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An abandoned RAF based in Lincolnshire is RAF Manby Officers Mess. The Officers' Mess and Single Officers' Quarters was built in 1937 and is by A. Bulloch, the architectural advisor to the Air Ministry's Directorate of Works and Buildings. It has a complex extended H-Plan set out on formal Beaux-Arts lines Kirton in Lindsey, North Lincolnshire, UK Abandoned RAF Kirton in Lindsey was opened in the 1940s on a new site. The site was passed from RAF control to the US Air Force, then to the British Army and finally back to RAF control The Royal Air Force quickly abandoned many airfields after the Second World War, RAF Waltham, near Grimsby is one such airfield. RAF Waltham was opened as a heavy-bomber station with squadrons of Wellington Bombers stationed there. While stationed at Waltham, No. 100 squadron attacked targets across Germany and the occupied countries of Europe

RAF Manby. An abandoned RAF based in Lincolnshire is RAF Manby Officers Mess. The Officers' Mess and Single Officers' Quarters was built in 1937 and is by A. Bulloch, the architectural advisor to the Air Ministry's Directorate of Works and Buildings. It has a complex extended H-Plan set out on formal Beaux-Arts lines ABANDONED FORGOTTEN & LITTLE KNOWN AIRFIELDS IN EUROPE Most viewed airfields Last updated airfields Contact Us Lincolnshire . Directory United Kingdom England Lincolnshire. Kelstern: Views: 3370: Added: 15 02 2014: updated: 18 11 2020: Binbrook: Views: 11372: Added: 21 11 2013: updated: 28 01 2018: Kirton-in-Lindsey (RAF) Views: 4578: Added. Another abandoned place in Lincolnshire is RAF Nocton Hall Hospital. RAF Hospital Nocton Hall was a 740-bed RAF hospital serving the predominantly RAF personnel based at the large number of RAF.

abandoned raf base key to the allied attack on europe in 1944 RAF Folkingham, 30 miles south of Lincoln, had a 23-year life at the heart of the Second World War effort and later the Cold War Steve Wesson, 44, visited Manby Hall in Lincolnshire with UK Ghost Hunts. Manby is a deserted former RAF base which played a key role in World War II. It is rumoured to be haunted by a war-time. Binbrook air field (RAF Binbrook, ICAO: EGXB) was an airfield 215 kilometers north of London. The airfield was one of the last Expansion Scheme airfields and built between 1938 and 1940. It had the usual bomber airfield layout of the time, with 5 C-type hangars facing the 'bombing circle' with the administrative and technical barracks in nearby The bales are dumped on the site of the former RAF North Killingholme Lancaster bomber base (Image: Tom Maddick / SWNS)8 of 11. The rubbish covers a vast area in north Lincolnshire (Image: Tom.

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RAF Metheringham, Lincolnshire. Lincolnshire airfields seem to be hotspots for hauntings. Undoubtedly one of the most interesting is the so-called Metheringham Lass who stands at the side of what was once RAF Metheringham's airfield abandoned raf base key to the allied attack on europe in 1944 RAF Folkingham, 30 miles south of Lincoln, had a 23-year life at the heart of the Second World War effort and later the Cold War. When it opened in 1940, it was used as a dummy airfield, with fake planes and personnel, set up to draw the Luftwaffe away from RAF Spitalgate, just a. RAF Stenigot, near Louth, was built as part of Britain's Chain Home Radar warning systems during World War Two. Now the 20m-wide long-distance microwave dishes lie abandoned after the systems.

Discover RAF Stenigot in Lincolnshire, England: A quartet of rusting satellite goliaths are all that remain of a communication network that protected Britain from German and Russian air strikes A large abandoned RAF base in Norfolk with lots of buildings that remain in good condition. The station closed in 1994 and was held in reserve until 2006. Many of the facilities were similar to those provided by the stations sister base RAF Kirton in Lindsey in Lincolnshire,. Heritage Lincolnshire Airfields. Below you will find a interactive map containing all the heritage airfields covered on this site. Please click on the airfield you wish to view. If you feel something is incorrect or you can add to the information, then please contact a member of the staff. We'd like to thank Noel Ryan from the Airfield Research.

I believe some of this is now a paintball place and looks like lorry storage and warehouses, was a good explore though.Royal Air Force Kirton in Lindsey or m.. To mark the centenary of the Royal Air Force, we have been taking a look at how former RAF bases are being used after closing down at the end of the Second W.. Lincolnshire. AIRFIELDS. Anwick Anwick (Old Manor Farm) Aubourn (Blackmoor Farm) Bardney Barkston Heath Binbrook Blythborough Blyton Boston (Wyberton Fen) Bracebridge Heath Braceby Brattleby Buckminster Bucknall Bucknall (Hallyards Farm) Caistor Castle Bytham (Black Spring Farm) Cockthorne Coleby Grang RAF Coleby Grange, Lincolnshire The derelict control tower is all that's left of this base, and is said to be haunted by a guilt-ridden RAF officer. The mournful figure has been observed looking sadly from the top floor of the old control tower, his gaze taking in the over grown runway Here are 5 of the UK's most supernaturally active airfields. YouTube. RAF Metheringham, Lincolnshire. Dozens of reports have been made of a ghostly female figure stalking the area near this former WW2 bomber airfield in Lincolnshire. The spectre is believed to be the lingering spirit of Catherine Bystock, a 19-year-old member of the Women's.

L.H. DAVIES looks to the old airfields of Lincolnshire to discover the haunting presence of phantom airmen. Eventually at the end of the war the base closed down to flying and not long after was abandoned by the RAF leaving it to decay. These days hangars are used for storage and what remains of the overgrown airfield itself is often used. RAF-Lincolnshire.info is dedicated to preserving the memory of all those Lincolnshire locations associated with military aviation and those who served on them. We aim to honour the heritage and legacy of the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force units and squadrons based in Bomber County This list of former RAF stations includes most of the stations, airfields and administrative headquarters previously used by the Royal Air Force.. The stations are listed under any former county or country name which was appropriate for the duration of operation. It has been stated that RAF stations took their name from the civil parish in which the station headquarters was located, rather. The RAF Stenigot Radar Dishes, Lincolnshire were built in the 1950's. This Royal Air Force Radar Station commenced operations in 1938. Decommissioning started in the early 1990's. At this time new forms of communication technology rendered this station obsolete. Around 120 people would have been employed at this site when it was operational

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  1. RAF Anwick is a former Second World War faux Royal Air Force station near the village of Anwick, 21.3 mi (34.3 km) south east of the county town of Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England.The airfield was located in a field three quarters of a mile north-north-west of Anwick village. Originally constructed and operated as a Royal Flying Corps aerodrome in September 1916 it closed between the wars.
  2. History of Nocton Hall. Standing in the grounds of the remains of a beautiful listed building, RAF Nocton Hall is a deserted RAF hospital. The hospital was originally built in 1940 but hadn't even been used when it was decided that it was too small to be an RAF hospital and another hospital was built in a different location in the county
  3. The 20m-wide long-distance microwave dishes at RAF Stenigot in Lincolnshire were abandoned in the 1980s after the systems became redundant
  4. The ghost of an RAF pilot is filmed at an abandoned airbase. Paranormal Globe - Paul March 23, 2017 GHOSTS, NEWS 2,012 Views. Manby Hall in Lincolnshire, UK, was once a key RAF base during world war two and is rumoured to be haunted by a second world war RAF pilot who is sometimes seen wearing a long dark coat
  5. A Lincoln man has spent the past year exploring the county's abandoned buildings and managed to capture them in these eerie photos. Sam Crafts only uses smartphone for taking pictures and doesn't think much of his photography skills - but he loves to explore. The 21-year-old from Lincoln has been to former RAF bases, old houses and halls.
  6. Fully Intact Abandoned Mansion, Lincolnshire. RAF Church Fenton, Tadcaster, North Yorkshire. The base, which defended some of England's biggest cities during the war, includes an old mess.
  7. RAF Stenigot, Lincolnshire, England and today the abandoned dishes are used for everything from climbing to skateboarding. at Beale Air Force Base in California, and at Clear Air Force.

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A dad-turned-ghosthunter has revealed spooky footage of the 'ghost of an RAF pilot' haunting a corridor in an abandoned air force base. Steve Wesson, 44, visited Manby Hall, in Lincolnshire. or the B17 with an underbelly ball turret firing downwards. Guns: 13 × .50 in (12.7 mm) M2 Browning machine guns in 9 positions (2 in the Bendix chin turret, 2 on nose cheeks, 2 staggered waist guns, 2 in upper Sperry turret, 2 in Sperry ball turret in belly, 2 in the tail and one firing upwards from radio compartment behind bomb bay Buchel Air Base, Germany. Buchel Air Base is a military air base in Germany. Since 1985 the Panavia Tornado has been operating from the base. The (2) Daily Mail reports in an article related to.

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A derelict street of former Royal Air Force personnel housing is seen at RAF Uxbridge in north London April 27, 2012. Completely shut down since 2010, the huge old military base housed 2,000 athletes during the 1948 Olympics, in tandem with sites at Richmond Park and student accommodation in Willesden in west London Abandoned rubbish field on old RAF base at North Killingholme View gallery The bales are stacked six high on the former runways of the airfield which was a wartime RAF Lancaster bomber base A DAD-of-one has revealed spooky footage of a ghostly figure walking past an empty corridor in an abandoned air force base - renowned for being haunted by an RAF pilot. in Lincolnshire. 25 pictures of abandoned military installations and their stories. From radar facilities to bunkers, gun emplacements to forts, militaries build infrastructure to further their missions. When they're usefulness expires, however, those installations sometimes remain for years, decades, or even centuries, standing as crumbling and dilapidated.

The countryside of North and East Yorkshire, UK, is home to dozens of abandoned Bomber Command airfields, many of them once operated by No. 4 Group RAF. ninaki2000 ABANDONED MILITARY BASES and AIRFIELD The Royal Air Force base at Binbrook sits high in the Wolds with a commanding view over Lincolnshire it was established in 1940 and was in service for almost half a century - home to the legendary Lancaster Bombers right through to the Lightning jets. These abandoned RAF stations are very powerful to me (as a former military pilot). If it. ID: EW961X (RM) A derelict building now used for agricultural purposes but once part of the WW2-era RAF Lavenham, a former bomber base used by the United States Air Force in the 1940s, on 10th July 2020, in Alpheton, Suffolk, England. Lavenham airfield was built during 1943 RAF Binbrook was a Bomber Command station during World War II. After the war it was amongst others the home of the Central Fighter Establishment. The Royal Air Force base at Binbrook sits high in the Wolds with a commanding view overLincolnshireit was established in 1940 and was in service for almost half a century - home to the legendary. With Halloween just around the corners, we've delved into the history books to look at some of North Lincolnshire's most haunted places. A number of the area's most established venues said to be.

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  1. Several abandoned or still-thriving military bases exist on islands, but the Sazan Island Base offers an intricate connection of underground tunnels once used by the Soviets as a weapon plant
  2. The Abandoned Tropospheric Scatter Dishes of RAF Stenigot February 27, 2019 November 24, 2018 by abandonedplaygrounds The Tropospheric Scatter Dishes and the rest of the RAF Stenigot Radar Station is off Manor Hill, in Stenigot village, the civil parish of Louth, in the East Lindsey District of Lincolnshire, England
  3. 2. Feb 14, 2009. #1. Visited in late 2008 with Kaputnik. RAF Binbrook opened in early 1940 as a bomber base initially under 142 Sqn the station closed in 1942 to allow the laying of concrete runways. On 14 May 1943 Binbrook reopened as the home for 460 Sqn of the Royal Australian Air Force. This sqn suffered the highest loss rate o any.
  4. RAF Manby: UK May 2016. Work started here in the mid 1930's building the first paved runway in Lincolnshire. Which was camouflaged after completion. The airfield finally opened in August 1938 and was known as N01 Air Armament School of 25 Group of Training Command. During WWii the base was home to a number of squadrons
  5. Less than one mile from my house is a decommissioned WWII RAF base. Two miles in the other direction is one of Lincolnshire's largest RAF bases, RAF Waddington, which became famous during WWII! Whilst the abandoned RAF base near my house is nothing but a derelict concrete strip, others have served different purposes
  6. 3. RAF Driffield/Alamein Barracks. The disused part of Alamein barracks in Driffield East Yorkshire. At the side of the A614 near Driffield in East Yorkshire lies the abandoned Alamein army barracks. The airfield was opened in 1918 and named RAF Eastburn, but this did not last long and closed again in 1920

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RAF base built in 1938, and was a part of the Chain Home Network during the second world war. In the beginning the radar consisted of eight tower antennae. Four transmitters and four receivers. There were used to detect incoming bombers from the Luftwaffe during World War II. The four enormous 18-20 metre radar dishes that Stenigot became famous for, were first built after the war. They. But the most famous Lincolnshire display team is undoubtedly the Red Arrows, whose are based at RAF Scampton. The base was previously home to the 617 Squadron, famously known as the Dambusters for. Dec 1, 2017 - Is RAF East Kirkby in Lincolnshire haunted? Read on for the full story.. Lincolnshire County Pauper Lunatic Asylum and its own set of ghosts. November 3, 2017 Nikola Petrovski. One of the corridors. Author: Olga Pavlovsky CC BY 2.0. Abandoned hospitals, especially old asylums, are always fascinating, for their history suggests the presence of secrets that are just as dark as their abandoned corridors Spitalgate, Lincolnshire, opened as a training station in 1917, one of few retained for use by the RAF after 1919. Swanton Morley, Norfolk, along with West Malling has the best-preserved example of Art Deco styling of the Air Ministry's control tower designs. The first combined bombing raid with British and American personnel was launched.

Haunted RAF Base Binbrook - Phantasmic Paranormal - Episode 1 - Lincolnshire Ghosts × Episode one of phantasmic paranormal, we invite you to watch our launch paranormal ghost hunting event at RAF Binbrook, Lincolnshire as we search for. This video was from Saturday night investigation on the 5th / 6 / 21 at the abandoned Raf base. ‼️ RAF BASE INVESTIGATION ‼️ Now on this video we have captured a strange light anomaly on camera now we have captured these lights anomalies before in other places on camera and in pictures. Now on the first clip which is the original cli..

Royal Air Force Station Hemswell or more simply RAF Hemswell is a former Royal Air Force station located 7.8 miles (12.6 km) east of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England.. Located close to the village of Hemswell in Lincolnshire, England the disestablished airfield is now in full use as a civilian industrial and retail trading estate, forming part of the newly created parish of Hemswell Cliff. Lincolnshire Live, Lincoln, United Kingdom. 86,825 likes · 13,786 talking about this · 42 were here. Welcome to Lincolnshire Live on facebook - bringing you all the latest news, sport and events from.. Introduction. This Google Map of the 'WW2 UK operational airfields' has been compiled in order to help those who are researching the role of Allied Air Forces in the colossal effort of defending and fighting for these islands in the 1940s. It also helps keep alive the memory of those thousands of airmen who lost their lives in the Allied cause RAF Caistor Built in 1940, Caistor was a minor RAF base, serving as a relief airstrip and training base during WW2, then returned to agricultural use afterwards. In July 1959 however, it served as one of the 5 Thor missile stations of the Hemswell group as part of Project Emily, the US-UK deployment of intermediate-range ballistic missiles. 49 people watched (Image: US Army; Project Nike missiles on display at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama) Another very interesting article from our friends from UrbanGhost today, abandoned Nike Missile bases of the united states.Nike, named for the mythical Greek goddess of victory, was the name given to a program which Nov 2, 2016 - Explore Sheila Russell Thurber's boar

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The abandoned wreckage on the High Dyke at Barkston Heath. According to the Lincolnshire Police drones team no-one had reported the collision and so a number of officers, drones and thermal imaging equipment were deployed to were brought in to comb the area close to RAF Barkston Heath. They said that the runway at the RAF base was not. RAF (Royal Air Force) airfields made available to the USAAF (United States Army Air Force). By 1943 there were over 100,000 US airmen based in Britain. The largest concentration was in the East of England, where most of the 8th Air Force and some of the 9th were located on near a hundred bases. Th Contact us at 24-26 Mill Street, Armthorpe, Doncaster, DN3 3DL or for your nearest location Click for RAF Coningsby cleaners. For more information call 01302 832807 For more information call 01302 83280 Royal Air Force Woodhall Spa or more simply RAF Woodhall Spa is a former Royal Air Force station located 2 miles (3.2 km) north of Coningsby, Lincolnshire and 16 miles (26 km) southeast of Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England Airbases: Visit any one of the airfields listed below is reachable on a day tour from London with your expert British Tours driver-guide - please let us know which one you would like to visit. It is estimated that a minimum of 7 hours would be needed, 8hrs if London is required, and 9 to 10hrs if a brief visit to the Imperial War Museum Duxford is to be included

By the 1980s, the base was decommissioned, and, by 1996, it was mostly demolished. In 2018, three of the four dishes disappeared, leaving citizens of Lincolnshire scratching their heads. After an investigation by the East Lindsey District Council, it was discovered that a local construction firm demolished the dishes, raising legal questions On this paranormal investigation we head to Lincolnshire where we investigate an abandoned RAF watch tower which closed its doors during the late 1960's. At some point someone fell down some concrete stairs inside this location and he sadly lost his life due to serious head injuries

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  1. RAF Binbrook, Lincolnshire. the base has fallen into a state of great disrepair but is still open to the public. but this abandoned theatre has witnessed many strange goings on since its.
  2. UK RAF Stations Map. Rollover a marker to see the name of the station or click on it to go to information about that station. RAF Gibraltar and RAF Akrotiri are not included on the interactive map. Back to list of RAF Stations
  3. RAF Folkingham Vehicle Graveyard. Another location that's been on the list of places to visit for the last few years checked off and completed! Explored with the one and only RelictaSpiritus, and bumping into Tiny Urban Exploration and some new explorers. Continue reading
  4. Many of the facilities were similar to those provided by the stations sister base RAF Kirton in Lindsey in Lincolnshire, including the training dome. The station closed in 1994 but was retained as a strategic resrve. The site laid derelict until the RAF decided it was surplus to requirements in 2006 and was sold to developers in 2007
  5. gton - North Lincolnshire, UK. Old control tower at Kir
  6. Read more Abandoned Fuchu US Air Force Base in the Tokyo Metropolis. in the East Lindsey District of Lincolnshire, England. The small village of Stenigot is situated in the Lincolnshire Wolds and is most known for its World War II Radar Station. Read more The Abandoned Tropospheric Scatter Dishes of RAF Stenigot. Categories.

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  1. RAF Binbrook, UK The UK has a number of old disused airfields just waiting to be turned into the next 'regional hub' or Heathrow's eleventh runway. RAF Binbrook, near Brookenby in Lincolnshire was used by bombers during World War II and continued to be used by the Air Force until the 1980s
  2. Location: Bassingbourne (Cambridgeshire) - Former RAF Bassingbourne Type: Haunting Manifestation Date / Time: 1960s, 1994, and 2004 Further Comments: There were a handful of reports of a phantom aircrew made during the 1960s, at this base once used by the USAAF. The B-17 may have been seen in 1994, moving silently overhead
  3. Abandoned Places. With Lincolnshire being a very open but also large area, I want my search to take place within the county lines, therefore I can base the piece on LincolnshireScreen Shot 2017-03-07 at 11.19.45e, as there may be more abandoned environments in other areas of the UK, however, being based in Lincolnshire helps me stick to the.
  4. Stinking waste mountain in Lincolnshire left for years. A disused airfield that was a base for Lancaster bombers during the Second World War has become home to mountains of stinking rubbish. The.
  5. RAF Binbrook, England This Royal Air Force airport near Lincolnshire was an important airport for RAF bombers during World War II. It functioned in various other capacities for the military until the early 1990s when everything was sold and other development with the remaining buildings began to take place

Ridge Quarry has been abandoned. Eastlays Quarry is a commercial site used for wine storage. Clifton Rocks Railway. Bristol Limited Access. A funicular railway constructed inside the cliffs of the Avon Gorge, it closed before WWII and became a secret transmission base for the BBC. COBRA (Cabinet Office Briefing Room) Whitehall, Londo Derbyshire urban explorer reveals what it's like touring abandoned manor homes, schools and RAF base Ashley is based in Derbyshire, but has travelled to Lincolnshire, Sheffield, Derby and.

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Location: Bourne - Kings Street, off A15 near Baston. Type: Haunting Manifestation. Date / Time: Winter, 2003, circa 22:30h. Further Comments: A local legend says this area of road is haunted by a woman who died there during the 1970s or 1980s. One driver, returning home with three friends in the car, spotted her in the road and swerved to. With the Stn passing to 5 Gp in Mar 1938, when the recently Group was given bomber stations in Lincolnshire, 9 Sqn and 148 Sqn moved south to 3 Group's new station at RAF Stradishall, being replaced by 49 Sqn and 83 Sqn. From Mar 1938 the Station was a Hampden base, focusing on mining enemy port sea lanes

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KiranWolf writes I ran across this page doing some research on a local historical landmark. It has detailed histories and photos of more than 500 abandoned and little used airfields throughout the U.S., many of them dating back to the heyday of aviation. It's rather amazing how many small unknown a.. Haunted Abandoned WW2 Base + Fun Chat. by admin 4 years ago 185 Views. 2:57:38. Haunted RAF Base Binbrook - Phantasmic Paranormal - Episode 1 - Lincolnshire Ghosts. by admin 4 years ago 265 Views. 19:17. We Explore a Paranormal HAUNTED POLTERGEIST Military Base The Royal Air Force returned to Upwood Airfield in January 1937 when Squadrons 52 and 63, equipped with Hawker Hind and Audax bi-planes, were located there. Squadrons 90 and 53, equipped with Bristol Blenheims, replaced 52 and 63 Squadrons by February 1940 - their main mission to train RAF personnel for bombing missions Historic Woodhall Spa base in Lincolnshire, home to 617 Squadron after the Ruhr raids, currently a disused sand and gravel quarry Caroline Davies Fri 20 Sep 2013 09.01 EDT First published on Fri.