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Gratis AVG AntiVirus voor pc tegen adware, malware & virussen incl. bescherming Here are the steps to remove a USB virus that hides all your files from your USB drive: Open a command prompt ( Windows Key + R, then type cmd and press ENTER ) and navigate to your drive by typing drive letter and semicolon like F: then press ENTER. Use your own drive letter here. Run this command attrib -s -r -h *.* /s /d /l When your data is hidden, inaccessible, or lost due to a virus attack on a USB pen drive, your best bet is first trying to use the Command Prompt (cmd) to recover hidden files from virus infected USB. Since it is free and well-understood, cmd is an excellent choice. Now let's see how this works

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This is where HFV comes to help...Simply paste the location of your Infected directory on the box & click Delete virus to get rid of virus. As a safety precaution, keep this software backed up on system as well since the virus which hides all files and creates a shortcut can als Step.1 Extract usbshow.zip and duble click to USB Show.exe. Step .2 Chose your favorite language. , and click the recovery the hide files. Step.3 Chose your infected USB Drive , in my case G: - This Process it will take some minutes if you have to many files and you will show this message: Step .4 After this Go to My Computer — and duble. Select This PC on the left side of software interface (to show hidden files in a USB drive, you should connect it in advance and select Removable Disk Drive). Choose the correct USB Mass Storage Device and click Scan. Wait for the scan and look through the found files & folders from the search result

Malware can sometimes mark the files on your device as hidden so that you cannot see them when you open the device. Fortunately, it is possible to recover virus-infected files from USB drives, hard drives, or memory cards. Here, you will learn how to fix a blank SD card and show hidden files on a memory card or USB drive using three effective ways Some have files hidden while some have them converted into shortcuts. Does the command works for the shortcut problem as well? I would like to know more about the virus: how it spreads, where the virus file is located, etc. Does the command you provided us with remove the whole virus in the pendrive or just unhide the files To fix the folder option problem and show hidden files, you need to delete new folder viruses in USB drive and system first, otherwise, the viruses will corrupt the folder option again. After complete removal of the new folder.exe virus, use the repair tool to retrieve hidden file easily and quickly The Newfolder.exe Virus is one of the more dangerous viruses that hides files in USB files and disables things like Task Manager, Regedit, and Folder Options How to recover hidden Files from Virus infected USB. How to recover hidden Files from Virus infected USB

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  1. #Remove Shortcut Virus from Any Storage and Flash Drive Using CMD In case, you have not stored any important data in your USB drive, you can easily get rid of the shortcut virus by formatting it. However, if your device contains important files, then you won't be able to format it
  2. Start using reliable anti-virus software to scan the PC from malicious files and virus codes. Always scan the connected USB drive before transferring data from the computer to the drive and vice versa. Disable the built-in autorun feature from your computer system
  3. A Recommended Scan can either rename infected files or just display a log of the malicious items that were found. An Advanced Scan will actually remove any infected files it detects. There's also a Bash Shell menu option for manually removing viruses. This option is only useful if you know where the malicious items are, which isn't very likely
  4. Download USB File Unhider for free. Unhide files and remove shortcut caused by malware on USB drive. Unhide hidden and system files and remove unnecessary shortcut files caused by virus, malware on your USB drive. Head to the link below for the product page for more details
  5. You may also run Kaspersky Anti Virus to scan your USB drive. The methods above does not removes the virus from the drive, it only changes the attribs and reset permissions and parameters to bring back the files hidden by the virus. The Anti Virus will ensure that your USB Drive is clean of any viruses
  6. If your USB pen drive is Virus Infected & You are not able to find your files & folders then this video is for You. Please Follow our video instruction to ge..
  7. Do not doubleclick your USB folder to prevent the virus spreading into your system. 3. To delete the virus manually, you can open REGEDIT, choose EDIT tab and click Find (Ctrl + F). In the search box type documents.vbe

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But sometimes their data files hidden in USB due to virus attack. In this circumstance, they find an appropriate method to unhide files hidden by viruses. So, with the help of this write-up, we are going to let you know, that how to show hidden files in USB windows 10 caused by the virus without any hindrance Step 1: First of all, download and install the anti-virus software to your system. Step 2: Once the installation is completed, start scanning the whole operating system. Step 3: Anti-virus will surely remove the shortcut virus and will also list other viruses that are present in the drive. Step 4: Also remove the shortcuts of the program to make sure that the virus is removed from your computer To recover files from the virus-infected USB drive using Disk Drill, you need to follow these instructions. Download and install Disk Drill. Plug the flash drive into your computer using any of the available USB Ports. Launch the Disk Drill app Remove USB Virus That Hides All Files: Another thing that you should try out to retrieve the hidden files on a USB drive is removing the virus from the drive which is causing the issue in the first place. The virus doesn't delete or encrypt the files; instead, it creates a hidden folder and moves the files into that folder

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Pen drive folders hidden because of virus [ Solved /Closed] Pen drive folders hidden because of virus [. Solved. /Closed] Folders in pendrive were changed to hidden by virus attack, unable to change to visible as the hidden tick box in the properties of folder is grayed. Any tools to remove the hidden attribute in the pen drive please If your flash drive is infected by a shortcut virus, which is when your files are hidden and replaced with identical shortcuts, you can remove it by running a few commands. Other viruses can be removed by reliable antivirus software such as Windows Security (free with Windows 10), Norton, Kaspersky, AVG AntiVirus, or McAfee USB Virus Scan can not only block virus spreading thought external removable media, but also has the ability to detect and remove usb virus in your computer. What you need to do is clicking the scan button,and waiting for virus scan to complete. The best solution to protect offline compute -H: displays all the hidden files of pen drive-R: helps to recreate the files on the storage device-S: broke all the link of files from the system; Method 2: Generate BAT File to Prevent Shortcut Virus from Pen Drive Without Losing Data. BAT file is another eminent way to remove shortcut virus from my USB flash drive

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Even after connecting the Pendrive to Computer, files get converted to shortcut, basically, this is a Virus known as Shortcut virus, it converts every file into a shortcut in Pendrive / Hard drive. This article will guide you to remove shortcut virus from USB flash drives as well as Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10 computers To remove Virus using CMD, type into your command prompt attrib -r -a -s -h *.* and press Enter. This will remove the Read Only, Archive, System and hidden file attribute from all the files How to Recover Hidden Files from USB or SD Card on Windows 10/8/7. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a professional data recovery program for Windows 10/8/7. It is free, clean and safe. You can use it to restore hidden files in USB, SD memory card, external hard disk, or other storage devices with ease

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This download is licensed as freeware for the Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system on a laptop or desktop PC from antivirus without restrictions. USB Virus Remover 2.2.5 is available to all software users as a free download for Windows. We have tested USB Virus Remover 2.2.5 against malware with several different programs A free malware removal and antivirus software. UsbFix is a malware/virus removal program that cleans and protects your PC and external hard drives as well as your PC registry. You check can all the files or folders on your USB or any type of memory sticks. The app can also detect threats on your computer. It comes with other useful features. Shortcut virus hiding files/folders in flash drive. I have some systems of OS windows 7, 8 and 8.1, which are spreading shortcut virus (Hides files/folders in flash drive). On surfing net, I got a suggestion to delete wscript.exe from C:\windows\system32 of infected desktop. But I found that wscript.exe is also exists in non-infected systems Comodo Anti malware has a built-in fully featured malware scanner that can track and remove the virus, hidden files, rootkits, and malicious registry keys embedded deep in your system files. Malwarebytes virus removal software has been maintaining a low affair like Comodo, but like all good things, JRT also comes with a feature

This will remove the autorun.inf files from your flash drive and also from drives. Step 2: Click on Start -->Run --> type cmd and click on OK. Here I assume your flash drive letter as G: Enter this command. attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.*. You can copy the above command --> Right-click in the Command Prompt and 3 Methods to remove hidden partition from USB drive. Before you start the process of trying to delete a hidden partition from a USB drive, you should know you will lose all the information in that partition. So if you still want to keep those data, you can back up files on USB drive first. There is more than one method to delete a hidden. USB Virus Remover is one of the many tool that promise to keep your USB storage devices free of such threats, eliminating the dangers before your system gets infected. Actually, its suggestive.

All file & folder shortcuts & its virus from infected system regsvr.exe music.exe recycler.exe recycler folder from c,d,& e drive Complete removal of cmd, registry, taskmanager, killer virus from. To remove such virus follow the steps Open administrative command prompt. Go to your pen-drive drive letter. Suppose your USB disk is G:. Type G: and press Enter Now type the below command to remove system file, hidden read-only attribute attrib -s -h -r /s /d . Delete Autorun.inf from USB - Disk Summary: In this post, you will come to know all possible solutions to remove folder.exe from pen drive.Use the trusted utility to secure pen drive files. No one wants to hear that the virus affects their pen drive. But, the virus comes when it wants to come without any alert note

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There's again the virus remover folder which allows individuals to scan files in specific folders of their choice. In addition, this software allows one to perform a management USB when plugged into your laptop's USB Drivers Disable or Enable USB Write Protect Steps to restore files from virus infected USB pen drive: The main screen shows two options, choose Delete File Recovery option to retrieve deleted files due to virus infection or select Lost File Recovery option to bring back hidden file from virus infected to USB flash drive. Later the software scans the selected Pen device and. Recover USB hidden files lost by intentional deletion, wrong operation, formatting, lost partition, corruption, virus attacks, and other scenarios. A complete file type support for multimedia files, documents, archives, emails, and others with over 500 file formats

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Shortcut Virus Fixer is an emergency data recovery specialist. Shortcut Virus Fixer is only fix the broken shortcuts and hidden folders/files. It will not delete any virus on your USB. So you have. Info on networks is saved back to the USB flash drive's hidden storage. 20) Data Hiding on USB Mass Storage Devices - a large collection of tricks of hiding malware or stolen data inside a USB. A virus can sometimes mark the files stored on your external hard drive or USB as hidden. And so, the files are no longer visible. But, the files are still there on the drive. Using the 'attrib' command in Command Prompt (CMD) can help you recover the hidden files. Essentially, the 'attrib' command makes all the read-only, archived. Alternative Solutions On How To Retrieve Hidden Files From USB Drive. Solution #1: Recover Hidden Files From USB Using CMD. Solution #2: Unhide Hidden Files in USB With Windows File Option. Solution #3: Retrieve Hidden Files From USB Via Google Chrome. Solution #4: Show Invisible Files in USB Via Control Panel This is a hidden system file, so if you don't see it, that is the reason why. You can see this file when you turn on See Hidden Files in your view properties settings. The System Volume Information folder contains two files. The two files are meant for setting restore points and indexing for what is on the drive

How to Remove a Virus Creating Shortcuts For Files and Folders in Pen Drives, Memory Cards and USB Drives (a Shortcut Virus) Read this article to find out how to remove s shortcut virus turning files and folders into shortcuts How to restore data lost after such virus hits your system If your USB drive files are hidden, you can only see the USB drive. Here, you have 2 options to unhide files when USB drive not showing files and folders. Step 1: Connect your USB drive to PC. Step 2: Right-click Start button and then choose Control Panel. Step 3: Click Appearance and Personalization Download Autorun Shortcut USB Virus Remover - An application that is capable of detecting whether your USB device is infected or not, reveal files that are hidden and delete Autorun.in Note: Autorun.inf is usually a hidden file. Make sure you have Show Hidden Files enabled by going to View and ticking Hidden Items. Deleting the autorun.inf file through either method should help keep your computer safe from malicious virus. However, you should use an antivirus software to scan your USB drive for malware immediately after as an.

Steps to restore hidden files in a virus-infected flash drive. Actually, these viruses can have a lot of impacts on flash drives. In most of the cases, they simply alter the parameters as well as the attributes of those folders which are mainly responsible for hiding the files How to Delete/Remove.inf Virus from USB or Hard Disk Drives in Windows Using Third Party Software: There are softwares available on internet which can remove autorun.inf virus from your system. One of them is Autorunremover. It successfully removes autorun.inf virus from USB or hard Disks in Windows 7/8/XP/Vista. Download it from here You can properly retrieve or recover your hidden files from your USB by simply making your hidden files visible by following the steps provided in this wiki using the command prompt. What a surprise to see the chat. Yesterday, I had a virus infection on USB. I managed to remove using Malwarebytes, Avast, and Norton, on USB (D: drive). Today. Open file explorer to show hidden files. In the search box, type File Explorer Options. Hit Enter. The folder should open. In the File Explorer options, select View. From the list, select Hidden files and folders and click on Show hidden files, folders and drives. Click Apply, then OK. Make your hidden files visible on USB drive When your computer get infected with the New_Folder.exe virus, the virus will corrupt your system. Task manager, registry editors, folder option will be disabled, folders and files in USB drive will be hidden by viruses, The new folder virus removal tool can help you to fix all errors by one click. 1. Launch USB Virus Scan. 2. Click FixSystem.

This command lists all of the files inside the current drive, which makes it easy to identify which is housing the autorun.info virus. To remove the Virus using CMD, type into your command prompt, attrib -r -a -s -h *.* and press Enter. This removes the read only, archive, system and hidden file attribute from all the files G:attrib -s -r -h *.*. Now type driveletter:del autorun.inf to delete the config file of the virus, in this example that is G so: F:del autorun.inf. The virus is now lacking the file it needs to initialize, so feel to open your pen drive and delete any files that should not be there - they belong to the virus. IMPORTANT Method 1: Using Command through the command prompt to remove shortcut virus | command to remove shortcut virus. After you have plugged in your USB drive into your PC check the drive letter it has associated with. Now open the command prompt as administrator, you can click start in windows 7 or windows 10 and type cmd then right-click on to the. Today, I will tell you 100% working tricks to remove shortcut virus from Pendrive permanently. You can delete hidden files or folder from your Usb/Pendrive. I will share three different methods to delete virus from your Pendrive using CMD, Antivirus, and some software. You can remove any kind of virus from your Pendrive 2. Use Batch File to Permanently Remove USB Shortcut Virus: Batch file is an executable Windows file that contains some previously written program in it. You can use notepad to create a batch file. Let's see how to create and use .bat file as usb shortcut virus removal tool. Open notepad. Paste the below code in it

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  1. File: Advanced Virus Remover(3).lnk Location of Advanced Virus Remover(3).lnk and Associated Malware Check whether Advanced Virus Remover(3).lnk is present in the following locations: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 specific Advanced..
  2. When your files is missing due to virus infection, it may not necessarily mean that the files are deleted from your computer by the viruses. It could be possible that the files are hidden because the attributes has been modified. Here is how to locate the missing files and restore it back
  3. After the malware has been removed, follow these steps to unhide your files and folders. First, let's unhide your files by changing the system settings of Windows. For Windows XP. 1) Open My Computer. 2) Click on Tools. 3) Click on Folder Options. 4) Click on the View Tab. 5) Place a dot on the option Show Hidden Files and Folders
  4. Usually, the files corrupted by Drive.bat feature 1 KB size and seem to be completely lost. Luckily, analysis by NoVirus.uk experts have revealed that the virus does not delete the data, just hides it from the victim. The Trojan merely corrupts the display of data hierarchy
  5. How to Remove Shortcut Virus from USB Drives & PC. Step 4. Now, wait for some time until CMD finishes the command, once it's completed successfully the shortcut virus will be removed from your PC. Also Read: How to View Hidden Files and Folders In Android #2 Method: Using Software To Remove Shortcut Virus
  6. istrator. Step 2. If your USB has a virus and your USB drive is H. Type H: without quotation on Command line and press enter. Step 3
  7. A folder named RECYCLER showing some unusual files opened up. Thinking that would be the reason, I started to remove those files manually. After a cleanup, I found that instead of deleting Recycler virus I removed the default recycler folder from system that has erased all the deleted data residing on recycle folder

Trouble: Sometimes a virus or some malicious script makes the hidden files and folders not visible even when it is explicitly enabled. In this case even if the user enables the Show hidden files and folders in. Tools > Folder options > View menu, Hidden files and folder does not become visible.. Lets see how to fix it Related: Remove Virus Manually From Your Computer. First click the Start button and go to Run . You can also press Windows+R . Type cmd there. Type <Drive_name>: in the command prompt and hit Enter . (Drive_name is where the problem occurs, it may be any USB drive) Type attrib and hit. ur files will be displayed in ur usb.. sahar on May 06, 2011: i,have problem that copmuter is not showing all data of usb.the virus effect data is hidden it is not show.how to open this hidden virus effectd data from usb b/c it is important data.kindly guide me the dos command steps through we can recover my impt data. thanks. Omar on April 24. Here are the basic attributes of theattrib command which we will use to remove the virus from drive. » R - R represent the Read only attribute of a file or folder. Read only means the file cannot be written or executed. » H - H stands for the Hidden attribute. » A - A stands for Archiving which prepares a file for archiving If you've found some files are hidden in USB and you're using Windows PC, you can try the CMD to unhide fines in USB. Here are the simple steps: 1. Plug in the USB drive to your computer USB slot. Please make sure it is detected by your PC. 2. Click the Start menu, type in cmd in the search bar, and click Enter to unhide files in USB drive

HFV (Hidden Folder Virus) Cleaner Pro is a small removal tool designed to clean the Win32:Atraps-PZ[Trojan] infection from your machine, as well as providing the ability to hide and unhide files in a local folder. Many a times when we connect our PenDrive to a PC or Laptop, we don't see our files and folders, instead see one or multiple shortcuts Shortcut Virus Remover is a portable utility that allows you to wipe the shortcut virus from your USB drive. It can also help to prevent future attacks that may present themselves. Your removable device may have data on it the is irreplaceable so taking steps to protect it as you would your machine is always a good idea A rootkit is a type of malware that can hide itself from your Antivirus solution. So, sometimes, running an antivirus within Windows may not be enough to remove the threat. This is where the Rescue USB drive comes into the play. Rescue USB drives are bootable antivirus solutions that clean malware from outside the infected Windows system This virus mainly targets the folders and you often get frustrated when your important files are cut down to small shortcuts, also popularly referred to as the 'Shortcut Virus'. Free Shortcut Remover, as a shortcut virus remover, has the ability to find all of shortcut viruses and remove them to avoid danger It got hundreds of music files, 600 video files and many other things. Using the Forums I was able to retrieve the videos but I'm stuck at a standstill. My last problem seems to be that the hidden files on the external hard drive where they're located are still hidden, even after I used every command you guys have been giving

My girlfriends computer seems to be infected by a virus which hides files upon connecting any USB device, replaces everything with shortcuts and creates a file named files.bat It is easy enough to recover the hidden files, but the virus also seems to not allow anti-virus programs to start at all I brought my USB into uni and I see either two things, a hidden file by the name of GICAN (and within it something called Prasican.exe) or an autorun file that was not there before

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Browse for the folder you want to hide, click Hide Files. Unless the viewer has set the computer to view system protected files, your files will be well hidden even if they enable the view hidden file option. There are also options to run at startup, start in tray, auto scan as soon as a USB drive is plugged in My PC is infected from virus. I did hide the one of the folder from my PC, Now I am trying to find the folder using (show hidden files) the whole folder is disappeared. I tired to recover it using both methods from article show files hidden bu computer virus using cmd I could not. . افضل برنامج لتنظيف الفلاش ميموري من فايروس اخفاء الملفات - USB Hidden Files Virus. برنامج USB Disk Security. برنامج USB Threat Defender. برنامج Panda USB Vaccine. برنامج USB Guardian. برنامج Autorun Virus Remover. كل برنامج من هذه البرامج. Autorun Virus Remover is not a common product like other antivirus products in the market, it focus on solving the autorun virus problem completely. Remove 2000+ types of autorun viruses permanently, easily and quickly; Prevent any viruses from infecting PC via USB drive; Recover hidden files and folders on root of hard disk and USB driv Description. UsbFix is a free, malware removal tool that helps you to detect and remove infected USB memory sticks or any other USB removable devices such as external HDD (Hard Drive), phones, smartphones, digital cameras or anything else that connects to your computer or laptop via the USB port

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It can even remove shortcut virus from your hard disk. It has simple interface to use. Anyone can use it. Just a single click will remove the issue from your computer permanently. Download USB fix. 2. Shortcut Virus Remover. Rating 4.5/5. It comes in a small package. Another effective way to remove shortcut virus from laptop. Download this tool Hit Show hidden files and folders in File Explorer Options. Hit File Explorer Options > the View Tab > Show hidden files, folders, and drives > Apply. Recover Hidden Files from Pendrive Using Antivirus Software. Sometimes user's data are hidden by the virus so, to get rid of this situation users can try a trusted antivirus program Type G: and press enter. Type attrib -h -s -r -a *.* and press enter. This command removes hidden, system, read-only, and archive attributes from all the files in the 'G' drive. You can also use attrib -h -s -r -a autorun.inf to remove those attributes only from autorun.inf file. Now type del autorun.inf and press enter it will delete the file FastKiller is another free autorun remover software for Windows. It is primarily an autorun virus remover software that only removes malicious autorun files. It can also be used as the USB malware removal software as it can detect autorun malware present in a portable USB drive. To find and remove autorun viruses, it offers multiple scanning methods that let you scan a specific location or the.

Navigate to the drive whose files are hidden and you want to recover. Then Type attrib -s -h -r /s /d *.* and hit Enter. That is it. Now you will get all the hidden files and folder as general files and you can use it. Note: You can also show all types of hidden files and folder without using Command Prompt Click on View tab and check 'Show hidden files, folders and drives' e. Make sure that there is no check mark placed near 'Hide empty drives in Computer Folder', 'Hide extensions for known file type' and 'Hide protected operating system files'. f. Insert your USB flash drive and check whether you are able to see the files

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GridinSoft Anti-Malware. 2. Double-click on the setup file. When setup file has finished downloading, double-click on the setup-antimalware-ag.exe file to install GridinSoft Anti-Malware on your computer. An User Account Control asking you about to allow GridinSoft Anti-Malware to make changes to your device How To Remove the USB Shortcut Virus If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Restoro which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due to a system corruption Delete those files marked as Red color and Orange color. Please be sure that there is not any virus files in the pendrive. There can be some problem if your files are hidden , then you have to change your setting from your control panel> Folder options > Select View tab > Enable Show hidden file and folders.Now you will be able to see your files in an empty folder

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With USB Shortcut Virus Remover. If using cmd is too much of a hassle, you can opt for a reliable shortcut virus remover. As the name suggests, it's a third-party application that removes shortcut viruses. The first thing you need to do is to download a shortcut virus remover. Surf the net or ask your friends for recommendations Hidden File Finder works on both 32-bit & 64-bit platforms starting from Windows XP to Windows 10 version. Features: Free, Easy to use GUI based Software Fast multi threaded Hidden File finder to quickly scan entire computer, drive or folder. Unhide all the Hidden files with one click Files and Folders Hidden in USB Drive / Pen Drive Due to Virus: The threatening programs try to defuse these magnetically aligned particles so as to erase the data. On the highest level, there are some viruses that are capable of erasing the main configuration of the USB drive so that the computer system is not able to detect the data stored in. See also: How to remove shortcut virus from removable flash drive. Autorun Eater - A Free Tool to Remove Infected Autorun.inf from USB. You need a tool that is capable of removing suspicious autorun.inf file even before the manual execution of a file inside a removable media by any user

If the files and folders in your external hard disk or flash drive have turned into shortcuts or are hidden, here is one solution to recover your data. Operating system used - Windows 7. Install good antivirus and scan entire computer including the flash drive/external hard disk. Go to Control Panel, Folder Options, select VIE To scan and remove viruses with Windows Defender Offline, use these steps: Open Start. Search for Windows Security and click the top result to open the app. Click on Virus & thread protection. CMD has access to reconstruct all Windows system files by using various attributes like removing the hidden attributes which a virus normally uses. One of the leading causes of virus infections in computers and the CMD method work on USB to remove its viruses and secure your computer Shortcut Virus is a very common virus that converts files and folders into shortcuts mostly in flash drives/pen drives/SD cards or similar ones. One of the ways on how to remove shortcut virus from USB flash drive is through Windows Command Prompt or CMD. A shortcut virus spreads very fast. First, it's going to hide your files and create a shortcut. Since you have no other way to access your. Unhide files: Due to virus infection your important files on the pen drive might become hidden. So first try to unhide these files: In Start Menu -> Click RUN -> type cmd to open the command prompt. Now, type your Flash Drive Letter (for example J) followed with colon i.e. J: Type attrib -r -a -s -h *.* and press enter

If you've found some files are hidden in USB and you're using Windows PC, you can try the CMD to unhide fines in USB. Here are the simple steps: 1. Plug in the USB drive to your computer USB slot. Please make sure it is detected by your PC. 2. Click the Start menu, type in cmd in the search bar, and click Enter to unhide files in USB drive How to recover files infected by Shortcut virus from USB Pen drive: Many a times, people complain about the below problems-The folders in my pen drive are changed to shortcut files. I cannot access data files in USB Pen drive and hard drives The used space in my USB Pen drive is full but I cannot access the files Download and install Disk Drill for Windows or Mac OS X. Step 2. Connect your USB drive and launch Disk Drill. Step 3. Click the Search for lost data button next to it. Step 4. Preview the files you need to restore. Step 5. Select which files you want Disk Drill to recover and click the Recover button

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