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If you see a flicker than i would say there is a heart beat definately. I did't hear my sons until about 8 weeks and my other at 6 weeks but i wouldnt worry. Do you remember with you first child when the baby would move the nurse would say, oops lost the heart beat! well the baby could very well be turned a way they can reach it March 26, 2017 at 9:39 am. Report. I had an Afib attack around 8-9 weeks after surgery mostly cause because I was over doing my workouts (mostly walking long and fast). it scared some sense into me and I slowed down a bit. They put me on a drug drip and I came back into rhythm. It happened once in 2012 and that was it No Heartbeat at 8 Weeks The cardiovascular is the first organ system to develop functionally in babies. In between 5 to 6 weeks of pregnancy, the baby's heart starts to function and beats at a rate of 80 to 85 BPM (Beats Per Minute). Starting from that moment, heart rate of the fetus increases 3 BPM each day during that1st month If there is a flicker (unconfirmed) heart beat at 6 weeks 5 days and all your measurements are in order then there is no need to worry. Most likely the fetal cardiac activity will be confirmed next week in your ultrasound scan. By Trans Vaginal ultrasound the fetal heart motion should be seen when the mean sac diameter reaches 20 mm. You may.

Mar 30, 2016 at 4:24 PM. I went for my first ultrasound yesterday. I had believed to be about 10 weeks bc I had guessed my last period date. There was no heartbeat found, and my doctor said the baby stopped growing at 8 weeks. I checked my period app today and I was actually two weeks off on my last period, so I would be about 8 week now Chest soreness 8 weeks after cabg surgery. It takes time to fully recuperate, Guest. I wish you a speedy recovery . Yup, about 3 months of tenderness is common, and then the chest wall will go through periods of twinges for about a year. Upper body exercises will definitely help there

cece Sat 04-Nov-06 10:52:53. My experience was some bleeding - brown - went for first scan at 8 weeks. Baby measured 6 weeks. With heart beat. Same as you with the tests/dates. Went back 1 week later after more bleeding and told baby had noi heart beat, so a mmc. I am hoping that you have better news Rather, at six weeks of pregnancy, an ultrasound can detect a little flutter in the area that will become the future heart of the baby, said Dr. Saima Aftab, medical director of the Fetal Care.

8 week ultrasound SLOW HEARTRATE 70bpm. k. kmommy727. Dec 28, 2010 at 4:46 PM. Had some spotting a few days ago that stopped immediately. Had ultrasound and showed measurements as 6.3 weeks. Math doesn't add up there w bd dateS. The heartrate is extremely low at 70 bpm. Dr and nurse pretty much said to expect to miscarry A fetal heart rate below 70 beats per minute around 6-8 weeks usually predicts a miscarriage. A fetal heart rate below 90 beats per minutes is associated with a 86% miscarriage rate, and a fetal heart rate below 120 bpm is associated with an approximately 50% miscarriage rate. Fetal Heart Rate and Risk of Miscarriag This is because in a normal pregnancy, when using a transabdominal approach, cardiac activity should be visible by 8 weeks' GA. However, an increasing number of sonographers begin the..

Transvaginal ultrasounds, or ultrasounds that use a probe inserted into the vagina, are closer to the growing embryo, so they're more likely to detect cardiac motion before six weeks. The more.. For weeks 1 to 4, participants received 300 mg/d; for weeks 5 to 8, they received 150 mg/d. Subjects assigned to the control group received similar doses to mirror the intervention group. Subjects consumed the supplements during an 8-wk period while they maintained their typical exercise habits

An ultrasound can pick up the heartbeat as a flicker in the chest as early as four weeks after conception (6 weeks pregnant from last menstrual period). By the beginning of the 9th week of pregnancy, the normal fetal heart rate is an average of 175 BPM A chronic cough can occur with other signs and symptoms, which may include: A runny or stuffy nose. A feeling of liquid running down the back of your throat (postnasal drip) Frequent throat clearing and sore throat. Hoarseness. Wheezing and shortness of breath. Heartburn or a sour taste in your mouth. In rare cases, coughing up blood The average heart rate for baby boys in the first trimester was 154.9 bpm (plus or minus 22.8 bpm) and for baby girls it was 151.7 bpm (plus or minus 22.7 bpm). In other words, this myth is busted

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  1. There were 59 pregnancies with a slow heart rate at 6.0-7.0 weeks and a normal heart rate at follow-up US by 8.0 weeks; 15 (25.4%) resulted in first-trimester demise
  2. . Eats,urinates,poops well.panting lots how long can he live. It sounds that he has heart disease but he is not in heart failure (I assume he is not treated for fluids in his lungs). Live expectancy depends on what hear condition he suffers from but in.
  3. At eight weeks pregnant, your baby will measure about 1.2 from the top of its head to its little tail. At an 8 week scan, it's possible to see the embryo's development, especially their big head and small body. Your little one will also start to make involuntary movements, similar to a slight flicker or a jump
  4. ations during the second trimester and were normal at birth
  5. A more widely quoted reference from 1998 reports that of 50 healthy term babies with heart murmurs, in 64% the murmur had disappeared by 6 weeks of age. None of the babies had clinically significant congenital heart disease and had all disappeared by 6 months of age but one baby had developed a different innocent murmur
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Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. The rehabilitation program was conducted according to previously published guidelines of the French Cardiological Society. 17 It was preceded by a consultation inclusion directed by a cardiologist and a clinical examination including measurement of blood pressure, echocardiography, stress testing, and blood tests. It was a multidisciplinary program of 8-weeks. The normal fetal heart rate is between 110 to 180 beats per minutes (BPM), but can vary. Fluctuations of the fetal heart rate (usually associated with fetal movement) during different periods of the day are common and often rise above 160, going as high as 180 to 190 and are considered normal. If you have questions or concerns about your baby's.

Studies have shown that flu illness is associated with an increase of heart attacks and stroke. A 2018 study. external icon. found that the risk of heart attack was 6 times higher within a week of confirmed flu infection. These findings were most pronounced for older adults and those experiencing their first heart attack Cardiac Rehabilitation Outpatient Structure (Phase ll) Phase II is a twelve-week program that consists of one hour of supervised exercise three times per week. During at least the first three weeks of exercise each participant will wear a telemetry unit so that the heart rate and rhythm can be monitored 8 13 Mean heart rate (bpm) '106.6 111.8 130.4 148.5 147.6 1 so ±9.1 ±10.6 ;t 11.0 ±13.2 ±13.3 • F'we other patients were between 8.5 to 9 weeks, but the numbers were insufficient to provide statiatical inrormation. DISCUSSION Several other investigators have described the gradual rise in heart rate between 5 + and 9 weeks and our dat Heart valve disease may be present at birth (congenital). It can also occur in adults due to many causes and conditions, such as infections and other heart conditions. Heart valve problems may include: Regurgitation. In this condition, the valve flaps don't close properly, causing blood to leak backward in your heart. This commonly occurs due.

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8 Weeks. starts at 149 and ends at 172 bpm. 9 Weeks. 155-195 bpm (average 175 bpm) 12 Weeks. 120-180 bpm (average 150 bpm) This is so exact in fact, that your doctor or midwife can actually use heart rate to help pinpoint the gestational age of your baby via ultrasound. The miscarriage rate is drastically reduced for pregnancies in which a. A baby's heart starts to beat around 6 weeks. If you opt for an early ultrasound, you may get to hear baby's heartbeat, or even see it beating on the monitor, as early as 6 weeks. Otherwise, you'll probably hear baby's heartbeat via a doppler at your first prenatal visit somewhere between 8 to 12 weeks, sometimes even later Mom's Body at 8 Weeks Pregnant. By the time you're eight weeks pregnant, pregnancy symptoms will be in full swing. Your clothes are may start to pinch a little, but on the plus side, you may be able to hear your baby's heartbeat for the first time — something to make up for the not-so-pleasant symptoms you may have been experiencing. You may be wondering when you will start showing At 8 weeks, a baby is typically between 1/2 and 3/4 inch long (1.5 to 2 centimeters),   about the size and shape of kidney Some parents even nickname their baby the little bean around this time, especially after catching a glimpse of the baby on an early ultrasound Week 5. Baby: Your baby is still tiny, but its heart, brain, spinal cord, muscle, and bones are beginning to develop.The placenta, which nourishes your baby, and the amniotic sac, which provides a.

Heart failure (HF) prevalence increases dramatically in the elderly. In the Rochester Epidemiologic Project in Olmsted County, the overall prevalence of HF was 2.2% and increased with age, reaching 8.4% in those age ≥75 years compared with 0.7% in those 45 to 54 years of age .Likewise, HF incidence increases with age Nicola Allan, a 45-year-old teacher from Liverpool, tells a similar story. Two months after first being diagnosed with Covid-19, she found her heart would start racing without warning. It would. In today's video, we'll cover three low intensity methods to get you started on week 1 of increasing your conditioning: 1.) Cardiac Output Method. 2.) Tempo Interval Method. 3.) High Resistance Interval Method. The cardiac output method, or roadwork 2.0, helps to improve your body's ability to supply the muscles with oxygen The best place for students to start is the Heart Tutorial. In human embryos the heart begins to beat at about 22-23 days, with blood flow beginning in the 4th week. The heart is therefore one of the earliest differentiating and functioning organs. The heart begins very early in mesoderm within the trilaminar embryonic disc Expect to return to work in 6-8 weeks. It is a good idea to return gradually starting out part-time and gradually increasing the hours. It may help to discuss with your employer, the consultant and the cardiac rehabilitation team what will be the most appropriate for you. Driving: You may resume driving after four weeks if you hav

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Women most at risk for heart failure weeks after giving birth Date: April 10, 2018 Source: University of Illinois at Chicago Summary: Heart failure is a leading cause of maternal morbidity and. Hi - nearly 8 weeks since my Aortic Valve replacement. I just had my 60th birthday. I was diagnosed with a mild Aortic Stenosis in 2009 and had annual echocardiograms and consultations at my local hospital for the last 10 years. It went thru Moderate, then in December 2018 it went to Severe Am 49, and 8 weeks post double bypass. Have had a really good recovery, but a few days ago developed some pain-wouldn't call it angina or chest pain at all. Feels like it's more on my right side behind my breast, and almost up to both my clavicles The authors found the average heart rate increase was around 10%, or 7-8 beats per minute (BPM). The study also found that the average heart rate rises steadily through pregnancy. At 10 weeks.

The approach to treating dizziness during pregnancy varies depending on the cause. Serious heart health problems, for example, will require treatment and monitoring in a hospital Stolear JC, Georges B, Shita A, Verbeelen D. The predictive value of cardiac troponin T measurements in subjects on regular haemodialysis. Nephrol Dial Transplant. 1999 Aug. 14(8):1961-7. . Ooi DS, Zimmerman D, Graham J, Wells GA. Cardiac troponin T predicts long-term outcomes in hemodialysis patients. Clin Chem. 2001 Mar. 47(3):412-7

Beyond 6 weeks of recovery. If you had open heart surgery and the surgeon divided your sternum, it will be about 80% healed after six to eight weeks. By that time, you'll generally be strong. 2. Gagnon R, Campbell K, Hunse C, Patrick J Patterns of human fetal heart rate accelerations from 26 weeks to term. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 1987 Sep;157(3):743-8. PUBMED. 3.Electronic fetal heart rate monitoring: research guidelines for interpretation. National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Research Planning Workshop The good news: Once your baby reaches 8 weeks, your miscarriage risk lowers to around 1.5 percent, according to one 2008 study. Takeaway: 32 weeks to go That just about sums up week 8 Heart Murmurs Often Go Away By Six Months of Age. Although the occurrence is rare, some puppies are born with heart conditions that should be detected and treated as soon as possible to ensure that they lead a healthy life. Dr. Jordan Vitt, a veterinary cardiologist at the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Urbana, says the three types of congenital heart defects seen most. 8 Weeks Pregnant Bump. At your 8 week prenatal visit with your OB, you will start measuring your belly. In the first trimester, healthy weight gain is about 2 pounds each week. Around 8 weeks your total weight gain should be about 4 to 6 pounds. Everyone's 8 week pregnant bump looks different

After being followed for about 10 years, participants who ran up to 8 miles per week or walked up to 12 miles per week (which is roughly the distance a person would achieve who follows typical post-heart attack exercise guidelines), reduced their heart disease-related mortality by 21%, compared to sedentary heart attack survivors. Mortality was. Congenital heart disease. If you're born with a condition that affects the structure of your heart, you may be at increased risk. Heart valve disease. The heart has four valves — aortic, mitral, pulmonary and tricuspid — that open and close to direct blood flow through your heart. Conditions that damage the valves may cause the heart to.

Six-Week Beginner Walking Plan This six-week program is for the beginner walker who wants to improve overall health and increase energy. Walks start at 10 minutes or less and gradually work up to 30-plus minutes. Health experts have found that about 30 minutes a day of regular moderate exercise is effective for improving healt Causes and Concerns. Fetal arrhythmia is a term that refers to any abnormality in the heart rate of your baby. These can include tachycardia-an increased heart rate-or bradycardia, which is a slowed heartbeat. The normal heart rate for a fetus is anywhere between 120 and 160 beats per minute.This is a rare condition, occurring in only 1-2% of pregnancies, and is normally a temporary. Answer: Hello dear, when you are eight to ten weeks pregnant, your baby's heart will be beating about 170 to 200 beatsper minute (bpm). This will gradually slow down to the normal fetal heart rate range of 120 to 160 bpm during the middle part of pregnancy until the end. Your baby is healthy don't worry

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Explore maher.aljafari's photos on Flickr. maher.aljafari has uploaded 68 photos to Flickr My 8-week old lab puppy was diagnosed as having a stage 3 heart murmur yesterday by our vet. Is it possible that a - Answered by a verified Dog Veterinarian OK. I have a 3 month old miniature dachshund who has been diagnosed with a heart murmur. At 8 weeks of age, it was a stage 3. Our last visit, it was upgraded to a stage 5 Reverse Your Heart Disease in Just Eight Weeks by Harnessing the Power of the Mediterranean Diet If you're one of the 13 million Americans who have survived a heart attack or been diagnosed with heart disease, Dr. Janet Bond Brill offers a delicious and foolproof plan that can lower your risk of a second heart attack by up to 70 percent 8 weeks after triple by-pass - Heart bypass surgery. Hi i am a 64 year old female that had a triple heart by-pass 8 weeks ago. I have done very well afterwards, but am still pretty sore in my arms and upper chest. I had to sleep in my recliner most of the time. I finally am in my bed again, but cannot lay flat

Spotting at 8 weeks pregnant indicates that the pregnancy has been compromised to a certain extent and that some damage has been sustained by the developing fetusu There are a number of reasons that attribute to spotting during a pregnancy, the primary of these being carelessness on the part of the expectant couplel During the first trimester. DANGEROUS POST-OP INFECTIONS. The objective of the study was to find out what types of major infections occur after heart surgery and when they occur. So researchers collected clinical records of 5,185 male and female heart surgery patients with an average age of 64 at 10 medical centers—nine in the US and one in Canada—over the course of eight months Early heart attack symptoms. While most heart attacks are sudden and unmistakable, some might come on more gradually, Dr. Abdallah says. Some of the common early warning signs include: Pressure or. Normal Fetal Heart Rate/Beats per Minute (BPM) 2 mm embryo with gestational size diameter of 20 mm. 75. 5 mm embryo with gestation sac size of 30 mm. 100. 10 mm embryo. 120. 15 mm. 130. Week 5. 80 to 103. Week 6. 103 to 126. Week 7. 126 to 149. Week 8. 149 to 172. Week 9. 155 to 195, with average of 175. Week 12. 120 to 180, with average of 150.

8 weeks Sections . View by: week. Week; Month; Previous Next. Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12 Week 13 Week 14 Week 15 Week 16 Week 17 Week 18. Most puppies join their new homes from 8 to 12 weeks of age, leaving their mothers, littermates, and infancy behind. Many people get a puppy at this age—the imprinting stage. This is a time of rapid brain development when the dog is impressionable and ideal for training. The puppy is learning to be a dog. And, the dog is picking up its good and bad behavior tendencies from their experiences.

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Drinking any amount of alcohol can be dangerous if you have: A personal or family history of alcohol abuse. A personal or family history of liver disease or pancreatitis. Heart failure, cardiomyopathy, uncontrolled high blood pressure, irregular heart rhythm (arrhythmia), history of sudden cardiac death or stroke, or high triglycerides Fetal heart rate monitoring measures the heart rate and rhythm of your baby (fetus). This lets your healthcare provider see how your baby is doing. Your healthcare provider may do fetal heart monitoring during late pregnancy and labor. The average fetal heart rate is between 110 and 160 beats per minute. It can vary by 5 to 25 beats per minute Expect to recover in 4 to 8 weeks after open heart surgery. During your recovery period, it's okay to: Do light cooking. Do light housework (such as dusting, making the bed, and washing small loads of dishes). Visit with friends and family for short periods (5 to 10 minutes). Enjoy light hobbies such as reading, computer work, or handiwork.. From eight weeks to the time of birth, the baby is a fetus or unborn offspring. 23. A baby's heart beats 54 million times from the time it is formed to the moment of birth. 24. At 6-8 weeks, the fetal heart has grown into four chambers. Its development is nearly complete and it beats rapidly at about 167 bpm. 25 Ultrasound At 8 Weeks - All You Need To Know. By the time you reach week 8 of pregnancy, the embryo has increased in size slightly. According to the 8 week ultrasound, the embryo would be the size of a raspberry, weighing 0.04 ounces and measuring about 0.63 inches. Welcome to the second month of pregnancy. There's a lot to go through

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THURSDAY, Feb. 21 (HealthDay News) -- The human heart is not fully formed until much later in pregnancy than previously thought, a new study suggests.. British researchers analyzed scans of the hearts of healthy fetuses in the womb and found that the heart has four clearly defined chambers in the eighth week of pregnancy, but does not have fully organized muscle tissue until the 20th week Download your free program guide: https://www.heatherrobertson.comGet The Nutrition Guide: https://heatherrobertson.com/shop/We are targeting the upper body. A fetal echogram around 20-22 weeks can check if the fetus has heart disease. Avoid excessive weight gain, and eat a healthy diet; Report any significant change in weight or any symptoms such as shortness of breath to your doctor. Avoid strenuous physical activity. Discuss with your doctor what you can or cannot do Week 8 is as important as any of the others and your baby has developed so much in just 6 weeks since you conceived. You could be feeling moody and irritable. It is also normal to have mood swings and not tolerate people or situations as well as you usually do

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The heart rate starts to increase from the 7th week, and it peaks by 10 - 20% by the third trimester. The stroke volume (amount of blood pumped from the heart) increases by 10% in the first half of pregnancy and reaches its peak around 20 weeks, and will remain stable until term (12) New research shows working long hours could pose a serious risk to your heart. Specifically, researchers found that working 55 hours or more per week is associated with a 33 percent higher risk of. A heart rate is the number of times the heart beats per minute.The heart rate changes throughout a person's life, according to their age, their fitness, and even whether they are frightened When Calls the Heart season 8 episode 8 is coming to the Hallmark Channel this weekend — and Nathan may be dropping a huge surprise. We've known for a while that there is a past between Nathan and Jack. There's no guarantee that the two ever met, but there is something that happened at Fort Clay that linked them

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42 weeks: 20.28 inches: 8.12 pounds: 51.5 cm: 3685 grams: Where to go next: Get helpful tips for each week of your pregnancy and your baby's first years with our pregnancy and baby calendar; Use our child height and weight chart calculator to see how your child's size compares with average Heart is an American rock band formed in 1967 in Seattle, Washington as The Army. Two years later, The Army changed their name to Hocus Pocus, then they changed their name again to White Heart a year later, but eventually changed the name a final time to Heart in 1973. By the mid-1970s, original members Roger Fisher (guitar) and Steve Fossen. Walking (indoors or outdoors) Week 1 to week 4: 3 to 5 times a day. Week 4 to week 8: 2 or 3 times a day. Slow to moderate pace. Avoid becoming short of breath. Avoid hilly terrain. Week 1: 5 to 10 minutes. Week 2: 10 to 15 minutes. Week 3: 15 to 20 minutes Weight Gain May Spell Trouble for Heart Failure Patients. TUESDAY, Sept. 11 (HealthDay News) -- Short-term weight gain can signal worsening outcomes for heart failure patients, a new study shows. Week 8. Credit: American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine - AIUM.org. By the end of your second month of pregnancy, your baby will measure just under one inch, and he will weigh in at half an.

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8. Breathe deeply. Try breathing slowly and deeply for a few minutes a day. It can help you relax. Slow, deep breathing may also help lower blood pressure. 9. Wash your hands often. Scrubbing up with soap and water often during the day is a great way to protect your heart and health The Journal of the American Heart Association reported that about one third of heart attack patients studied were still reporting occasional chest pain at six weeks or longer. (3) These symptoms happened infrequently - about 80 per cent experienced symptoms once a month on average, but of the remaining 20 per cent, chest pain was happening.

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At week 6, the embryo is 3mm long according to the Australian state of Victoria. The heart begins to form, which can sometimes be seen on a vaginal ultrasound scan according to the NHS. There's. #4 in Adult Cardiology & Heart Surgery Hospitals. New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia and Cornell in New York, NY is nationally ranked in 15 adult specialties and 8 pediatric specialties. Read.

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Dr. Louis Gotthelf. Chief Staff Veterinarian. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. 267 satisfied customers. Boston Terrier: juvenile heart murmur (very minor or faint) We are considering an 11 week old Boston Terrier that may be available for adoption. the breeder says the vet says she has a juvenile heart read more Welcome to the New AACVPR.org. We're thrilled you found us and even more thrilled about our recent facelift! If you're new to AACVPR, visit the About section to learn all you need to know about who we are. If you're a member looking for resources, select Login in the top right to access your profile and explore member benefits. Cholesterol levels can be lowered by stress (physical or psychological) or infection. An injury, cancer, stroke, or heart attack may have the same effect. So, if your cholesterol levels are unusually high or low, your doctor will probably want to repeat the test some weeks later. Abnormal readings may also lead to tests for other medical problems By eight weeks, your baby is called a 'fetus' rather than an embryo. Get weekly updates on your baby's development from our expert midwives straight to your inbox. What to do in week 8 To tell or not to tell. Telling people is such a personal thing for you and your partner to decide. Many people decide not to go public with their pregnancy. Pulmonary hypertension happens when the pressure in the blood vessels leading from the heart to the lungs is too high. With pulmonary hypertension, the blood vessels to the lungs develop an increased amount of muscle in the wall of the blood vessels. The heart pumps blood from the right ventricle to the lungs to get oxygen

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Nov 2nd '12. My LO's heartrate was 141.97 at 7 weeks even. The baby was only measuring 6 weeks 5 days. So 141.97 was a bit high, but my specialist said it was still within the normal range. Same with my LO's heartrate at 9 weeks. The baby was measuring exactly 9 weeks. It was 185.88 Heart. During week 9, the heart rate reaches a maximum of mean 175 bpm. Intestinal tract. From 8 weeks 3 days to 10 weeks 4 days of gestational age, all embryos have herniation of the midgut, most distinctive during weeks 9 and 10 Tonight on the Hallmark Chanel When Calls The Heart airs with an all-new Sunday, April 18, 2021, season 8 episode 9 and we have your When Calls The Heart recap below. On tonight's WCTH season 8 episode 9 called, Pre-Wedding Jitters as per the Hallmark Channel synopsis, Elizabeth is distraught over the reveal of Nathan's secret. Everyone helps a couple prepare for their wedding Target Heart Rate and Estimated Maximum Heart Rate. For moderate-intensity physical activity, your target heart rate should be between 64% and 76% 1, 2 of your maximum heart rate. You can estimate your maximum heart rate based on your age. To estimate your maximum age-related heart rate, subtract your age from 220

Rising. The Heart Wants What It Wants Selena Gomez +6 26 Last Week 20 Peak Rank 3 Weeks on Chart 26 20 3. 21. Steady. Blame Calvin Harris Featuring John Newman - 21 Last Week 19 Peak Rank 11 Weeks. Cardiology : Welcome to theheart.org | Medscape Cardiology, where you can peruse the latest medical news, commentary from clinician experts, major conference coverage, full-text journal articles. Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) is a type of surgery that improves blood flow to the heart. It's used for people who have severe coronary heart disease (CHD), also called coronary artery disease. CHD is a condition in which a substance called plaque (plak) builds up inside the coronary arteries CPR & AED Awareness Week. June 1-7 each year is National CPR and AED Awareness Week, spotlighting how lives can be saved if more Americans know CPR and how to use an AED. If you are called on to give CPR in an emergency, you will most likely be trying to save the life of someone you love. Be the difference for your parent, spouse, or child