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  1. Shortcut key How to to Rotate image in photoshop - YouTube To do this, create a blank document. Once you have the document onscreen, create an action called 90 Degrees Clockwise and assign it a..
  2. You can view, edit, and summarize keyboard shortcuts in the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box. To view this in Photoshop, select Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts or use the following keyboard shortcuts: Alt + Shift + Control + K (Win) Option + Shift + Command + K (Mac
  3. To do this, create a blank document. Once you have the document onscreen, create an action called 90 Degrees Clockwise and assign it a keyboard shortcut. Click on Image>Rotate Canvas>90° CW and then stop the action. Do the same for 90° CCW, and be sure that you place both keyboard shortcuts next to one another
  4. Rotate. To change the orientation of a selection, a layer, or an entire image (that is, the image canvas). For example, to make a vertically oriented image horizontal. The original image (left) has two layers. In the center image, the top layer is rotated, while the background layer remains static. The image at right shows the canvas, and.

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With the shape layer selected press Control + Alt + Shift + T (Command + Option + Shift + T on the Mac). Press it a few times until you have duplicated the shape sufficient times to rotate around 360 degrees Spring-loaded keyboard shortcut While you're using a tool (let's say it's Burn Tool), you may need to rotate the image. If you hold R key and click and drag to rotate, when you release the mouse and the R key, Photoshop will stay at the Rotate Tool Keyboard Shortcut to Rotate Images in Photoshop CS5 The steps in this article will show you how to create a keyboard shortcut that you can press to rotate your image 90 degrees clockwise. You can, however, elect to set up the shortcut to rotate an image 90 degrees counterclockwise, or to rotate an image 180 degrees Using This Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Guide. Although the pictured keyboard above is a Windows Keyboard, all of these Photoshop keyboard shortcuts will work for macOS as well. Simply make the following substitutions: MacOS - Windows Command - Ctrl Option = Alt Delete = Backspace Control = Right-Click. Must-Know Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Rotate will rotate the image around a fixed reference point. If you move your pointer outside the bounding border it becomes a curved, two-sided arrow. You can then drag the pointer to rotate the image. Press Shift to move the rotation in 15° increments

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How to Rotate Text in Photoshop (2020) In a quick recap, do these things to rotate a text: First, select the text layer.. Second, go to Edit > Free Transform (use the shortcut- Ctrl/Command + T).It brings up a bounding box. Third, move the cursor from anywhere outside of the bounding box and click and drag it to rotate the text.. Finally, press the Enter from your keyboard to apply the rotation Is there a quick way to reset rotate view [via keyboard shortcut, etc.]? I know I can double click on the tool icon and click the reset view button, but is there another convenient way In Photoshop CC 2015 pressing the letter R as a keyboard shortcut, or left clicking and holding the mouse button down on the Hand Tool will reveal the Rotate View Tool. Now you can move your cursor onto the image, left click and rotate the image while a compass like symbol displays the direction of the rotation as you drag

When using the Clone Stamp tool, you can use keyboard shortcuts to nudge, scale, or rotate the sample source to better match the size and orientation of the cloning destination. First, set the sample point by holding Alt (Mac: Option) and clicking on an area to sample from. You will then see an overlay of your sample source Cmd+Shift+Z or + Ctrl+Shift+Z Photoshop keyboard shortcuts enable moving forward again. 3. Zoom In/Zoom Out. In case you need to examine miniature details in your shot, make use of Cmd+ Photoshop keyboard shortcut on Mac or Ctrl+ on Windows respectively. Cmd-/Ctrl- works vice versa How to rotate an image in Photoshop. 1. Open the Photoshop app and click on File at the top menu bar followed by Open. to select your image. If you're using a Mac, you can also drag the. Photoshop Shortcuts: Basics. Double click on the Background layer, and hitting the Enter key will unlock your background.Or just click on the Lock icon beside the background layer.; Press Ctrl+R from the keyboard to activate RulersUse Ctrl+H to Hide and Show the Guides ; Hit Ctrl+Z to undo any changes.; To make multiple Undo's, press Ctrl+Alt+Z.; Activate Gradient Tool tool by pressing the.

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  1. New as of Photoshop CC 2020, we can now undo multiple steps while in Free Transform. So if you need to get back to the original aspect ratio, or to some other previous step, go up to the Edit menu and choose Undo. Or press Ctrl+Z (Win) / Command+Z (Mac) on your keyboard. Press the shortcut repeatedly to undo as many steps as needed
  2. Step 3. Use the Keyboard Shortcut. The short-cut key command is Command + T for Mac users or Control + T for Windows users. Rotate the Whole Canvas Method 1. Rotate View Tool. Under the Hand Tool, you will find the Rotate View Tool. Once you select this, you can hold a click while dragging your mouse to rotate the entire canvas. Method 2
  3. Rotate in 15 degree increments - Make sure your rotate tool (R) is selected + hold shift and drag your mouse; Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts: General Tips & Shortcuts
  4. If you're a fan of Photoshop keyboard shortcuts, you can use the Ctrl+T/Cmd+T key combinations. Once you hover the mouse cursor outside of the image, it will turn into a rotating arrow. All you have to do now is to click and drag the mouse to rotate the layer. Good job! Now you know how to rotate one layer in Photoshop

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With the Move Tool. Open your Photoshop project file. Select or create the layer, shape or image that you want to rotate. With the Move Tool active (shortcut M ), click-and-drag any of the four corner handles around the object and move your cursor around to rotate. From the Options Bar (exact degree rotation Adobe® Photoshop® CS3 Keyboard Shortcuts . Select Alt+S Type Image Alt+I All Ctrl+A Align Left Ctrl+Shift+L Auto Color Ctrl+Shift+B All Layers Ctrl+Alt+A Align Right Ctrl+Shift+R Auto Contrast Ctrl+Alt+Shift+L Ctrl+Shift+Y C Rotate Arbitrary Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R Grid (show / hide).

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Oct 25, 2006. Is there any shortcut that can be used to rotate your brush on the fly instead of having to actually go into the brushes properties and change it there? Not really, but if you have specific rotations you like, you can create presets, and then while painting/cloning/whatever, you can right click and choose a brush with a preset. The more Photoshop keyboard shortcuts you can memorize, the more intuitive this virtually limitless program becomes. To help you make the most of your Photoshop experience and really master the tools available, we've put together a list of the top time-saving keyboard shortcuts. Rotate. When you're working with a graphics tablet, you.

I am mostly using many different brushes (I created for myself) and in this case, for me, it is indeed easier to rotate the brush completely by hand. However, using actions, to per example set up special layers with settings kinda quickly, will be very useful once I created every shortcut I need. Many greetings, - Davi Open Photoshop on your PC or laptop. Now, select or add your image to the image area in Photoshop. Then, click on the Image tab. After that, click on the Rotate option under the Image tab. There you will be able to see the options saying Flip horizontal and Flip vertical. Choose the option from your choice and click on it Rotate Text Using The Toggle Text Orientation Tool. A straightforward way to change the text orientation is to click on Type from the left bar. Now look for the Toggle text orientation in the top bar and click it. With one click on the toggle icon, your text will rotate. You might need to edit the font size and location to make it fit on the page

KEYBOARD SHORTCUT: The easiest way to add an image is to use a keyboard shortcut. To do so, simply press the 'T' key on the keyboard. Then, choose and click a location for the text. To exit, simply press the ESC key or press the CTRL key then enter. Moderate: How to Rotate Text in Photoshop using Layers and the Transform Tool. Compared. How to rotate canvas in Photoshop. The canvas includes all layers in your project. The best way to rotate canvas in Photoshop is using the rotate view tool. Here's how to do it: 1. Locate the Tools panel and select the Rotate View tool. 2. Place the cursor of the tool in the image window and hold down the mouse button Rotate your screen with shortcuts. Often, it's possible to adjust your display with a combination of keys. Which combination is the right one, though, depends on your graphics card. Generally speaking, it involves holding down one or two different keys and then switching the display mode by holding down one of the arrow keys. So, if you want. Tips to Remember on How to Rotate an Image in Photoshop Pro-tip #1: Rotate View Vs. Rotate Image. It is important to remember that any precise rotations of images change the pixel makeup of a photo. One precise rotation of the IMAGE will rearrange the pixel sizes. This means that the image will be slightly less sharp than its original version

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Leave the Next Brush keyboard shortcut the way it is but change the Previous Brush shortcut to be . plus the Shift Key. This will show up as a > in the Custom Keyboard Shortcuts list. Photoshop will warn you that This shortcut > is already in use and will be removed from Last Brush if accepted Then, inside the workspace the shortcuts for the different tools are: W - Warp R - Reconstruct E - Smooth C - Twirl S - Pucker B - Bloat O - Push F - Freeze D - Thaw A - Face. Why can't I Liquify in Photoshop? If you are using the PS6 version of Photoshop, you won't be able to apply the Liquify Filter to a Smart Object This is an extra advantage of Photoshop CC tools. To add or remove photoshop tools, you need to click on the right button on the three dots on the toolbar's bottom side. Now you can see the following photo. Now click the left button on the edit toolbar a new popup window will open Photoshop shortcuts for artists: Brush tool: B. Eraser tool: E. Lasso tool: L. Add to the lasso selection: with lasso selection active, hold SHIFT. Subtract from the lasso selection: with lasso selection active, hold ALT/OPT. Move the layer or a selection: CTRL/CMD + click and drag. Pan: SPACE + click and drag Rotate View Tool - R; Hand Tool - H; Photoshop CC Mac shortcuts. Now most of the shortcuts are more or less the same, where you only replace the Ctrl key with the Mac's Command. Sometimes you also have to replace Windows' Alt with Mac's Option

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How to rotate an image in Photoshop. 1. Open the Photoshop app and click on File at the top menu bar followed by Open. to select your image. Advertisement. If you're using a Mac, you can. 3. How to Rotate an Image in Photoshop. When you flip an image horizontally or vertically in Photoshop, it ends up completely reversed - the same as it would look if you held it up to a mirror. Instead, if you rotate, the elements of the image remain as they are. You would only be adjusting the angle around a specific axis How do you flip a shape on Photoshop? Flip or rotate precisely. Select what you want to transform. Choose Edit > Transform and choose one of the following commands from the submenu: Rotate to specify degrees in the options bar. Rotate 180° to rotate by a half‑turn. Rotate 90° CW to rotate clockwise by a quarter‑turn Step 1: Open the Photo and Choose Rotate View. First, launch Photoshop on your PC/laptop and open the photo. Then, navigate to the toolbar available on the left side of the interface. Select Tools panel in the toolbar. Once you click on it, you will be offered the tools available in that tools panel

1. Type your text. 2. Press Cmd-T to invoke the transform function. (A bounding box will appear with control points on the corners and sides.) 3. Click and drag Outside the bounding box to rotate, inside the bounding box to move, on any of the co.. Rotate view shortcut The rotate view tool uses the R keyboard shortcut, which was previously assigned to the blur/sharpen/sponge tool set. I reckon this will be generally accepted as a positive move, but you can if desired, use the Keyboard Shortcuts menu to reassign the keyboard shortcuts to whatever scheme you prefer List of Adobe Photoshop CS5 shortcut keys Subject Descriptors: Shortcut keys, shortcut(s). Application (Version): Adobe Photoshop CS5 Task Description: What are the shortcut keys? Alt + Shft to rotate Constrain a rotate plan to a 15º rotation Ctrl-click the plane Select a plane under another selected plane in Adobe. How do you crop in Photoshop 2020? Follow these steps: From the toolbar, select the Crop Tool ( ). Crop borders display on the edges of the photo. In the Options bar, select Content-Aware. Using the handles around the image, straighten or rotate it. When you are satisfied with the results, click in the Options bar to commit the crop.

Click on either of these arrows to rotate your selected image in Lightroom. #2. Using Keyboard Shortcuts. Another simple method to rotate a photo in Lightroom is by using a keyboard shortcut. By using a shortcut, you can reduce clicks and save time! Here's how to do it: Select an image you want to rotate Advanced Photoshop Shortcut Commands. Ctrl + Shift + N (New Layer) — This will bring up the new layer dialog box and place a new layer on top of the active layer. Ctrl + Alt + Shift + N (New Layer No Dialog) — This command skips the dialog box and just places a new layer on top of the active layer. Ctrl + Shift + C (Copy Merged) — This. Once you've set up your preferences, click OK.. By default, Quick Export doesn't have its own shortcut key command, but you can make your own! To create a keyboard shortcut, go to Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts.. In the dialog window that appears, choose Application Menus next to Shortcuts For: and click on File in the scrolling menu at the center of the window Keyboard Shortcut to Rotate Images in Photoshop CS5. Tip:-Since you may flip your drawing every now and then, assigning a keyword shortcut to that could save you a This is a list of the most useful default Photoshop keyboard shortcuts that you can use them to speed up your workflow. PTC was founded in July 2012 by Jesús Ramirez

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Welcome to a super quick tip on how to rotate your images (or a selection thereof) in Photoshop! As you can see in the video, it is super fast and simple. Here is how it works. Rotate a selection or a layer To rotate a selection or a layer, just hit CMD+T on your keyboard (0:19 min). This will bring up the free transform tool Waldo. Nov 10, 2005. r.winks wrote: At one point, I though I knew a shortcut key for rotating an image but can't remember it and maybe there never was one. If anyone knows if there is such a key, please post it. Thank you. Rwinks. Never heard about that shortcut, but you can assign keystrokes to anything. That may help you

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  1. Or you can use my favorite method via a shortcut; Command or Ctrl + T. Once the Free Transform tool is activated, a boundary box is placed around your text. To rotate the text layer, click on the outside of the text box, drag your mouse up, down, left, or right
  2. This will rotate the photo left. If you want to rotate the photo to the right, select Image Rotation>90° Clockwise. You also have the option to rotate the image 180°. Photoshop will flip the picture upside-down. This is the final image after rotating it left or counter-clockwise. Transform Option. The other option is to use the Transform tool
  3. Open your image in photoshop. Go to the image menu to choose image rotation. In our selected image, we need to rotate 90° counter clockwise. See the image below. you can rotate any direction using these three options. 180°. 90° clockwise. 90° counter clockwise
  4. What is the shortcut to flip an image in Photoshop? To make your own keyboard shortcut for flipping an image, Click Alt + Shift + Ctrl + K to bring up the shortcut dialog. Next, Click Image. Look down the dialog box to click Flip Horizontal and put in a new Keyboard Shortcut ( I used two keyboard keys: ctrl + , ). How do I flip an image

First, open the Brushes panel by going to Window>Brushes. When the panel pops up, select the brush you wish to use. Next, select Brush Tip Shape from the Brush Presets list on the left side. Finally, click the arrow on the crosshair icon in the lower right and drag it so the arrow points in the direction you wish to have the brush point Flip Layer Keyboard Shortcut in Photoshop. To set a Flip Layer shortcut in Photoshop, your first option is to Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts and then select the Application Menus shortcut from the dropdown at the top of the panel. Inside the same panel, open up Edit, find Transform, and click on Flip Horizontal or Flip Vertical — whichever one is. Keyboard Shortcuts are keystrokes used to quickly invoke a command. In Photoshop, to move around quicker that your fellow colleagues or friends, how about starting with mastering the Tools; the most important element in Photoshop, from my point of view One thing I do very commonly in Photoshop is rotate the canvas using the R key. While that works, my 22R Pro has the red dial wheels which would be perfect for that task (as do the 12 Pro, 13.3 Pro, and 15.6 Pro models). I originally gave up on this as I couldn't find any keyboard shortcuts other than R to rotate the canvas Photoshop CS4 Keyboard Shortcuts. Decrease or increase type size of selected text 2 points or pixels. Toggle Show menu options in preview between Original and Extracted. Reverse direction for Bloat. Pucker. Push Left. and Mirror tools. Alt-drag in preview with Reconstruct tool. Displac

To find the list of Photoshop keyboard shortcuts when in Photoshop. Go to Edit>Keyboard Shortcuts or press Alt+Shift+Ctrl+K on a PC or Opt+Shift+Cmd+K on a Mac. You can also edit the shortcuts in this menu however, I wouldn't recommend it. The above is an extension of a previous post we published in 2014 Photoshop Shortcuts For A Non. 1. How to Rotate Text in Photoshop Step 1. Open up or start a new Photoshop project. If you're starting a project, select the Text Tool and place some text on your canvas.. Tip: If you're new to Photoshop, you can place text by clicking the Text Tool in the toolbar and then clicking anywhere on your canvas to start typing. Pick any font or style you want when learning how to rotate a font in. Rotate Canvas in Photoshop using the Surface dial. I can't seem to find a way to add rotation on a canvas in Photoshop using the surface dial. Anyone knows how? A video tutorial maybe? showing that its possible? This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question. A quick tip: some older versions of Photoshop have slightly different text in the menu options: Rotate vs. Image Rotation, Overall, the wording is close enough that you should be able to find the options you need. Step 1: Open the Photo. Before you can adjust the image in any way, you need to open it up in Photoshop Table of Contents. 1 Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts: Menu Basics. 1.0.1 Menu shortcuts are the shortcuts that help you to select the options in the menu. the list of menu shortcuts are as follows; 2 Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts: File Basics. 2.0.1 File Shortcuts are the shortcuts that help you to select, move, and copy the file in photoshop. The list of photoshop keyboard shortcuts are as follows

In Photoshop, go to Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts, or hit Alt + Shift + Ctrl + K (a shortcut to access the shortcut!) Within the Keyboard Shortcuts window, choose a shortcut type from the Shortcuts For: drop down menu Shortcuts for menu commands. Menu commands that have shortcut keys will have their shortcuts displayed right next to them in the menu. Tool shortcuts. In Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint, hovering the cursor over a specific tool will reveal the shortcut key in a tooltip. Photoshop users can also hold down on the tool button to display the. Photoshop Shortcut Keys. Photoshop supports several shortcut keys almost for all functions and tasks. Using the shortcut keys is a smart way to work and saves lots of time and effort. A professional Photoshop user prefers shortcut keys more than the navigation menu

Ctrl+Alt+Left to rotate 90 degrees. Ctrl+Alt+Down to rotate by 180 degrees. Ctrl+Alt+Right to rotate by 270 degrees. METHOD 2: Create custom hotkeys to rotate screen orientation. If iRotate is not working on your PC for some reason, there is another working method to create your own keyboard shortcuts to rotate the screen orientation in Windows Adobe Bridge can be almost completely controlled using shortcuts. Instead of repeating them all here, I've chosen to present the ones that I use most often. Navigation • Command Option (Mac) / Control Alt (Win) + O opens the Bridge from Photoshop (or use the icon in the Options bar) Whatever the reason it might be, Windows 10 includes multiple ways to rotate the screen in landscape, portrait, or flipped mode using the Settings app and keyboard shortcuts, or through the vendor.

Photoshop CS3 Shortcuts: Mac. Here are many keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop CS3, including lesser known and hidden keystrokes! Download PDF PC shortcuts All shortcut guides. Rotate through full screen modes: F: Display menu bar when viewing in full-screen mode: Shift-F (then press F to hide Single Image - Keyboard Shortcut. There is a faster way that only takes two presses of the keyboard. If you press Ctrl + [, you can rotate the image counter-clockwise or left. Ctrl+], the image will rotate clockwise. [] How to Rotate Multiple Images. Selecting multiple images to rotate is easy, yet ensuring they all rotate is a little tricky

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Adobe Photoshop CS3 Keyboard Shortcuts. Keys for selecting tools. Shft-press shortcut key (if Use Shft Key for Tool Switch preference is selected) Cycle through tools with the same shortcut key. Alt-click + tool. Cycle through hidden tools (except add anchor point, delete anchor point, and convert point tools) V. Move tool Go to the Options Bar and Choose Image. Choose the Image Rotation Option. Choose from the different rotate options (see description above) Click OK. NOTE: There is an 'Arbitrary' rotate option here where the image is allowed to be rotated in varying angles between 360deg to -360deg. Edit images using Photoshop USER INTERFACE Tab Show & Hide Tool bar, Option bar, All Panels Shift + Tab Show & Hide All Panels F1 Start Help F5 Show/Hide Brush panel F6 Show/Hid You can move your elements using the Move tool (keyboard shortcut: V). I like to rotate and change up the size of the elements as well to give the pattern some more visual interest. You can do this with the Transform tool (keyboard shortcut cmd + T)

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Photoshop and other art software will have shortcuts to rotate your brush within the program but you'll need to check your shortcuts. You'll need an Intuos Pro and the Art Pen, which is quite dated. I wonder if there will ever be a successor or if wacom will abandon rotation support. Edit: also, you need a software with support for brush rotation customize shortcuts, see Define new keyboard shortcuts. To view keyboard shortcuts for new features in Photoshop CS6, see Key shortcuts for new features in CS6. Note: In rows with multiple tools, repeatedly press the same shortcut to toggle through the group. Result Windows Mac OS Cycle through tools with the same shortcut ke How to Rotate Multiple Images by 90 Degrees in Lightroom Classic . Although the above technique shouldn't be too time-consuming for one photo rotate, it can become a hassle if you need to rotate an entire folder or portfolio of images. Luckily, Lightroom gives you another shortcut for dealing with multiple photos One of the first ways you can adjust your image is to rotate it by 90 degrees. This option is by far the most basic and least nuanced of the ways you can rotate a photo in Lightroom. Follow the steps below to find out how to rotate in Lightroom: Open Lightroom on your computer. Click the Develop tab (next to the Library tab)

Keyboard Shortcuts. Photoshop CC 2017 Shortcuts: PC. Here are many keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop CC 2017, including lesser known and hidden keystrokes Photoshop's Free Transform command is one very useful feature for moving, resizing, rotating, and reshaping any object, including text. Here's a look at the basics of using the Free Transform Mode controls, and some tips and tricks and useful shortcuts to help you perform the many different transformations using that command Many graphic designers who have worked with programs like Photoshop become confused when they realize Illustrator doesn't use the same commands to rotate artboards. However, you still have the ability to rotate artboards in Illustrator, even though the method you'll use is different from other programs Rotate Canvas While Drawing In Photoshop, Drawer Pro, Rotate Canvas While Drawing In Photoshop

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  1. In Photoshop CS6 and CC the Crop tool now has a Straighten tool built into it. So, to straighten a photo, click the Crop Tool (or press C) and click the Straighten icon on the toolbar. Now drag a line across the photo, along an element which should be horizontal or vertical
  2. Learn about the Photoshop ipad interface, toolbar, gesture shortcuts, and must-know app Settings. Understanding Layers in Photoshop on the iPad. Learn how Photoshop iPad Layers work, and how you can use the Layer Properties to help you create better images. Crop, Rotate, and Export a Photo in Photoshop on the iPa
  3. Since Photoshop gives you many options for flipping your drawings and parts of it, I will cover how to flip the whole canvas, as well as how to flip just the layers you're working on. Tip:- Since you may flip your drawing every now and then, assigning a keyword shortcut to that could save you a lot of time. :>
  4. Great, you now have learned an easy technique for flipping your photograph in Photoshop. That's it ! Advanced Tip: A keyboard shortcut is designed to save you time navigating the menu. To make your own keyboard shortcut for flipping an image, Click Alt + Shift + Ctrl + K to bring up the shortcut dialog. Next, Click Image
  5. Brush Hardness Photoshop Shortcut. With the Brush tool selected, you can increase / decrease the brush hardness by keeping the SHIFT key pressed and click [ or ] key (square bracket key). This is a really useful shortcut. Rotate Brush Photoshop Shortcut
  6. Keyboard Shortcut. Description. e. Edit the image. Opens the viewer and shows the editing tools. g. Open the image with the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP). F2. Rename the image. c. Add comments or metadata to the selected images. t. Add tags to the selected images.] Rotate right, losslessly if possible. The file is saved automatically
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The Magnifier tool is a simple, but very powerful way to zoom in Photoshop. Shortcuts and Hotkeys. Shortcuts are a great way to select tools without needing to physically look for them into the tools panel. In fact, this gives you the opportunity to press some hotkeys that will immediately provide you with the tool that you've been looking. Merging All Visible Layers. Photoshop allows you to hide certain layers from view. You can do this by pressing the Eye symbol icon next to a layer in the Layers panel on the right. If the Layers panel isn't visible, click Windows > Layers or press F7 on your keyboard. Hidden layers will appear with a black box icon, while visible layers will. The Photoshop screen has been decreased in volume. We want a web page (Internet Explorer) to capture the color of the sky from an image. Turn on the tool, placed the cursor on the picture, click the left button on the mouse, and spin the cursor to show the sky color outside Photoshop

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