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MASTERLIST Imagines/Scenarios (M = Mature/Smut) (/M= Slight Smut) - EXO Chanyeol Fun (frat!au) Kyungsoo (D.O.) Mine - VIXX Ravi (M) Hongbin Chained Up (M) - BTS Taehyung Birthday Surprise ft. Jimin.. kpop shit — Masterlist (Updated) 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. kpop shit. like marijuana but like jin from bts!¡ reactions openscenarios open. Kpop Masterlist kpop imagines kpop imagine. 77 notes. 77 notes Apr 4th, 2018. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; snappedharp7997 liked this . scuzmunkie liked this . masterlistkpop reblogged this from kpop-imagines-247. Key - Angst {A} - Smut {S} - Fluff {F} - Horror {H} - Mature {M} - Humour {Hu} ALL Ask My Muse Mini Masterlist Ayla's Death Drabbles BTS Dark & Wild Series Drabbles EXO Monster Series Drabbles Kinktober 2020 Other Series Drabbles Three Sentence Fic Prompts Mini Masterlist Wolf EXO Drabbles Yandere Prompts BAP OT6 The Award Show {F/Hu) BTS OT7 Artist {???} → Mini Masterlist The Award Show.

masterlist kpop fanfic kpop scenario kpop series kpop smut bts fanfic got7 fanfic exo fanfic May 14 588 notes. bigmaknaebabie liked this . abbyhoxworth liked this . pxkoyama liked this . parvenu liked this . dessiedelite liked this. •kpop •masterlist •smut •kpop smut •ikon •BTS •ateez •junhoe •taehyung •jungkook •hongjoong •ateez smut •seonghwa •park seonghwa •kim hongjoong atinyteez liked thi Adverbs in Korean are pretty straightforward and there's not a ton to say about them, so I'm just pulling a post from my Instagram and putting it here so y'all can see it! Of course, feel free to ask any questions if you have any! My masterlist; Join my Discord chat here and my Tumblr chat here to practice Korean with others

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Masterlist. Hello there! Thank you very much for dropping by my writing blog! In this blog I mainly write fan fiction of Kpop Idols x Reader. I hope all of you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy creating them. ♡ Masterlist Updated: 07/21/19 Headcanons: Random Members Discovering a Mutant All Members: Rankings Back Stories You Try To Run Away He Asks For Help On A Job Someone Else Flirts With You He Met.. #kpop scenarios #kpop reactions #kpop imagines #masterlist #bts #bts masterlist #got7 #exo #day6 #seventeen #bts scenarios #bts imagines #bts reactions #got7 reactions #got7 scenarios More you might lik MASTERLIST [11.06.2019] Since i lost the original post of the masterlist i'll just create a new one M = Mature F = Fluff/cute A= Angst/violent,ect * = Favorite ones/most time consuming New ones will.. Masterlist. BTS: How they react to their S/O beating them at a game of Mario Kart. How they react when they're talking about how good looking a foreign girl is, not thinking she understands, and her saying 'thank you' in Korean. How they react to finding their crush's instagram . How they react to their S/O doing nose kisses with the

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Immune Heart Masterlist (Coming Soon) Prologue. Chpt.1. Hoseok: My Little Survivor . Spinning Secrets (spiderman!au) Guns and Blankets. Taehyung: Blood, Sweat, and Tears (Coming Soon) Jimin: Jungkook: Dating Jeon Jungkook. Masterlist is updated as imagines, oneshots, fics, and requests are made. Yes, requests are open. Just send me an ask Kpop Masterlist A Multi-stan Masterlist! -AB6IX -AU AB6IX Vampire AU -Reactions Reaction to trying to impress their crush but failing Reaction to seeing their crushes lock screen being a picture of.. Kpop Scenarios — Master list. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. Kpop Scenarios (Request are open) I will do reactions and scenarios for bigbang, vixx, got7, monstax, bap and bts groups I know really well. But don't be afraid to ask for other groups if I can't I'll tell. Masterlist EXO. Originally posted by luderella. Done by all admins. Scenarios: Exchange Student (Kai) I Am Korea (Baekhyun) The Prince & The Thief (Suho) Delivery Girl (Luhan) Love Me Right (Sehun) Sweatshirt (Kai) Parenting Gitters (Xiumin) Fall (Sehun) Fall (Sehun) pt.2; Times Square Confessions (EXO) Try Again (Kai) Prom Season (Chanyeol. Master list | groups I write for Originally posted by stray-but-okay kpop reactions kpop scenarios kpop au stray kids reactions astro reactions bts reactions exo reactions nct reactions seventeen reactions pentagon reactions wanna one reaction

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  1. Pinned Post kpop masterlist kpop extra member female kpop additions stray kids sf9 ateez ikon main masterlist m.list day6 bts kpop au enhypen the boyz x1 335 notes Jan 14th, 202
  2. ─ ── masterlist ── ─ ─ ── a.c.e ── ─ ─ ── astro ── ─ ─ ── ateez ── ─ ─ ── bigbang ── ─ ─ ── btob ── ─ ─ ── bts ── ─ ─ ── exo ── ─ ─ ── got7 ── ─ ─ ── ikon ── ─ ─ ── monstax ── ─.
  3. K-Pop Masterlist. Originally posted by liuqisvt. SEVENTEEN. Originally posted by a-teez. ATEEZ. Originally posted by build. NCT 127
  4. masterlist! enhypen! tomorrow x together! a/n just something to post before i sleep there might be grammatical errors so i'm so sorry ⌗ bbfe (before boyfriend era) honestly would (nicely) tease you for just any anything ; the type of teasing that got your heart racing because it was kinda cute and he would always make you laugh with the
  5. So,here is masterlist,thanks a lot for all the support you guys have been giving me,really thank you ;) [EXTRA]Bias Gifs ;) Originally posted by 4-velvets. Originally posted by leaderirene. Originally posted by queenjisoo. Originally posted by jjennies. Originally posted by fy-japantrinity. Originally posted by fyeah-twic
  6. Masterlist . G O T 7 R E A C T I O N S + Degradation Kink + Arguing in Front of the Members + S/O Hates the Daddy Kink + S/O is a Badass Rapper + S/O Has a Shaved Head + Threesome + Pregnancy Sex + S/O Gets Jealous + S/O Gives Them a Boner + S/O Hits Them in the Stomach + S/O Plays Miracle on Piano + S/O Squirts + Trying Anal × Hyung Line × + S/O Tries Nipple Pla
  7. K-POP STAR Crescendo - AKMU - 100000435547 - Composed, Written by Chanhyuk 다리꼬지마 - AKMU - 100000403428 - Composed, Written, Arranged by Chanhyuk 라면인건가 - AKMU - 100000415676 - Composed, Written by Chanhyuk 매력있어 - AKMU - 100000406020 - Composed, Written, Arranged by Chanhyuk 외국인의고백 - AKMU - 100000522834.

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— STRAY KIDS | MASTERLIST 1. BANG CHRISTOPHER CHAN day of the forgotten. — fluff! semi-angst! 2. LEE MINHO 3. SEO CHANGBIN 4. HWANG HYUNJIN 5. HAN JISUNG 6. LEE FELIX 7. KIM SEUNGMIN 8. YANG.. Kpop Scenarios Masterlist. Here's a list of all the groups that I've written for! Just click on the group and it'll direct you to a thorough list for that particular group. If a link isn't working, please let me know! Hope you enjoy them! A.N: Masterlists are sorted alphabetically Originally posted by jinnielovebot. KIM SEUNGMIN: - like changbin, kind of hesitant. - eventually comes around after a while of having the cat. - cackles whenever the cat does something that annoys you bc he finds it funny <33. - but also scolds the cat dw <33. - baby don't they look so cute with that sweater! kpop kpop imagines kpop scenarios kpop masterlist bts bts imagines bts masterlist park jimin jimin imagine jeon jungkook jungkook imagine v bts kim taehyung taehyung imagine suga bts min yoongi yoongi imagine bts x reader jhope jung hoseok hoseok imagine rap monster bts kim namjoon namjoon imagine kim seokjin jin bts jin imagine bangtan boys awtae Series. • Everything for Himchan and Jongup seems perfect - until fate intervenes and tears them apart. (The first part is strictly fluff and can be a standalone for those not interested in angst.) • To live your life knowing there is a deadly beast inside you leaves little room for a tranquil existence

nct 127: mtl to be a brat tamer. taeyong, johnny, doyoung & jaehyun would love to put you in your place. they wouldn't hesitate to punish you if you'd gone out of line but they would always remember to reward you if when you were good. haechan loves power. we all know that. therefore i think he'd really like having that power over you The Boyz masterlist ♡ Fluff ☾ Angst Smut Au. s/o is on her period ♡ the Boyz in bed hickey prank ♡ badboy!tbz reacting to their idol trainee s/o choreographing a dance to a sexy song ♡ s/o cuddling into their chest ♡ s/o's first time ♡ tbz as a mafia s/o cries when they argue ☾ Kpop Text Masterlist. Here's a list of all the groups I've done texts for! Just click on the group and it'll direct you to a thorough list for that particular group. If a link isn't working, please let me know! Hope you enjoy them

adobe day! · adiba, 22 · lipstick stain like a work of art · m.list. Mar 13 2018; 02:07 pm adobe's masterlist KPOP MASTERLIST TWICE: Reactions: • TWICE's reaction to S/O getting turned on from them sitting in their lap • TWICE's reaction to S/O getting wisdom teeth removed • TWICE's reaction to forgetting..

BTS Masterlist - Click Here. Stray Kids Masterlist - Click Here. Ateez Masterlist - Click Here. Random Idols We Don't Have Enough Fics to Make a Full Masterlist of: Click Here. Meet The Writers: Aylin and Sola Big Bang Masterlist ~ ☆ Reactions• BigBang Reaction: You Mumble Their Name In Your Sleep • BigBang Reaction: Their Child's Mother Hates You • BigBang Reaction: S/O Winning Rookie of the Year • BigBang.. #kpop reactions #kpop scenarios #kpop idol #kpop #kpop masterlist #txt #txt masterlist #tomorrow x together #tomorrow by together #txt imagines #txt reactions #txt soobin #soobin fluff #yeonjun fluff #beomgyu fluff More you might like. Hey guys I think I'm gonna delete this account Masterlist (Reactions) Updated: 11/24/2017 BTS• When An African-American Girl Flirts With Them in Fluent Korean • When their BW interest takes them clubbing • Their child running on stage while they..

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Moonlight Symphony masterlist. General Kpop Fics. L.I.E - A & M gn!reader x optional bias. BTS (all are discontinued) Reactions: You being needy and wanting attention- F. How they find out you have ASD-F hyung line | maknae line. Finding out you were abused by your father - A, a little bit of F. Series: Don't Leave Me, hybrid au- part 1, part. k-pop masterlist ATEEZ Kim Hongjoong • Storm (Angst/Suggestive ending) - After a fight with your husband, you decided to make him jealous as payback • Slow (Fluff) -A quiet day off with Hongjoong Jung..

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moonchezz's K-Pop Masterlist **UPDATED MASTERLIST UNDER THE CUT**[[MORE]]Directory BTSRM [KIM NAMJOON] • The Wrong Door [TW: Abusive home] JIN [KIM SEOKJIN] • Supermarket Hero • Breakups and.. #kpop #kpop scenarios #kpop smut #kpop fluff #kpop headcanons #kpop reactions #kpop masterlist #kpop media!au #kpop texts #kpop snaps #astro scenarios #ateez scenarios #ateez masterlist #bts scenarios #got7 scenarios #monsta x scenarios #nct scenarios #nct dream scenarios #nct masterlist #wayv scenarios #red velvet scenarios #seventeen. Seventeen Masterlist. Originally posted by amemericans. rules. main masterlist. last update: April 18 2021. Vocal Unit. writing •kpop writers •kpop writings •kpop x reader •kpop x you •kpop drabbles •kpop scenarios •kpop imagines •kpop scenario •kpop masterlist. # masterlist # kpop # fluff # kpop fluff # kpop masterlist # astro # b1a4 # b.a.p # bigbang # bts # exo # got7 # ikon # monsta x # seventeen # shinee # up10tion # vixx # winner # astro fluff # b1a4 fluff # b.a.p fluff # bigbang fluff # bts fluff # exo fluff # got7 fluff # ikon fluff # monsta x fluff # seventeen fluff # shinee fluff. Queenie's Safe place | -ˋˏ Kpop Masterlist ˎˊ-. home inbox submit archive [Main Blog] credit. -ˋˏ Kpop Masterlist ˎˊ-. ┌─────────────────┐ . -ˋˏ NCT Masterlist ˎˊ-. └─────────────────┘. ┌─────────────────┐ . -ˋˏ.

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  3. KPOP Masterlist - Request are currently open for all groups and so are the taglist. just drop an ask or message me for a request or to be added onto a taglist.ATEEZBTSEXOGOT7 Monsta X NCT(All..
  4. ONCE I loved TWICE One in a Million! KPOP Girl Group imagines, scenarios, & imagines REQUEST! Twitter:@queerforkpo

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REACTION MASTERLIST. Special thanks to parkjiminsfineass:) for motivating me to do this lol. B T S. Another Guy Is Flirting With You . You're Dating Rap Monster. You're Dating Yoongi. You Bend Over In Front Of Them. Their Younger Sister Dancing Sexily With Another Member. You're Dating JHope. Seeing You Play With Kids. You're Dating. Rebloggable Masterlist Updated 09.03.20. All In Series Social Media!AU. Synopsis: After a messy break up your sophomore year, you decided that the best thing for you was to finish off your college career single. You wanted to focus on yourself, grow as a person and finish off your degree strong. There'd be plenty of time for love after college kpop texts — -masterlist-1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. kpop texts. request box: open. mx and svt kill me but hey whatever-masterlist-Posts; Ask me anything; Archive-masterlist- *sensitive topics. SEVENTEEN. Master List Hi everybody, this is a blog for BTS reactions. WE are admins LILY, TAETAE! kpop trash ♡ Boy Group Writers Net The Admins. Masterlist. REACTIONS: BTS Reaction to their girlfriend wearing their t-shirt to sleep. BTS reaction to you being chubby To you being pregnant. To their crush being mistaken as their girlfriend. To you getting hit on (Jealousy) To you being a messy eater. To you crying. To you crying bc they're leaving for tour. To cheating on you and breaking up with you but trying to get you back and realizing they can't because. To Jimin crying and having a panic attack

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Big Bang Masterlist. Reactions. Their S/O wearing their shirt. Holding their newborn for the first time. Their S/O hiding a positive pregnancy test. Their S/O often spacing out. Their child asking them to help them surprise their mother on Mother's Day. Their daughter putting makeup on them when they're asleep. Their child getting hurt KPOP Kara Sub. 2,385 likes · 17 talking about this. FREE SUBTITLE OF KPOP GFRIEND - MASTERLIST : goo.gl/8HFSA5 K-POP - MASTERLIST : goo.gl/Y2ieL9 TWICE - MASTERLIST : https://goo.gl/K44Po

KPOP Reactions And Scenarioskpop desktop wallpaper | Tumblrlet me love uBoyfriend Aesthetic |Yoongi - m&#39;oongi | yoonspireyoongi x red hair - saltysugabtsbts fake snap on Tumblr