying a Ragdoll from a breeder will be expensive Kittens sold by Jessica Perry from Elegant Ragdolls, Lovely Ragdolls and their other breeders are infested with Ringworm and are testing positive for the corona virus which cause FIP. FIP is a death sentence and can not be treated She was up at 1 am, 4 am and 6 am and seems to have gotten the potty word down. She even pooped after breakfast! We have toys and an elk antler for her and she's beginning to play with them. She chews the antler and then meows away and meows at it. She's so cute! Right now she's tired and sleeping between her toys Ragdoll breeders in MA, Sunnybrook Ragdolls is located in the picturesque, rural town of Rutland, Massachusetts. I live on a 1 and 1/2 acre parcel of land with my family, golden retriever and of course my Ragdoll cats and kittens. My Ragdoll cattery is small and personable. Most of the time my Ragdolls enjoy the run of my house Welcome to Jamila's Ragdolls: We are a small TICA registered cattery located in Smithville,TX. Breeding the finest quality of pedigreed Ragdolls, we specialize in offering Ragdoll kittens for sale in Texas. As one of the best Texas Ragdoll breeder choices, we help each customer find the perfect Ragdoll kitten for sale

CAROLINA MINK RAGDOLLS is located near Charleston SC, TICA and CFA registered. This is a small cattery where special care is given to its furry occupants. The females share a large room where they have plenty of space to play. The males have separate rooms. All my cats have a healthy diet, lots of toys, and are played with and cared for daily Ruthie's Ragdolls is a small cattery located in the Midwest in Columbia, Missouri off of I-70 about 120 miles from both St. Louis and Kansas City. All of my kittens are registered with The International Cat Association (TICA). My kittens are clean, well socialized and are raised in our home around our local family which includes adult. Mustloverags is a small cattery registered with The International Cat Association (TICA) We breed purebred Ragdolls, in the following accepted colors Seal, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, and Red. We enjoy attending, and competing at cat shows in the Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Alberta, Washington, and Oregon State area. We are commited to.

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Clients Feedback/ Reviews and Testimonials Lily is doing great. We love her so much. She adapted very well to our family pets. She's such a lover. Here are a few pics I would like to share. Thanks again for raising beautiful kittens. Take care. We adopted a rag doll kitten fro I am so happy with Ragdoll kittens by Kelly! Karey is very knowledgeable and honest. She loves her kittens and their mommies and takes great care of them. Her home is beautiful and clean and you can tell immediately that the cats are comfortable and well loved. — Karen Gardner, Google Reviews The Ragdoll is a large, heavy cat. Fully mature males can weigh up to 10 kg or more. Females will weigh about 8 kg. They are a semi-longhaired breed, with Siamese-like colourings, and although not possessed of a thick undercoat (like the Persian) they do retain a soft, silky outer coat. Another distinctive feature of the Ragdoll is its large. 1/3. Kittens Available. Welcome to Angel Haven Dolls. A small home ragdoll cat breeder located on the border of: North San Diego/Riverside County in Southern California. We love our ragdolls and have been so blessed to pass that love on by providing healthy and well socialized pets for others. Unlike some breeders, we believe in the importance. Ragdoll Islands is a cattery in Cape Coral, Florida, owned and operated by Chérie Pierce. Chérie works tirelessly to produce best-in-class, genetically superior Ragdoll kittens. Ragdolls are friendly, interactive and easy going - sometimes referred to as the dog of cats

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Grace Hansen. 4.09 · Rating details · 11 ratings · 3 reviews. Readers will learn some great facts about these fluffy and friendly cats. They'll love when they read that ragdoll cats go limp when they're picked up! Big full-bleed photographs, new glossary terms, and fun facts will keep readers wanting more! Aligned to Common Core Standards. Available Ragdoll Kittens. We're expecting only flame/cream boys kittens and seal and blue tortie girls kitten, mitted, colorpoints and bicolors. If you are interested in these colors, deposits are welcome. In case if my Questionnaire doesn't work, please send me an email gentletouchr@gmail.com with similar information about yourself, your. Geneva, IL. Midwest Ragdolls. I am a veterinarian who breeds Ragdoll kittens in Chicago Il for the last 18 years. Www.ragdollkittensforyou.com My family and I breed purebred Ragdoll kittens for wonderful pets and quality breeders. We have a small farm west of Chicago and raise the kitties in our house with kids and dogs Review the Ragdoll Breed Standard in CFA or TICA . OUR MISSION To provide the public with quality Ragdoll kittens. What to expect from a CALIFORNIA BEST RAGDOLL breeder: Early Spay and Neuter to insure your kitten is altered safely and correctly before they leave the breeder. There are many benefits to this practice A Ragdoll Kitten's semi-longhaired coat can be seen in a variety of patterns and colours. Buy Ragdoll cats for sale online in India with the assistance of Team Captain Furry. RAgdoll kittens for adoption. Ragdolls are the friendliest cats among all. They are loving, gorgeous, reasonably quiet, good-tempered cats that make them great pets

Each Kitten is a Work of Art! Ragdoll Kittens For Sale in Hesperia, California United States. Great to have you here! When you talk to the breeder, don't forget to mention you found them on Pets4You.com. Breeder Name: Cindy DeWolfe. (760) 244-6495 Visit our Available Kittens page for more information! Email us at: angellcats777@yahoo.com . Welcome to AngellCats Ragdolls . In a period of a three years, AngellCats Ragdolls has been awarded with 4 Supreme Grand Champion Ragdoll Cats and 5 Regional Winners and have received well over 400 award ribbons

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ragdoll in the world for the first 10 months of our show season. He ended up finishing 2nd by only 41 points having scored nearly 4,500 points during the year. In CFA you get 1 point for every cat you beat in each ring at shows. That means he managed to beat 4,500 other cats during the year. This is absolutly amazing to us Buffalo Bill and Josephina are expecting kittens by the end of July. If you would like to be considered for a Lapdolls kitten, please complete and send our Kitten Adoption form. We look forward to hearing from you! Name: Sebastian. Male. DOB: April 15, 2021. Color: Seal Bicolor 508-813-6411. CFA/TICA Ragdoll Cats. Our Ragdoll Kittens Are Raised With Love Un derfoot From Our Family To Yours. Please Note: We do not have available kittens at this time. However, we do have a wait list. It's a long one, approximately 9-12 months. at this time, but we promise we are worth the wait. If you decide to look for another breeder. Best Ragdoll Kitten Of The Year IW BW SIEMPREAMAR LAMAR BLUE POINT/BICOLOR Bred/Owned By: MIRJAM SCHROEVERS. Sponsor: Sponsored by USAPurrs Ragdolls. Best Ragdoll Alter Of The Year IW BW SGCA SNUGGLERAGS MARY TYLER MEOW SEAL POINT/BICOLOR Bred By: HEATHER SANDS Owned By: JULIE SUPPLE

DUE TO THE COVID-19 SAFETY REGULATIONS ALL VISITATION AND SELECTION IS HELD VIRTUALLY, NO EXCEPTIONS. We are a small breeder of Ragdoll kittens, Miniature Goldendoodle, Miniature Bernedoodle, and Havapoo puppies. We are now located in Brooksville, FL and you can be assured that all of the rules and regulations of proper animal rearing are followed Raising Healthy, Happy Ragdolls. From our home to Yours. Welcome to Texas Blue Rags. We are glad you found us. We are Vikki and Amy, Mother/daughter Ragdoll breeders located in Texas, just South of Dallas. Our Ragdoll cats are part of our family, they are raised in our home. Our kittens get daily love and attention from the day they are born Kittens for Sale. Your kitten (s) will be litter-box trained, eating solid food, have received their first two required vaccinations, and will be ready to go home with you as early as 11 weeks old. Oregon Ragdolls kittens are registered with The International Cat Association (TICA) as purebred Ragdolls. Registry papers will be released to.

11 Weeks. $600. sweet_kitty90. Worcester, MA 01653. calm Ragdolls. Best Ever Kittens. Text at 435-417-5816 For More Pictures/Details... 11 Weeks. $600 Shore Kittens is a small family owned cattery located in Ocean County at the Jersey Shore. Our Cats are CFA Pedigreed and we are a registered cattery. We strive to produce healthy, happy, affectionate kittens. All of our cats are raised under toe, as are their kittens. All of our kittens are vetted with first vaccines, deworming, and health.

Royalrags Ragdoll Cats CFA TICA Registered Cattery is located in Overland Park, Kansas. We're within a few hours drive of Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Illinois, Nebraska, Colorado, Texas, Louisian PAGE AT (580) 725-7562 - Home. WELCOME TO USA RAGDOLL KITTENS. I have been raising Ragdoll kittens and cats for almost 20 years! I first researched purebred cats on the internet and fell in love with a picture of a seal mitted Ragdoll, but had never heard of Ragdolls. I then visited a breeder who had Ragdolls and another breed of cat, the Bengal We produce the best Ragdoll kittens, both for show quality and pet homes! We are the only cattery in Utah that shows our Ragdolls! Our kittens are Quadruple Grand Champion Sired, and come from a long line of Show Champions! All of our breeders have been tested for 40+ genetic diseases, as well as a full genotypic/phenotypic panel All kittens will be spayed and neutered before adoption. For available Ragdoll kittens and adults see Kittens tab. My daughter also started breed Burmese cats, they are also very sweet, affectionate, with dog like personalities, have silky fur, just very short fur and Gold eyes! Please take a look! More information about Ragdoll breed is her

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Show Quality kittens are priced starting from $2,500. Show quality kittens will be spayed/neutered prior to leaving our cattery. No exceptions! Show/Breeder Quality kittens are available to approved catteries only. Regardless what quality a Ragdoll kitten belongs to, it is always a combination of beauty, sweetness and love Royal Canin Ragdoll dry cat food is tailor-made nutrition created just for the Ragdoll breed. A combination of essential nutrients, including amino acids, vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids, helps keep your Ragdoll's skin healthy and their coat shiny and soft. Nutrients like taurine support a healthy heart, while EPA and DHA promote healthy.