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Cuff height also dramatically affects stance. Short skiers particularly may have difficulty balancing in boots with tall cuffs. Bowleg or knock-knee skiers may experience similar problems. If you're having stance problems in a tall cuff boot, try models with lower cuffs To shell fit, take the liners out of the ski boots. Put your feet in the boots with a ski sock on, and put your toes all the way to the front so they are just touching. What we want to measure is the space behind your heel and the shell. If you have more than 2cm (a little less than an inch) behind your heel your ski boots are too big Forward lean (or the angle of the boot cuff in the fore/aft plane) has a huge affect on how the skier moves and balances on the skis. As a ski instructor, an inappropriate cuff angle is the single most common equipment related issue I come across. Or at least it's the easiest for me to detect. Fortunately it's also the easiest fix In a men's boot the reference size is a 26.5 and in women's boots the reference size is a 25.5. As a rule, when the ski boot gets longer the ski boot gets slightly wider to accommodate the larger foot. For example a 100mm last boot in a 26.5 is 100mm across How Tight Should New Ski Boot Be? Too Big Illustration by James Provost. The boot's sole length is too long for your foot and/or its volume too large for the width of your foot and height of your instep. Fit Notes: Too much room in the toe of the boot, enough room for toes to curl

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The 2021 HO Freemax Water Ski Binding has unibody construction that means no complexity of a liner, just low maintenance boots that fit great. 2021 HO Freemax Water Ski Binding Features:-NEW! LOWER 175MM TALL CUFF HEIGHT Low profile for increased flexibility and comfort-NEW! SBR CLOSED CELL FOAM LINER for a natural rubber feel-NEW Solving your ski boot woes. Your ski boots have caused you nothing but grief, they hurt, you're in pain. You feel as though you've tried everything; footbeds, custom liners, shell streching/punching, grinding -- you name it, you've done it and you're now resorting to google to figure out what the heck is going on because everyone you're talking to thinks your boots should be fine, but that's. We still think that's a good way to say it. Testers also say the cuff is tall, upright and that its fit is open enough for big-dude legs. Performance. Testers are impressed with how strongly this boot skis for a 100 flex

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  1. The higher the flex, the stiffer the boot is. Ski boots range in flex from 30 to 150, but most women's ski boots have a flex from 50 to 100. If you are a beginner skier, look for a ski boot with a soft flex between 50 and 60. If you are an intermediate skier, look for a ski boot with a medium flex between 60 and 80
  2. Maybe the fact of higher height of the boot might indeed be the issue especially if the Attacks you have are demo ones too? The regular Attack 13 are 17mm off the ski on the toe boot resting area and about 20mm on the heel resting area. Also after the upper cuff on the left boot broke I noticed some cracking/separation of the upper cuff.
  3. Atomic Hawx Prime 130 S Ski Boots 2020 $699.99 Outlet: $239.98 Limited Time. View Selections Compare Please select at least one more item to compare. View More Packages. Product Info. Shop all Dalbello. The Dalbello DS 120 Ski Boots are drop dead cool 4 buckle overlap boots that are part of an all-new line at Dalbello that happen to ski with.

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Part 1 - Learn the basics of boot fitting. Follow advanced boot fitter, Svein Berg, with all the details one needs in fitting boots. Want to make the corre.. Technique: Getting the right volume boot. Getting the right boot means narrowing down the choices. One of the issues with getting the right size boot for skiing is knowing what a good fitting boot is supposed to feel like. It should be obvious, ideally it will feel snug like a tall, worn, leather hiking boot, only stiffer (NOTE: Sagging at the front of the cuff will NOT effect the performance of the ski boot or effect the plastic in any negative way.)The data from these tests can be seen below: Red circles indicate area temperature was recorded on the shell and cuff. page 3 Sagging of the cuff K2 SKI BOOT COMPANY 2019 LINER AND SHELL FITTING PROCEDURES (page 3

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Before using your new boots, you must have an authorized K2 Skis retailer check your boot, binding, and sole setup. K2 Skis boot soles must only be changed by an authorized retailer. Features Tech Sizing. The BFC 100 HEAT maxes out the comfort meter with its 103mm last, heat-moldable shell, Après Mode walk mode, and heated Therm-ic liner While the Fischer Transalp Boots don't set any weight records they do come pretty close in the cuff rotation department. With 53° range of motion (18° back and 35° front) these are one easy walking boot. In order to get the full benefit you do have to undo the top buckle and the power strap and of course switch them into 'Hike' mode Power and Precision. The new RS 110 Short Cuff designed for junior racers and women, is the result of our deep understanding foot mechanics, fit, and ski boot behavior. Our new, race-developed Dual Core construction supplies incredible energy and flex control for total control through the turn. The new anatomic shell design integrates perfectly.

A fantastic blend of performance feel and all-day comfort make this an excellent choice for a wide variety of skiers. The 3-D Active Fit Zone liner and women's specific fit offer excellent energy transfer and control with less fatigue. Buckles: RC Pro. Sole: ISO 5355. Velcro Strap: My RC Pro 35mm. Canting: Race Canting. Cuff Material: Vacu-Plast The word is out: Atomic is going big in regards to backcountry ski gear, and the proof is in their new Backland line of touring skis, skins, packs, and poles. But the big story for the 2015/16 ski season is the release of the Backland Boots - light weight, two-buckle touring kicks in the vein of the Dynafit TLT6. I was lucky enough to have a sample of the Backland Carbon sent to me for a. 30,5. 46 2/3. 31,0. 47 1/3. 31,5. 48. Sole length is not a factor in choosing boots or sizing, but it is a term you should be aware of. It is the measure of the outside bottom of the boot used to adjust the binding to properly fit the boot. Finding the right boot and having it fit properly aren't magic The Ultimate Cuff Stretcher is the fastest way to stretch the cuff of a PAIR of ski boots. Simply place the boots in the jig, heat the back of the spine of the boot on both sides of the dies and start turning the adjustment arm and the boots now fit that customer that was complaining about the ski boots hurting their calves

The flex of a ski boot is a measurement of how stiff the ski boot is, and how hard it will be to flex your ankle while in the boots. Manufacturers usually assign each boot a value for flex on a scale between about 50 and 140, where 50 is very soft, and 140 is extremely stiff A properly fitted ski boot can become like an extension of your foot, enabling powerful, graceful skiing. An improperly fitted ski boot can make a day on the slopes seem like a waking nightmare. Adjusting ski boots involves much more than simply fastening the buckles; many modern boots have adjustments that can. The Best Ski Boots for Narrow Feet. Period! (2020) If you are someone that has narrow feet and struggles to find ski boots that secure your heel, lock in your forefoot or support your skinny legs, here is a rundown on the 6 best narrow lasted all mtn ski boots.. Now traditionally you may have been forced to wear a cold stiff narrow race boot to get the right fit

More alpine boots have a walk mode that releases a rotating cuff to take pressure off your calves and quads when you're riding the lift or just hanging out. 3. Get in the right boot shell size. To correctly size a ski boot shell, a boot fitter will first measure the width and length of each of your feet, then he or she will evaluate your. Ski Boot Being Heated and Stretched. Regardless of what the internet tells you, stretching a ski boot at home, frankly, is not possible. Ski boots are a highly specialized piece of sporting equipment, and without the proper tools or training, it is very likely that you will destroy your ski boots. Under no circumstance would we recommend trying.

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  1. Cantology ski boot canting wedges are offered in two types: Intra-Sole Wedges and Lifter-Style Wedges. Note: As with most ski boot canting techniques, boot toe and heel heights must be routed to restore the original ISO 5355 toe and heel height dimensions during installation. Intra-Sole Ski Boot Cants. Our Intra-Sole Cant Wedges are designed to.
  2. The boots also have a medium instep height which is enough to retain the needed comfort and support to all the sensitive areas of the feet. Well suited to be worn while hiking on all kinds of mountain ranges. K2 BFC 90 Ski Boots 2020. The K2 BFC 90 ski boots provide one of the best out of the box fits
  3. The CUBE3 90 is an easy entry, wide last boot that provides freshman skiers with all-access comfort and tried and tested Head progression. Compare. CUBE3 70. In stock. Combining supreme comfort, ease-of-use and Head performance this easy entry boot for intermediate skiers inspires stress-free progression. Compare
  4. Featuring an Intuition Pro Liner, Metal Buckles, and a reliable 8 / 100 flex tongue, the Classic Pro allows you to ski anything with confidence. Lightweight, versatile, and uncompromising, the Full Tilt Classic Pro represents everything Tried and True about the three-piece boot. YouTube. Full Tilt Boots. 7.76K subscribers
  5. g. Their warm, plush liners pair with a their.
  6. 5 Best ski boots for wide feet (2020) If you are someone that has wide feet and struggles to find ski boots that are comfortable, here is a rundown on the 5 best wide lasted ski boots. Now these boots have been chosen as they combine wide last widths, while still providing great performance
  7. e if a new ski boot is the right size for you, remove the inner boot from the hard shell, then slide your bare foot into the hard, empty and probably cold shell. If the size is right, you won't be able to fit more than two fingers behind the heel when your toes are touching the end of the boot
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  1. The BSL, or BOOT SOLE LENGTH, is printed on the outside of the boot and is often mistaken for size. Most manufacturers also put a sticker on the outside of the boot that shows actual MPS size. Scott ski touring and ski mountaineering boots 2014-1015, along with Cosmos includes various models For boot fitting, here are the Scott shell breaks
  2. Touring Ski Boots - Touring boots are generally lighter in weight than Alpine boots and have a 'hike mode' in the spine of the boot which allows the cuff to be released for walking/hiking. This gives the boot more flexibility in that you can both walk up a slope with the boots and then lock them into your skis to ski down again
  3. Best Overall Women's Ski Boots: Tecnica Mach1 105 LV - Women's. [amazon box=B074ZSKY8C] Extremely responsive. High-performance boot. Tight on calves. [/amazon] The Tecnica Mach 1 105 left the competition in the dust in the performance department, outshining all the models in this review. Our advanced to expert skiers think this is the.

After Ski Boots. After Ski Boots Men. After Ski Boots Women. After Ski Boots Kid. Choose your Winter Shoes from the best brands - Express Delivery More details. Filter your research : Brand. Aigle (4 Details of Men's On Piste Ski Boots Allspeed 120. Buckle in for the power to carve. The Allspeed 120 provides award-winning power and precision in a 102mm last to suit a variety of foot shapes. The Sensor Blade shell is engineered for reduced weight and efficient energy transfer to the ski. An adjustable flex lets you customize the boot to. MEDIUM FIT Hawx Prime. The medium fit Hawx Prime is a boot with a last width of 100 millimeters (boot size MP 26/26.5). These average lasted boots have a more relaxed fit through the midfoot and heel and fit most skiers perfectly The 2021 Atomic Hawx Prime 90 Ski Boots are here and they are reayd to shread the whole mountian and beyond. At a comfortable 90 flex, the Prime 90 ski boots feature a lot of the same technology as Atomic's Ultra ski boots at a more budget friendly price point

Some of you who actually ski tour (smile) might inquire of rearward cuff mobility. In my opinion, the Hoji is below average in that regard, for a ski touring boot. Hoji in front of photo, above, with Vulcan behind, both flexing rearward. They're specified as 55 and 60 degrees rotation, respectively The unicorn of ski boots, the Rossignol Pure Pro Heat is the boot you always wanted to exist but thought was a thing of fairy tales. The integrated heating system was enough to get our attention, but it has much more to offer. It's a quick responsive boot with a very smooth, progressive flex FREE/LOCK 2.0 / 3.0. These advanced Free/Lock mechanisms feature on all our touring boots, including Hawx Ultra XTD and Backland Ultimate. The magic is you can flick from ski to walk mode with one simple switch. In walk mode they offer an epic cuff movement. In ski setting you can choose 13°/15°/17° adjustable forward lean

Dalbello is an Italian ski boot specialist founded in 1974 by Alessandro Dal Bello, a true shoemaker. Italian sensitivity for unique and advanced design, technological solutions and the passion for the boot made Dalbello a top performing brand, supporting top athletes in freeriding and world cup racing Alpine Ski Boot Fitting Guide. Once you've dialed the shell fit and the cuff adjustment, spend some QT in your boots to get a feel for any other sizing inconsistencies or hot spots. Buckle into your boots and spend some time (at least ten minutes) in a proper stance to get a real feel for how the boots will fit.. These boots have a cuff which can be detached from the rest of the shell, creating a 'walk mode' which gives increased range of movement for hiking and uphill walking. They also tend to have soles with extra 'grippiness' for walking over rocks or icy ground. Flex, Stiffness And Skill Level. Ski boots come in a range of flex levels

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Size. Ski boots use mondopoint, or mondo, sizing, which uses the length of the boot's inner sole (in centimeters) to indicate size. Women's sizes start at a 21.5, equivalent to a U.S. women's size 5, and extend to 27.5, equivalent to a U.S. women's size 10.5. These boots may also have cuff adjustments that aren't found on less. Surefoot makes womens custom ski boots. The Surefoot Custom ski boot is made up of 3 part the outer shell, custom liner, and ski orthotic. These 3 componets produce the best performing and most comfortable ski boot available Modern alpine ski boots have rigid soles and attach to the ski at both toe and heel using a spring-loaded binding. The interface between boot and binding is standardized by ISO 5355, which defines the size and shape of the hard plastic flanges on the toe and heel of the boot.Ski boots are sized using the Mondopoint system.. Front-entry. Front-entry (or top-entry, rarely overlap or Lange.

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Both the Shiver and Evo come with a carbon reinforced cuff for a better power transfer from your lower leg. In my experience the carbon is subservient to the effects of the cuff height or number of buckles. It helps, but mostly as a marketing bullet point. For some, the instep buckle is the key feature to good performance with this boot Touring Bindings SUPERLITE 13 BLACK. $549.95. Add to Compare. Add to Wish List. Go to Wish List. Weighing in at an incredible 155g per binding, the Superlite 13 alpine... Men's FREERIDE PROGRESSIVE Skis BLACKOPS GAMER. $699.95 K2 produce two lines of boots, the Spyne (Spyre for woman) an all mountain boot with a fixed cuff, and the boot I would be testing the Pinnacle (Minaret for woman) which is the freeride offering with a ski/walk mechanism. Both lines are available in various flex's from 90 to 130 for men and 80 to 100 or 110 for woman The new Dalbello MX 80 W is a great ski boot for the solid intermediate skier who has a mid-wide forefoot and wide calf volume. The 103mm last is very accommodating to keep wider feet comfortable and supported on the mountain. Dalbello's TF Sport Liner has some heat moldable properties that once warmed up can accelerate the breaking in process 2021 Nordica Sportmachine 100 men's ski boots. • 102mm shell last• 100 flex (adjustable to 90) Sportmachine is here, and it is amazing. Finally, there is a top performance boot for those who need, or want more room than a typical 100mm shell offers. Based on the brand new Speedmachine, Sportmachine offers identical

SKI BOOT COMFORT GUARANTEE > Filter 95 products. Gender. Mens (39) Womens (27) Brands. Arc'teryx (1) Atomic (22) Dalbello (16) Full Tilt (1) Head (8) Rossignol (14) show more. Sustainability. Organic (1) Size. 31.5 (2) 30.5 (8) 29.5 (33) 28.5 (27) 27.5 (50) 26.5 (74) show more. Colour. Black (35) Blue (13) White (10) Grey (6) Green (1) Brown (1. The Nordica fit is perfect for my feet, right out of the box, significantly better than the old boots (which were custom fitted). I measure right at an 8.5/26.5, medium width. I purchased the 26.5, which has been my boot size for two previous pairs, Atomic and Salomon Before you take your Dalbello boots to a professional boot fitter and drop another $150-$300, consider trying a few tips and techniques designed to get your Dalbello's properly adjusted and formed to your foot. A properly adjusted and fitting ski bot is the most important piece of gear you need for your alpine skiing adventures Nordica Sportmachine 130 Ski Boots 2021. SKU: P1103022. MSRP Price: $700.00. CLEARANCE: $419.99. The Nordica Sportmachine 130 is the stiffest in the Sportmachine class, making this the ideal ski boot for men with bigger frames, wider feet, and strong legs. Ski Boot Size. Choose an option 26.5 27.5 Rossignol Skis, Snowboards and more at L9 Sports. L9 Sports has a wide range of best-selling Rossignol products in both our online stores and our retail stores located in the Wasatch Front area of Utah. Shop the latest Rossignol skis and Rossignol snowboards, as well as ski and snowboards bindings, boots, ski poles and more

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As a result of this, the Hawx Prime XTD boots are coming in a bit heavier than the Hawx Ultra XTD boots (we have each in a size 26.5 and there's a ~100-gram difference per boot). The Hawx Prime XTD 130 is still a pretty light boot, with our pair of a size 26.5 coming in around 1655 grams per boot While the Quest Max 120 BC was 400 grams lighter than its ancestor it still felt like a boot for side country laps and hucksters. New for 2014 is the Salomon Quest Pro TR 110 weighing in at a scant 3526g / 7.77lb (for size 26.5). The Quest Pro TR 110 shaves almost an additional 100 grams off the previous version's weight 2020 Nordica Sportmachine 120 men's ski boots. • 102mm shell last• 120 flex• Sportmachine is here. This is a top performance boot for those who need, or want more room than a typical performance shell offers. Proskiguy is your Hometown Ski Shop online. Call 877-675-4489 for fit advice Nordica Speedmachine 130 Ski Boot - 2020 The Brand New Nordica Speedmachine 130 Is A Strong Advanced Level Ski Boot. List Price: $800.00. Our Price: $449.99 . You save $350.01! Blizzard Rustler 9 Skis 2021 The narrowest of the Rustler series, the Rustler 9 is a freeride ski that doesn't require a big powder day to do its job REDSTER STI 110. AE5020760. For lightweight skiers seeking a low-volume race boot, there's no better match than the Atomic Redster STI 110. The Slim Race Shell offers plenty of flex while providing top-notch stability, and it has the same World Cup Liner as the stiffer options in the line-up. The Narrow Fit 93mm last makes this boot the.

race. race short cuff. 2019/2020. 2019/2020. dual core shell - polyether cuff - polyether dual screw canting solid sole wc liner cork flow removable spoiler cam-lock 50mm power stra Method 1. A) With a 4mm key unscrew the back mechanism. Pre-drill the plastic in the marks first with a 6 mm drill for a pre-mark and then drill with a 9 mm bit to complete the hole. Place the nuts in the internal side of the cuff and tighten the two rear screws. B) Put on the boot and try the flex of the boot Lange RS 120 Short Cuff Size 24.5 Designed for junior racers and advanced to expert women these boots are precise and stiff with a short cuff hight designed for shorter calfs. With a 97mm last their designed for narrow feet with performance in mind. Used less than 15 days. Other than a few cosmetic scratches are basically good as new Ski boots are extremely important and critical for those who love skiing. However, there are many people who have large calves and therefore choosing the right boots for those with large calves could be a problem.This article throws some light into the various things that should be kept in mind when choosing the right ski boots for such people Toe shims for tech bindings that raise your toe height from 1/8 to 1/4 for people who want less ramp. We have recently started shipping our ski leashes with a new plastic fuse link instead of the cable ties. Our Ultimate Cuff Pivot has been used on TLT5, 6,.

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Anatomically designed pockets in the tongue, around the heel pocket, and ankle allow for OMFit cork to be added or removed for the perfect fit, reflecting the size of your foot and choice of ski boot shell. Because OMFit cork composite does not break down and retains it's shape, ZipFit delivers a superior energy transfer from your leg. We last chatted with Board-certified pedorthist Bob Egeland just before the 2018 Gear Test Week at Powder Mountain to hear about the ABCs of bootfitting. In our conversation, he elaborated on the three key steps to a good AT boot fit: A) The proper shell size; B) Stabilizing the foot with some sort of foot bed; and C) Dealing with all of the padding, poking, punching and grinding BOOT FITTING SUPPLY. sells ski boot fitting supplies, fitting pads, insole shims, heel lift wedges, ski boot accessories and tools to help with ski boots. We also sell ski and snowboard tuning supplies. Ski Boot Fitting & Ski Boot Fitting Supplies These 1960's Koflach classic vintage buckle ski boots are in good condition and come with the box. These were state of the art during the 1960 and 1964 Olympics in Squaw Valley, CA. and Innsbruck, Austria. This pair of leather buckle ski boot would enhance any collection of rare vintage ski boots. Size 10 1/2 M. Sole 13 inches long Ski boot size chart. Ski boots are sized in mondopoint, which is the length of your foot in centimetres. The mondopoint conversion guide below is a good place to start, but it's a very general guide. Keep in mind that many times the right size for street shoes is not the same for ski boots

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Rossignol X-ium W.C. Skate Boot. $449.95. Feel the power in the X-ium World Cup Skate ski boot. The race-proven design features our low-profile, skate-specific sole for a precise feel and effective power transfer. The full carbon cuff and heel counter maintain lightweight stability for an efficient podium-bound stride Supportive external heel cap and 3-D cuff support and allow easy ski movements. Comfort Guard for warm feet Inside the boot, a light, thin layer of water-repellent insulation material offers additional thermal protection in the forefoot and toe area to keep the skiers warm as they glide through the snow

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Small fits boots US Mens sizes 3-8. Mondo Point sizes 22-25. (total length 10, width at widest is 3.75) Large fits boots US Mens sizes 8.5 and up. Mondo Point sizes 25.5 and up. (total length is 10.75, width at widest is 4) If in doubt SIZE UP. Sold as Pair Updated December 30, 2017. Ski boot canting is an adjustment that is made to your ski boots to bring about a neutral stance that allows you to stand flat on both skis. The boot is canted (shimmed) under the binding to bring your foot to a neutral position

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Men typically have a wider foot shape so the wider fit is better, and a woman's calf muscle sits lower so a lower cuff height alleviates a poor fit in this area. Also note that gender specific skates are sized the same as standard shoe sizes for that gender, for example a men's size 9 will fit like a men's size 9 shoe, so a woman. Salomon Ski And Boot Spares. We are the only retailer in the world who stocks Salomon ski and ski boot spares. We have an unbelievable range including ski brakes, ski boot heels and toes, buckles, canting rivets, ankle rivets and many other parts. Our vast range covers models going back over the last 15 years and whilst we cannot stock. This is paired with some super thick 600D nylon reinforcement around the cuffs and ankles to help prevent ski boot abrasion and resist the sharp edges of your skis. Adjustable waist with two side-mounted Velcro straps means you won't have to match your sizing perfectly so you'll have room to eat as much lunch as you want and still hit the. Lange Ski Boot Buckles And Catches. We are the only retailer in the world who specialises in stocking buckles and catches for Lange ski boots old and new. We also stock buckles and catches for Dalbello, Fischer, Nordica, Head, Atomic, Scarpa, Salomon, Scott, Garmont, Rossignol and Tecnica. If you don't see what you want it's also worth.

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FULL TILT BOOTS 2020 / 2021 2020 / 2021 FULL TILT BOOTS. Full Tilt was born out of a need. While the rest of the industry continued to pound their chests on the merits of the clunky design, we saw. This has included snowboard boots, Full Tilt ski boots, inline skates, nordic boots, and running shoes. The idea behind the K2 Pinnacle 130, was to create a high performance, hard-charging all-mountain ski boot that has an integrated walk mode (or hike mode as others say) so that it would appeal to the freeride touring market Our Junior Ski Boot category is a great way to find the perfect ski boot for your needs. All of our ski boots are displayed with the available sizes listed in the drop-down bar below their description. Find Junior Boots In Size: The shell design addresses common problem fit areas and offers an adjustable cuff for enhanced support and a. If the ~200 days in the TLT6 are any guide, the Ultralock 2.0 mechanism will eventually get sloppy. And if you really wrench on the back of the boot like, say, landing backseat on a pillow drop, the pin on the end of the Ultralock 2.0 buckle that holds the boots cuff and shell together can pop you from ski mode to walk mode in a hurry