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NBA Top Shot introduces Rebound Packs. NBA Top Shot also offered something for the vast majority of collectors who didn't grab these Holo Icon packs. After a successful experiment during a stress test, the site implemented a second-chance system that allowed all those in the queue who didn't get the legendary pack to snag a Rebound Pack. For collectors more excited about the Rebound Pack opportunity than the Holo Icon, you can join the queue a few minutes late to ensure you get an opportunity for a Rebound Pack. Important note: in order to join the queue for HI or Rebound, you need to be eligible for HI drop. A place to discuss all things NBA Top Shot (NBATopShot.com) 30.3k. During our Beta, drop times will vary, so make sure you watch for announcements Collector Score measures the depth and breadth of your NBA Top Shot Collection, and is often tied to access to exclusive pack drops. Total Packs: 185,000** Rebound Packs: Not this time around *To ensure eligibility, your score including the bonus must meet or exceed 100 by 8 am PDT, Friday, June 25 and carry through the end of the pack drop

My pack was a hot pile of garbage... which is exactly how things should work. 3 role players, all shitty serial numbers/35,000+ commons. Probably end up being a couple bucks each, tops, when things settle. For those old enough to remember opening real cards, this is how things should work. Rare folks hit the jackpot, some get decent value. $0.99 starting bid! Completely sold out, unopened NBA Top Shot Rebound Base Set (Series 2, Release 29) Pack.. My eBay account is over 15 years old with 100% Positive Feedback -- including recent NBA Top Shot unopened pack sales (check my feedback details!).. My top shot account has been active since February, 2021 and I have over 20 moments in my account — cleared for gifting as per NBA Top.

Metallic Gold LE: This drop also comes packed with 27 memorable Moments from impact players around the league, all highlights from throughout the current campaign that have yet to be seen at NBA Top Shot. Only 499 of these rare Moments will ever exist. Base Set (Series 2): This drop includes 174 Moments, including 20 all-new plays, showcasing. Collector Score measures the depth and breadth of your NBA Top Shot Collection, and is often tied to access to exclusive pack drops. Rebound Packs: Not this time around*** *To ensure eligibility, your score including the bonus must meet or exceed 100 by 8 AM PDT / 11 AM EDT, Friday, July 9 and carry through the end of the pack release

3 role players, all shitty serial numbers/35,000+ commons. Probably end up being a couple bucks each, tops, when things settle. For those old enough to remember opening real cards, this is how things should work. Rare folks hit the jackpot, some get decent value/nothing worthwhile, most get trash (from a resale perspective) 351. 114 comments. 232 Pack details. This pack will be available for purchase for $229 on Thursday, March 19 at 9 AM PDT and will only be available for purchase to accounts that have already started their Top Shot collection and own at least 3 Moments in their collection at the time of the drop. 2021 NBA All-Star Game: This rare drop includes 20 memorable Moments. ‍The legends are true. After a two-month break, dedicated NBA Top Shot collectors will get their chance to snag a legendary pack. This Monday, April 12 at 1 PM PDT, Holo Icon packs are back, dropping for just the second time in Series 2. This is a unique opportunity to snag ultra rare Moments, with one legendary Holo Icon and three rare Metallic Gold LEs guaranteed in every pack

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  1. g on Thursday, April 22, and it will feature just the second Premium Set this 2020-21 season. a Rebound Pack worth $9 will be waiting for you so best to.
  2. Even though I was unable to get the Premium NBA Top Shot pack drop, I was lucky enough to get the rebound pack. Watch the unpacking of this NBA TopShot Pack.
  3. NBA Top Shot Metallic Gold Pack Turn Down To Rebound Pack Reveale
  4. Today we're opening their first pack the pre-order set and a rebound pack! Give this video 100 likes so Kars will open one of his packs that his been saving.

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  1. Top Shot estimated that approximately 82,000 collectors who entered the Holo Icon queue would be eligible for the first-ever Rebound Packs. Since Series 2, Release 27 only contained 50,000 packs, Top Shot created Release 28 containing more than 82,000 packs to ensure everyone eligible received a rebound pack
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  3. Filters. Sort By. Listing Date (Newest) Listing Date (Oldest) Serial number (Lowest) Lowest Ask (Ascending) Lowest Ask (Descending) Game Date (Oldest) Game Date (Newest) Los Angeles Lakers. Playoff Teams. Playoff Leaders
  4. g? Pack Drop 1st Live Stream
  5. NBA Top Shot Rebound Playoff Pack Opening. Unfortunately i wasn't able to grab a Holo Icon pack.#nabtopshot #nft #basketbal
  6. NBA Top Shot has continued to grow amid the NFT boom of 2021, the Top Shot has started selling rebound packs of more common moments to those who have missed out on rare or legendary pack.
  7. En este vídeo te explico el nuevo sistema de drops de NBA Top Shot, con las 3 filas de espera.Además, te hablo de las nuevas insignias en NBA Top Shot.Y para..

The much-waited Holo Icon (Drop 2) is here and everyone in the NBA Top Shot universe is losing their minds. A total of 2,423 Legendary packs will be up for grabs on Monday, April 12 at 1 PM PDT. Pack Drop: Premium Pack (Series 2, Drop 2) Date: Thursday, April 22 at 5:00pm EST Price: $99 Restrictions: Own 1+ MGLE Moment (You had 0); or; Own 2+ Rare Moments (You had 0); or; Own 15+ Moments (You had 33) Additionally, you must also have spent at least $99 on the marketplace, excluding pack purchases.. Notes: Rebound packs will be available afterward, stay in the queue In concept, the Throwdowns packs offered up an attractive product for collectors. The set featured 45 memorable dunks from the 2020-2021 NBA season. Top Shot minted 1,800 of each moment and placed one in each pack (along with five Series 2 Base Set moments). Each pack retailed for $149. But, the set featured relatively few star players

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  1. Dev Diary #11 [4/25/21] POSTED BY. NBA Top Shot. ON. Apr 25, 2021 4:59 PM. What's up, Top Shot squad -. Another edition of Dev Diary is here! Over the last two weeks, our developer and engineering teams have added a number of new features across the site to improve the collector experience
  2. imum collector score at a whopping 2,500 points. Collectors did have ways of adding bonuses to their scores
  3. 🔥 🔥 NBA Top Shot Pack - Series 2 (Release 28) Base REBOUND PACK - CONFIRMED 🔥 🔥 This common pack will contain the following 3 virtual Moments: -3x Base Set Moments Buyer must have an NBA Top Shot account in order to receive the item via send feature on the NBA Top Shot website
  4. Take care and enjoy! Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or ta
  5. No physical item is being sold. B.i. which states You Own the NFT. NBA TOP SHOT. Series 2 Release 28

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The number of eligible collectors have far exceeded 2,327, the total number of holo packs available for buyers. If you hold all 30 cool cats, you already qualify for the holo pack. There's a maximum of 2,953 completed sets as that's how many LaMelo challenge rewards were produced. It currently costs over $4.5k to buy all 30 if you own zero NBA Top Shot Rebound Pack Series 2 Release 29 *Rare *Unopened * $79.99. Free shipping. Seller 100% positive. NBA Top Shot Base Set Series 2 Release 29 Unopened Pack Drop Rebound Pack. $95.99. Free shipping. Seller 100% positive. Absolute Mystery Pack Relic Auto Basketball Cards Ja Morant Edition Top Shot dropped the Premium Pack S2 (Drop 3) at 3pm PDT. Over 19.5k collectors qualified and queued for this very-discounted drop. Those who weren't able to purchase one of the 5,346 packs were given a chance to purchase a rebound base pack The price point of this rare pack is also worth talking about. Previous MGLE packs were priced at $99 each, so at just $24 this time around, NBA Top Shot has provided a significant discount on. Source: A screenshot, nbatopshot.com. Listings for NBA Top Shots have begun appearing on the major eBay marketplace, as holders of the blockchain-based collectibles look to profit from the surging interest in non-fungible tokens (NFTs).One NBA Top Shot Premium Pack is currently on sale on eBay for USD 2,500, while dozens of other packs are being sold for anything from USD 5 to USD 1,800

A new age of NBA collectibles has unfurled with the rapid rise of NBA Top Shot, a virtual platform where collectors can hold, buy, sell, and gift digital assets comprised of highlight plays from. There will be 92,500 packs released on the NBA Top Shot site, costing $14 and containing 5 moments. One moment will be a common 'Cool Cats' release while the other four will all be common Base Set. The highly anticipated NBA Top Shot Holo Icon Drop 2 is here and it is already creating a buzz at the NBA Top Shot Universe. 2,423 packs were up for collectors to grab on Monday, April 12. However, before you could get your hands on these legendary packs there were a few requirements that were needed to be fulfilled in order to ensure that all.

Only 2500 packs are available (at a Series 1 price point of $230 🤤) — with rebound packs available for those who miss out. 🔹 Speaking of rebound packs.. . After some wishful ideation that Top Shot could use the unclaimed Playoff packs instead of the normal base rebound packs, we got a 'maybe' from Community Lead Jacob Eisenberg on. Top Shot dropped Holo Icon (Drop 2) to around 80,000 eligible collectors. Eligible collectors who queued for the Holo pack but did not make the cut were able to purchase a rebound base pack. Peep this new LBJ Holo Moment selling at the lowest ask of $23,000 NBA Top Shot has been working hard to please its users. Over the last week, thousands more were able to withdrawal - there were multiple pack drops, including the first-ever introduction of rebound packs, with more upcoming in the future - including another legendary drop and a Run it Back pack

NBA TopShot Official Collector's. 785 likes · 20 talking about this. Sports & Recreatio The Quickest Pack Release Updates The First NBA Top Shot News Source Weekly Giveaways. Los Angeles, CA linktr.ee/NBATopShotNews Joined May 2018 (1 Metallic Gold LE, 5 Commons) Drop Time: 2 PM PST Thursday, April 22, 2021 There will be 50,000 rebound packs! Back to top ↑. NBA Top Shot has continued to grow amid the NFT boom of 2021, and on Friday the Dapper Labs product announced it would give collectors something new to do with their moments that may significantly alter the company's marketplace.. Top Shot announced on Friday that it would let collectors trade in moments for Trade Tickets which can be used for entry in new pack drops and other products.

The NBA Top Shot Golden Ticket. Suggested by: Huey (03 Jun) Tiered Queueing for Future High-Value Pack Drops. Suggested by: TS: SeaOtter (16 Jun) Better quality rebound packs. Suggested by: Ryan Santiago (14 Jun) • Upvoted: 23 Jun. NBA Top Shot. In the last Drop, those who did not get a Legendary package had to settle for the Rebound, less scarce packages (Base Set) for those who waited in line even without having a chance to buy the Legendary, were a few hours of virtual queue. But in this Drop there will be no Rebound packages available, warns NBATopShot. (10) March 7, 2021 — Chris Paul converts a half-court pass from Steph Curry into an alley-oop dunk during the 2021 NBA All-Star Game, his only dunk on Top Shot Chris Paul starts the second quarter with an uncharacteristic turnover by Demarcus Cousins, then confidently dribbles back down the court and hits a pull-up jumper right back in Boogie's face

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  1. 2021 ALL STAR GAME PACK - NBA Top Shot - Unopened pack READ DESCRIPTION. Buyer must have an NBA Top Shot account in order to receive the item via send feature on the NBA Top Shot website. Please feel free to message me prior to purchasing. I will record a video of the pack opening for the buyer and send the digital moments to the buyer's account
  2. Top New Top Top; New; All (130) All (130) All except done (130) Get a free beverage at any NBA game if you have the starting 5 of the home team in your collection. Suggested by: Balla Kentu Tiered Rebound Packs. Suggested by: SneakyPete211 (18 Jun).
  3. Top Shot will also be incorporating a recycle feature to the Trade Ticket drops, that will work similarly to rebound packs, in that if you miss out on the primary drop, you'll still.
  4. NBA Top Shot Hot Shots - Marketplace, Investing & Collecting. 172 likes · 2 talking about this. This page is dedicated to everything NBA Top Shots!..
  5. NBA Top Shot Hot Shots - Marketplace, Investing & Collecting. 181 likes · 2 talking about this. This page is dedicated to everything NBA Top Shots! Marketplace, Trading, Pack Drops, Values and more
  6. NBA Top Shot ‏ Verified account Everyone who is eligible for tomorrow's drop (~150K collectors) will be guaranteed either a Throwdowns or Rebound Pack . 45 replies 9 retweets 284 likes. Reply. 45. Retweet. 9. Retweeted. 9. Like. 284. Liked. 284. Show this thread End of conversation. Ronnie's Burner.

Rebound Packs: 0. Number-capped Moments: 20,000 of each common Cool Cats 4 Moment. Packs Per Collector: 1. Driving the news: Dapper Labs — the maker of NBA Top Shot, which has run a market for these basketball collectibles since 2019 — is announcing $305 million in fresh funding on Tuesday. The round values Dapper at $2.6 billion Score Rare Moments. Only a scarce number of Top Shot Moments are released, so building the best collection requires a scout's eye and a superstar's dedication. Become a top collector by snagging in-demand packs when they drop and refine your roster by finding diamond-in-the-rough Moments on the marketplace. Common. Rare

NBA Top Shot Throwdowns Series 2 Release Info. tm 0 Comments May 9, 2021. Share or Save: NBA Top Shot is dropping a brand new series of moments tomorrow. We got all the info you need for Throwdowns Series 2. These are some of the Moments we live for. Throwdowns, the set dedicated to high-flying hammers, drops on Monday, May 10 at 2 PM PDT One of the moments I got from yesterday's pack was a limited edition Julius Randle /10000. The cheapest one of many being sold in the marketplace is $1 Nba top shot - Page

NBA Top Shot Rebound Base Set (Release 29) UNOPENED PACK 📩

Greetings, NBA Top Shot collectors! To celebrate the NBA playoffs and create a friendly competition amongst the Top Shot community, I have established an extremely unofficial contest with a simple premise — win the tournament, win all of the Moments. I have to make myself very clear: this is in no way officially affiliated with NBA Top Shot. NBA TOP SHOT PACK - PREORDER PACK: BASE SET SERIES 2 RELEASE 31 UNOPENED Cards will be gifted upon receiving successful payment and when eligible; no refunds once sent. If necessary, I can provide a video of me opening the pack/livestream the pack opening. I AM an eligible seller with 20+ moments. Please note that you need to wait exactly 7.

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Top Shot introduced Rebound Packs! If you queue for the Legendary drop and do not get a Legendary pack, you may still have a chance at purchasing a base pack. Top Shot announced the new Showcase Contest! Most collectors should have a chance to at least win a $20 Dapper credit by obtaining 20 Showcase likes NBA Top Shot has officially rolled out a Collector Score - the website's newest way to determine how much of a true collector every single user is. This newest rewards program is still in its experimental stage but the website is hoping that this new points system will make pack drop eligibility requirements more flexible and accessible for all its users NBA Top Shot Discussions and Market Talk. Get Started Audiobooks Podcasts Audible Original Just do what Onestep says, buy packs when they are available. Latest pack two days ago: spent $14 made $25 on top. I try to sell right away (but actually wait a few hours after the drop cuz others are selling too much right away). Doing it this way, you likely won't get a chance at the high priced packs. NBA Top Shot now has a collector score

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Season Rewind Packs live in MyTeam. NBA 2K21 has just started to release new packs and players for Season 8: Trial of Champions in the last week. 98 close shot, 97 lateral quickness, and 97. NBA Top Shot HoIo Icon Legendary packs - everything to know for collectors. Only 2,423 packs will be available at the time of the drop, which will occur at 1pm PDT, and will cost $999 each. Each. NBA Top ShotでPack Dropについて新たな発表がありました。 nbatopshot.com Holo IconのPackが購入できなくても Rebound Packについて どのようにして購入するのか Holo IconのPackが購入できなくても 日本時間4月13日午前5時に予定されているHolo NBA Top Shotで新たなPack Dropがされます。 nbatopshot.com 内容 参加条件 入手確率 Rebound Packについて 当たりモーメント 内容 Premium Pack Series 2 Drop2 価格:$99 モーメント:Metallic Gold LE Series 2 x 1つ、Base Set Series 2 x 5つ 時間:日本時間4月23日午前6時 一般販売数:17,427Pack(1,500Packはマーケティング等のために.

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  1. NBA Top Shot leads the world of sports NFTs in 2021, due in large part to its highly polished product that offers collectors more than just static cards. Now, there's another use for those moments: playing daily fantasy sports with them
  2. An NBA Top Shot moment featuring Luka Doncic (far right) recently sold for more than $20,000. Each Top Shot moment comes in the form of a digital cube that includes the highlight and a unique.
  3. Panini America's popular and ongoing 2020-21 Prizm Basketball NFT Blockchain pack program continues its momentum surge next week with a powerful three-punch combination that includes the second wave of Base Packs on Monday at 10 a.m. Can the Bucks rebound down 2-0? by. NBA Top Shot Talk and Jon Boy Beats hit on the latest Top Shot news.
  4. An Update on Gifting [4/8/21] - NBA Top Shot Blog (6 days ago) Apr 07, 2021 · An Update on Gifting [4/8/21] After a brief pause on gifting, we've beefed up the process to ensure that NBA Top Shot collectors retain the freedom to give Moments to friends, fans and family as designed while also protecting the community from fraud, bots and.
  5. Have you received an email from NBA Top Shot about getting a second chance to buy a previous pack? I give my advice on weather or not its worth buying in todays market. We also have not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 challenges wrapping up today! Have a great holiday weekend everyone
  6. ation) 71 views Full List: ESPN's 100 best NBA players for 2020-21 season #NBArank 61 views; These 10 companies are the NBA's biggest sponsors and.
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The Suns shot a blistering 20-40 from beyond the arc. The 20 they made are a tie for second most in NBA Finals history. This was a result of both design and a bit of luck Height: 6-9 Weight: 191 Position: SG/SF College: Boise State Age: 23 2020-2021 Season Stats PPG: 17.0 RPG: 3.7 APG: 2.2 BLK: 0.3 STL: 0.8 Player Bio Courtesy of Boise State Athletic

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In recognition of NBA players who have been a part of back-to-back championship teams, 2K released the new Back-to-Back packs on Tuesday, and a Diamond Dennis Rodman card is the top reward for. Page 62-NBA NBA Top Shot Thread @sports. most propped. most slapped. sections: hiphop 532 on now. sports 399 on now. wild'ish 342 on now and i dont know if you all notice but there will be rebound packs so if we dont get the drop we may still leave with something +2 2 months ago '08 #1539. You will find the latest news in everything Top Shot including the latest Pack Drop schedule, pricing guides, new additions and ofcourse CARD GIVEAWAYS! NBA Top Shot Podcast • By Money1834 • Apr 9. We chat about the state of the marketplace and our thoughts on if it can Rebound.... yup that's a basketball pun for you! Twitter. NBA Top Shot sells digital moments (cards) in packs. Officially licensed by the NBA $9 = 3 moments (common) $14 = 5 moments (1 limited edition, 4 common) $199 = 7 moments (1 rare, 1 limited edition, 5 common) $999 = 10 moments (1 legendary, 3 rare, 6 common) Now commons are usually heavy in mint. Series 2 is at 35k at the moment

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10:29 Being a part of the first 100 in NBA Top Shot. 11:13 Their NBA background. 12:30 Their initial NBA Top Shot pack purchases. 14:28 How they acquired the Ja Morant #1. 15:50 The Bales sale being a catalyst for NBA Top Shot. 16:37 Luke on Selling his Lebron Cosmic for $12,000. 17:57 How the Bales sale went down. 18:54 Why they did the deal. Sports NFTs have seen steady declines in value in recent weeks, mirroring the largest trends seen in other collectibles and most major cryptocurrencies Place Bet. +1.5-144. Place Be Despite having been blogging and podding about the NBA for the past 3+ years, I have never made time to really dive in and do the homework required to create a.

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February 17, 2021 Today we chat with ALXO (real name Alex), one of the first 100 people in NBA Top Shot. He tells us about the early days of Top Shot, and we deep dive into the value of the Metallic Gold Set, Series 1 and Series 2. Plus, LG breaks down the Cool Cats 2 drop. Hosted by @lgdoucet We saw highlights where JR Smith made this play in the previous game. At short, rebound, knocked out of Shepherd's hands, Iguodala. Curry drives again, left handed, blocked by James, rejected out of bounds. He's done that a couple of times in this final. You see the track down by LeBron. Big time defensive foot. Long rebound out to Jefferson