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The Standard Fireplace (see p. 4-5) has a short firebox with the back wall leaning forward. Also Know, are fire surrounds standard size? Fire surround manufacturers/suppliers will generally offer widths between 55.5-61 inches and heights of around 42-52 inches. Correspondingly, how do you size a gas fireplace insert Standard Gas Fireplace Dimensions. Gas fireplaces can be anywhere from 20 inches to 60 inches, but the size of the gas fireplace you choose will ultimately depend on the area of the room and the height of the wall you plan to put it in. For example, if you have a wall that is 8 feet or 96 inches tall, you wouldn't put a 60 inch fireplace in.

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Although there is no easy answer of standard fireplace, it's easy to work around it and find the right log set to put in it. Fireplaces tend to be somewhat unique in their sizing from house to house or business to business. In order to find the right size gas logs or other fireplace pieces, measurements of your fireplace are necessary Fireplace design details do not stop on the front face of the fireplace. The firebox must be shaped and sized perfectly so it doesn't smoke. Revised September 2018 and featured in the September 30, 2018 AsktheBuilder Newsletter.. Be sure to check Tim's (not the AsktheBuilder one) smoking fireplace, featured in the January 31, 2021 Newsletter..

Here we can see that the interior width of this fireplace in the rear is 26″ and the interior height is 18″. Width - Left to Right In a similar fashion, you will need to measure the width of your firebox from the opening (aka the face or exterior measurement) and rear (interior) The size of the room is an important criterion regarding this major purchase; however, the most important aspect to consider, in order to optimize your fireplace's efficiency, is its power, its capacity to heat, expressed in BTU. What's a BTU? BTU is the abbreviation of British Thermal Unit Flue Size Common Venting Uses; Outside Diameter (inches) Inside Area (square inches) 7 1/2 X 7 1/2: 31: Stoves, Central Heaters: 8 1/2 x 8 1/2: 41: Stoves, Central Heaters: 8 1/2 X 13: 70: Stoves, Fireplaces, Central Heaters: 13 X 13: 99: Fireplaces: 13 X 18: 156: Fireplaces Its versatility is unmatched due to supreme installation flexibility and design customization options to fit in almost any space. It is available in four sizes and each of their heating capabilities are as follows: Model. BTUs. Space it will Heat. Novus 30. 14,000 - 20,000. 400 - 700 square feet

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  1. imum thickness of one and one-eighth inch (1-1/8). The STANDARD fireplace is available in three sizes: thirty-six inch (36), forty-two inch (42) and forty-six inch (46)
  2. No pilot kit is involved, so all you need is 2 inches of clearance between the burner system and the fireplace on each side. Measure the fireplace's front opening width, subtract 4 inches, and the resulting length is the largest size gas log set your fireplace can accommodate. Manual Safety Pilot Valv
  3. Standard Fireplaces. Standard fireplaces are typically short and deep compared to Rumford fireplaces. On a standard fireplace, the damper is located in the front of the firebox and the back wall is sloped forward to close the throat
  4. Gas Fireplaces, Inserts, Stoves and Log Sets. Choose a gas fireplace or gas fireplace insert to create an inviting atmosphere in your indoor or outdoor space without the hassle of wood. Consider a stylish gas stove or convert your wood fireplace to a true-to-life gas log set. Browse indoor gas fireplaces in modern, transitional, and traditional.
  5. Types of fireplaces impact sizeNot only will budget and the size of the location for the fireplace be important to consider, but the type of fireplace will have implications as well.A chimney will increase the size of a fireplace by as much as two additional feet. Wood-burning fireplaces are typically taller because a chimney is required
  6. Step 1: Measure Your Fireplace. The first thing you'll need to do is measure your fireplace. Begin by measuring the front width, back width, height, and depth of your fireplace. In order to accommodate gas logs, your fireplace should be at least 12-14 inches deep, although some options are available for fireplaces as shallow as 9.5 inches
  7. For a quick reference, a 36-inch fireplace will probably have a mantel width of 48 inches. A 42-inch fireplace will probably have a mantel width of 54 inches. The mantel should not be so wide that it reaches anything else, like a wall, window or door

Single-face fireplaces have been in use since early recorded history with developments in design through most of the major architectural periods. Most of the available information on the proper opening sizes, dampers, and flue sizing is based on empirical developments. Single-face fireplaces can provide relatively efficient room heating Most ethanol fireplaces contain a burner that can be filled with the bioethanol fuel for easy repeated use. 2 liters is the standard size for the fuel tank. The burner enables you to adjust the temperature of the fireplace (unlike a gel fireplace). It also allows you to easily turn the fireplace off and on In comparison, a 12-inch chimney size provides a cross section of 113 inches through which to vent smoke. The way wood stoves and fireplaces work, a correct match on fitting the flue size to the appliance is a must. Venting a Wood Stove. As a general rule, the diameter of the chimney should match the flue collar on your wood stove In the United States and referring to the ICC, a widely-used model building code, the code specifies a 16 hearth extension to front of the fireplace for fireplaces <6 sq.ft. of opening size, and 20 hearth extension to front of fireplace for fireplaces = or larger than 6 sq. ft

Larger Fireplace Recommendations Fireplaces with openings larger than 6 square feet demand larger hearths. The front of the hearth needs to extend to a minimum of 20 inches, and the side areas need to extend to 12 inches. The recommended thickness for larger fireplace hearths remains the same 19.5'. 48x32x18. 16.5'. Outdoor fireplaces can be as small as four feet tall, three feet wide and two feet deep. While larger fireplaces, complete with mantel and hearth, built-in seating and wood storage boxes, can be as large as 15 feet tall, 15 feet wide and 4 feet deep. Talk with a landscape designer or contractor to determine what size.

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  1. Choose from vent-free, direct vent, and natural vent options for venting the appliance. The cost of a gas fireplace insert, including the purchase of the insert, the installation, and any necessary venting, can run from $1,500 to over $4,500. The cost of gas fireplace inserts can vary wildly due to installation costs
  2. Many models are available in 2 sizes - those that fit fireplaces roughly 36 wide or less, and those that fit fireplaces 42 wide. (If your fireplace is smaller than 30 wide, check our selection of of Small Mantels). Why these 2 standard size mantels
  3. ed by the space you have. As an example most people who have a 8 foot wall would probably not choose to put a 60 inch unit on that wall as the fireplace would take up all most all of it

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Mendota gas fireplaces, gas fireplace inserts and gas stoves are sold through a nationwide network of authorized Mendota dealerships. These professionals have both the knowledge and experience to help you select the correct size fireplace for your home and provide expert installation and service Comfort Glow full size gas fireplace system with zero clearance total control fireplace systems. Gone are the days when you had to stoop down or lie flat on the ground to light your pilot light. With Comfort Glow's new Total Control System Fireplace it's as easy as the push of a wall switch or remote control buttons Trying to decide what size of TV to mount over our fireplace . The grey space over the mantel measures 85 inches wide by 42 inches high. Was thinking of hanging a 70 inch TV that measures 62 inches wide by 36 high. It would leave about 12 inches on the sides and about 3 inches on top and bottom. A 65 inch TV measures 57 inches wide by 34 high 48″ Standard Series Fireplace. Overall Height: 102″. Firebox Opening Height: 28″ Arched Lintel, 22″ Straight Lintel. Firebox Opening Width: 48″ with firebrick, 51″ without firebrick. Firebox External Depth: 33″ Fireplaces come in various sizes though most are quadrangular, and use various types of fuel. In general, there is no one standard size and depends on the space and requirements

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The right gas fireplace for you. With gas fireplaces, you've got options—size, look, heat, price and style. Click through the filters below to find the right fit for you Ultimately he decided that the fireplace would be centered and there would be approximately 10″ of tile to each side and above and below. The mantel would be approx 1 foot wide for each leg, then the rest would be cabinets. After the layout was decided it was time to start building Depends on the size of the fireplace and whether the firebox is at floor level or raised. mantel heights vary depneding on the overall design,but average, traditional mantel shelf height is 52-58 high off of the hearth. The mantel below is 53..

Fireplace Hearth sizes are dictated by two main elements; proportions that work with the chosen Fireplace surround and Building Regulations. Depending upon your chosen Fire, J. Rotherham Fireplaces come with a specified Hearth that will ensure it both fits the proportions (approximately lining up with the width of the Mantel) and meets the. successful fireplaces. Straying too far from accepted practices may result in a fireplace that burns poorly or fails to conform to building codes. Sizing the opening Determining the size for a fire-place opening is mainly an aes-thetic decision that depends on the size of the room and the visu-al prominence the fireplace is to have

Complete your ideal living or outdoor area with the versatile ISOKERN STANDARD OUTDOOR FIREPLACE - 42. This unique modular masonry fireplace is crafted from volcanic pumice. This makes the unit much lighter than other products that are made of heavy concrete and allows for easier construction. With multiple brick colors and patterns to choose. For a square chimney where the internal flue dimensions are 10 inches by 10 inches then the cross flow is (10x10 = 100) 100 square inches. By applying the 1:8 ratio (100x8 = 800) indicates the fireplace aperture should be 800 square inches. For round flues you will need to use pi (3.14) to work out the square area of a circle Area= pi x r2 1) Mantel Opening Height, 2) Mantel Opening Width, and Mantel Return Depth. In most cases this overlap should be a minimum of 1/2. To build your fireplace mantel, you should start by determining if a standard size mantel surround will work, if not provide us with the B,C and G dimensions from below for a custom size The dimensions of your fireplace will help you determine the best size gas logs, or how much fire glass you need for your fireplace. If you don't find what you are looking for, don't worry! Our gas fireplace experts are trained to help in these circumstances. Give us a call at 877-743-2269 and keep your measurements handy! Gas Log. Fireplace Flue Size Specifications Relation of fireplace size to flue opening dimensions, Table of required chimney flue size and flue dimensions for masonry fireplaces. To provide adequate draft and safe venting of combustion products the chimney flue for a fireplace has to be adequate in size or cross-sectional area. This article series provides information about masonry fireplaces.

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Custom Gas Fireplaces. Your imagination and budget are the only limits when designing your custom gas fireplace. Choose from any number of fireplace sizes, shapes, burners, and interiors. Most custom fireplaces are going to be gas due to EPA clean burning restrictions on open wood burning Add outstanding realism to narrower wood-burning fireplaces. With up to eight real-life ceramic logs in three styles, Duzy Series 24 and 30 vented gas log sets are radiant with pushbutton ease and Natural Flame™ realism. View Details. Starting at. $1,088 * When installing a fireplace or wood heater, it needs to comply with Australian Standard AS/NAS 2918. This includes several restrictions that may impact on the size of your fireplace, as well as where you can place it within your home. All fireplaces should be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications 120-325 GALLON TANK. These tanks are perfect for homes that only have two or three appliances using propane. If you need propane for your gas fireplace, standard hot water, clothes dryer or stove—then this is the tank for you! 500 GALLON TANK. If you're looking to heat your entire home, or multiple appliances, then a 500 gallon tank best.

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  1. A standard fireplace is a normal brick fireplace. A standard fireplace is a normal brick fireplace, most of which have an opening about 36 inches wide, about 28 inches high, and 16 to to 20 inches deep.The inner walls of the fireplace angle inward, and the back sometimes slopes forward a bit, but is sometimes nearly vertical
  2. The fireplace. An essential design focal point and the #1 decorative amenity requested by homebuyers. Specifying a fireplace is crucial to the success of your project. Select a product to access and download CAD details, Revit BIM Objects, and 3-Part MasterFormat™ CSI Specifications
  3. A flue size providing not less than the equivalent net cross-sectional area shall be used. Cross-sectional areas of clay flue linings are shown in Tables R1003.14(1) and R1003.14(2) or as provided by the manufacturer or as measured in the field. The height of the chimney shall be measured from the firebox floor to the top of the chimney flue
  4. D Series Insert. Choose from 2 insert models: The D-40 gas fireplace insert is among the largest inserts on the market with 40,000—26,400 BTUH, while the compact D-30 ranges 30,000—19,900 BTUH
  5. Clay Flue Liners. Superior Clay manufactures a complete line of vitrified clay flue liners from 3″ to 36″ diameters in round flue liners and from 4″x8″ to 24″x24″ in square and rectangular flue liners. Socket type joints and self aligning joints are available in round flue liners. Superior manufactures flues with holes, contoured.

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A good rule of thumb is to make an above-ground fire pit 12-14 inches tall. This is a few inches shorter than standard patio furniture seat height. If you want to be able to sit on the edge of the pit itself go a bit higher, 18-20 inches will be comfortable. A fire pit any taller will actually hold heat in and make it hard to enjoy while. A: Vented gas logs can be used in the IBV, Standard, and Magnum Series fireplace systems. These gas logs range from 50,000 BTU to 100,000 BTU maximum. The Vent-Free Series specifies the use of AGA listed vent-free log sets. The vent-free log sets are 40,000 BTU maximum Legend G3 Standard Size Gas Insert. 0 Review(s) 0 0 5 Write a Review. Legend G3 gas insert for medium to standard sized fireplaces. Questions about this item? Be the first to ask here

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When selecting your electric fireplace, consider how you'll use the unit and the size of the space you're heating. Forced fan fireplaces are best for areas around 400 square feet, while infrared quartz units are best suited for rooms around 1,000 square feet. The maximum size for any heater to work efficiently is about 1,500 square feet Uniflasy 1/2-Inch Straight Quarter-Turn Shut-Off Valve Kit with Polished Chrome Flange for Natural Liquid Propane Gas Fireplace 3 Key and 3/8 Male Flare 1/2 NPT Fittings x 2 4.8 out of 5 stars 39 $18.99 $ 18 . 9 Tank sizes range from portable 20-lb. containers to tanks that can hold over 2,000 gallons. The size of your propane tank will depend on the size of your home as well as the number and size of appliances using propane. Your geographical location and local climate can also play a role in choosing your propane tank size

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That's where standard-sized masonry fireplace doors come in! These standard fireplace doors come in a variety of sizes, but they are pre-made and almost ready to go the moment you order them! Typically standard doors ship within 2-3 weeks whereas some custom doors can take 4-6 weeks or longer depending on the complexity This Electric Fireplace Insert instantly brings your existing fireplace to life. It installs in minutes and plugs into any standard household outlet. You can turn the insert on or off with the included remote control from anywhere in the room. Insert size is 25.5 by 21 by 13 inches and weighs 34 lbs

Buck Stove Model 34ZC Vent Free Gas Fireplace Or Insert- Manhattan. Model: 34ZC. Regular Price: $1,978.99. Special Price $1,925.00. 1 Review (s Mid-sized electric fireplaces are perfect for your den, basement, or cottage as they will provide a sufficient amount of heat and warmth up to 400 square feet. Portable Fireplace mid-size electric fireplaces can be found within our 41-45 inches electric fireplaces category and or our 46-50 inches electric fireplaces category Danbury Wood Fireplace Mantel Standard Sizes. $399.00. Price per panel for 15-29 panels. Choose Options. Oxford Wood Mantel - Standard Sizes. $1,799.00. Price per panel for 15-29 panels. Choose Options. Princeton Wood Mantel - Standard Sizes Gas Log Size Calculator. Use our Gas Log Calculator to find the gas log size you need. Most fireplaces are tapered (front width is larger than the rear width). The most critical dimension for sizing is the Middle Width Dimension of the fireplace. This will allow the burner to be centered in the fireplace. Example: 42 (front width) + 24 (back.

Masonry fireplaces are built to varying sizes. The most popular range of sizes: 32 to 36 Wide 25 to 29 High. It is important for the size of the chimney to be correctly calculated to match the fireplace opening. The rule of thumb is a 1/10 ratio, meaning that the fireplace opening can be 10 times as large as the flue tile cross section Isokern modular masonry fireplaces Sizes and designs for any application. www.isokern.net - 800 642 2920 Over 100,000 units installed. Standard Series Hearth Size Weight* • 36 • 1050 lbs • 42 • 1305 lbs • 46 • 1150 lbs Vent-Free Series Hearth Size Weight*. Finishing Options for Your Gas Fireplace. You can opt for the timeless elegance of stainless steel, the traditional stability of black matte, or finish your gas fireplace with something more daring. Your finish is the first impression your fireplace makes, so make it stand out. Standard Black Matte; Mirror Polished Stainless Steel; Brushed. Standard is different from typical or average. Average mantel height is about 54 above the hearth extension. Standard depends on the fireplace size, required clearances and the aesthetic desired, which can vary widely, as shown below. Thi.. Min. Fireplace Size 20W x 25-1/4H x 11-3/4D: BOLERO Coal, Logs, Stones or Driftwood Min. Fireplace Size 20W x 25-1/4H x 10D: SENATOR Coal, Logs, Stones or Driftwood Min. Fireplace Size 20W x 25-1/4H x 9D: WINDSOR Arch Coal, Logs, Stones or Driftwood Min. Fireplace Size 20W x 25-1/4H x 11-3/4D: LEDGEVIEW Coal, Logs, Stones or Driftwood Min.

amounts of moisture into the air. A poorly adjusted gas fireplace can generate incomplete combustion products, including carbon monoxide. As with other energy-using appliances, it is important to keep in mind that buying an energy-efficient gas fireplace and using it wisely will use less energy and reduc The Majestic Quartz gas fireplace is an excellent quality, low-cost gas fireplace offering electronic ignition, slim depth, and an easy installation design. Well compact than another high-efficiency direct vent gas fireplace that is out there in the market. Changing any accessories might cost you a little more. Check Price On Amazo Measure the width and length of your room, then add those measurements together. The number of feet you calculate will be the best size of the opening—in inches—for your fireplace. So, if your. The mantel above a traditional wood-burning or gas fireplace is typically 48″ or more off the floor. If you put a TV above that mantel, it will be too high for comfortable viewing in the average-size room. If you are keeping your wood or gas fireplace, then you may want to consider placing the TV off to one side, and not above the mantel

Custom lengths from 2 to 66 feet. Six glass heights (12″, 20″, 30″, 36″, 48″ and 58″) Safe Touch Glass™ standard on every DaVinci fireplace. Zero-clearance firebox allows direct contact with combustible building materials. A modular firebox design for simple delivery and installation, with no additional framing, wall support or. Duluth Forge Dual-Fuel Ventless Gas Fireplace Insert, 32, 000 BTU, Remote Control, 170038. SKU: 157898099. Product Rating is 5. 5 (2) See price at checkout. Was Save. Standard Delivery Eligible 26 Gorgeous Two-Sided Fireplaces For Your Spacious Homes. If your home is spacious enough to have room partitions built right inside, then you can create a two-sided fireplace with a lot of ease. Between the living room and dining area, between the kitchen and formal space, you'd be surprise how functional and useful these luxurious additions.

Linear Gas Fireplace - The Langley 36 admin100 2017-03-24T09:06:58-07:00 The Langley 36 - Direct Vent Linear Gas Fireplace A true linear gas fireplace available at builder pricing, at only 8-3/4″ deep for framing, making it one of the thinnest linears on the market Gas Fireplace from Kozy Heat comes with a stunning glow and natural beauty of a real wood burning fire without the hassle and mess of a traditional fire. For more details, call us on 800-253-4904

Size: 133.26 KB. Dimension: 739 x 739. DOWNLOAD. Wiring Diagram Images Detail: Name: gas fireplace wiring diagram - Gas Fireplace Instructions New Fireplace Wiring Diagram Unique 3 Ways to Light A Gas Fireplace. File Type: JPG. Source: wwewrestlemania33.com. Size: 123.23 KB. Dimension: 728 x 546 Masonry fireplaces and foundations shall be anchored at each floor, ceiling or roof line more than 6 feet (1829 mm) above grade with two 3 / 16 -inch by 1-inch (4.8 mm by 25 mm) straps embedded not less than 12 inches (305 mm) into the chimney. Straps shall be hooked around the outer bars and extend 6 inches (152 mm) beyond the bend Soliftec - BS1251 Fireplaces. THE BRITISH STANDARD FIREPLACE. BS 1251: 1987 British Standard Specification for Open-Fireplace Components (1987) Up-to date information, and printed copies, can be purchased from National Standards Organizations, such as: BSI or NSAI, or your local library may offer online access at no direct cost to you The numeric parameters on various sizes for gas and wood fireplaces are listed below. Efficiency ratings for a fireplace range from negative to a positive 40%. Negative efficiency exists in old fireplaces where cold air is absorbed into the building through the chimney and although the fireplace warms its immediate vicinity, the building. Nantucket Country Farmhouse Style Mantel Shelf Standard Sizes 48, 60, 72. $349.00. Price per panel for 15-29 panels. Choose Options. Lincoln Mantel Shelf Standard Sizes. $299.00. Price per panel for 15-29 panels. Choose Options. Appalachian Rustic Farmhouse Mantel Shelf Standard Sizes

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Lennox Direct Vent Fireplaces. EDV Elite Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces. Elite EDV Multi Sided Direct Vent Fireplaces. Elite LV Linear Direct Vent Fireplace. MLDVT Merit Direct Vent Louverless Gas Fireplace. MLDVTCD Merit Direct Vent Louverless Gas Fireplace. MPD Merit Plus Direct Vent Gas Fireplace. MPD Pro Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Fireplace Measurements The standard sizes of our fireplaces are suitable for most homes. However, please take the measurements of all dimensions in the diagram and telephone or e-mail to discuss any questions that you may have. We are very helpful and will be glad to answer your questions and offer advice Quadra-Fire gas fireplace inserts turn your drafty inefficient wood fireplace into a beautiful & efficient heat source. With no wood to haul and no mess to clean up, the Excursion Series gas inserts are even easier than you would have ever thought. You will enjoy reliable and fast heat with a powerful fan and efficient steel heat exchange. For SI: 1 inch = 25.4 mm, 1 foot = 304.8 mm, 1 square foot = 0.0929 m 2. Note: This table provides a summary of major requirements for the construction of masonry chimneys and fireplaces. Letter references are to Figure R1001.1, which shows examples of typical construction. This table does not cover all requirements, nor does it cover all aspects of the indicated requirements Pleasant Hearth 24-in 55000-BTU Dual-Burner Vented Gas Fireplace Logs. (5) Pleasant Hearth 18-in 45000-BTU Dual-Burner Vented Gas Fireplace Logs. (27) Pleasant Hearth 30-in 33000-BTU Triple-Burner Vent-Free Gas Fireplace Logs with Thermostat and Remote. (10) Pleasant Hearth 19.75-in 30000-BTU Dual-Burner Vent-Free Gas Fireplace Logs Calculate how many BTUs you need to heat a room or even a house with a wood-burning, pellet or gas fireplace, insert or stove. This BTU Calculator will determine what hearth product size is required with only a few steps and information such as square footage (sq ft)