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» Officieel Verkooppunt van L'Anza » 24 uur per dag Bereikbaar voor Advies op Maat. Gratis Verzending vanaf €30 | Altijd Scherpe Prijzen | 14 Dagen Bedenktij Thanks for coming back for another video!! Today I did a keratin treatment on my natural hair. I'm on a hair growth journey so stay tuned for more video's if.. According to experts, the short answer is yes. A keratin treatment (also known as Brazilian blowouts in some salons) is the chemical process of temporarily smoothing frizzy hair. Keratin.. KERTAIN TREATMENT ON NATURAL HAIR | PROTEIN TREATMENT | SALON VLOG!Hey Y'all! I hope you all enjoy my very first salon vlog featuring one of my favorite and.

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According to experts, the short answer is yes. A keratin treatment (also known as Brazilian blowouts in some salons) is the chemical process of temporarily smoothing frizzy hair. Keratin. Keratin treatments, also known as Brazilian keratin treatment (BKT for short) and Brazilian straightening treatment, have become one of the most popular straightening processes, particularly for Black hair. We spoke to hairstylists Michelle Dixon and Kim Kimble, about the pros and cons of using this treatment on Black hair Xpressionsstudio. Lm@gmailX-pressionsstudio.comKeratin treatments, alternative straightening, stretch natural hair

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Some keratin treatments (and the popular Brazilian Blowout) saturate the hair with a formaldehyde solution before it's dried and flatironed. The formaldehyde (yes, it's a suspected carcinogen for.. A keratin treatment, sometimes called a Brazilian blowout or Brazilian keratin treatment, is a chemical procedure usually done in a salon that can make hair look straighter for as long as 6 months...

However, keratin treatments can help restore your hair to its natural sheen by fortifying it with keratin, a naturally-occurring protein in your hair that seals the hair cuticle to make it smooth and shiny. Today we're going to discuss all the whats and whys of keratin treatments, so that you can choose the one best suited to your needs By now it's clear that keratin treatments are the key to manageable, frizz-free hair. And if you're still having doubts about the miracle workings of this product, read this story on how it truly changed one of our beauty editor's lives. But if you're here, chances are you've already committed to trying out a keratin The process takes about 90 minutes or longer, depending on your hair's length. Salon keratin products include Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy by Coppola, Global Keratin Complex, the La-Brasiliana..

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Keratin is protein. After tresses are cleansed with a clarifying shampoo, the treatment is applied, washed out and then sealed in with the heat of a blow-dryer and flat iron. Keratin will typically.. The first time I received the keratin treatment, my hair felt like it had been substituted for someone else's blessing. To illustrate, the process involves working in the treatment into your. In short, it is a deep-smoothing treatment that eliminates flyaways and leaves hair silky smooth. While there are keratin treatments that minimally affect the texture of your hair, the most common one SA, the Brazilian Treatment, completely alters your natural hair texture. In short, it straightens your hair A keratin treatment is a chemical process that works to smooth and relax hair, giving it a shiny and manageable finish by injecting keratin protein into the hair follicle Taking up to three hours, keratin is applied to your hair, coating each strand. Allowed to dry, flat irons are then used to straighten and smooth the hair. The treatment can last for up to six months, depending on how frequently you wash your hair. How To Do a Keratin Treatment at Hom

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For those of us with fine hair, smoothing products are a double-edged sword.Yes, they do help us keep frizz, a.k.a. public enemy no. 1, at bay, but a lot of the times, the payoff is substantially limper-looking hair—something us fine-haired types are not really willing to risk.This Catch 22 then becomes too much of a headache, so looking for keratin treatment for thin hair just falls off our. Pro: Keratin Treatment Restores Natural Proteins In Your Hair. So what exactly is Keratin treatment? Simply put, Keratin is a fibrous protein that makes up the main structure of your hair and nails. If you have dry or damaged hair, Keratin treatment can create a noticeable smoothness and luster

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  1. How To Do a Keratin Treatment For Curly Hair Step 1: Use a Deep Cleansing Shampoo Like any salon treatment, a deep cleansing is essential to ensure your hair is free from product buildup, residues, and grime that can otherwise block the treatment from effectively absorbing into your hair. And to do this, a clarifying shampoo is a must
  2. give away free keratin products, who would follow these simple steps. ⬇️⬇️ this video reaches to 10k likes ( 1 winners) this video reaches to 100k likes ( 5.
  3. The Cezanne keratin treatment semi-permanent hair treatment that smooths and adds shine to frizzy hair
  4. Keratin Complex ® started a revolution in 2007 when we merged proven keratin science with cutting-edge technology to develop a first-of-its-kind treatment powered by Signature Keratin. Since then we have continued to lead the industry and have been voted favorite smoothing treatment over and over again. Our full portfolio of customizable keratin smoothing treatments is designed to make your.

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  1. Keratin treatments are a semi-permanent hair straightening treatment that smoothes and adds shine to frizzy hair, says Fitzsimons. How the treatments work is not through the use of keratin,..
  2. This treatment works to reduce stiffness in your hair, creating silky-smooth, soft locks that will look and feel much healthier and more natural. Juvexin works to condition and moisturize the hair from start-to-finish, while the keratin improves the hair's texture, making it stronger against heat and any other potential damage
  3. g a bond that keeps hair straighter for a time

Brazilian blowouts and keratin treatments essentially have the same effect on hair: both eliminate frizz and boost shine. They're safe for all hair types and can be done on color-treated hair. Keratin treatment is a chemical process that works to smooth and relax hair, giving it a shiny and manageable finish by injecting Keratin protein in the hair follicle. This treatment became popular in South America, particularly Brazil, when a mortician noticed that the formaldehyde being used to embalm bodies was also straightening hair Essentially, the high concentrations of keratin seep into the hair and are sealed into the shaft by heat from a flat iron. Keratin treatments fill in the porosity of your hair, as overly-porous. Perfect for Kinky, Frizzy and Curly Hair. In addition to short hair, keratin is also perfect for hair that is kinky, frizzy and curly. The treatment makes hair smooth and soft, leaving your hair silky and manageable regardless of your current hair type. Keratin naturally refreshes hair dryness and damage so your hair is left strong and lush

But, when done correctly, hair should eventually revert to its natural texture after a keratin treatment. It isn't a permanent process, like a chemical relaxer, says Gurgov. The treatment does. Time-Saving Tresses: If you usually style your hair straight, a keratin hair-straightening treatment could shorten your blow-dry time by 40% to 60%, says hair stylist Henri Borday of New York's. How to nourish your hair while you wait to do a keratin treatment. There are a few types of products on the market with a high protein content that can help fix your hair's natural moisture, giving it shine and silkiness

2. Massage treatment onto your hair. Dry hair gently but leave some moisture so hair can easily absorb the product. Coat your strands with the keratin treatment, starting from the tips going up. Stop at one inch from the scalp. Gently massage your hair with the product. 3. Leave the treatment on your hair for 30 minutes The amino acid treatment for natural and curly hair is often overlooked in favor of pricier products like keratin treatments or relaxers. But the truth is: Treatment like relaxers and formaldehyde-based keratin hair straightening treatments are often more damaging in the long term as they break down the cysteine bonds to rearrange curly hair.

Keratin is a fibrous protein found naturally in the hair that acts as a protective shield against humidity (the primary cause of frizz). Over time, the hair loses keratin from exposure to the sun, environment, styling, and chemical services—causing porous spots to develop (much like potholes in a road). Keratin in and of itself works with. This keratin treatment kit is formulated with rich proteins and amino acids that can target damage and smooth hair in one treatment. The formula contains argan oil, to help replenish and. The best thing about this at-home keratin treatment is that there's no wrong way to use it—whether you comb it through wet hair or spritz it over dry hair, the formula's keratin, silk, and. The LOC method, also known as the liquid, oil, cream method, is the best way to keep natural or relaxed hair moisturized. Lack of moisture can cause breakage, dry/brittle hair, and frizz. Using the LOC after every wash will reduce damage, increase elasticity, and improve the overall feel and look of your hair Natural Formula Keratin Intense Repair Hair Mask - Keratin Infused Straightening Mask - Sodium Chloride Free Hair Cream Mask - Deep Conditioning Treatment For Frizz Free Straightened Hair 11.8.

This specially formulated revitalizing and rejuvenating treatment for the hair eliminates frizz and lasts up to 6 weeks. With its unique formulation~ Express Blow Out infuses Natural Keratin in the shortest amount of time so that your hair can be washed just 8 hours after the treatment Hair Relaxer or Keratin Treatment - Choosing the Right One. Both chemical hair relaxer and keratin straightening are professional hair treatments that can make curly hair softer, smoother, and straighter. But trying to distinguish between these two can be really tricky until you consult an expert and have all the right information in hand Keratin hair treatments can smooth and straighten even the wildest hair, but they take a toll on your wallet and the health of your tresses. Herbal alternatives deliver similar results as Keratin treatments by moisturizing the hair while mending and preventing breakage. There is not a single herb. Keratin Straightening Set Treatment For Hair 6.76 fl oz. - Natural Ingredients for Straight, Silky, Smooth Hair - Fast, Safe, Easy, and Effective - Bond Building Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Keratin Treatment. A keratin treatment is a chemical procedure that smooths and sparkles frizzy hair. Regardless of whether your hair is natural, color-treated or chemically prepared somehow or another, a keratin treatment can help. This smoothing treatment puts natural keratin into your hair's cuticle to diminish frizz and add gloss to.

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  1. Obviously, carrying out the keratin treatment on a short cut will cost less than a long hair. We can conclude by saying that the keratin hair treatment is a great solution if you are looking for something professional. A perfect technique to tame unruly hair and always see yourself in order without using the straightener
  2. Keratin treatment results typically last 2-3 months. Leaves hair straight and frizz free . Tangles are gone. Even in those humid summer months or typically difficult places (like the beach) the hair will keep its straight condition. You can walk out in the rain and the effect will remain. Incredible time saver
  3. ates frizz and helps smoothen our hair. Brazilian treatment takes about an hour to do and it lasts anywhere between 3 to 6 months. 2. Soft Keratin Treatment: This treatment is ideal for people with fine to medium texture hair
  4. or compounds ().Keratin is formed by the epithelial cells during the hair growth phase
  5. #3: Keratin Treatment. One of the most popular straightening techniques is keratin straightening, also known as a Brazilian Blowout. Designed more to smooth and tame hair than to completely straighten it, keratin treatments are primarily for those who want to keep some of their natural waves or curls and just aim at glossier, healthier looking locks..
  6. Keratin treatment involves a chemical process that breaks down your hair's structure in order to turn frizzy or curly hair into strands that are silky and straight. Once the keratin solution is applied to your hair for a specific length of time, hair is blow-dried and flat-ironed to seal in the treatment and re-shape the hair
  7. The Original Keratin Hair Treatment 120ml x 2 with Argan oil instantly straightens, smooths, repairs, conditions, and strengthens the hair. Rating: 0%. $39.95 As low as $34.95. Add to Wish List. Add to Cart. Add to Compare

Unlike weak, short-lived, low-performance DIY keratins that fail to fully smooth out the hair or prevent frizz, since 2013 Uncurly has pioneered an ultra-high performance at-home keratin treatment that outperforms any salon keratin but costs only about $15-25 per treatment for typical clients The keratin treatment discussed below will revitalize your hair while adding years to your natural length. Brazilian blowout is a temporary hair-smoothing technique done by sealing a thick, semi-permanently moisturizing fluid onto your hair and a thick, permanent hair conditioner solution with a keratin treatment Keratin treatments have become an umbrella term for any hair-smoothing process that softens curls and waves, minimizes frizz, and makes heat styling faster and easier for months. Basically, as.

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  1. Tiffany Haddish's natural hair appears to be a mix of 3C and 4A with good volume. A keratin treatment could dramatically lengthen Tiffany Haddish's natural hair in ways that could make her quit extensions altogether. Here's a list of hair wishes Tiffany Haddish expressed throughout the video, and the ways keratin can make them happen
  2. Keratin Treatment The main difference between a keratin treatment and Brazilian blowout is the intensity. A keratin treatment helps to take away most to all of the curl, volume and frizz. It also needs to stay on the hair longer to achieve its results (72 hours!) compared to the Brazilian blowout, which gets rinsed the same day, explains Grand
  3. ORIGINAL KERATIN TREATMENT with Argan oil - This is our best and most popular seller. Advanced yet fast and simple to use keratin treatment that instantly straightens, smooths, repairs, conditions, and strengthens the hair using an intense conditioning remedy which restores vitality by repairing the hair from the inside out
  4. Both hair treatments can smoothen your hair. However, a Brazilian blowout can be adjusted depending on what you want your hair to be. You can make it still manageable but not too straight or keep your hair's original texture (i.e. curly or wavy). On the other hand, a keratin treatment is a type of hair straightening treatment that aims to add.
  5. ish the natural keratin in our hair — the same keratin we mentioned earlier that provides structure — causing damage and just general chaos on your head
  6. Your hair will be frizz free. The texture and the hair will improve. Time spent on styling your hair straight will be much shorter. Kimage Keratin Treatment is at $350 (short), $400 (mid), $450 (long), $500 (extra long). For Kimage's full range of hair services and prices, visit the services page here
  7. Keratin is a protein that makes up the structure of the hair and protects it from damage and stress. Treatments that contain keratin can smooth curls and frizz and increase shine for up to 2 1/2 months. A keratin treatment is applied to washed and fully dried hair, and is not rinsed out before you blow dry and straighten your locks

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Keratin Hair Treatment in USA (293) Filters and ETAE' TREATMENT (SHORT HAIR) $65.00. 2h:45min. Book 5.0 26 reviews Booksy recommended Rachel Gutzdorf 4270 Aloma Ave, Suite 205, Winter Park, 32792 Silk Press (natural hair) $85.00+ 1h:20min. Book 4.8 162 reviews. Oprah's hairstylist made her 'do look picture-perfect for 25 years. Now, Andre Walker is dishing to Elle on kinky hair, argan oil and keratin treatments. READ ON Cruelty Free. How to Use. Use 2-3 times per week.*. Prepare hair by washing with an Ovation Hair Shampoo. Place a quarter to half dollar size amount (depending on hair length) of Ovation Cell Therapy in your palm. Massage into scalp and comb through to ends. Leave on for 3-5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Follow with an Ovation Conditioner or. A Touch of Te' Hair Studio specializes in hair weave installations, short cuts, natural hair, hair color, hi-lights, keratin and hair care hair care treatments and much more. We understand that each client's hair is different; therefore, conducting a thorough review of your hair type and listening to your hair care concerns will allow us to.

Inca Glow is our non keratin treatment and is the first to market hair smoothing system that contains 11 organic amino acid and that is formulated with natural & organic ingredients. It does not contain smell or odour, it does not burn or irritate the scalp and it's 100% safe for all hair types, clients and professionals Oct 11, 2015 - Natural tips and uses of keratin in treating & restoring vital healthy glowing hair. See more ideas about keratin hair treatment, hair treatment, keratin hair An absolute game changer in the hair industry, keratin treatments have come a long way since the days of turning blonde hair yellow! Nowadays, treatments are finished in the salon, and often come with in-built cleansing and toning ingredients, ensuring your hair remains healthy throughout the process The Cost. Since keratin hair extensions are pretty much the highest quality extensions you can get, they definitely don't run cheap. Depending on what your desired result is, they can cost anywhere from $500 (a half-head for some added volume and fullness) to $3,000 for a full head of extensions. (Sometimes, even more than that.

This TF Is Keratin Straightening. Your hair is made of keratin, so a keratin treatment pretty much consists of marinating yourself in even more of the stuff until it sticks (heat helps this process). It smooths out the surface of follicles and, depending on how much you use, releases curls, takes out waves, etc The natural oils in your hair make the Keratin Treatment last longer. If you shampoo your hair every single day, the treatment will last around 2 months. However, if you shampoo every other day or less often, it should last 3 months. Avoid frequent visits to swimming pools. The chlorine removes the Keratin from your hair Your application essentially puts a keratin coat back into your hair shaft. Garwood tells us the keratin for these treatments is generally keratin derived from animal horns, hooves, wool, etc. By combining that keratin with heat and blow drying it into the hair, the heat will help it penetrate into the hair's cortex, she explains For short hair, above the shoulders. We use Luxliss strong formula for any hair type. Luxliss Keratin smoothing treatment infuses, coarse, frizzy, curly hair with keratin protein to loosen, smooth and detangle curls while eliminating frizz with just one application

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The keratin express treatment is a short treatment that is ideal for those looking to make hair more manageable. Keratin is applied to hair in serum form, and sealed in with a blow dryer and flat iron in 45 minutes. It typically lasts between four and six weeks. It is ideal for those with wavy hair or straight hair that turns frizzy in humidity Once heat is applied to your hair, this smoothing spray works like a keratin treatment in a bottle. Yes, your hair can be sleek and shiny in seconds with a touch of your flat iron. Courtesy. 13 of. These are the 12 best natural hair products of 2021. Shop the products that will promote healthier hair growth, shine, and movement for your natural hair Here are some of the benefits of using the Klorane dry shampoo: Quickly absorbs oil to clean hair in minutes without water. Soothes and protect the hair and scalp. Powerful cleansing to rid hair of excess dirt and odor. Provides texture and volume. Safe for any hair color and keratin treatments. Suitable for sensitive scalp Keratin treatments combat aging to a certain degree. Remember that keratin adds a natural filler to your hair shaft. If you took a look at damaged hair under a microscope, you might see an uneven edge to each hair strand without keratin in the mix. As a solution, this hair treatment creates these benefits, such as

Apr 17, 2021 - Explore denise white's board Keratin treatments on Pinterest. See more ideas about natural hair styles, hair styles, short hair styles Keratin is the type of protein that makes up your hair, skin, and nails. Keratin can also be found in your internal organs and glands. Keratin is a protective protein, less prone to scratching or.

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Keratin-bonded hair extensions is a process of applying hair extensions to your head. Keratin treatment on hair extensions is added keratin to extensions that are already in your hair. And no matter what, your keratin treatment on your hair, whether it's a natural, non-synthetic wig, a weave, or hair extension, will shine bright For short hair or regrowth application go to visual 11. 10. After processing time, rinse the front part of the hair thoroughly with warm water for 10 minutes. 11. Gently towel dry the hair. Step 2 Keratin Smoothing Mask Short Hair 37ml Medium Length Hair 75ml Long Hair 112ml Re-Growth 37ml 1 Curly, coiled hair in its natural state isn't always the easiest to style. If you're looking to loosen and soften your curls, a hair texturizer might be exactly what you need for soft, bouncy curls or waves. This chemical-based treatment, when applied to hair for a brief period of time,. The keratin treatment process is meant to relax hair, so it generally works best on wavy hair. However, keratin treatments will not work on hair that is tightly kinked because, as the AAD explains, the natural hair bonds are too tight to rearrange. The bottom line here: Before you commit to a treatment, it's important to speak with a hair.

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Keratin treatment is a chemical semi-permanent hair straightening treatment that smooths and shines frizzy, curly, or wavy hair. During this treatment, keratin protein is artificially added to the hair to seal the hair cuticles giving it a shiny, straight, smooth, and healthy appearance Give your hair the treatment it deserves with our NEW complete Organic Keratin hair restoration system. This natural Keratin & Protein soothing system eliminates frizz, controls unmanageable hair and strengthens follicles to prevent hair loss. Find your radiant shine, tame curls, seals in color, and enjoy smooth, shiny, and healthy radiant hair.

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The naturally produced keratin in our hair follicles can deplete with prolonged exposure to the sun, frequent heat styling, and harsh bleach treatments, causing hair porosity and frizz. That's where keratin treatments come in. Keratin treatments can keep hair in line by reducing its porosity and smoothing the cuticle. The in-salon process. Jan 29, 2016 - The complete guide to keratin treatments for every hair type with instructions on after care and maintenance. Check out which keratin solution is right for you Total price: $56.97. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers. Show details. Buy the selected items together. This item: Keratin Treatment In a Bar, Intense Hair Conditioner, 4 Ounces $22.99 ( $5.75 / 1 Ounce) In Stock. Ships from and sold by Nature Skin Shop

Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Smoothing Conditioner. We recommend this keratin conditioner if you want silky and healthy hair on a budget. The Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Smoothing conditioner has a pH-balanced formula that hydrates strands and leaves them frizz-free for at least 48 hours Mycro Keratin Treatment. By penetrating the cortex of your hair, the Mycro Keratin Treatment restores its natural keratin levels, reverses any damages, removes the frizz, and makes it more manageable, shiny, and beautiful for a period of three to six months or even longer. The Mycro Keratin Treatment has been increasing in popularity because. Keratin is a protein that is naturally found in hair. It is not, however, responsible for taming the frizz that this treatment is famous for. That job relies on the formaldehyde found in the formula. It locks the chains of keratin proteins into a straight line, which leaves your hair nice and straight once the treatment is complete Hair-smoothing products are used to straighten hair or to smooth out curls. A hair straightening or smoothing solution is usually applied to human hair followed by a heat treatment that seals the.

The Brazilian Blowout Express Keratin Treatment significantly reduces frizz while making hair soft and shiny, but without affecting the natural curl shape of the hair. Get all the smoothing and healing effects of a keratin treatment without having to sacrifice curl, wave, or volume. Hair can be washed in just 24 hours. SHORT APPLICATION TIME Unlike other hair straightening procedures, keratin treatments can be done on colour-treated hair. The process — which usually takes two to three hours — involves applying hair protein and keratin then sealing it with heat using a hair iron. This improves hair manageability without stripping your locks of their natural protein Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment. NKSTB. Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment for Blonde Hair. EBO. Express Blow Out. Permanent Treatment. Includes shampoo, conditioner, blow dry and simple style. Short Hair Perm $85+ 90 Minutes. Medium Hair Perm $120+ 120 Minutes. Long Hair Perm $180+ to $210 A Brazilian blowout and a keratin treatment are both hair-smoothing treatments that temporarily coat the outer layer of the hair to smooth the hair, remove frizz, enhance shine and decrease blow.

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Keratin Hair Shiny Hair Professional Hairstyles Salons Dreadlocks Long Hair Styles Beauty Nails Natural. More information... More like thi 1. Keratin Research Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment Keratin Treatment At Home. Sold by Keratin Research, this treatment does contain formaldehyde (as most often do).But, unlike other products, the company also includes its breakthrough Keratin formulation called INVERTO™ which ensures that the treatment can be washed off your hair the next morning instead of the usual 3-4 days Any quality keratin treatment should last for at least 3 months. If you need keratin treatment always, do that only after every 3 to 4 months. Conclusion. If you already have straight, fine hair, you should consider having a keratin treatment. Keratin treatment is ideal only for those women having frizzy, curly, and thicker hair texture Mar 11, 2016 - The complete guide to keratin treatments for every hair type with instructions on after care and maintenance. Check out which keratin solution is right for you

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3. Japanese hair straightening produces permanent results while Brazilian hair straightening lasts for two to four months depending on the hair type. 4. Keratin Treatments are safe for all kinds of chemically treated hair This means that this hair treatment could be safely used for hair that has been previously permed, straightened, relaxed. ‍♀️ Keratin treatments ‍♀️. The answer to smooth and shinny hair all the time . The semi-permanent hair smoothing treats . Short £160 Medium £180 Long £200 Extra long £220. 20% off first treatment. ⏰ 2-3 hours Earls Colne, Colchester Free parking DM for more info & booking enquire · SHORT TIME IN SALON - in less than 80 minutes, you get smooth, frizz-free hair for up to months. · NEW HAIR GROWTH MAY NOT DIFFER FROM THE TREATED HAIR - great for transitioning from Japanese straighteners, relaxers or keratin treatments. The end result is smooth, frizz-free hair with a silky look and shine USE FOR KERATIN TREATMENTS - This is a Must have Salt, Sodium and Sulfate FREE Shampoo. ALL regular Shampoos contain Salts which will strip the Keratin Treatment from your hair within just a few washes. To reach the 3-4 month lasting potential, protect your treatment with NYK1 Shampoo & Conditioner

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