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Yearbook Scanning Services. Digital School Yearbook Scanning Service, Bringing Your Memories Back to Life Schools and Universities all over the country are using Blue Leaf Scanning's non-destructive scanning services to scan and preserve the past memories of prior years' yearbooks Affordability. - We charge a low flat fee of $34 per yearbook for schools with larger collections, and $40 per book for smaller orders under 10 books. Our innovative, manual or robotic technology for intact and high-quality book scanning allows us to offer affordable pricing. For very large orders or if your yearbooks are very thin, we may be. Yearbook Reprints. Bound Book Scanning is proud to partner with a local book printing expert and offer quality reprints of yearbooks upon request. There is no minimum order requirement for print-on-demand reprints, so schools can offer them to individual alumni. You will be thrilled with our high-quality glossy covers and sturdy stitch bindings

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  1. What's the best way to scan my old yearbooks without removing the pages from the spine? I have a Fujitsu scanner that's pretty robust in scanning a stack of paper but I'd have to cut the pages out of the book to use this. What's the quickest method of digitizing my yearbooks that doesn't include destroying the book? Thanks ahead
  2. Convert Yearbooks to PDF. Rewind Memories offers affordable, high quality book scanning services; From yearbooks to technical drawings and everything in between. Customers are provided with high-resolution scans with multiple options. Searchable options via PDF. Available in color and black & white at 600dpi. Original .jpeg images
  3. Re: School Yearbook Scanning Project. The ones I have currently are from 2 to 50yrs old from various schools. The plan is to scan them to PDF files, and then release them onto the web to be archived. The scanning and release of the resulting files will be open to all that want to participate

WHO USES OUR BOOK SCANNING SERVICES. Book collectors seeking to digitize Rare, Valuable, or Out-of-Print books -/- Educational and academic agencies -/- Students who want to avoid the weight of carrying around heavy textbooks -/- Yearbooks for class reunion sites -/- Audiobook conversion for the visually impaired and learning disabled -/- Authors republishing Out-Of-Print. If you would like to view yearbooks by city, county, or state, visit our list of schools. Updates: 28 Jun 2019: Replaced old records with new updated records for most of the books found on the site. Added new records from 150k yearbooks that previously only had images available

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The above hand written notebook journal from the year 1691, is just one example of one of the oldest historical media processed. With over a decade of experience, eRecordsUSA specializes in scanning Archival Rare, Fragile, Historic Books archival services of all types, sizes, and ages. We have the capacity to scan hundreds, sometimes thousands of image per day, ensuring you will receive your. Send In Your Yearbook. Ignored for years, sometimes misplaced, frequently embarrassing, full of memories (some forgotten), occasionally defaced, ultimately treasured when rediscovered. We're talking about a yearbook, of course. You may know that Classmates has the largest digital yearbook archive in the world (over 300,000 at last count) He would promptly remove my image from all of the yearbooks and to have a nice day — with him now addressing by 'Mr' Within two days, it was gone! Talked to my friend later, he put the Fear of God into that guy, seems that my old high school isn't anxious to become the test for who owns what

- Scanning old photos with a scanner: some tips on how to use your equipment properly - Scanning old photos with a smartphone: introduction to useful applications and other tips and tricks - Organizing and using your scanned photos in your yearbook You could scan the signature pages of one person's books (tuck them into the other set) and then declutter one set of yearbooks. Are you in touch with old high school or college friends still? If you live in the same town/city as you did when you went to school you probably run into old classmates or their families from time to time and keeping. Classmates.com is currently offering up a $25 Amazon gift card for each yearbook that you send them, and they don't even have to be your school yearbooks. My husband picked up an old yearbook at Goodwill for $.50, and collected a $25 gift card for his efforts Post away, Ilana and others who would like to digitize and put online old yearbooks. If someone has a privacy or copyright concern, take those parts down. And ask forgiveness. Image: Doug's 1970 high school yearbook senior photo. I can only hope the photographer (if still alive) doesn't sue me for posting it

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  1. How to scan your Yearbook Pages and Senior Photos and put them on your web site Find a clean copy of your yearbook. Your school library or journalism department may have one. First, you need a scanner capable of making good images, not just a document scanner. When you scan your pictures, if your pictures are pixelated even at th
  2. Yearbooks have value in conjuring up memories in later years. My old college roommate of 55 years ago came to to town last month. On impulse, I grabbed a 1960 yearbook en route to a beach picnic. It showed him as part of a graduating class and me as a college newspaper reporter. His daughter and my wife got a kick out of us at much younger age
  3. Welcome to our Yearbook Scanning Program: Now you can easily get your class yearbook scanned and receive an email with all of the scanned images for only $29.95! All you have to do is: Review the yearbook requirements below: Only for yearbooks we have not yet scanned - please contact us to check availability
  4. der of the past for many people, but if you have too many and are looking to downsize, recycling yearbooks is favorable to throwing them in the garbage. Recycling old yearbooks is about more than just placing them in a recycling box at your curb; be creative in your efforts to get.
  5. Since old photos are usually fairly small, scanning them at a high resolution such as 1200dpi can significantly increase their pixel count without loss of quality. This is especially useful if you intend to have them reprinted at a larger size. Also, most old photos require restoration such as correction for fading, discoloration, folds, marks etc

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Mark Fynch November 15, 2017 at 9:49 am. Hiya. I just spoke with someone at LegacyBox about some portrait studio photographs and they said that there's a clause that states that because they are just upgrading the format, they can reproduce (scan) one copy of a copyrighted item as a DIGITAL BACKUP, whether it be a studio portrait or a VHS copy of The Lion King The staff at the Shabbona-Lee-Rollo Museum is busy scanning and displaying old area yearbooks for the website. Please use the down arrow next to 'Yearbooks' to view completed galleries

YEARBOOK ARCHIVAL: RISD has begun scanning old yearbooks and sharing online. Checkout the Yearbook Archival section. More will be added each month. CLASS OF 1965 WEBSITE: Mr. Jerry Caywood '65 has created a wonderful website with lots of Rockdale High School history, links, photos, stories, and more Destructive book scanning is the process of digitizing books by separating and scanning each individual page of the book to develop high quality PDF files, which can be used digitally or to create a brand new run of printed books. Digitizing your book can also help protect and save it, by electronically archiving it forever Ask old friends from high school if they still have their yearbook. Social networking sites, such as Facebook and MyLife, allow you to stay in touch with friends from your school much easier than in the past. Ask to buy or borrow a yearbook. Search eBay for listings of used yearbooks

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What to expect from a yearbook scanning provider? Well, probably just to convert a yearbook to digital at a very high quality. You surely want great looking images and the ability to rewind the good old days at the click of a button I started scanning yearbook for archiving on November 11, 2009 and as of this date, I have scanned and Indexed over 525 Yearbooks which contained over 66,321 pages and over 544,972 names. Now I need more Yearbooks to scan and index Scanning Tips for Digital Photos. Check your photos for dirt, lint, or smudges. Gently remove surface dust and dirt with a soft brush or lint-free photo wipe. Canned air, available at most office supply stores, helps to blast away dust and lint from photographic slides but is not recommended for heirloom print photos Yearbooks, Full Scan . Yearbooks, Full Scan ; 1958Yearbook ; 1959 Yearbook ; 1960 Yearbook ; 1961 Yearbook ; 1962 Yearbook ; Contact Us ; 30th Class Reunion Video ; Warriors Fun Travels ; POETRY by Judie M ; George's Dept Store ; George Salamy - Rest in Peace ; Stories & Anecdotes . Stories & Anecdotes ; Old Black Phone ; Remember When ; Enjoy.

This document storage kit includes everything you need for archivally preserving old letters, and is available in three different colors to match your tastes and decor. (Please click on image for more information.) 3. Store Well. As noted by the Practical Archivist, keep all of your historic and contemporary letters and documents in a cool, dry, dark place away from excess humidity, water and. 1960. 1966. 1970. You Can Help! If you have a scanner and an old yearbook or two, you can help with this project by doing some of the scanning. First, check with Russ at rrrmac@gmail.com for brief instructions and to make sure somebody else isn't already working on the same yearbook that you want to scan. Then just go for it Old-Yearbooks.com Sure, Old-Yearbooks.com sells old yearbooks, but—more importantly—they scan and index old yearbooks, and place the information online for all to see. As of today, you may browse through 228 yearbooks, graduation programs, class rosters, and reunion booklets, or search through the indexed text for your surnames February 26, 2010 Yearbook-scanning project poses tough test for Classmates.com. June 11, 2007 Cactus yearbook to be made available online. Press Releases. March 16, 2010 E-Yearbook.com Launches Reunion Planning Yearbook Scanning Service. June 5, 2007 E-Yearbook.com Launches New Website with Old College Yearbooks Member since Jul 2013. 17444 posts. re: What can I do with my old yearbooks? Posted. by djangochained. on 2/27/16 at 9:54 am to PNW. Then throw them away, why ask the OT this? Go collect cans you homeless trash

Live. •. AOSHS is proud to provide searchable online yearbooks for American overseas school alumni. Our online yearbook database includes overseas schools from all over the world in a convenient, searchable format organized by each school's country and city. We have also been adding classroom and faculty photos to the yearbook dashboard The Iredell County Public Library is scanning Iredell County school yearbooks and saving the images for preservation. We are placing the images of the yearbooks on Flickr so they can be shared with everyone. We began by scanning those yearbooks that were part of the library's Local History Department collection and are now scanning yearbooks being loaned to us by our patrons. There are.

The Keeley Library has a large number of Durfee yearbooks, but not all of them. You can check the Online Catalog to find out which ones we have. We will be gradually scanning these yearbooks and making them available on the Internet. Please note that this is a long term project, so additions will be made only sporadically LHS ALAMO Scanning Project. The LHS Alumni Association is sponsoring a project to digitize all Louisiana school yearbooks, formal class photographs, and class composite pictures and put these online for viewing at the Louisiana High School and Alumni Association's website. To date, nine ALAMOs, 1924, 1947, 1951, 1957, 1960, 1964, 1965, 1966 and. This collection includes the college yearbooks published as The Grizzly Growl (1928-1966) and The Grizzly (1966-1995). The Grizzly has been published in magazine format since 1996. This exciting project was coordinated by Butler Libraries and includes full color and cover to cover scanning of every issue of the yearbooks and magazines. Choose. The district would also like to express our graditude to Tom Hylton for taking the time to scan ever single book that is on display here. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE CONTACT INFORMATION FOR EACH YEARBOOK. 1900 to 1919. 1908 Oracle. 1909 Oracle. 1914 Blue and White. 1915 Blue and White. 1917 Blue and White. 1918 Blue and White. 1919 Blue and White.

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  1. The Iredell County Public Library is scanning Iredell County school yearbooks and saving the images for preservation. There are currently six traditional high schools in Iredell County and some of the yearbooks go back into the early 1900s. Three black high schools, Morningside, Unity, and Dunbar were closed in the late 1960s due to desegregation and school consolidation
  2. In this video we will be showing how to scan a book. For more info, please visit : http://overnight-scanning.eu/book/How we digitze books is based on the tec..
  3. But back to resolution talk. When you're scanning 4x6 photos at 300 DPI--the standard size--you'll end up with a digital image that's about 1200 pixels by 1800 pixels. Amazingly, that's the perfect size to fit on a high definition television. Since we've talked about some confusing things with a bunch of jargon, let's recap
  4. We offer scanning using either color, black-and-white, or grayscale. The resolution or dpi (dots per inch) offered is 200, 300, and 600 dpi. The pages will be scanned in one at a time for most yearbooks
  5. The yearbook name changed to the Terrapin in 1935, and grew in size along with the campus. The 1970 edition of the yearbook was over 560 pages. Each yearbook may be downloaded as an Adobe PDF file, and may be searched individually for names and events. Yearbooks that are not available online can be viewed in the Maryland Room of Hornbake Library
  6. ent universities are choosing to protect their legacies using yearbook scanning service.Many of these organizations look to eRecordsUSA to have their yearbooks scanned and digitized

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Donated for scanning by Beverly W. Cleveland Topics: subject yearbooks, annuals, sports, clubs, academics, student life, advertising, genealogy, African... Library of Virginia Yearbooks 84 8 WBZ News at Noon 06:35 - 25H AGO. BOSTON (CBS) - The high school yearbook is a rite of passage, a remembrance of days gone by, for better or for worse. Now, thanks to the Boston Public Library.

Yearbook submission forms and donations should be mailed to this address: Ancestry Yearbooks Submission. 1300 W. Traverse Parkway. Lehi, UT 84043. Ancestry accepts donations of yearbooks through 1999 only. To donate a yearbook, print and fill out our Yearbook Submission Agreement and include the agreement in the package with your yearbooks Yearbooks. We are in the process of scanning the majority of the old yearbooks from Clemens High School. To browse the yearbooks we already have scanned, use the links on the left side of the page. Scroll . 1060 Elbel Road Schertz, TX 78154 P 210-945-6200 F . Site Map. Additional Resources About the Project. Here is an amazing database. The Omaha Central High School Foundation, Alumni Association, and generous supporters present to you a nearly complete run of The Register, Central High School's award winning newspaper, which is the oldest continuous student paper west of the Mississippi.From 1886 on, each page is digitally scanned and made available in an easily searchable. Yearbooks & More! So many memories, so many stories, so much fun. We've been collecting and scanning past yearbooks for all to see. We hope you enjoy looking through the old yearbooks that have been posted. Use the decades links to see the books for that time period. We've posted some athletics photos - click the decades links above and check. Jan 28, 2016 - Scanning photos is the easy part. But how do you label them so everyone knows who is in them? There's an easy, low-tech way to label scanned photos

Windsor High School Yearbook Collection. Our research library boasts a nearly complete collection of Windsor High School Tunxis yearbooks. A perennial favorite of visitors, we wanted to share these with you all here. This online collection only comprises yearbooks from 1951 to the present. Our library holds earlier yearbooks going back to 1915. Scanning lab books and notebooks is essential to protecting critical data and meeting regulatory compliance and disaster recovery guidelines. It helps guard proprietary data in manuals against loss, damage, and theft, while preserving intellectual property and research protocols in research workbooks. Non-destructive book scanning allows you to. More than 100 years of Razorback history have now been digitized. Thanks to project donors and the University of Arkansas Libraries, all yearbooks from 1897 through 2018 are now available worldwide online, free of charge. Margo and I were extremely pleased to participate in the digitization of the yearbooks, said project donor and alumnus Jeff Germany Jun 1, 2018 - Explore Janet Ferrier's board scanning old photos, followed by 188 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about photo organization, picture organization, family history

Thanks go to the following people for their help and use of their year books. Petra (Benton) Holland '80. (Wuerzburg American High School) Randy Robinson '69. A special thank you goes to Randy, he made me my first zerox copy of the 1969 year book, he was the start to all of this. Barbara Weiss '64 The best DPI for scanning photos. Once again, the most important thing you have to figure out is what you want to do with the photos. Also, consider the time you invest in the scanning. If you scan at 300dpi, you will get a good quality, a decent file size and also a better scanning productivity. Old documents, photos or documents that have. Answered By: Su Kim Chung. Last Updated: Jul 22, 2015. The University Archives in Special Collections has copies of all UNLV yearbooks. Please note that these yearbooks ceased publication in 1986. Toggle action bar. FAQ Actions Work continues to scan district yearbooks with the goal of making each book available online. The old gym was the focal point with double doors, Waters said. In one photo, people were out in.

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Former student seeking GRC yearbooks. You have read 0 of 8 articles. Ginger Wilson, a George Rogers Clark High School student from the 1980s, has spent the past two years collecting yearbooks from the high school ranging from 1963 to the present day. I love to see old yearbooks, so I thought I would see if I could buy them up and scan them. We acquire yearbooks from hundreds of sources and we do not keep hard copies once we scan them. We do not know where your yearbook came from or where it is. If you would like a reprint of your. One of the things I'm doing is scanning the few old photos that interest me. One I found was me in my 9th grade band uniform, playing a bass clarinet. Thought of you immediately! gtmalone, Cool and thanks. I wish I had access to old H.S. bans pix. I don't have any yearbooks. Supposedly they're available in disc form but IDK where My Old Yearbook ™ CD is a Compact Disk that contains a High School yearbook. We have over 4,500 yearbooks in our library from all over the United States. The yearbooks in our library have been scanned using state-of-the-art technology. Our proprietary digitization techniques allow us to reproduce a yearbook cover to cover in a fraction of.

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395 Wellington St, Ottawa, ON K1A 0N4, Canada. 1- (877) 909-6199. Biographies Birth Census Death Divorce Ethnicity Indigenous Government & Legal Immigration & Emigration Land Records Maps & Geography Marriage Medical Names & Surnames Newspapers Passenger and Crew Lists Photographs Research Schools, Alumni, & Yearbooks Uncategorized Wars. My mother dug out some old photos of family that are in black & white, from the 1940's & 1950's World War II era, most are fairly small, about 4 x 6 or 5 x 7, with a few bigger. I have an Epson perfection photo 4490 flatbed scanner, that I am using with Photoshop CS5, & Elements 6.0 I am scanning & saving them in .tiff format Advice on scanning old photos, and what DPI to use? When you scan and archive your old photograph collection the first thing you need is a decent flatbed scanner. This might be an standalone scanner, or maybe these days in your all-in-one printer with a scanner included How to scan and archive your old printed photos. Whether you're looking to reduce clutter or share fond memories online, here are four methods for digitizing your print photo collection

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The Bland County Historical Society is located in the old jail building on the courthouse square. Volunteers are at the jail each Friday (April - December) for research and shopping, and on other days by appointment. The scanning of the yearbooks was done free of charge, including the shipping costs between Bland and Oklahoma City Yearbooks & School Collections The Trentoniana Department's yearbook collection is widely used and is always seeking donations of Trenton school yearbooks to complete the collection. Contact the Archivist if you have copies of any of these books, or other Trenton schools not represented here, and would like to donate them to the collection

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Bethel High School Yearbook, Class of 1965. Reading Public Library - Berks County Yearbooks. Blue Bird, Birdsboro High School, Birdsboro, PA (1945) Berks County (Pa.); Birdsboro (Pa.) Birdsboro High School Yearbook, Class of 1945. Reading Public Library - Berks County Yearbooks. Birdseye, Birdsboro High School, Birdsboro, PA (1955) Berks County. Search for old photographs, Yearbooks, or old letters. There's a lot out there! Another type of person that might want original old documents after scanning are artists. Many use old stuff in multi media projects and ways I can't even imagine. Reply. Denise Sassone. June 10, 2016 at 1:26 pm.

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3. Separate the book into individual pages. This is an absolute necessity with a sheet feed scanner. With a flatbed scanner, it is a good idea to separate the pages to achieve an excellent scan and to avoid damaging your scanner because scanning a bound book requires pressing the cover on the book with some force High School Yearbook for Euclid High School in Euclid, Ohio for 1976. View the Book: Read Online Download PDF More Formats Yearbookinfo.com will PAY $$$ to borrow your old yearbook(s) and digitize them to our site, including reimbursement of shipp ing costs both ways.. E-mail us to lend your yearbook(s) now or make a request - thank you!. Yearbookinfo.com also hosts online yearbooks and re-print services for other organizations at low cost; please e-mail us for more information Entourage - A Next Generation Yearbook Company. Yearbook companies around the country are going through a transformation and we see that schools are looking for change.Entourage Yearbooks is revolutionizing how yearbooks are made with advanced technology, great service, and outstanding yearbooks