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User Info: JungleJim. JungleJim 5 years ago #8. Here's a quick reference with a few errors fixed from my guide. First number is ABS gained with ABS Up, second is without. Note that the first number is not simply 1.2x the second, because ABS Up is applied per enemy and rounded down. UC - To the Outside World 126 108. UC - Battle with Rats 134 116 Everything else can be poisoned, even the Demon Puppets. Mummy Heaven ----- Revenant x16 Fire Wyrm x 2 Holy Wyrm x 2 Dark Keeper x 2 The Dark Keeper can be severely damaged but not killed by 1 Holy Stone. Use a rock to follow up the Holy Stone. The Wyrms can be poisoned Dark Chronicle (known as Dark Cloud 2 in the US) is an action RPG by developer Level-5 Inc. for the Sony Playstation 2. It was originally released in Japan in September of 2002, with later releases in North America months later in February 2003, and in Europe in September 2003. It is a spiritual successor to Level-5's Playstation 2 game Dark Cloud, and widely incorporates many of the original. As the game begins, a girl runs to her father's room in a castle. A group of creatures attack her; she defeats them and enters the room, where she finds a ma.. Ideas = Barrel + Belt + Tree Materials = 30x Scrap of Metal + 2x Thick Hide + 10x Rolling Log Sources = Treasure Chests on Floor 2; the Rat on Floors 1 and 2; (or Morton's Sundries). + If you don't have the photo of the Tree: - Go to the drawbridge and walk to the right past the Manhole Cover

Dark Cloud 2 Medal Rewards. Dark Cloud 2 Time Trial Advice . Dungeon 1 - Underground Channel. Collecting all of the medals in the first dungeon is fairly easy as you could probably already imagine. The hardest medals to get are the two time trial medals in the rooms past the Floor Pump Room In this guide you'll find all the collectibles from Dark Cloud 2. Each type of collectible is listed in their own section and there are quite some missables. Dark Cloud 2 (Dark Chronicle in Europe) is an RPG originally released on PS2. Getting the Platinum here will be a lengthy undertaking, with a fair few challenges Key items are specific items used to proceed through dungeon floors in the Dark Cloud series. A Gate key is used to progress to the next floor of a dungeon, they are always dropped by a specific enemy type on each floor. A locked door key, or floor key, is used to unlock a closed-off section of a dungeon floor. A back floor key, is used to gain entry into a back floor in Dark Cloud. 1 Dark.

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  1. Floor 2: Mt. Gundor Wind [Red Seal] * Time Limit to Defeat All Monsters: 07:00 * Spheda (Prize: 5 Treasure Chest Keys) * Attack and defeat all enemies using only MAX'S GUN * The Geostone fell
  2. A dungeon is a major gameplay location in the Dark Cloud series. Each has its own unique theme, is typically close by a village or town, and consists out of floors. Dungeons are inhabited by monsters, usually with a powerful boss living at the deepest regions. They contain treasure chests and are important to finding Atla in Dark Cloud and geostones in Dark Chronicle. To progress through a.
  3. Griffin's favorite PlayStation 2 game of all time is now available on PlayStation 4, but how well does Dark Cloud 2 hold up 13 years later?Subscribe: http://..
  4. The flapping fish can get you to the back floors. you can sometimes find it in the shipwrek or just buy it from the fish lady in queens. The best floor is considered to be Back Floor 14 since it gives out the highest ABS total in the Shipwreck. This is a popular Back Floor for training, since the key can be bought in town

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  1. The Underground Water Channel is the first dungeon in Dark Chronicle. It is one of two dungeons in Palm Brinks and the shortest in the game as well, with only eight floors, two of which are boss floors. It is here where Maximilian goes To the Outside World and learns the photography mechanic as well as gains access to the Ridepod from Cedric. He is chased through the channel, which is a.
  2. Dark Cloud 2 walkthroughs on SuperCheats - Georama Guide. Close . Game Search 2nd Floor of Workshop restored • 3 sturdy houses placed • 30 Culture Points obtained 3rd Floor of Workshop restored • House placed 3 blocks high • 2nd Floor of Workshop restored Workshop Elevator restored • Resident in house with Chimney • 3rd Floor of.
  3. The first thing you will do when you begin a new game of Dark Cloud 2 will be picking out Max's outfit. How thrilling. Select whatever ensemble you wish, and advance. Next up, you will meet Monica. Her little intro scene will teach you the bare essentials of battling
  4. Dark Cloud Second Dungeon How to progress floors. Dark Cloud - Wise Owl Forest Boss Battle . Queens/Shipwreck: Dark Cloud Shipwreck Floor 9 (Also how to acquire Ruby) Dark Cloud Shipwreck Back floor . Dark Cloud How to: Ruby's Doors. Dark Cloud Queens Town Requests/Layout. Dark Cloud - Shipwreck Music Box + Boss . Muscka Lacka/Sun & Moon Temple.
  5. Some gameplay of the amazing dark cloud 2.Love this game, world building starts about halfwayTimestamps00:00 Gameplay07:31 FishTank08:11 BuildingRest is game..

+ Choose the floor with at least 20 monsters, because the more monsters you defeat, the more quickly the levels-up come: Rainbow Butterfly Wood Star Floor 1: Looking for the Earth Gem (20 monsters) Starlight Canyon Star Floor 1: Looking for the Wind Gem (24 monsters) Starlight Canyon Star Floor 2: Evil Spirit in the Valley (22 monsters. Dark Cloud was the first game from developer Level-5, led by president and CEO Akihiro Hino, who also wrote, produced and designed the game. Development began immediately when the company was founded in October 1998 with a projected development time of two years. When the PlayStation 2 was announced on March 2, 1999, Sony president and CEO Ken Kutaragi used an early demo of Dark Cloud to show. > Prize List. + The dungeons are listed separately, in Chapter order. - The prize is listed by the Dungeon Floor Number (as used in my Walkthroughs) andf the floor's title. - Some floors are not set up for playing Spheda. # The 'prize' listed for those floors is [None] + Four dungeons (2, 3, 4 and 5) have star path exits The Himarra are monsters in Dark Chronicle. They reside in the Rainbow Butterfly Wood, appearing on the very first floor. They also play an important part in the story; after buying a Himarra badge from Jurak Mall, Monica must transform into one and talk to a fellow Himarra to obtain a Sundrop. It has a boss variant, the Mandora, encountered in the Zelmite Mine dead end. For quotes, see.

Go back to level 8, change characters so she is your lead member and jump the chasm! Off you go to level 9!! 2 0. REPORT | REPLY. Guest answered: Just Simply Add Cat To My House, Go Inside The House, And Press Square Next To The Cat After You Name It. Now Choose The Changing Potion Seda Gave You Scroll down to read our guide named Dark Cloud 2 - Items and All That Stuff for Dark Cloud 2 on PlayStation 2 (PS2), or click the above links for more cheats Floor 2: Card Warriors Gather * Time Limit to Defeat All Monsters: 07:15 * Spheda (Prize: 5 Treasure Chest Keys) * Attack and defeat all enemies using only the RIDEPOD * The Geostone fell I've finished the generation of the floors. I'm now working on enemy & item spawning as well as a bunch of extra features because I felt the dungeons in both Dark Cloud games were really empty. Apart from enemies, chests/atla, doors and extra floors there really wasn't anything else to do in the dungeons Ask a question for Dark Cloud 2. Question Guidelines. Your Question. Please give as much detail as possible. Accept submission terms View Terms. Notify me when this is answered Ask a question for a different game. Top pages for this game. Dark Cloud 2 cheats. Unlock Badges. Max. This is an easy way to get Max's dad. I foun.. Darkclolud 2.

This is for Dark Cloud/Chronicles 1 btw. 3 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. level 1 · 3y. If I recall correctly, floor 10 of Wise Owl Forest was good for abs because of the werewolves and floor 14 of Shipwreck has good abs as well. Hackers post detailed patient medical records from two hospitals to the dark web. The files, which number in at least the tens of thousands, includes patients' personal identifying information 2) you will find keys in treasure chests to unlock rooms in the dungeons. they key will be on the ame floor as the locked room, and it may not look like a key, depending on the dungeon. summo re: Best Ridepod arms. quote Megazowler. i hate to bust eryones bubble but Samauri ArmIV is more powerful than the Nova CanonIV... 1800 ATK to 1600 ATK....samauri arm is also harder to make as is. Feb 12 2017. Part 17. (00:21:58) Feb 12 2017. +show 3 more. Got a Dark Cloud 2 walkthrough, FAQ or Guide? Use the submission form, or email them as attachments to faqs@neoseeker.com. FAQs/Guides.

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5. level 1. RavenCarver. 1 year ago. I didn't do weapon upgrading in 1 as much as I did in 2, but in 2 the best method was to find a spare weapon, push that up to +5, synth it, then tack it on to your main weapon. Rinse/repeat until you get the stats you need 2 Dark Oak Fence, 2 Dark Oak Stairs, 2 Torch. corridor_floor A small square of red carpet, surrounded by white carpet, laid out upon a birch plank floor. 49 Birch Planks, 16 White Carpet, 9 Red Carpet. entrance (Foyer) A room with a staircase in the center, and three doors, one on every side of the room excluding the side with the staircase Dark Cloud Cover: The Dark Cloud Cover, in candlestick charting, is a pattern where a black candlestick follows a long white candlestick . It can be an indication of a future bearish trend 1 Chronicle 2. The strongest weapon in the entire game is the Chronicle 2, which is only available after you defeat The Dark Genie and descend to the lowest level of the Demon Shaft -- hopefully, you acquired a Supernova for Osmond to do this. You must defeat the Black Knight Pendragon on the 100 th floor, which is no picnic Dark Cloud FAQ 2 Submitted by MASTER CIVERGON. Dark Cloud Hints. Divine Beast Cave and call forth on Ungaga while equipped with the Terra Sword on the either the first, second or third floor.


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